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Mar 19

Mar 19

Gameplay Trailer for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Revealed

Stewart Gilray's Avatar Posted by

CEO, Just Add Water

Greetings, everyone! So it’s GDC week, and to celebrate we wanted to share with you the very first gameplay trailer for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

We’ve been working incredibly hard to bring you this epic re-imagining of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. In this trailer, you’ll see elements of gameplay and locations we’ve been talking about for the past 9 months, in all their 21st century glory!

You’ll see the dynamic cameras, the epic full-screen visual effects, Scrabs and Paramites, all trying to ruin Abe’s day. You’ll hear a new rhythm-filled rendition of an old classic from the original soundtrack, along with the new sound design.

Oddworld: New 'n' TastyOddworld: New 'n' Tasty

We hope you enjoy the trailer and are as excited as we are to get the finished game in your mits. We’ll be announcing the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita release date in due course. Until then, let us know what you think.


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BattleSkard said:

March 19th, 9:06 am


UndreyVITA said:

March 19th, 9:10 am

This is odd…

How does it play via Remote Play?

Chille said:

March 19th, 9:10 am

I can’t wait to buy this

Jrange378 said:

March 19th, 9:11 am

This game looks awesome and I can’t wait to help you guys reach you’re 250k goal.

I do however really hope you guys start making new Oddworld games, whether it be a new story for Abe in 3D, or Fangus Klot or anything. I want to see some new Oddworld stuff!

Vyprstryke said:

March 19th, 9:12 am

Looks like I’ll be buying this on PS systems and Wii U!! Really can’t wait for this one!!

MrSignal said:

March 19th, 9:22 am

Hey, things gotta be looking up for Abe, he has his fourth digit back.

WilbertX said:

March 19th, 9:24 am

Damn, not really a big fan but this looks kinda tasty šŸ˜Š

    Stewart Gilray's Avatar

    Stewart Gilray said:

    March 19th, 9:27 am

    You might say, it looks New ‘n’ Tasty ;)

GStylez1980 said:

March 19th, 9:29 am

I love the way this game looks. The little things that are happening in the background and the movement of the characters is so interesting. Another perfect fit for my Vita. The little portable has such a bright little future! Lol!

CatatonicAlex said:

March 19th, 9:45 am

Hopefully the vita version looks pretty as well.

xob0t_us said:

March 19th, 9:53 am

animation of jumping Abe looks very similar to Prince of Persia:)

HeavyToka said:

March 19th, 9:59 am

This is a must buy for me! This is the game that got my mom playing games, I remember being 15 when the original came out and playing the whole thing with her.

Welmosca said:

March 19th, 10:22 am

Oh amazing…this looks so nice…this is the real Oddworld not that crap stranger’s wrath…who played the 1st ones on PS1 know what I’m talking about.Ha PS3 and Vita…thats a double YAY…I’ll be buying it thats for sure….it’ll bring back some good old memories.

mvillatoro said:

March 19th, 10:38 am

buenisimo coool, ‘ll buy this game

RE_Player said:

March 19th, 11:03 am

Looks great. I’ve bought the rest of the Oddworld games released on PSN and this won’t be any different.

Kazesama said:

March 19th, 11:28 am

I can’t wait!! I am still playing the PS1 version. Such a great game. By the way, do you plan on releasing a brand new Oddworld?

Gorvi said:

March 19th, 11:42 am

Stewart! Where’s Gravity Crash Ultra??!!

plaztiksyke said:

March 19th, 11:54 am

is it just me, or does this look like it was made for 3DTV? any plans to support 3DTV on PS3/4?

the lighting looks great, though the particles don’t appear to be a source of rays themselves.

PS4/Vita versions will have 24-bit/lossless audio, I hope?

any plans for Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddyssee to come to PS4 in 1080p 3D?

Vita version of Stranger’s Wrath was a bit underwhelming visually, is there a patch coming to optimize texture quality or introduce AA?

    Stewart Gilray's Avatar

    Stewart Gilray said:

    March 20th, 2:17 am

    Wow that’s a lot of questions, let’s take each one, one at a time :)

    1. 3D TV Support. Currently our engine doesn’t support it, but hopefully in time it will, if so we’ll look to adding it.

    2. They are the source, but there are other sources too.

    3. Our audio system is powered by Wwise, so I’m sure our audio guy will be using THE best quality available to him.

    4. We’ve discussed Stranger on PS4, but nothing beyond discussions.

    5. Really? wow, well the texture quality on VITA was a little down on the PS3 version due to storage space. But on the whole it’s the same. As for AA, I’m sure VITA does have AA already… I’ll look into that.


Robbie_G_lrish said:

March 19th, 12:31 pm

I have to say that I was a little skeptical about whether or not I would care about this because the original still holds up very well. After seeing the trailer though it’s actually pretty impressive. The Vita version can’t look this good can it?

StalkerD said:

March 19th, 12:37 pm

I simply LOVE the original. One of my all time favorite games. Can’t wait to play this. Is it going to be cross buy? If not, I will surely get for the Vita.

Can you share with us what can we expect from the game that will be totally new? You say it is a reimagining, but from the videos it looks pretty much completely faithful to the source material.

Hello! Hello. Follow me. Ok.

tusunami said:

March 19th, 12:38 pm

@UndreyVITA I take it you own a PS Vita but not a PS4 unfortunately but whenever you get one you will see the remote play feature works flawlessly. On another note this will be a excellent platformer, I have always like abe’s oddysee series a quirky yet unique game.

P3RR0-D3L4RG3 said:

March 19th, 1:11 pm

thanks a lot for this remake! (:

just a-must-have//

Xenobits said:

March 19th, 3:08 pm

Wow I’ve been waiting so long for this :) Thank you PlayStation for supporting this remake!

thereapersson said:

March 19th, 4:22 pm

My early teenage years have been reborn! Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was the first title I ever owned on my original PlayStation. For this remake to be happening – and in such a beautifully rendered HD format, no less – is amazing. I have to admit, I did feel betrayed when I found out that the next game after Exoddus was going to be an XBOX exclusive, and thus sort of stopped paying attention to Oddworld Inhabitants. Thanks for remembering your console roots and for giving back to the PlayStation community who has missed you guys dearly!

Day-one purchase for me – on my PS4, no less!

thereapersson said:

March 19th, 4:24 pm

One more question! Are you guys going to incorporate the voice commands with the Playstation microphone functionality or utilize the Dualshock 4’s speaker in any way? Thanks!

    Stewart Gilray's Avatar

    Stewart Gilray said:

    March 20th, 2:19 am

    I believe we’re looking to have Abe’s “GameSpeak” coming out of the DS4′ speaker.

bmrskate said:

March 19th, 5:09 pm

Very interested as I’ve never played the Oddworld series. Does New ‘n’ Tasty taste good with ketchup, mustard, and relish? Will there be an Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty cookbook?

Really enjoyed the gameplay and humor in the trailer, so I’ll be looking forward to updates.

Elvick_ said:

March 19th, 6:44 pm

The game looks lovely. Can’t wait. Now which to pick, PS4 or PS Vita at launch…

BlaqMagiq24 said:

March 19th, 7:32 pm

I always wanted to experience Oddworld in the past but never had the chance. I will definitely be picking this up when it comes out.

jawara said:

March 19th, 8:40 pm

What happened to munch’s oddysee for the PS VITA?

    Stewart Gilray's Avatar

    Stewart Gilray said:

    March 20th, 2:19 am

    Ask me that again in 3-4 weeks time ;)

MakoSoul said:

March 19th, 10:16 pm

I loved this game back when I first had a PS. It definitely had at least 2 disc. Epic playthrough.

    Stewart Gilray's Avatar

    Stewart Gilray said:

    March 20th, 2:20 am

    Actually, Abe’s Oddysee was on 1 Disc, and Abe’s Exodduss was on 2 Disc’s

larshar6 said:

March 20th, 12:52 am

I loved this game as well as abes exodus–I will buy this game as from what I understand that the people behind this say that if they were to do the second one to this they would need to sell like 500 thousand copies of it–if they staytrue to the games orginal gameplay plus make it look sweet then there shouldn’t be any problem in that I cant wait until they reveal release date plus cant wait until it is released

ElectricSlurpee said:

March 20th, 2:07 am

OMG, LOOKS SO NICE!! as much as i love oddworld, when/how is the quintology going to end??

    Stewart Gilray's Avatar

    Stewart Gilray said:

    March 20th, 2:21 am

    We’d love to finish the Quintology, time will tell if we can do that, and to be blunt, how well New ‘n’ Tasty sells too.

xeno3d said:

March 20th, 5:44 am

Looks awesome! Can;t wait to play this again. I never got a chance to beat it on PS1


March 20th, 1:06 pm

this is like going back in time but with better graphics pS I salute you

guitarded77 said:

March 20th, 1:48 pm

I see it says re-imagining… Does that mean that the controls will be modernized along with the graphics and audio? I went back and played some Oddworld recently, and the controls themselves felt awkward by today’s standards of tightness and response.

runs_like_wind said:

March 20th, 3:21 pm

Sorry i dont get it, is it a hd remake?
love oddworld beaten the first 2 atleast 10 times ;)

happydude633 said:

March 20th, 4:18 pm

This will be a day one purchase for me as long as it’s cross buy. If it’s not, I will buy it whenever I get my Ps4 in the future. Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee was my very first PSOne game. Never beat it…I will this time around though! Good job on the game, looks amazing!

icurafuse said:

March 20th, 4:34 pm

plaztiksyke – The Vita version was probably the single greatest Vita port to date. This is the single reason why I’m waiting for anything else that JAW may throw our way.

younginflavor18 said:

March 21st, 3:48 am

It’s no doubt that the game looks new and tasty. I’m going to look forward to playing the high-definition re-visual once it’s released. ;)

rey701 said:

March 21st, 6:25 am

I remember playing this back in it’s PS1 days. My question is if I buy it for one of the platforms mentioned above, will I be able to play it on the others? For example, if I purchase it from the PSN store for PS3, will I also be able to play it on PS Vita or PS4?

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