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Mar 20

Mar 20

Watch_Dogs: PlayStation Exclusive Content Revealed

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Community Developer, Ubisoft

Hey there! With the release of Watch_Dogs quickly approaching, we’re delighted to present to you a first look at some bonus content created just for PlayStation owners.

Hacking is your weapon in Watch_Dogs. In four all-new mission exclusive to PS4 and PS3, Hacktivist group DedSec taps Aiden to help set the record straight and expose a company’s deceitful activities. More precisely, they need Aiden’s skills, connections, and his ability to hack into Chicago’s complex central operating system (ctOS) to track down enemies and expose them for who they really are. He’s just the man for the job.

This exclusive content provides PlayStation gamers with 60 minutes of additional gameplay, plus a hacking boost and a brand new character skin. It expands the already massive world of Watch_Dogs and enriches the experience for PlayStation fans.

You can pre-order your copy of Watch_Dogs for PS4 or PS3 by visiting the official site.

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GodofDeathOnline said:

March 20th, 10:46 pm

Is this game 1080p or now 480p

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 20th, 10:48 pm

and is the fps 60 or 24

WilbertX said:

March 20th, 10:53 pm

I can’t wait to try playing this via remote play..any second screen functionality for easier hacking…

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 20th, 10:53 pm

and is that 60 mins of game play for the ps4 a retrostyle with ps2 graphics

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 20th, 11:02 pm

and why 60 mins of exclusive content for. The playstation ms not pay you a Nuff

Bey0nd_Inf1nite said:

March 20th, 11:22 pm

Is there any information about a digital preorder or day one digital? Also, I would also love to play this on my Vita.

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

March 21st, 12:15 am

move the PS4 release up one week earlier =)

when can we pre order digital?

Timewalker-Ben said:

March 21st, 12:17 am

Will the PS3toPS4 upgrade deal for $9.99 still be honored?

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

March 21st, 12:19 am


i dont think that is needed it comes out the same day.

that was made for games that came out earlier… over here you have the clear choice to go PS3 or PS4

RE_Player said:

March 21st, 12:28 am

Glad we are getting some exclusive content.

Welmosca said:

March 21st, 1:17 am

Trailer was pretty awesome…I dig that white coat…wonder if we’ll be able to use the white coat with his normal cap…the black one…because this white cap totally sucks.I’ll buy Watch Dogs…thats for sure…game has potential…let’s see if it can be better than Assassin’s.

Also thanks for the support with us PS playas.

fecks said:

March 21st, 3:32 am

Cant wait for this game to be released!!

kevinpie12345678 said:

March 21st, 4:42 am

Watch Dogs > GTA5

PainOfSarrow said:

March 21st, 7:58 am

soo raw

ScorpioN912 said:

March 21st, 8:22 am

When will we be able to pre-order on PSN? Also, what are the pre-order bonuses from ordering through PSN?

tiger7758 said:

March 21st, 9:30 am

How can it be created “Just for Playstation owners”, when it clearly says that this is just a timed exclusive and is also for PC?

AverageJake said:

March 21st, 10:57 am

Any chance for a PS4 digital pre-order? The SEN Store says the pre-order is only for PS3. What’s up with that?

RulitoCR said:

March 21st, 7:28 pm

This game is awesome!! So much love to Ubi!

BTW add me as a NPC!!!

meltedwolf said:

March 21st, 8:56 pm

I’m gonna hack this game disc out of a redbox with your money. I’m a hero.

Skater_Ricky said:

March 23rd, 7:57 am

When can we Preorder Watch_Dogs on the PlayStation Store for PS4? Will there be a limited edition with Preorder. I don’t want to miss out on all the Preorder digital content that’s in retail stores because I prefer to buy on the PlayStation Store for PS4.

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