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Mar 24

Mar 24

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

Sharon Kapitula's Avatar Posted by Platform Marketing, SCEA

Hi everyone! The next system software update for PS Vita, version 3.10, will be available for download beginning later today. This update brings some anticipated and useful features to PS Vita, including the ability to display more than 100 applications on the home screen (we know you’ve been waiting patiently for this one), and a new Calendar application.

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

Check out some of the new features and changes in PS Vita’s 3.10 system update below:

  • You can now display up to 500 applications on the home screen.
  • A Calendar application has been added for PS Vita, allowing you to set up gaming events with your friends. Sync your Google calendar to have all your events with you on your PS Vita. You can also share your favorite events by using the Messages and Email applications.
  • A new “Manage Content on Memory Card” option has been added to the Content Manager application. You can now view the data on your memory card, making it easier than ever to manage content on your PS Vita. You can now view memory usage by content type, and delete content and applications.
  • You can now send and receive voice messages using the Messages application on PS Vita. Exchange voice messages with your friends and players on PS4 and PS Vita.

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

For the full list of new or revised features in PS Vita system software update 3.10 and instructions for updating your system, please visit this page after the update goes live later today.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below. What new feature are you most looking forward to?

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el_fritolero said:

March 26th, 7:33 am

+ Xigtus13 i put my 32gb memory stick in another vita without the update and it works!! I format the memory and all.
But at soon i install the update the vita dont work with that card.
I think is something with the update. Is like not “see” the memory and get stuck in a reset loop.
But the memory works. Is the vita with the update the problem

el_fritolero said:

March 26th, 7:35 am


el_fritolero said:

March 26th, 7:38 am

I hope they find a fix soon. Its frustrating. We are talking about a 32Gb memory is not like a 1gb or something
And not cheap either.

dydazzy said:

March 26th, 8:19 am

I just wanted to chime in about the 32 GB memory card so if they do a patch it doesn’t mess up the ones that are working. I downloaded my update yesterday morning and my system is doing well. I would be really mad though if it had bricked my system and took away my saved data. Hopefully Sony will get on this right away for their valued customers .

dydazzy said:

March 26th, 8:36 am

Also just wanted to say thank you for the update. There is some great stuff here!

On my wish list for future updates:

I’m glad you raised the limit to 500 but even with the 32gb memory card I have to delete games, music or movies every time I want something new. I already have 3 different memory cards and having to change them out is just a pain. Can we please get bigger memory cards?

I hope someday you can open the PS2 or PS3 games for some on the go play too.

The PS Vita is near perfect in my opinion. I love this thing. Thank you for a great gaming experience.

Carbon_Lancer said:

March 26th, 8:38 am

Guess what….. ANOTHER 32 GB memory card bricked…. maybe you should WARN YOUR CUSTOMERS like you did with the Leap Year Fat PS3 bug…………. So far i’ve read 100s of people problems…. way to go Sony……. Maybe you should take a queue from THQ if you keep this up….. Chapter 9………….

Junkau said:

March 26th, 8:55 am

I already tried the calendar app, and it is very good, but when I sinchronize the app with my calendar on Google only appear on it the events posted in my google calendar, the events created in the vita app doesn’t appear in the PC. Also the help file on the Vita doesn’t works, the web page is dead. Please fix this soon. Thanks in advance.

saparm said:

March 26th, 9:23 am

My 32gb is now damaged due to this stupid calendar update. Please take our concerns seriously and REPAIR or REPLACE our memory cards which were all working fine prior to the patch.

YungShep said:

March 26th, 9:39 am

i came to add my psn to the long list of 32gb user whose ps vita suffered a brick due to the’s unbelieveable how it even happened.

my vita won’t even start properly when i have the 32gb in, it just shows the ps logo for a couple seconds and shuts off all together.

i still have my 4gb (dont really wanna use it) but it takes me to safe mode, which im still forced to update the vita to 3.10, but i cant even update it from the vita, i have to do it on the pc.

hopefully it works, as a quick fix, but i really need my 32gb back in my vita, the sole purpose i got that card was for all the games i own…please guys, fix it. ;_;

Xigtus13 said:

March 26th, 9:51 am

@ el_fritolero

I see. Thanks for confirming. It’s not easy to find Sony supports in my area, so….

I really hope this will get fixed.

MFV said:

March 26th, 9:59 am

Redirected here from @AskPlayStation what are the chances for a simple memo or word pad app for the vita? I am constantly falling into situations needing one. Also when will the new calendar app include facebook imports?

CayRo70 said:

March 26th, 10:26 am

Is everyone contacting Sony about this problem? I’m hoping that they see this is affecting a lot of us and get this fixed as soon as possible.

YungShep said:

March 26th, 10:26 am

came back to confirm my 4gb wont let me get into my console either, apparently it still recognize the 32gb card and continues to return my vita to safe mode.

i can even take the memory card out, it won’t even take me to the home screen.

so my vita is completely useless right now until a fix come out.

TooLegit505 said:

March 26th, 10:33 am

(pouring out some drank for all those dead memory cards) still no fix? i dont think affected cards will be patchable sounds like a must return to sony problem. they will want proof of purchase too which is rediculous

TooLegit505 said:

March 26th, 10:34 am

someone earlier said sony is “aware of the problem” lol

Shizuoya said:

March 26th, 10:34 am

I just came back from a live chat with support saying they haven’t received any reports about 32GB bricking and yet I see two pages worth of comments saying their cards are broken. So I’m not sure how I feel about that. Not updating my system until it’s fixed.

TooLegit505 said:

March 26th, 10:52 am

I am sure most customer service just tells you what you want to hear. Someone even sad they were told a patch was in the works but how do you patch something that wont even boot or get past the sony logo? sounds like bs

reverse_channel said:

March 26th, 11:21 am

Adding myself to the list of people affected by this update. This is really frustrating that the problem isn’t even being acknowledged here.

el_fritolero said:

March 26th, 11:22 am

Toolegit505 They can patch it because you can update withoutvthe memory card. Is a firmware issue not a memory card brick

el_fritolero said:

March 26th, 11:37 am

Reverse_channel thats the worst part!! I’m worry that they do nothing to fix it!! Or try to make you believe the problem is yours

GreySpot said:

March 26th, 11:45 am

I’m also seeing the same thing… Updated my system with my 32GB memory card and now I can’t boot up the system.

CayRo70 said:

March 26th, 11:48 am

I’m surprised no news sites have broken the news for this. And yes some kinda of official acknowledgement would be nice.

The_Tonkanator said:

March 26th, 12:06 pm

Add me to the list. 32gb card is bricked. Please fix ASAP Sony!

DarkStar83x said:

March 26th, 12:34 pm

My 32 GB card didn’t brick. I updated before I knew and everything was fine.

mrgerbik03 said:

March 26th, 12:56 pm

Sony says they are releasing a new update tomorrow to fix this.

Crimson-ScarXX7 said:

March 26th, 1:08 pm

Just wanted to chime in and say my Vita is stuck in a loop after that update as well. I cannot get past the logo startup screen. I too, have the 32gb memory stick. Please release another patch to fix this dilemma soon.

Alhric said:

March 26th, 1:11 pm

Lets get that patch I’m almost done with stick of truth and want to trade in towards ffx hd on vita/ps3 . Would like to use my $80 32GB mem card perty plz.

CayRo70 said:

March 26th, 1:17 pm

@ mrgerbik03

How did you hear about this? I hope this is true.

mrgerbik03 said:

March 26th, 1:21 pm

@CayRo70 I called customer service and talked to them. I am not sure this will happen, but after putting me on hold, the lady came back on with really specific info about the supposed fix. Apparently lots of complaints that are limited to 32gb.

FIngers crossed

jnjngfvgf said:

March 26th, 1:57 pm

Please fix calendar errors because setting up events does not display on the correct time if the event is a weekly or day event.

Grim_CZ said:

March 26th, 2:51 pm

Hmm, nice update :-) But still i missing one thing… Battery % :-/ And maybe info how long is Vita running (sory for english, im Czech)

BumblebouncE5555 said:

March 26th, 3:54 pm

The same thing is going on with my vita. I have a 32 gig memory card, and I have currently over 100 hours on toukiden, (I play my vita every day) and this is really pissing me off. They need to fix this asap, it’s not fair to have to repair or buy a new memory card, to lose all the save data on mine will cost me a lot, I can’t replace a lot of the stuff on here without spending a bunch of more money that I don’t have at the moment, not to mention games, tv shows, add ons, movies, and everything else like pictures and videos. Please just fix this asap and make it so our memory cards work again.

OcsicnarfX1 said:

March 26th, 5:26 pm

my theorie is that the issue of the 32gb mem is that the update corrupted the data, because i have a 32 gb mem, but i updated with my other memory that is of 16gb, and then i changed the memory to the 32gb one and i can use it

so i suggest the owners of 32gb mem with a lower firmware to update without memory card

phreezr said:

March 26th, 5:46 pm

Has anyone had any luck with a fix for their bricked 32 GB card? Anyone sending theirs in for “repair”? The only answer I got from Sony tech support was to send it in for repair. Does anyone have any real confirmation for an upcoming patch?

aeyarlan said:

March 26th, 5:51 pm

I bought ps vita with 64gb already but my games still only 3 xD

ryanknight1981 said:

March 26th, 5:58 pm

Just got off the phone with Sony they are releasing patch 3.12 tomorrow to fix the 32 gb memory card issue.

phreezr said:

March 26th, 6:10 pm

Great to hear a patch is coming, but I sure would have appreciated having an actual post or any communication from Sony instead of them hiding in the dark on this…

TooLegit505 said:

March 26th, 7:20 pm

Glad to hear something is finally being done about this. Sony be sure your software works if it is forced upon us especially.

Djwlfpack said:

March 26th, 8:21 pm

Sony announced on Twitter that 3.12 would be released soon. I guess we will have to remove the card, install the update then pop the card in and hope the system stays on :)

oslliKillso said:

March 26th, 9:55 pm

Just updated it and it crashed my vita :(

DarkOne_PR said:

March 26th, 10:08 pm

Add me to the list of ppl with the 32 GB memory card problem. if i remove the memory card, the vita works just fine… but as soon as i put the memory card back the system wont boot up. Need a fix ASAP! i was going to play Monster Hunter!!!

LadyChrisA said:

March 27th, 6:33 am

Not sure if anyone else has commented, heh. I’m loving the idea of syncing my Google calendar with my Vita, however, I’ve been getting an error message C2-16023-2. Suggestions? Solution?? Thanks!! And very sorry if this has been addressed already. I’ll keep browsing… :D

BinaryStream said:

March 27th, 7:23 am

I wish I read this before I installed the update. My 32GB card is bricked too. Any word if the update can fix that?

hypnorigin said:

March 27th, 7:46 am

Does anybody know how to undo this update? It bricked my system last night. My Vita will only start in safe mode, after I took out the 32 gig card, and put in a 16 gig card. Even in safe mode, it doesn’t do anything.

hypnorigin said:

March 27th, 7:57 am

This sucks, because I’m on vacation this week, and was looking forward to playing my Vita more. Now, because of this messed up “firmware” update, my Vita is useless. I don’t know why they couldn’t have sent a message to people on the Vita to remove the memory card before installing the update. They should have said, “this update, turns your Vita into a door stopper, and also includes the new paper weight upgrade.” If they had said this, I wouldn’t have downloaded this stupid, so called update. Well, on to my 3DS… I’ll play that.

TooLegit505 said:

March 27th, 11:50 am

I just saw the update notes for 3.12 still no mention that 3.10 bricked memory cards. Can we at least get an I’m sorry for forcing you to install crap software or at least a statement somewhere about it? They want to act like it didnt happen now? lol

TooLegit505 said:

March 27th, 11:52 am

nevermind i overlooked it lol, it said the update was mainly for the bricked memory cards. :)

TooLegit505 said:

March 27th, 11:53 am

still though this is a crappy situation and I will be untrusting of vita updates now. being forced to wait days and days for an update while we are stuck with unusable Vitas is unacceptable.

Shizuoya said:

March 27th, 1:03 pm

@TooLegit505: I’m not seeing anything about the 3.12 update notes, did I miss something

el_fritolero said:

March 27th, 4:16 pm

Wheres the update!! ????

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