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Mar 24

Mar 24

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

Sharon Kapitula's Avatar Posted by Platform Marketing, SCEA

Hi everyone! The next system software update for PS Vita, version 3.10, will be available for download beginning later today. This update brings some anticipated and useful features to PS Vita, including the ability to display more than 100 applications on the home screen (we know you’ve been waiting patiently for this one), and a new Calendar application.

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

Check out some of the new features and changes in PS Vita’s 3.10 system update below:

  • You can now display up to 500 applications on the home screen.
  • A Calendar application has been added for PS Vita, allowing you to set up gaming events with your friends. Sync your Google calendar to have all your events with you on your PS Vita. You can also share your favorite events by using the Messages and Email applications.
  • A new “Manage Content on Memory Card” option has been added to the Content Manager application. You can now view the data on your memory card, making it easier than ever to manage content on your PS Vita. You can now view memory usage by content type, and delete content and applications.
  • You can now send and receive voice messages using the Messages application on PS Vita. Exchange voice messages with your friends and players on PS4 and PS Vita.

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

For the full list of new or revised features in PS Vita system software update 3.10 and instructions for updating your system, please visit this page after the update goes live later today.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below. What new feature are you most looking forward to?

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Java-Jo said:

March 27th, 4:45 pm

Just got off the phone with Sony. Apparently 3.2 release has been pushed back and no eta right now. Very frustrating,

CayRo70 said:

March 27th, 4:49 pm

WHAT?! Lame.

Shizuoya said:

March 27th, 5:09 pm

So was this: https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/448978645835866112 is a no go? Absolutely fabulous

TheGoodSirBilly said:

March 27th, 6:41 pm

This firmware bricked my system and your customer service seems to have no idea what is going on. It’s affecting 32 gb memory card users with the first model vita. I can’t start my vita with with my memory card inserted. I’m a patient person but please fix this without me having to go buy another memory card. Thanks.

el_fritolero said:

March 27th, 6:41 pm

I’m so piss off right now!!

Shizuoya said:

March 27th, 6:45 pm

Okay but seriously why is my comment still in moderation. My link is just to a tweet you guys made

el_fritolero said:

March 27th, 6:45 pm

TheGoodSirBilly the problem is that the 32gb is not a cheap memory card!! And ours memory cards are fine is the bad firmware update that not accept it. Is not our problem to do a update that they force you to do in the first place!!

hypnorigin said:

March 27th, 6:54 pm

I took out my 32gig card. I put in my 16 gig, and my 4 gig cards, I also tried no card, and my Vita still won’t start up.

shibbydibbybibby said:

March 27th, 7:55 pm

to everyone with bricked cards/systems:

from my own experience, update 3.10 went through, albeit not on the 24th as the blog declared it would be available.
hopefully SONY will get it all sorted out in a reasonable amount of time.

before i updated i was very leery, recalling the recent update that bricked the ps3, but decided to go through with it.
sadly, this is how they roll out the updates. seems like little to no testing on their end. just consumers left holding the bag and
we end up with bricked hardware for just doing what were told to do. i removed the auto update option and i would suggest everyone to do the same.

2 new lcd vitas both w/ 64gb cards and nothing went amiss on my end. after update i immediately retrieved every game i had sitting in limbo, even went and got a few new games since now im only limited by my memory constraints. im now sitting at 137 apps/save skittles and growing. only hiccup was finding out modnation psp/angry birds minis are not compatible with vita.

i understand that hearing someone had the update go through is of little consequence to your ordeal, but its important that we all know what vita hardware/cards are being affected.

my heart goes out to all of you.

TheGoodSirBilly said:

March 27th, 7:59 pm

When I called customer service they actually suggested I go purchase a new Vita because the one I bought on launch day was out of warranty. This is insane. “Thank you for buying all our PlayStation products on day one, but please purchase a new vita due to our mistake. Thank you.” I might have exaggerated there, but it’s how I felt after getting off the phone.

hypnorigin said:

March 27th, 8:04 pm

Ok, I just updated the firmware to 3.12. I connected the Vita to my laptop, and downloaded it. I had no card in the system. After the download, and installation, I tried booting up the Vita, but it went to the same safe mode screen. I put in my 32 gig card. The system boots in safe mode now with the 32 gig card installed, and it didn’t before. It was just looping the PS logo, over and over, then shutting off. Conclusions: With the new 3.12 update I can now boot in safe mode with the 32 gig card installed. Now I just have to wait for the 3.14 update, or whatever they call it.

hypnorigin said:

March 27th, 8:06 pm

I’m now reinstalling the 3.12 update with the 32 gig card in the Vita, now that it can boot in safe mode. Cross your fingers.

TheGoodSirBilly said:

March 27th, 8:13 pm

Okay, 3.12 worked for me.

hypnorigin said:

March 27th, 8:20 pm

Nope, still won’t work. I even put my 16 gig card in. Still showing the serious error (E-ffffffc)

Shizuoya said:

March 27th, 8:21 pm

Is it finally safe to update with a 32GB card now.

TheGoodSirBilly said:

March 27th, 8:25 pm

I would wait Shizuoya until you get official word. But, everything is working fine for me now.

Shizuoya said:

March 27th, 8:30 pm

@TheGoodSirBilly: That’s a fair idea, I’m a little unsure in general since there isn’t even a new blog post for 3.12, all that stands is the tweet on the PlayStation account saying there will be a 3.12 but nothing more, and then I see hypnorigin’s comment above mine saying it doesn’t work. I realize I’m being paranoid but it doesn’t change the fact this update was effecting 32GB cards

shibbydibbybibby said:

March 27th, 8:33 pm

well, theres an even newer update, 3.12.

youd think the blog would update the post or to be more frank…create a new post entirely since the 3.12 update has superseded this with support information to address the 3.10 brickings.

just downloaded and installed it on 2 lcd vitas w/ 64gb cards. so far so good.

with any luck, the 3.12 update isnt bricking vita hardware/cards as well.

what i also find alarming is how the official SONY support site still states 3.01 as the most recent update?

fyi: the customer support hotline is a dead-end too. sad, but true. either theyre rude or laughably incompetent/misinformed. the few times i did receive the support/help i was seeking was outweighed by lackluster customer service or worse, i was flat-out hung up on/left on perpetual hold.

good luck and godspeed.

el_fritolero said:

March 27th, 8:37 pm

Work for me too!! The bad news is that i format my 32gb card triying to solve the issue :(

TheGoodSirBilly said:

March 27th, 8:42 pm

That sucks fritolero, did you have anything backed up on the cloud?

el_fritolero said:

March 27th, 9:35 pm

TheGoodSirBilly the only data that i have in the cloud was the Walking dead season 1 (that i already finished) and 2 more that i put it there when i upgrade my memory card to a 32gb and i finish that games or i am way ahead from were the save is

el_fritolero said:

March 27th, 9:37 pm

TheGoodSirBilly i can save the games automatically to the cloud like the ps3?? if so, how i do it?

lord_lad said:

March 28th, 2:17 am

i’m on 32gb and so far, updated without issue (touch wood)……everything as per normal..

lord_lad said:

March 28th, 2:19 am

@ el_fritolero…..start any game/app in vita, you will see an icon (normal the utmost right icon) that allows you to download/upload save to the cloud..

el_fritolero said:

March 28th, 5:07 am

lord_lad is the plus logo. Thanks!!

CayRo70 said:

March 28th, 8:23 am

Huzzah!!! 3.12 worked. Thank the gods.

hypnorigin said:

March 28th, 9:06 am

Finally got mine to work. I couldn’t get out of safe mode, so I kept restarting the Vita by holding down the right trigger, start button, and the blue PS button, and I finally got to the reformat screen. I had no memory card in the Vita, and I reset the system to factory settings. After I got it working, I had to sign in, and make sure I was connected to the PSN network. I put in my 32 gig memory card. All my games were there, and I tried a couple of games, and my saves were there also. My icons on the home screen were jumbled around, so I have to fix that. Just want to say (with sarcasm), thanks, Sony!

Racist_people said:

March 28th, 9:23 am

did anybody else get a update after this one?

SolidSnakeOtaku said:

March 29th, 9:53 am

My 32gb card will not let my vita boot up anymore thanks to this update….. according to this forum you guys are working on it(http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=790892) Thing is it says on the forum that it says taht its people that bought FF x-x2 but i did not, in fact i just bought fez and now i wont be able to play it!! when is the update coming this is BS

SolidSnakeOtaku said:

March 29th, 9:54 am

I really want to play my games but this update brixcked my system……….. it will only boot up when i take my card out!!! help!!!!!!

Newtypemo said:

March 29th, 6:32 pm

I downloaded both updates and I had no problems.

sparepart said:

March 29th, 7:00 pm

I have a first gen 3G Vita model with 32gb, the 3.10 update had no problems for me. I am now at ofw 3.12


March 30th, 8:30 am

Got bricked with 3.10, called support and was pretty clueless, he told me to go to safe mode but when told him that the “update thru wifi” was not there support guy got bricked himself because he had absolutely no clue what to do afterwards, all he could think of was sending in the system for repair. Mentioned the 32gb issue I read from online he still had no clue.

Then yesterday I Tried to update again to the now 3.12 and still give me the error and wont boot.

I’m sure SONY is working on it but please hurry, Id rather be playing then reading these comments and not getting any response by SONY.

PS_man1984 said:

April 9th, 4:33 pm

I find it so ironic that the PSP was marketed as a portable home console, yet the Vita completely switched things around and is now relying on casual indie games.

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