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Apr 11

Apr 11

Backgammon Blitz Comes to PS3, PS4, PS Vita Tuesday

Robert Karp's Avatar Posted by Head of Mobile, The Fyzz Facility

We are very pleased to share that Backgammon Blitz will be launching April 15th for PS3, PS Vita and PS4, priced at a bargain $7.99 Not only do you get the first ever recreation of this age-old board game for latest and greatest generation of consoles, but there is also the brand new and exclusive Blitz arcade mode, which takes the wonderful game of Backgammon and adds a whole new layer of depth and strategy.

Backgammon Blitz on PS4

I’m just the messenger, of course. The talented folks behind this lovely little title are known as VooFoo. Having made a name for themselves with Hustle Kings and Pure Chess, Backgammon feels like a step onwards and upwards for the studio, taking all of their strengths (gorgeous art design, a subtle but stylish approach to UI) and none of their weaknesses (cake night each Friday has always been their Achilles heel) into the next generation of platforms. VooFoo Studios yet again have done a fantastic job of making their visuals really stand out from the crowd — just check these screen shots below.

Backgammon Blitz on PS4Backgammon Blitz on PS4

For me — and I hope you’ll agree once you’ve gone hands-on with the final game — VooFoo aren’t “just” developers cutting and pasting established and proven games into the videogame medium. They’re evangelists, born and bred on the classics, determined to do them justice and eager to return them to center stage in a time of frivolous here-today-gone-tomorrow apps and minigames.

The team are keen to whet your appetite for backgammon, so they’re offering a trial version of the game that’ll teach you the rules in an instant and give you a glimpse of Blitz mode (I’ll leave you to discover the joys of Blitz for yourself).

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snakeeyes211 said:

April 11th, 6:03 pm

allow the game to have a platinum trophy

PanTheMan16 said:

April 11th, 6:47 pm

I’m so glad there will be a trial. My elementary school teacher taught me how to play Backgammon, but I only ever played it with her. Now, as a 28 year old I can’t recall even the smallest detail of how this game is played, so I look forward to learning it again and hope I still enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid. I own Hustle Kings so I already know Backgammon Blitz is going to be stunningly beautiful and authentic. It’s a shame we’ll have to wait for winter to play it.

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 12th, 2:29 am

    Awesome! Hope you like it… and It is out on 04-15-14! So not too long to wait :)

zerokingx said:

April 11th, 8:05 pm

There was a post here last year saying the same thing. I know it is out now in eu. Will it really come here now? I love backgammon since I was a little kid. I still have a set from Germany and play with my folks.

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 12th, 2:29 am

    Sorry this was a mistake on our behalf… The game is actually coming out on Tuesday! 04-15-14! : )

GodlessPagan said:

April 11th, 11:24 pm

I love Pure Chess, but backgammon isn’t my thing. Too much luck involved (any luck at all is too much for me). Please let the next board game you guys make a video game for be Go. I was so disappointed this generation to see the only Go video game be an XBox 360 exclusive.

Erretter said:

April 12th, 12:34 am

Now this is the reason to buy a PS4.
Na just joking. All the other games are the reason… hey wait… every single other game is also available on steam and xbone.
Hmmm…. so why get a PS4?! Ah yes for Backgammon Blitz!!!1eleven

juggalorider said:

April 12th, 3:00 am

looks fun but I’m not gonna pay over 9.99 for it an is there gonna be online an 2 player offline?

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 14th, 3:01 am

    Yes online 2 player and offline 2 player! Will be $7.99 :)

Zepherj said:

April 12th, 5:28 am

How much will it cost? Looks pretty fun and two of my friends are nerds for Backgammon.

oates1969 said:

April 12th, 6:29 am

cross play or not..?

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 14th, 3:02 am

    There certainly is!

firebranded said:

April 12th, 6:38 am

@ 6, right there it says it’ll be 7.99, no details on local but we’ll see soon enough :)

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 14th, 3:03 am

    Yep there is local play…

PainOfSarrow said:

April 12th, 7:44 am

No idea at all of how to play this game, but i Luv Hustle Kings.

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 14th, 3:04 am

    Why not download the free trial, which includes a tutorial to help you get to grips with the basics!

GrafUlrich88 said:

April 12th, 9:01 am

Hey Robert,

This and Pure Chess are going to be must by for me this coming week.

I was wondering if you think they would consider making a game that had say cribbage, hearts, spades, war, and other fun card games in it? It seems the only card games made are poker, 21, and Texas Hold’em.

Also will there be any DLC for this game and Pure Chess? I have some ideas but I rather chat privately about them so all contact the Studio or yourself via there website.



P.S. Any news on Pure Pool?

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 14th, 3:12 am

    Hey! Great to hear…

    Good to know that is definitely something we will think about! If you want to know about Pure Chess or Pure Pool, you should speak to VooFoo (the developers) or Ripstone Games (the publisher), as unfortunately we aren’t involved in that one!

    For Backgammon Blitz DLC ideas, feel free to get in touch or @K8RPY


God-Of-Lyf said:

April 12th, 9:03 am

Ahhh yes, next gen Backgammon! Can’t wait!!!

Banana-Poo said:

April 12th, 11:49 am

Fantastic, I have Pure Chess for the PS3 and the Vita, and FINALLY we are getting Backgammon going to get it for the PS4.

SONY please bring these classical games to the market… I mean they are the fundamentals of all gaming and we should not lose them. Chess, Backgammon, Cribbage, Euchre, Poker, Checkers, Dominoes, Playing cards would be awesome as well so games could be add…

Crazy Eights, Poker, Black Jack, have it so all these basic games, these classic games have tournements and/or prizes for the people in them. Have Score board and a spot like just for them…

Anyways I am looking forward to this game… I hope that Sony will try and bring more of these games to the system or at lease make it easier for teams like VooFoo to bring them to the market….

Skeetlejuice said:

April 12th, 8:39 pm

Why did you guys decide to go with Asynchronous multiplayer?

This makes no sense. I don’t understand it with chess, and It makes even less senes here.

I can play chess in playstation home against another person online, yet I can’t play that, and despite the feedback, you have opted to do the same with this title.

Senseless and no sale. The fact that it’s in your trailer yet you refuse to mention it here, and or comment on it in the posts despite commenting on 2 says that you are being deliberately evasive.

Just say hey, this is what it has and costs, and this is why we decided to go this way.

Me and my wife play backgammon on a real board, why should we buy this for 7.99, for blitz mode? You should at at least explain what that is and why it’s fun.

As it stands i’ll save the 8 dollars and my electricity.

    Robert Karp's Avatar

    Robert Karp said:

    April 14th, 3:17 am

    VooFoo recently made a big change to the way their a-sync multiplayer works… so if you are both online at the same time it becomes a real time online multiplayer and if one of you goes offline or gets disconnected then it saves it for when they come back online… you should get it out, works really well :)

    Blitz mode is an arcade based version where each player can choose from 8 different power ups but you only get to play 3 per game, adds some great depth a classic game

Skeetlejuice said:

April 12th, 8:43 pm

VooFoo aren’t “just” developers cutting and pasting established and proven games into the videogame medium. They’re evangelists, born and bred on the classics, determined to do them justice and eager to return them to center stage in a time of frivolous here-today-gone-tomorrow apps and minigames.

this is pure pr drivel right here.

if it is not a frivolous here today gone tomorrow app then why does it only have ai, and asynchronous multiplayer?

I have to guess i can play offline versus, since that has not been explicitly stated.

Yeah we know Voofoo, make slick looking billiard balls and game pieces.

It’s only a bargain if it has good value for the money, nothing more boring than playing the computer. The chess one is boring. As is hustle kings offline.

Dr_Gamer_Dad said:

April 12th, 8:50 pm

Excited for this one. While backgammon does involve luck as +GodlessPagan noted, in this classic game the luck opens the metagame to a strategy comparable to Poker. As long as they nail the multiplayer, this could be great on the Vita!

PanTheMan16 said:

April 14th, 2:18 am

Skeetle, this game does have local/offline multiplayer.

PanTheMan16 said:

April 14th, 2:19 am

It also has microtransactions, but only in Blitz mode. I don’t know why more information wasn’t shared about this here, when the game is about to release.

tbx59 said:

April 14th, 7:56 am

Since it’s not stated, I’m guessing this isn’t cross-buy. How good is the computer? There are a million backgammon programs for the pc that play the odds perfect, so if the AI is dumb it’s not even worth playing against. So, you can’t just go into a lobby and play backgammon against someone somewhere else, is that what I’m getting from this discussion?

I love backgammon and will buy if I can play a challenging AI and can play against other people online, is that the case here, or not? And I sure as hell hope I don’t have to buy it on ps4 and vita for something this simple.

Welmosca said:

April 14th, 9:51 am

That trial mode…does it mean a demo?…because I’m buying this game for sure but not right away cuz I won’t be playing right now…so I was looking forward to that demo…. Robert Karp make me a happy child lol.

Welmosca said:

April 14th, 9:55 am

Ok read the comments…that trial is a demo…so thanks I’m happy.

phade2blaq said:

April 16th, 8:48 pm

Checkers …… in a briefcase ! Swell !

MacTuile02 said:

April 20th, 3:30 pm

Where can i get the soundtrack from? the trailer song is amazing!

eightdeer said:

April 21st, 6:46 am

I downloaded it last night and played it for a few hours.
I love it. I’m doing the local play and getting up to speed for online play!

Electryic said:

May 8th, 11:40 pm

Backgammon is an awesome game… for anyone saying “too much luck involved” you really don’t understand how it works… It is one of the few games I was brought up playing and believe me there is some element of luck but alot more risk and strategy once you begin to understand what your doing. Awesome game for when your in a relaxed mood and dont want something intense..and gonna be an awesome competition on the worldwide leader boards!

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