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Apr 06

Apr 06

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/8/2014

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The Drop

There’s a place for both fantasy and sci-fi nerds this week, as Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut and LEGO The Hobbit come to PlayStation. Rejoice, and bask in the glory of either fandom (Or both!).

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on PS4 propels gamers into heart-racing battles through space. Participate in an interstellar war and save Earth from destruction using the awe-inspiring Strike Suit — a powerful ship that can transform into a suit of armor. Take on 17 unique story missions, match wits with intelligent enemy fighters, and face colossal capital ships for unparalleled glory. Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut features customizable weapon loadouts, multiple craft, and unmatched dogfighting action.

If swords and questing sound more suitable, explore a delightfully blocky Middle-earth with LEGO The Hobbit on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Experience the first two feature films in a whole new way, with iconic characters rendered as loveable LEGO heroes. Guide Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves through familiar locations in an effort to reach the Misty Mountains. Forge new items, mine for gems, and take incredible loot from enemies.

Craving an old-school RPG instead? The original Persona 4 arrives as a PS2 Classic! Read on for a complete list of games coming this week, and enjoy the Drop!

King Oddball
LEGO The Hobbit
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4 — Digital (Cross Buy with PS Vita)
End the world with boulders! The King uses a trio of rocks — and his tongue — to destroy all that oppose him. Simple, one-button gameplay with more than 120 increasingly difficult challenges. Master the system to make the most of each boulder toss.
PS3, PS4, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
The Misty Mountains are calling. Guide Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves through familiar locations with a renowned LEGO twist. Collect items, loot, and gems along the way. Experience the thrill of the first two feature films alone or with friends.
PS2 Classic — Digital
The classic RPG returns. Conquer the mysteries of the Midnight Channel and save the innocent from an untimely and supernatural death. Command powerful Personas and quest through dungeons to unlock the power within.
PS4 — Digital
Earth needs saving, and the Strike Suit is ready to save it. Pilot the future’s most devastating weapon through space and engage in heart-pounding dogfights against intelligent enemy fighters. Drink in the spectacle of interstellar war, and live long enough to tell the tale.

Demos and Betas

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Ryan Clements's Avatar

Ryan Clements said:

April 6th, 9:58 am

Drop into a giant mech and save the world!

gerneric123 said:

April 6th, 10:03 am

*Makes stylish action pose in preparation for Jojo’s*

Doc_Tury said:

April 6th, 10:03 am

Oh Yeah! Persona 4 in my radar! Now I have completed my collection! BEYOND RYAN!

Steve_OS said:

April 6th, 10:03 am

Nothing on R.B.I. Baseball 14?

PainOfSarrow said:

April 6th, 10:05 am

New Releases

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    April 6th, 10:07 am

    Just trying something new. ;)

smashbrosmk said:

April 6th, 10:07 am

BEYOND! Can’t wait to get Persona 4 and try out Jojo this week! It’s been a long time waiting.

VanguardFate said:

April 6th, 10:10 am

I still have a working PS2 and Persona 4 but I want to get the digital version anyway. Is that weird?

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    April 6th, 10:11 am

    No. Who said it was weird?

TheGrimHeaper said:

April 6th, 10:10 am



fmykdisbad said:

April 6th, 10:11 am


Mando44646 said:

April 6th, 10:16 am

I hope Lego Hobbit for Vita is an actual attempt at making a good game instead of a super crappy 3DS port like all the other Lego games

IDOLO1013 said:

April 6th, 10:20 am

Thanks for the weekly drop Ryan. Megami Tensei & LEGO are my picks for this week. Btw, any chance you saw zombie blognat around? :)

Sgt_0951 said:

April 6th, 10:20 am

I’m hoping LEGO Hobbit has a PS3 demo like most other LEGO games do.

VanguardFate said:

April 6th, 10:20 am

I just thought it would be a waste of money, Ryan. But perhaps double dipping isn’t such a bad idea in this case.

dylanslegos said:

April 6th, 10:21 am

high flying in space nothing better than that*but wait theirs more your in a mach*!!

aesher said:

April 6th, 10:22 am

Just out of curiosity, is there any eta on when persona 2 innocent sin will be back on the psn?

Erlaxis said:

April 6th, 10:28 am

Strike Suit Zero looks good. Might give it a try. =)

GummyCore said:

April 6th, 10:29 am

Any confirmation that Lego The Hobbit will be adding the third movie as DLC later? Will the DLC be free?

luckner893 said:

April 6th, 10:29 am

Beyond Rayn looking forward for persona 4

peanut0423 said:

April 6th, 10:33 am

I really hope someone’s porting P4Golden to the PS4.

GummyCore said:

April 6th, 10:33 am

Is there going to be a PS3 port of Persona 4 Golden?

Valde_zerocool said:

April 6th, 10:34 am

What ever happened to the PS3 Lego Hobbit Bundle? I haven’t seen it on Amazon or promoted at any retailer.

mariogash said:

April 6th, 10:43 am

Considering the fact that Japan didn’t get one, I’m really surprised that America is getting a JoJo demo!

maxnu09 said:

April 6th, 10:44 am

when will it be available beyond two souls in digital format as in European psn? thanks

maltliquor23 said:

April 6th, 10:48 am

News on RBI 14? It was announced on several news sites for a 4/8 release

Gweilos said:

April 6th, 11:00 am

Any news for bigger orbs pack for Destiny of Spirits in US/Canada? EU got it last week.

avatarguy said:

April 6th, 11:02 am

Ever since I unsubscribed to the playstation blog cast, (for never being release on a regular time) I’ve been reading “the drop” more and more, I would really appreciate it if you could release this list every Wednesday or Thursday each week. Thanks have a good one Ryan, “BEYOND!”

TooLegit505 said:

April 6th, 11:07 am

I guess you guys are never going to get rid of PS Plus Vita games Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush are you? I am so tired of seeing these games as free. Can’t you guys pick 3 more? Rotate them out? Something?

july161986 said:

April 6th, 11:09 am

i want to get lego hobbit soooooooooo badly, but sadly i have no money, so i guess i might have to trade some games in or maybe my next door neighbor will let me mow their lawn but i am not sure how they will feel about a 27 yr old doing it?

MushThePainter said:

April 6th, 11:10 am

I’m ashamed for not knowing anything about strike suit zero. This game looks bad ass

DeathGazer said:

April 6th, 11:16 am

Interested in Strike Suit Zero. Hope it’s not a buggy mess like Mercenary Kings.


April 6th, 11:18 am

JoJo and Persona 4, this is awsm!

perrandy said:

April 6th, 11:26 am

looks good! but i’m currently hooked up playing destiny of spirits!

pablofsi08 said:

April 6th, 11:49 am

I don’t want anything to do with nerd stuff so nothing for me in this update.

PaladinCulebra said:

April 6th, 11:52 am

I haven’t played a Persona game since 2 on PS1, but I keep hearing that P4 is something I need to get into…

NMeck702 said:

April 6th, 11:56 am

I’ve never heard of King Oddball, but I’m all for new demos (and games in general) on PS4.

yowzagabowza said:

April 6th, 12:09 pm

I have a crazy idea for the drop: put the prices of the games you list. Also, how about putting ALL the games and dlc that are releasing?

Silver_shion said:

April 6th, 12:28 pm



xClayMeow said:

April 6th, 12:57 pm

Maybe I’d buy a LEGO game for Vita if we ever actually get the REAL version.

ElectricSlurpee said:

April 6th, 1:23 pm

WE WANT NOCTURNE!! GIVE IT TO US!! and DDS1 & 2 while you’re at it…

charleschannels said:

April 6th, 1:29 pm

What user #35 said :)

Kishnabe said:

April 6th, 1:41 pm

I could not care for the rest. I love Jojo adventures. I played the original on PS1 when I was just a kid and have read 6 out of 8 manga seasons.

Now need to catch up on Jojo.

Not a fan of fighting games….have P4 Arena and SFxT from PSPlus. Will be preordering in order to bring more Jojo games here.

I hope in the future there is a Story Open world game….just like DBZ had before.

duke301 said:

April 6th, 2:02 pm

I’ll be picking up Lego: The Hobbit on PS4, but I’m going to wait a few months for the price to drop. Other than that, not much.


April 6th, 2:38 pm

April for me will be a month of saving. No games I want to buy new, just finishing backlog.

Dryde said:

April 6th, 2:47 pm

this would be my second week with the ps4 last tuesday and this tuesday are fantastic

omega_alpha-619 said:

April 6th, 2:55 pm

@ MushThePainter

You don’t know anything about it because you are a peasant console exclusive gamer. Enjoy the “hand-me-down” from PC.
We been enjoying it for over a year now! Mazzztah Race!

enricofg_ said:

April 6th, 3:13 pm

The only cool one isn’t going to be out on PS4, nice.

AizawaYuuichi said:

April 6th, 3:15 pm

@ Mando44646: I agree. Or at least a cut down port, like we got for Harry Potter 2 and the first LotR game. The Marvel and Lego Movie games on Vita were just terrible. If they can make this like the first one, I’ll grab it on Vita. But I won’t be getting it on PS4. Will wait for “The Journey Continues” next year.

@ GummyCore: Just look at what WB/Traveller’s Tales did with Indy to know what they’ll do with The Hobbit.

Nothing for me this week, unless a really interesting sale pops up. Which is perfectly fine, as I’m really busy with DW8:XLCE. Though I’ll be picking up Child of Light at the end of the month.

Husteen said:

April 6th, 3:18 pm

strike suit zero looks cool.

i hope we can start seeing some good sales on ps4 games. the only major ones i remember are trine 2, tomb raider, and thief were all half off. resogun dlc should be on its way, and what ever happened to the witness?

ryuk420 said:

April 6th, 4:03 pm

Meh, another useless week


April 6th, 4:28 pm

I saw on Atlus’ Facebook page that they were gonna release the original persona 4 as a ps2 classic, just didn’t think it was coming so soon, definitely getting that! :)

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