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Apr 01

Mercenary Kings Out Today on PS4

Yannick Belzil's Avatar Posted by Writer, Tribute Games

Mercenary Kings for PS4

Here it is! The most anticipated day of 2014 from all of us at Tribute Games: the launch of Mercenary Kings on PS4!

It’s a thrill for us to finally share this labor of love (and explosions, tanks, maniacal warlords…) with all of you. Mercenary Kings air drops you into a colorful world of stylized, cartoonish warfare. When the Cybernetic Loyalist Active Weapon clan (CLAW) steals the Mandrake Formula, capable of reshaping any living thing into a dangerous weapon, King and Empress are sent in to retrieve it. CLAW’s leader, Commander Byron Baron — aided with his dog Alpha and a cloned army of miscreants — controls the entire laboratory base of Mandragora Island and seeks to make it the birthplace of a new, terrifying age.

Assisted by their own crew of experts, the Kings take on a multitude of missions where they must slice and blast their way through Baron’s band of bad guys, retrieve the formula, and save global peace.

Mercenary Kings for PS4Mercenary Kings for PS4

Mercenary Kings might feel like something from the 16-bit past, but — like the Kings’ weapons — it’s crafted with brand new pieces into an explosive, modern package. Vanquished enemies drop a variety of materials that you can later craft into almost anything to give you an edge against CLAW. You can build with more than 300 firearm parts to mix and match into any weapon you can think of.

Build a scary-looking rifle, or a toilet-shaped machine gun. Or forge impressive or incredibly silly blades. Scavenged parts can be made into stronger armor, or turned into bio-mods, upgrading your mercenary’s strengths and reducing his weaknesses. Fruits from the jungle become ability-granting meals. Mercenary Kings’ boasts IMMENSE crafting mechanics that spread throughout the gameplay.

The areas in which you find these materials are not mere obstacle courses, but huge environments in which you can explore and find new treasures, fulfill secret mission objectives, hunt massive bosses, or find hidden resistance operatives.

Mercenary Kings for PS4

Sometimes, a mission might just seem TOO BIG for one mercenary. But that’s no problem, because Mercenary Kings offers multiplayer options (both online and local) and three other mercenaries can join in on the CLAW-smashing fun. Is there a better way to cement friendship than going out and toppling a madman’s empire? We don’t think so.

Do you want to join the fight against Commander Baron? Mercenary Kings is available for PS4 on PlayStation Store today! Time to grab a controller and get ready to kick some CLAW!

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mummiess1 said:

April 3rd, 11:54 am

Idk where to post bugs in the game i couldn’t find a site like other games have. but im having the game lag randomly for 2 seconds.


April 3rd, 1:39 pm

My game has sporadically crashed a few times since launch but since patch last night game crashes same spot 3 times in a row. (The Snitch, boss encounter)

Please fix!

Skeetlejuice said:

April 3rd, 5:18 pm

Can you explain to me why there are audio glitches and graphical problems from start up right into the main area of the game?

This is not exactly a great way to make a first impression. I just don’t understand how you could miss this, before you say it’s my tv or sound system I will let you know it’s a sony 46′ bravia and a ct660 sony soundbar going over the included hdmi. What gives.

As far as the game goes, it might be fun for people with a group of friends to play, but from my perspective the gameplay is remedial and boring, and to be fair I did like Scott Pilgrim I paid money for that game.

Outside of the share feature what exactly makes this game special for PS4? It could easily be run on PS3 or Vita, (considering there is technical issues on ps4 as is)

The valuation of $20 is pretty high as well. The trailer for the game on the store is bizarre.

What a let down. Played for 20 mins and Delete. Thanks but no thanks. At least I have other games to play and i’m not so desperate for a new game on PS4 that I would call anything good.

Not good and definitely Not Next Gen. IMO. I did not by my ps4 or pay for Plus for this.

Skeetlejuice said:

April 3rd, 5:23 pm

Another sour note, why is it that people decide to make these games on PS4 and Vita with such small text it is so hard to read. I started your game and it shows a four player split screen and you make me choose my options so that I have to squint at my 46′ tv. DO you playtest your games? It beggars belief that this is considered a good user interface. Selecting a name was also assanine. I don’t mean to come off as super negative. I just don’t understand how these things are missed. Is there QA on indie games?

To a small subset of gamers I’m sure this is an interesting game. I’m just tired of it always being mindless shooters on plus. They skip entire categories month after month.

I wish I had the Europe PSN. I probably would have enjoyed SLY COOPER and PES 2014. more than this and the batman game i bought in October of 2011.

Yes I know i should post this in the PLUS section. But it’s not like anyone responds anyways.

mummiess1 said:

April 3rd, 5:47 pm

Skeetlejuice this game is a kickstarter that came out last month on PC theres a lot of fixes to be made. its like any game out there. look at fallout 3 or New Vegas. there so broken right away then they make patches. Mercenary Kings had a update to fix online. but they will fix it. I actually love this game and i love how it reminds me what gaming was with the pixel art. Its on PS4 because its made for Indie developers. they will read feedback from people since it is a kickstarter.


April 3rd, 11:24 pm

YEs aside from the aforementioned crashes. (I had 7 today, 5 of which all on the first Tier’s final boss.)

There are a lot of hitches & stutters. Even playing offline by myself.

I hope a patch comes. Enjoying this otherwise…

delSol97 said:

April 4th, 4:05 pm

I knew after I bought a Delorean, the PS4 was the perfect console for me.

delSol97 said:

April 4th, 4:07 pm

When SNK released Metal Slug, I don’t recall any bugs. Buggy games being released becoming the norm instead of the exception is a problem with the industry.

Mattizm said:

April 5th, 6:34 pm

I had such high hope for this game. I was so excited to play some local co-op in a game that I thought was essentially going to be the re-imagining of Metal Slug. The local co-op in this game is pretty awful. Everyone having a tiny screen independent from one another makes this game damn near impossible to play. They really fudged the bucket on this one. We tried to play it, but it just is no fun to be playing the way they have the game setup. They really should not have even incorporated a local co-op mode to this game.

Bigodon99 said:

April 6th, 8:15 pm

Love this indie, but something is going wrong with ps4 version. This crashed 3 times during a session just today! Remember me the dark times of betafield4, devs need to work a patch asap to assure a great experience for us in playstation 4 ;)

Bigodon99 said:

April 6th, 8:17 pm

Ha, and please let us choose skin to play! I started a campaign with king and now i want empress without lose all my weapons and progress ;(

MLP_Erick said:

April 7th, 6:23 pm

Is there any online multiplayer?

PrinceofXIII said:

April 20th, 12:16 pm

Amazing GIFs!!

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