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Apr 04

Apr 04

Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Beta 2 FAQ

Hergen Thaens's Avatar Posted by Community Project Manager, Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

We have something that many of you have been looking forward to. And boy, have you been looking forward to it.

This time around, let’s see if we can get you prepared for the beta with all the important questions and answers. If you have any more questions regarding the beta, please feel free to ask in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here you’ll find pretty much all of the questions and comments that came up during the first beta phase, with according relevant answers. You can find the following points below:

  • When does the beta start?
  • What do I need to play the beta?
  • Where can I download the beta client?
  • Can I carry my character over to the live game after the beta test?
  • Can I play my existing character?
  • Can I play my existing character (previous beta 1)?
  • Do I play on beta servers? Will I see other players?
  • Why can’t I create a character on server X?
  • I participated in beta 1, and the text was really small. Was that fixed?
  • I can’t log in with my existing account!
  • Do I need a one-time password to log in?
  • I did not get my confirmation mail!
  • How can I contact the support center (for account related problems)?
  • Can I share a live stream or screenshots from the game?
  • Can I use Mouse & Keyboard instead of, or in addition to, DualShock 4?
  • Can I play using Remote Play on PS Vita?
  • Is the game subscription-based?
  • I love it! Where can I pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
When does the beta start?

Beta phase 2 starts today, April 4th, and runs until Monday, April 7th.

What do I need to play the beta?

All you need is a PS4! Some of you may still have the old beta client installed — you can safely delete it to free up hard disk space. We know it’s a big download, but there have been a lot of updates, so updating the old client didn’t make much sense. The good news is: If you buy the game after playing beta 2, you won’t need to download the full game again.  A few small updates and you’ll be up and running in the full game!

Where can I download the beta client?

Just log into your account, go into PlayStation Store, and select Games -> Top Games – you will see it in the list. Alternatively, you can search for Final Fantasy XIV – the beta client will be among the results. (Remember that you can safely uninstall/delete the beta 1, if you still have the old beta client on your PS4, to free up disc space.)

Can I carry my character over to the live game?

Yes! If you decide to buy the game, you can continue playing with your character from beta 2.

Can I play with my existing character?

Yes! Simply log in on PS4 with your usual account details and link your Square Enix Account to your PlayStation Network account (unless you have already played on PS3, then you just need to accept the terms for your existing account). You will be able to play normally.

Can I play my existing character (previous beta 1)?

No – as explained before the first beta, characters that have been created during that phase had to be wiped.

Do I play on beta servers? Will I see other players?

This beta phase will take place on live servers! Which means you will be playing together with all the existing FFXIV players on PC and PS3.

Why can’t I create a character on server X?

During the beta, there will be a massive amount of new players. If too many want to start on the same server at the same time, we might have to temporarily disable character creation on that server to make sure that the game continues to be enjoyable for all players on the server. If you are determined to play on a specific server, you will have to wait for it to open up again.

I participated in the beta 1, and the text was really small. Was that fixed?

We have worked on the size of the launcher as well as the size of the in-game text. Please give it a try. And remember that you can resize and move UI elements at will (see how-to here). We will continue to optimize these settings in future updates. If you still think it’s too small, please let us know on the official beta forums!

I can’t log in with my existing account!

We know the service names are quite similar, and many of you already have a Square Enix membership, where you link your existing games. FFXIV, however, needs a separate Square Enix Account. So please do not try to log in with your Square Enix membership, as it won’t work. Please note: Our account system is also case sensitive!

We know the text entry tool sometimes likes to disfigure things like email addresses (for instance .Com instead of .com). Please make sure to mind capitals in your username and email address when creating an account. If you still can’t log in, please contact our customer support here (North America).

Do I need a one-time password to log in?

A one-time password is generated by a free smartphone app or a small keychain fob. Only users that have previously added this as an extended security measure will need to enter it.

If you buy the Collector’s Edition, you will get a keychain fob in it. Otherwise, just download the smartphone app for free. Everyone that has registered a one-time password device to his account will be able to select a free teleport location in-game. More info here.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I did not get my confirmation mail!

Please let us know in the comments if you do not get your confirmation mail, and make sure to mention which email provider you use (Gmail, GMX, Yahoo, etc.) and if your email address contains any special characters (like underscores, hyphens, commas, dots, etc., or country/language-specific characters). Please do not post your full email address or any identifying information!

Also, please make sure to check your spam folders and add * to any whitelist you may have, if you are familiar with that process.

How can I contact the support center (for account related problems)?

Just check out our convenient chat support tool (North America). Please try to have all relevant information ready before you start the chat though, to keep waiting times short – the beta weekend will probably be very busy. Thank you!

Can I share a live stream or screenshots from the game?

Yes! By all means, go ahead.

Can I use Mouse & Keyboard instead of, or in addition to, DualShock 4?

Yes! You can play the game however you want.

Can I play using Remote Play on PS Vita?

Yes! Someone wants to watch a football game on the TV? Just grab your Vita and continue to level your character remotely.

Is the game subscription-based?

Yes. You get 30 free days of game time when you buy a retail version. You can learn everything about what you get with your subscription in this article, here on PlayStation.Blog!

I love it! Where can I pre-order the game?

Just follow this link.


And that’s it! If you have any other questions, feel free to put them into the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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D-Squad3 said:

April 4th, 12:26 pm

This game comes out on my Birthday!

PureInvasion said:

April 4th, 12:32 pm

I have a question…
Are trophies unlocked for PS4 user’s in this Beta v2?

If I start a character and want to carry that character over to the full game launch, would I have to re-do a character to access many of the early game trophies or are they unlocking now?

If they aren’t unlocking yet I might just mess around for the next few days until the official launch happens then start my actual character that I intend on playing with.

Massive_13 said:

April 4th, 12:32 pm

Dungeon grinding for Myth’s. If you at work, or just want to watch the ps4 version. I’m streaming live.

The adventures of Luciano Bozzelli

D-Squad3 said:

April 4th, 12:41 pm

Can’t wait for Final Fantasy XV though!

irj0k3r said:

April 4th, 1:00 pm

I checked out the link for preordering but I was wondering if there would be a preorder option in the PlayStation Store? I want to get the digital collector edition, preorder goodies and early access.

t36066 said:

April 4th, 1:46 pm

To bad the beta is to broken to register an account. . Piece of trash..

io-knight said:

April 4th, 2:05 pm

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail. My account is with and has no special characters.

giroml said:

April 4th, 3:29 pm

This is kind of knucklehead Square-Enix, you tell us we need a separate account than the one we have linked past games on, then your site doesn’t allow us to make a separate account with the same email we have already used on our current account.

tusunami said:

April 4th, 4:12 pm

I didn’t get a chance to play the first beta. So thank goodness the second wave has come around I will check it out this time!!!!!!!!!!

gsush8su said:

April 4th, 4:50 pm

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail. I used Gmail with no special characters

Daigr said:

April 4th, 4:59 pm

Can’t find this at all in the PS4 playstation store.

There is no “top games”

And the search comes up with nothing

Daigr said:

April 4th, 5:13 pm

A friend says it’s in Digital only section, but when I go it is not there.

We both took screens to show each other.

First game for him is FFXIV beta

First game on mine is Stealth Inc.

Aldryn6977 said:

April 4th, 5:20 pm

No confirmation code. No special characters and a acct

Sneeches said:

April 4th, 5:25 pm

I bought the game on ps3…. will i be able to play the PS4 version free, or what’s the upgrade cost?

Sneeches said:

April 4th, 5:26 pm

@10 – if you go to Games – New this month – The beta client is there to download.

Aldryn6977 said:

April 4th, 5:27 pm

Really wanted to try this out… Beginning to think it’s not gonna happen…

QuasiSweetLou said:

April 4th, 6:02 pm

No confirmation code, email address has no special characters and it’s a gmail account.

Blacq_Soul said:

April 4th, 6:11 pm

definitely transferring over my ps3 game file. love this game!

DeeBlazed said:

April 4th, 6:16 pm

Just keeps telling me “Unable to complete version check”. I played the last open beta on here fine. Whyyyyyyy?!

QuasiSweetLou said:

April 4th, 6:20 pm

Continued from 16.

So I click on the link found above for account help which then tells me if I want help with a specific problem I have to login.

How do I login to find out how I login when I did not receive my one time code?

QuasiSweetLou said:

April 4th, 6:22 pm

Oh and @18 they are two different clients between phase 1 beta and phase 2. Have to re download it.

justuw41t said:

April 4th, 6:24 pm

No email confirmation. Gmail

pliskinatorex said:

April 4th, 6:31 pm

I never got my confirmation email :( my address is

DeeBlazed said:

April 4th, 6:37 pm

@20 :(

PaRaschOs3 said:

April 4th, 6:39 pm

If you are not getting the confirmation e-mail the solution that worked for me was to register another e-mail than the one i am usually using… ;)

Ghostfx123 said:

April 4th, 7:03 pm

no confirmation code no special characters account.

GordTremeshko said:

April 4th, 7:04 pm

Anybody know if you’ll be able to pick a server again if you’re carrying over your character from Beta 2 to the release game? Or what server you pick in Beta 2 is what you’ll be playing in release? I ask because my friends are on a server for Beta 2, but its closed right now and I don’t want to level a character only to find out I have to re-do because we’re staying server resident at release.

ReverendJeffs said:

April 4th, 7:07 pm

I didnt get my confirmation email using hotmail, tried gmail as well to be sure it wasnt on my end.

krazykris075 said:

April 4th, 7:40 pm

I did not receive my confirmation e-mail. The service I used for my square account creation is and my e-mail there does not contain any special characters.

Td17Travis said:

April 4th, 7:46 pm

I did not receive a confirmation in email! I use as my email and I have no special characters in the address.

jinna_11 said:

April 4th, 8:26 pm

did not receive confirmation-gmail account-no special characters :(

jinna_11 said:

April 4th, 8:52 pm

registered with an .edu account and that worked right away

Richard_Guy said:

April 4th, 8:58 pm

I’m not getting the confirmation email at all. I use gmail and I have checked my spam and junk i still see nothing

Richard_Guy said:

April 4th, 9:03 pm

Im a little ticked that they cant even send you an email. By the looks of this board its everyone with the same problem. I’m not creating another email to play this beta nor will I be purchasing this game when it comes out.

P3ngu1nSlay3r said:

April 4th, 9:05 pm

Not even working for me.. so mad :c

druarc said:

April 4th, 9:42 pm

Not getting confirmation email either, have tried 3 times now :(, doesn’t make me wanna run out and buy the game if they can’t even get this bit right.

evilloz said:

April 4th, 10:03 pm

I did not get a confirmation email, my email is the same one used on my PSN account. It is and has no special characters.

huffimus_prime said:

April 4th, 10:13 pm

Never got a confirmation code. Email contains no special characters, only letters and is gmail.

x159mcr said:

April 4th, 10:19 pm

Never got my confirmation email, i have a email

losmost12 said:

April 4th, 11:11 pm

If using Gmail, Check your spam folder, idk why but my notification from Square always gets sent there

AizawaYuuichi said:

April 5th, 12:07 am

Thank you for finally stating on the account creation website, AFTER trying to create an account and submitting an email address to get confirmation at, that if we used an email already associated with another S-E account, that we WOULD NOT receive an email. So I was forced to use my back-up, “for billing purposes” email in order to register for an account. Hooray for going through that twice. But once I did, I finally received an email in my spam folder and was able to confirm my account and finish setting it up.

While I highly doubt I’ll purchase the game/subscribe, I’ll at least try it out this weekend before completely pushing it aside and continuing to wait for Destiny.

pkgod223 said:

April 5th, 12:22 am

Did not get my email code no special hyphens or anything

miso_wasted said:

April 5th, 12:29 am

did not get any confirmation email., no special characters.

disappointing, going to have to sleep now, if i ever get that email most likely the code would be expired since its only lasts an hour. not sure ill go through this trouble again if it does.

jserafic said:

April 5th, 5:36 am

no confirmation code, email address has “_” and with

zrcool2 said:

April 5th, 6:54 am

Gmail account no special characters

mastorofpuppetz said:

April 5th, 7:18 am

When I go to the store it’s not there. I tired searching, went to new this month, digital only.

TuttiCicero said:

April 5th, 7:46 am

I did not receive a confirmation email, I use hotmail with a single period/dot separating my name.

kamacho454 said:

April 5th, 7:46 am

I have 2 different emails. A Gmail account and a Live mail account. I never received my confirmation for either email account (I tried to register a second time) So I guess I won’t get to try the beta. I only have today to play :(

KnightFireKKTHX said:

April 5th, 8:04 am

No confirmation email after 40 minutes, no way to go back and get it resent. Email address has nothing fancy in it and is to a domain I own. No sign of it arriving on my mail servers so it either never left your servers or was dropped on the way to me.

Cancelling the process now wont let me re-use my email address to register, and won’t let me log in, so Im stuck.

TuttiCicero said:

April 5th, 8:25 am

3 1/2 hours after registering and still have not received a confirmation email in order to get into this time sensitive beta.

It’s sad that we’re now in 2014 and SE can’t even get confirmation emails out in a timely manner for a beta they’ve been planning for over a month that only lasts 3 days.

Not impressed at all.

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