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Apr 01

Apr 01

Second Son Update Incoming: Change Time of Day, HUD Off, 30FPS Option

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Sucker Punch Productions

Ten days.

That’s how long it’s been since I went to the midnight launch of Second Son here in Bellevue, Washington (just outside Seattle). I must have talked to over 100 people there, and so many more on social media and forums, Twitter, NeoGAF, etc. since then. It’s been amazing to see the excitement and passion of inFAMOUS fans, new and old. I want to let you all know how much your enthusiasm and support means to us, how it renews us, and readies us to go try to make even better games in the future.

inFAMOUS Second Son

We also want you to know that we listen to your complaints. Some big, some small, but we take them all to heart. We never want to lose sight of how important it is that we listen to all of you. We can always be better.

So to say thanks, not just for all the support but also for your passionate requests to make the game better, we’ve started work on a few small features which we’ll be delivering in the weeks to come.

Change Time-of-Day

Once you beat the game, a new entry will appear on the options menu to allow you to select the time of day! A very popular request indeed, and one we’re excited to enable for you all.

HUD On/Off

Especially for those amazingly talented screenshot taking folks, we’re including an option to let you turn the HUD on and off.

Cap at 30FPS

Internally we prefer the unlocked frame rate, but we recognize that some players find it distressing. So we’ll provide a way to ensure the game is not bumping up over 30FPS, if that’s how you prefer to play.

inFAMOUS Second Son

Of course, our coders and QA team are working to try to identify and resolve key bugs, and we’ll look at incorporating important fixes in the patch too. And who knows… if we’re inspired enough, we may sneak a few other little things in too. Time will tell!

We’re all working hard to release these updates as soon as we can. Time-wise, the earliest we could have the patch and new features ready is about two weeks from now, so stay tuned for another update — we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready to go live. Until then, keep fighting the D.U.P., keep sharing your awesome screenshots (#PS4share on Twitter), and enjoy your powers!

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Spokker said:

April 1st, 6:20 pm

I loved the way the game felt and the emphasis on getting around quickly. I was surprised there weren’t races or time trials that would have Delsin running through rings or hitting checkpoints in a predetermined amount of time (I think Crackdown and/or Assassin’s Creed had this). You might have races just for smoke, or neon, and the races would get progressively harder and having you navigate some of the more complex areas of the environment.

Bloodios said:

April 1st, 7:16 pm

Nice, now please add an OPTION to disable the V-sync, too. I know the game doesn’t dip below 30fps that often but if you already allow people to cap the frame rate at 30 for the sake of consistency then might as well allow us to disable V-sync too, as the combination of the two should (hopefully) allow the game to operate at a locked 30fps with a minimal impact to image quality.

Avalanche said:

April 1st, 8:41 pm

i can honestly say that “Paper Trail” has revolutionized the way i play a video game. whoever initially thought of it deserves recognition.

i cant believe how awesome it is.

Kchow23 said:

April 1st, 9:24 pm

What about replaying audio logs?

bennyben37 said:

April 1st, 10:11 pm

this is the only game where i earned platinum trophy

djsaiyan said:

April 1st, 10:35 pm

Totally going to set the time of day to rainy and leave it there forever, for realism’s sake.


April 1st, 10:47 pm

no need beat it and unlocked all the trophies :)
still a good game luv it

stratosHD_au said:

April 2nd, 1:31 am

this is my first infamous game and honestly i loved it. Sadly I finished it very quickly. I was wondering how many more additional things you could do in this wonderful world. Probably add more enemy mobs, stronglholds respawning in random locations, roadblocks, rogue bioterrorists etc. I would like to have a more lasting experience in this game. zthose are just some toughs.

IcedDice777 said:

April 2nd, 1:48 am

I’ve been enjoying Infamous: second son immensely. Going the Paragon route 1st while hunting for every single shard. Anyways, I prefer unlocked frames for this type game but options are always welcome imo.

Please consider doing something like Festival of Blood follow up on Infamous: second son. Or make a super hero game that will not suck. A spiderman Vs. Venom game from Sucker Punch would print money.

XerveX said:

April 2nd, 2:02 am

I am still at 79% of the trophy collection. Due to time constraints I am not yet able to get Plat, hopefully by Friday.

To Sucker Punch:

It is an honor to play the games that you have developed for the past years. When the game was announced I could not sleep properly (Help me…ahahah) waiting for the game. The game is totally gorgeous that I can ask for it to marry me, its freaking awesome and I’ve never been able to see such graphics and detailed.

Hoping always the best to all people behind the game. Thank you so much for making us proud



llMurcielagoll said:

April 2nd, 2:07 am

Wait, I’m confused, in the new update, day/night change isn’t dynamic? as in even before I beat the game I won’t see day and night changing on its own? I was hoping that would be the case because I was planning to go smoke in the day and neon at night -_-

sedrikP36 said:

April 2nd, 2:22 am

finished good karma story and it was amaaaazzzzzingggg!! :) thank you soo much sucker punch!!!! ill try to platinum the game.. but i think im gonna have a hard time dealing with the bad karma playthrough if my moral values can take it.. lol… but will still play… keep up the good updates… you really care for this game really.. how can i even repay you more sucker punch for the great game??!? :)

sedrikP36 said:

April 2nd, 2:29 am

i was thinking.. is neon considered as light? so delsin is running at the speed of light? but how come he cant catch up to the train? guess its like a bullet train.. but speed of light is faster.. and how about an open concert in seattle where delsin can cause a stampede or crowds go running. :) just an idea…

nyPhil86 said:

April 2nd, 3:05 am

I loved the game, but I was wondering are there any future plans to add trophies along with the DLC?

warlock7 said:

April 2nd, 4:54 am

Too little too late! Game was WAAYYY too short. About a third the size of the previous two versions. Unfortunate. Traded it already, got the Platinum in a few days… Sucker Punch suckered us this time… Game is gorgeous, but not enough of it.


April 2nd, 7:20 am

The framerate cap is perfect. When can we expect more missions to roll in free or paid dlc?

Trendy_Kid said:

April 2nd, 7:42 am

I would LOVE to see more hidden/secret areas in the next game or maybe a multiplayer element similar to Crackdown.

Killer25267 said:

April 2nd, 7:45 am

it looks really fun but the problem is that i don`t have ps4 or ps3


April 2nd, 8:17 am

I just hope sucker punch and other develepors dont make there future games locked at 30fps, leave it as an option only plz, the higher the framerate the better,30/50 frames is much better than 30 locked

jayangie said:

April 2nd, 9:05 am

Maybe a update that fixes the game for the ppl that can’t play it at all what a idea I’ve got the game and all I get it stuck on a screen with a eagle and kicks me back too home screen

SimplexPL said:

April 2nd, 10:44 am

“Internally we prefer the unlocked frame rate”
Could you elaborate on that, i.e. provide reasons for unlocked frame rate? In what aspects is unlocked framerate better than capped at 30fps?
Here is a quote from Digital Foundry article that perfectly summarizes why I prefer capped 30fps:
“the choice to ship with an unlocked frame-rate has a rather negative impact on the game. While performance generally manages to stay north of 30fps, the resultant judder compromises the fluidity of the visuals and produces inconsistent controller response. With Second Son averaging around 35fps, the player receives little additional benefit as a result of this choice. By limiting the frame-rate to 30fps they could have delivered an open world game with a very consistent frame-rate and controller response. Instead we’re left to endure a near-constant judder and unstable performance throughout.
Furthermore, for users interested in utilising Remote Play on their PlayStation Vita, the unlocked frame-rate creates frame-ordering problems and more pronounced judder resulting in a markedly poor experience. Again, we can’t help but feel that a 30fps cap could perhaps produce better results”

Desol2344 said:

April 2nd, 1:08 pm

Can’t, what to pre Oder Watch Dogs

PooPface560 said:

April 2nd, 1:44 pm

Troll^^ with hot shots avatar.You should learn how to spell above a 3rd grade level.

Infamous SS is awesome. I appreciate the support and hope you guys make some awesome’ DLC for the future of this game.

It’s such a huge game, that can get even bigger and Seattle is beautiful in game. Thank you.

Beast of a game.

derb said:

April 2nd, 2:09 pm

Very nice!

Didn’t expect any other update other then patches.

Great game as is.. This will definitely bump up the re-play value.

XerveX said:

April 2nd, 2:42 pm

Hope sucker punch can read this…

There is a HUUUUUUUGGGEEE… Problem with Delsin…

Delsin do not know how to swim… LOL

Tehldor said:

April 2nd, 3:36 pm

Ok nYcFrEeWiLL82, let me see if I understand you here…

Your annoyed that you can not drive a car or ride a bike? If you could fly and had super powers your telling me that you’d rather drive than fly? Well, that makes one of you. Sucker Punch stated early in development that this game would not have an online multiplayer feature and at no time did they suggest it would. None of the previous games had it, although bringing back the mission editor from Infamous 2 could have worked and would be something awesome to add to the game (hint hint Sucker Punch hint hint.)

Most glaring, your caps locked tirade pointed out that you have (and let me put this in a way you’ll understand) have NEVER PLAYED THE DAMN GAME! It’s usually customary to play a game before critiquing it. Kinda like voting; if you don’t vote you can’t piss and moan about who wins. You don’t play the game, you don’t get to complain. It’s disrespectful and dishonest to comment on any subject, game or otherwise, in any situation when you lack the proper information. When one does not know what one is speaking of, his mouth would be best used for chewing.

tusunami said:

April 2nd, 4:26 pm

I can’t wait to get my collector’s edition this thursday or friday. Infamous is one of the best superhero games out and the new additins being added to the game make this that much better. I hope other developers take note excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackheart6004 said:

April 2nd, 7:48 pm


Aside from changing the time of day, are we able to change the effects of weather in another update such as rain, thunderstorms, fog, etc?

jmcollabo1 said:

April 2nd, 8:13 pm

I have been mostly a PC, Xbox gamer and this is my first time owning a Playstation and I’ve been having a blast. This game is an awesome display of the PS4’s power and absolutely fun, 5 Stars! I love the gameplay, voice acting, graphics, story-line and the atmosphere, because this is the type of game that you wish would never end. My first experience with an infamous game was playing a demo at a store on the PS3, so when I saw this game at E3 last year I knew it was a must buy for me!

I have been playing the hero role so my next play through might be the bad guy. Although that may be hard because it is cool when walking through the city and the people give you praises, cheer you on and take pictures to show their support. It makes the game feel alive! That along with the atmospheric changes.

Thanks Sucker Punch for a great game. You got a loyal fan here and my support on any upcoming games you release.

yellowninja7 said:

April 2nd, 9:05 pm

I’m a bit late, but this is awesome news!

Thanks for listening!

Krugun said:

April 2nd, 10:46 pm

Oooh~, can make some lovely desktop backgrounds with this.


April 2nd, 11:15 pm

i plat for this game 3 days after it came out, and i still go and play it, honestly tho, when people try to say in these new stupid surveys that gamers don’t care about story, they are WRONG, i play ALL my games for story besides MULTIPLAYER, if gamers didnt care about story they wouldnt of gotten so pissed off about mass effect 3’s ending, with that being said, you should of developed the side characters more after that first mission with them, i cared when reggie died, but the other characters weren’t around enough when i thought they may have died to care about them, or to actually go visit betty a few times to give the mission more meaning, and you didnt mention cole enough, i would of prefered to actually see zeke in person and like shake his hand or something, and him actually talk about cole, that would of been good for me, best gameplay so far tho, i will still always love the twist at the end of infamous the most tho


April 3rd, 12:19 am

It’d be awesome to be able to switch over the shoulder again like in the previous Infamous’.

Crackle2012 said:

April 3rd, 12:41 am

One thing I have noticed is in several cases I am able to do a Karma Power without being “locked” into a Cinematic Sequence. When I do this I can turn around and see Delsin’s animations alot better.

Question– Is there any possibility of “finishing” Concrete? There are no Good/Evil Karma branch off’s for it. There are no Execute/Subdue’s with it. (For subdue- it would be amazing to trap people in concrete.. or maybe just their feet? .. there is no proper L1 move for it – we need a grenade move for concrete!!
– no Heavy ammo increase for Concrete and last BUT NOT LEAST -There is no way to gain Karma Streaks and there is no Karma “concrete attack” — It’s like the whole game is about obtaining this concrete power and when you first get it. It is incredible. But It becomes very dull, very quickly. I would love to see a Karmic attack added for it … also you can only raise it to 60% more concrete power when every other power has “double capacity”

Also- Neon infinite run should be good only
Concrete infinite run should be evil only in
in my opinion!

Crackle2012 said:

April 3rd, 12:44 am

By the way— The game is amazing– I couldn’t fit that and this all into one thing.. but yeah paper trail= masterpeice the way that all works is insanely awesome.

I am stoked about the possibilities for this game DLC wise or Content addition wise– I hope you guys decide to support it for a while!

panji-smallville said:

April 3rd, 2:55 am

hi guys i updated the game but i don’t see anything new in my option menu….any suggestion?

panji-smallville said:

April 3rd, 3:02 am

where is the HUD or DAY TIME CHANGE menu? i can’t find it in my option menu…

SpooNManX said:

April 3rd, 7:07 am

I wish Sony would give the people what they want (background music playing from mp3’s) .
Not that finding enjoy the music in inFAMOUS games, but after you have beaten it and you are searching around for shards, etc… It is nice to listen to you own music for a change.

I know they will probably n e v e r give this promised update solely because it doesn’t make them more money and could possibly cause them lost revenue with MUSIC UNLIMITED. I was a MU subscriber and barely used it because; 1. the interface was clunky and slow, 2. The MU servers went down constantly, and 3. It didn’t have a lot of the music I enjoy…. you can get Justin Beiber z but not a single BEATLES album?!? That’s just so wrong!

Desol2344 said:

April 3rd, 9:12 am

Oh MG…………………..
Didn’t know he had A son Like for real I’m so getting that ……
Help me my sister is killing me and my girl just broke up with me ……
I need someone to comfort me…..

Desol2344 said:

April 3rd, 9:20 am

On Sunday did any of u guys play Call of Duty Ghost online because people was using cheats
On Monday it is report card pick up I’m sooooooooooooo mad”………….”………..

eleajanaja said:

April 3rd, 11:22 am

You guys did an amazing job, the game is SUPERB in all aspects, but i kinda felt it short comparing with the previous ones, anyway, i just wanna say it wolud be great to add a reset option for all the enemies and mobile command things on the map, so we can clean the entire city filled with enemies with all the 4 powers, instead of just a small group of enemies in a random spot after you´ve beaten the game :) greetings from México, VIVA SUCKERPUNCH!

oyeperokexarxa said:

April 3rd, 1:19 pm

hmm I see very repetitive disagree lara croft tomb raider definitive edition that if qualified “M” game and if it is very good played on ps3 ps4 and now this incredible are the second arrives and I have the power of video but it is emociana not myself this far better tomb raider one of the good of ps4

RawWilson1 said:

April 3rd, 8:46 pm

@SuckerPunchProd Thanks for listening, but is it really that hard to have a daytime/nighttime cycle added in #inFAMOUSSecondSon?

I mean Siderman2 the videogame had a daytime/nighttime cycle and that game came out in 2004.

I’m not unappreciative, but it’s really something I would like to become standard in openworld games I play/buy.

Like, I can’t think of one openworld game that doesn’t have a daytime/nighttime cycle in it expect #inFAMOUSSecondSon

I really enjoined the gameplay though. Very good job with that.

RawWilson1 said:

April 3rd, 8:49 pm

@panji-smallville I believe you just downloaded the second part of the Papertrail DLC mate

BlueMedz said:

April 3rd, 8:51 pm

I’m just wondering if once you change the time of day (lets say a rainy Seattle feature), will it stay on that feature or will it change as time goes on? Like a night/day system?

GIGA_2000 said:

April 4th, 10:58 am

First Thx for that great game, my question is it possible make a dlc for that game and add multiplayer online mode? For example 4 team’s with 4 different power fighting ,I’m sure it’s could be a great sell dlc for this game if come out :)

Folkeye said:

April 4th, 11:23 am

This is my first Infamous game, having a lot of fun with it. I’m a more relaxed player so I’m just taking my time getting through it. Paper Trail hasn’t shown itself yet, so at least that should be something to look forward to. I do hope that you guys consider some more DLC for this one. Such a gorgeous game deserves more time spent enjoying its world.

BullyBreed23 said:

April 4th, 6:17 pm

Will we see other DLC besides Cole and Paper Trail?

FreddyGPaulsen said:

April 6th, 10:24 am

I realy wished the time and resources spent on the papertrail crap was used to make a longer and less repetetiv story. Cole’s Legacy were also crap and added noting to the story or the backstory..

Lethality-XVII said:

April 6th, 7:48 pm

Infamous SS would really benefit from being able to switch between powers on the fly. I’m not entirely sure what buttons this could be mapped to, but would be awesome nonetheless.

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