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Mar 24

Mar 24

PlayStation Plus: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Members

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Submit to the addictiveness of Monster Hunter with MH: Freedom Unite, free for PlayStation Plus members starting Tuesday, 3/25. Take down bizarre creatures and loot their bodies for crafting components so you can make more powerful weapons to take down bigger, badder monsters. If you don’t want to take on enemies alone, you can play with up to 4 of your friends. Even if you can’t pull a group of friends together, you can always hire a Felyne companion in the game, and let’s face it, they are way more adorable than any of your friends.

This week for our Spring Fever sale you can pick up Fez on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at a discount along with a bunch of BioShock markdowns.

You can download Monster Hunter Freedom Unite after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 3/25.

PS Plus 3-25-2014

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
*The biggest Monster Hunter title to date with over 500 hours of gameplay.
*Huge variety of character customizations including 1400 weapons and over 2000 armor sets.
*Players can form a team of up to 4 players through Ad-Hoc play and experience the social gaming phenomenon.
*AI Felyne companion, who will accompany players on quests and provide aid through the challenging battles.
*Fans of the series can transfer their data from Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Spring Fever Sale

Title Plus Price Regular Price
Fez (PS4) $9.74 $12.99
Fez PS3) $9.74 $12.99
Fez (PS Vita) $9.74 $12.99
Bioshock $5.00 $9.99
Bioshock 2 $5.00 $9.99
Bioshock Infinite – Burial At Sea – Episode 1 $7.34 $10.49
Bioshock Infinite – Columbia’s Finest Pack $2.44 $3.49
Bioshock Infinite – Clash In The Clouds $2.44 $3.49

Other Discounts

Title Plus Price Regular Price
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma (Pre-Order) $40.49 $44.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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sic2291 said:

March 24th, 10:48 am

I seriously disagree with the people complaining about PSP games in the IGC. I like them(especially Metal Slug XX), and if we start demanding AAA games every week guess what we’re either not or the plus sub is going to increase.

Dnut said:

March 24th, 10:50 am

I must echo other peoples request. Please stop adding PSP games to our IGC!! If you want to add to the library and have them for sale on the store for those who may want to play them, fine. Just don’t add them to IGC, by defination these are to be “Vita” games, not old ports from other systems. It’s filler and you all know it.

Gamerzlimited said:

March 24th, 10:56 am

@Dnut How about you and the so called “other people” shut up and deal with it? I rather take an AAA PSP title over a crappy Vita game any day. That’s not a decision you can make, so stop being such a spoiled brat.

DanteMerfi said:

March 24th, 10:56 am

For the record, I recently bought a Vita and never owned a PSP. I have put 25 hours into Persona 4 Golden so far and loving it. Since this is my first handheld since the original Gameboy (yes, I’m that old), I have no problems whatsoever with PSP games being part of the IGC offerings, as long as they are the best of what the PSP offered.

AnotherCredit said:

March 24th, 10:58 am

Why does it say Pre-Order next to Blazblue when it comes out tomorrow?

sandhu_skidrow said:

March 24th, 10:59 am

@99 Please explain Crappy vita game, If you find them so crappy why do you own Vita btw…

Boffo97 said:

March 24th, 11:00 am

Count me in as someone who doesn’t mind old PSP games for Vita’s IGC, or old PS2/PS1 games for PS3’S IGC.

I’d just have two suggestions:

1. Have said classic game take up no more than one slot at a time in said IGCs.

2. Consider having the classic games take one of the spots of the games which never seem to rotate out of the IGC (which seems to be less of a problem for the PS3 than it is for the Vita. Have the Uncharted game, Gravity Rush and Wipeout 2048 ever NOT been part of the Vita IGC?)

The_Dukenator said:

March 24th, 11:03 am

@103 Yes. Those 3 games you mentioned were part of IGC last year.

sleepy92 said:

March 24th, 11:06 am


No need to wait on The Last of Us, Red Dead, P4G, Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary and Dragon’s Crown to be free. Those are absolutely worth the money.

Gamerzlimited said:

March 24th, 11:08 am

@sandhu_skidrow I didn’t say all Vita games are crappy. I meant really bad ones such as Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified are. I bet nobody wants that on the IGC. Most of the best Vita games are out right now and yet people still crave for more. This is how spoiled the gaming industry has become.

dodgedoors said:

March 24th, 11:12 am

@101 this is a preview not the posting. Changes never post any earlier than mid afternoon tuesday.


March 24th, 11:13 am

Ugh, I really wish you guys would make things an even $5, or $10 all of the time, instead of having $10.39. It’s very annoying that I can only add money to my wallet using PayPal and having to add an extra $5 just to spend .39 more cents.

noob365 said:

March 24th, 11:14 am

I’m not generally a fan of psp games as IGC entries for vita
as it exacerbates my feeling that the vita is not being properly supported

MHFU is one heck of a game
i bought it last year for $10 because I’d always wanted to try the series and needed something meaty on my vita
well.. the game is truly amazing.. so much so that it made me lament the lack of a true Vita monster hunter entry.

still, this game is very much worth trying out.. tho “trying it out” it will probably take you dozens of hours just to understand all the mechanics at play as it is a very VERY deep game.
yes the graphics are badly outdated, but the gameplay more than makes up for that. download adhoc party for ps3 (would be nice to offer this on ps4 guys!) so that you can experience the thrill of an online hunt.. there are always people willing to help.

fantastic IGC entry guys.
now let’s try to focus on native vita titles ok!
also.. how about getting MGS:Peace Walker HD onto the vita already?

DanteMerfi said:

March 24th, 11:19 am

I don’t know why everybody is complaining about the increments of adding money to their PSN wallets. My credit card is tied to my PSN account. For a while now, all I do is checkout with an empty wallet and they automatically deduct the exact amount of the game from my card and my wallet goes back to zero. I can’t be the only one.

TJF588 said:

March 24th, 11:21 am

1) I am just fine with PSP freebies. I do not have a Vita, and can’t afford one in the foreseeable future, but I do have a PSP, as well as a stack of UMD games for it. Mostly SQEX and XSEED titles (DFF, FFIV, Ys, LoH), so to have them handy digitally, or to catch up on what I passed up (Dead. Head. Fred., guys), that sits with me well.

2) Put FEZ’s price back down. As said, the PS Store/SEN wallet’s stupid (stupid, stupid, stupid–) incremental system (which is sickeningly stupid, just thinking about it) means that, at least, you have to withdraw $5 from your credit/debit card or spend $10 on a pre-paid card, even it it’s to cover a mere cent. If you really must “jack up” the price, set it at $10, so that pre-paid’ll cover it for sure. Really, forty cents… Why?

TJF588 said:

March 24th, 11:21 am

3) Speaking of why: Why isn’t Minerva’s Den on sale? Or any add-ons before Infinite’s? I know the model is “sell base game cheap, rake in DLC purchases”, but for someone like me, it’s discount or nada, unless I have a strange affinity in particular circumstances. As stands, BioShock isn’t one of those circumstances. Asura’s Wrath was, but that base game I’d borrowed.

Say, … 4) Get on Capcom about making Asura’s Wrath available in the Full Games section.

herbalsticky said:

March 24th, 11:22 am

+1 for no more deceptive or shaky advertising of what is included in my PLUS membership, (PSP games are not advertised as a part of PLUS) which is not free – to me anyway. These are Big Business Practices folks … deceitful.

+1 for standard USD currency, not increments.

+1 for not raising a promised price.

+1 for equality in content and pricing alongside our closest Playstation allies across water.

I just want what I paid for/ what was advertised.

Oh, the other thing hurting you, Sony – Your MVP program. I see what you’re trying to do here, but you’ll only receive incorrect and inefficient criticism from gamers trying to enter your program (brown-nosing).

Contrary to what some believe, video games are not dying; not on a decline. There will be more competition coming. Doing all you can competitively at this point will help you secure your top position in the future. Don’t get too comfortable, Playstation. We want you to succeed. We want you to do good things. This is why you get thousands of complaints and praises on social media. We’re helping you…. Work with us.

-herbalsticky (PSN username)

TJF588 said:

March 24th, 11:23 am

@110 DanteMerfi – Wait, when’d they make it less stupid? Any memories I might convince myself to have had feel just as likely to’ve been a lucid pipe dream.

The_Dukenator said:

March 24th, 11:29 am

@112 Why didn’t you go hunt for BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition?

Dangisuckatgamin said:

March 24th, 11:33 am

Same games on discount all the time… enough already.. people miss a discount it’s not our fault.
Vita free game so does nothing for me… but infamous has been taking my time anyway.

Boffo97 said:

March 24th, 11:36 am

@113 Precisely where was it stated that PSP games would never be a part of the Vita offerings?

DanteMerfi said:

March 24th, 11:36 am

@114 Just try doing what I do, just checkout without adding funds to your wallet. Like I said, they will just deduct the exact amount of the purchase. I bought some 5.99 LBP DLC on Saturday and my wallet is back to zero.

Welmosca said:

March 24th, 11:40 am

@ 82 sandhu_skidrow – Good you won’t regret…but I kinda messed up there a lil bit….Infinite is the best…Bioshock 1 is 2nd.

death_by_wabbit said:

March 24th, 11:53 am

Damn, own that already. Oh well I guess it makes up for the fact that I got 2 free games last week, Thomas Was Alone & Unit 13. Both awesome games

herbalsticky said:

March 24th, 11:55 am

Boffo97 – I’ll just politely answer your question with a couple of questions of my own, since you seem lost. Where is it stated that you get a free value meal, cigarette, and whiskey? Where is it stated that PS1 games count as if it were a PS4 game? Do you see where I’m going here? What is/was your goal for incorrectly correcting me? What did you wish to accomplish – your end goal?

mpmarsee said:

March 24th, 11:58 am

I’m assuming that because it doesn’t say it is being removed, that the PS+ discount for SteamWorld Dig will still be active after the store update?

Boffo97 said:

March 24th, 12:00 pm

herbalsticky – Ah. In other words, you’re one of those types that unless you get your way 24/7, you start ranting about supposed anti-consumer practices and insulting people who correctly point out that you’re not making much sense. Thus, you should not be taken seriously. Got it.

And while I wouldn’t accept a PS1 game in the PS4 IGC, I’d see nothing wrong with, say, Metal Gear Solid 1 in the PS3 IGC. It’d be a much better offering than some of the games we’ve gotten.

I’m sure you’ll want the last word here and I’ll let you have it… but you’re not being very rational.

pandakids09 said:

March 24th, 12:01 pm

To bad Sony never brought Monster Hunter Portable 3rd over i think that one was the best one from the PSP versions

Monterossa said:

March 24th, 12:02 pm

I have no issue with PSP games. a lot of them are better than those indie trash on the Vita and I’ll choose PSP games before them any day.

Vita has limited AAA games and they can’t give them away that easily but I’m sure they’ll give us more in the future.

Criscross87v3 said:

March 24th, 12:04 pm

Woohoo a great PSP game I haven’t tried yet. I’m at +380 hours in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, So I’m not sure how much longer I can put into this game. Can’t wait to see next month!

TJF588 said:

March 24th, 12:08 pm

@66 Tjoeb123 – Yeah, SOny, get on this! If you can arrange for cross-company synergy with GameStop and Amazon, if not other retailers, you’d make some killings! While I figure this gent(?) is going for a physical, at the least digi-discounts would be neat, especially if that retailer’s featuring their own promotions (like the spend-$60-get-$10 the PS Store’s been running).

@72 RidleysBox – I think PS1C has always not been part of the IGC. Those, minis, and avatars & themes died off in the Before Time. There’s been an odd Kratos face since, but yeah, even quarterly or terrestrially thrown bones would be nice (say, PS1C in Jan/May/Sep, mini in Feb/Jun/Oct, PS2C in Mar/Jul/Nov, and avatar+theme in Apr/Aug/Dec).

@87 shadow15972 – Embarrassingly enough, the presence of trophies factors into what platform I play a game on. There are many PS3 games I have for my laptop, but, everything else comparable, if I can add some more useless “blings” to my metagame of choice, I’ll hold out for the PS version, if I’ve the system.

TJF588 said:

March 24th, 12:09 pm

@122 DanteMerfi – I think you’re confusing “$5 minimum” for $5 increments”. The $5/$10/$20 only applies to pre-paid PS Store cards from retailers. When drawing from a credit/debit/etc, it will make an exact withdrawal if the needed funds are greater than the $5 minimum. Only need $4.32? $5 drawn. Only $1.23? $5 out. $0.39? $5.

@125 herbalsticky – The first wrench in those cogs is that the PS4 doesn’t run PS1 games. Vita users can actually play their mis-labeled offering/s.

unlovedhomie said:

March 24th, 12:20 pm

Im wondering, if I pre order blazblue cp Will I get the pre order bonuses that come with the disc versions pre order?

shadow15972 said:

March 24th, 12:22 pm

@131 Hey, that’s alright. I’d buy Fez again (haven’t beaten it) even though I have it on steam if the PS version has trophies. I’m just saying, it’s silly how people would buy a game *JUST* for an ‘easy plat’ or just a few more trophies to add to their collection. I play games for experiences and awesome gameplay. :)

@129 Indie support isn’t trash. But I have to say, I do wish we’d get more awesome games like Tearaway or even an InFamous game. Sly cooper collection will be mine though! :D

Z31K said:

March 24th, 12:23 pm

What’s with the Price hike?? Fez was quoted 9.99 on the 3rd of this month..

Posted by Chieh Chen on Mar 03, 2014 // Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment
“3/25 to 3/31 Fez (PS4, PS Vita)** $9.99 $12.99
Fez (PS3, PS Vita)** $9.99 $12.99”

herbalsticky said:

March 24th, 12:27 pm

Boffo97 – haha, yeah, I played that last word card too. It doesn’t work well, anyway…

So, you know me. Yeah, I get my way. Got a kidney transplant in ’04(love yuh sis), have had melanoma removed from my back twice now. This coming after my last battle with SLE. Taking immunosuppressants (causes cancer) so disease won’t knock again. I’m good now, so, yeah, I get my way – I’m still breathin’.

I’m trying to tell you that you don’t know anyone. This is true ^ it did happen. I do not care if you believe or not, I’m not trying to convince you. You still seem to not understand where I was going with the questions. I do have reason to question where my money goes.

Whom did I insult?

Didn’t get my way? They’re not advertised as part of the service that I’m paying for, which you still can’t see. You just don’t understand that when you go to buy a Coke and get a Pepsi, that’s not okay. It shouldn’t be for anyone.

Can’t see what was so difficult for you to make sense of. I think you’re being too rational.

Starting to wonder a bit here Bof…..

Now, be a man and answer my questions.

MakoSoul said:

March 24th, 12:29 pm

I wanted to buy Fez for $9.99. What’s the deal?

herbalsticky said:

March 24th, 12:30 pm

TJF588 – You missed my point completely.

walant77 said:

March 24th, 12:31 pm

Bioshock 1 & 2 <3

Alexison90 said:

March 24th, 12:32 pm

Fez was in 9.99 in the announce :/ what happened?

MmaFanQc said:

March 24th, 12:39 pm

Sadly nothing for me this week as MH isnt my styke of game, but at least im getting a discount toward FEZ on ps4/vita

herbalsticky said:

March 24th, 12:53 pm

shadow15972 – You’re not alone. I too, play games for the experience. It’s weird though: if I play 3DS or WiiU I miss the trophies. Playing on PS3,4 I rarely look over them.

shadow15972 said:

March 24th, 12:58 pm

@142 Haha, same way for me! I was playing MH3U and I was like “Man, I wish I would get a trophy for slaying the final boss 10 times” but when I was playing MHFU I was like “Eh”. Weird. :P

TwinDad said:

March 24th, 1:04 pm


While I support the option to have PSP games, they have been doing mostly Vita as of late. This one game is different as there is no Monster Hunter made only for Vita. So they wanted to give away a game in a very popular series, they had to go to the PSP to get one.

tgpumpkin said:

March 24th, 1:13 pm

I bought a PSN card for $10 with the understanding that Fez was going to be $9.99. I know that was posted in the Spring Fever announcement as well. I’m assuming your quoted price above is a mistake?

burningwind said:

March 24th, 1:15 pm

I am totally getting Fez for PS4! I will be using all that fancy hardware towards a 16 bit game haha. I love how the same console I play Infamous Second Son on is also going to be capable of doing that. Sony, you rock!

The_Dukenator said:

March 24th, 1:15 pm

@139 Yes, but I can get all dlcs with both games with Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition.

BigBacon87 said:

March 24th, 1:29 pm

That’s a pretty high price tag on Fez even with the Plus discount. I was interested but am going to pass now.

The_Dukenator said:

March 24th, 1:37 pm

@148 I’m waiting for when the sale starts, but I’m still gonna buy not matter what.

Lord_Orpheo said:

March 24th, 2:06 pm

Woot! I’m always looking for new hunting companions, this is excellent. :)

For those wanting to get in some multiplayer Monster Hunter feel free to download AdHoc Party from the PlayStation Store. This works with both PSP and Vita, but note that only PSP games on the Vita are compatible with AdHoc Party as actual Vita games will not work. Also note that you will need a hardwired PS3, but it’s so worth it. :)

AdHoc Party can be a bit tough to find in the PlayStation Store so I’ll list directions on how to find it:

1) Launch the PlayStation Store on PS3.
2) Select ‘Games.’
3) Select ‘PSP.’
4) Select ‘PSP Add-Ons.’
5) Select ‘Sort.’
6) Select ‘Name: A-Z.’
7) Select ‘AdHoc Party,’ it should be the 2nd option.

Oh, and it’s free. :)

Any up to heed the call of the hunter just send me a PSN invite at Lord_Orpheo and I’ll be more than happy to join ye. ;)

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