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Apr 14

Apr 14

Final Fantasy XIV Out Today on PS4

Matt Hilton's Avatar Posted by

Assistant Director of Community, Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the game that has earned more than 30 “Best MMO” and “Best RPG” awards, is available today for PS4.

Join players from around the world as you seek to uncover the mysteries of the realm of Eorzea. What are the ferocious Primals that threaten the world? Can you stop the relentless Garlean Empire as they seek to conquer all the free peoples of the realm? Experience an ever-evolving Final Fantasy story with your friends, and forge your name in the annals of history as a true Warrior of Light.

Utilize the unique features of PS4 and take your adventuring to a whole new level. Share your experience live with built-in streaming, or post a triumphant screenshot when you finally defeat the ferocious Titan. Busy day at the office with no time to play? Use Remote Play on PS Vita to continue your quest, or to finish up your crafts while at the office (We won’t tell!).

The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition and standard edition are both available from your favorite retailers! Pick it up today and begin your adventure in Eorzea!

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GrafUlrich88 said:

April 14th, 6:46 am

Hello Matt,

I already upgraded my PS3 to PS4 on 11 April. I love this game. I hope to get playing later today. The game looks incredible on the PS4.

I hope you guys and gals will continue to do more fun themed stuff like the Easter eggs currently out.


    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 10:46 am

    I love the seasonal events that the team creates, too! The music for the Hatching-tide event is extremely addictive… Pa-paya~!

HitmanRebornEX said:

April 14th, 6:49 am

Yeah am playing it again on ps4 and loving it keep it up!!

Edzo04ps said:

April 14th, 7:05 am

Hey so the PS4 retail codes dont work yet and I want to use my PS4 that I finally bought. FLIP THE SWITCH YO

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 10:46 am

    We’ve confirmed the codes are activated! Give it another shot and welcome to Eorzea!

TrueBlue02 said:

April 14th, 7:09 am

yea I’d recommend to those who haven’t bought it yet to wait until PSN decides to act right and accept peoples registration codes:(

Ryumoau said:

April 14th, 8:04 am

i’ll wait for this to either be free to play or at least let us download the game client free from psn and just take subscriptions from us. It makes little sense for me to pay $40 for the game plus a monthly subscription fee.

StalkerD said:

April 14th, 8:40 am

Too bad I can’t play, I keep getting error 20019. I feel so cheated.

memnoch64 said:

April 14th, 8:59 am

I cant enter my code to play, took a vacation day to get this, come on

Zarxce said:

April 14th, 9:07 am

To everyone who picked up the CE, I’m extremely jealous of your fat chocos and moogles. Just saying.


    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 10:49 am

    You can always use the Mog Station’s Digital Upgrade service to get the digital in-game bonus items (like the Fat Chocobo, wind-up Moogle, Coeurl mount, and more!)!

    Just visit the Mog Station ( select your account and select the option to “Upgrade to the Digital Collector’s Edition”! :)

Christian399 said:

April 14th, 9:09 am

Problem with this game is that it falls to standard “themeparkitis” and becomes nothing but an instance/ raid que/ grind at the end. Yes, you can craft or do housing or waste your time in a myriad of ways, but to be competitive – which is the underlying point of these games next to community engagement – you do the standard gear-treadmill. Its a shame, because the world and aesthetics are so brilliantly done.

I will say this though, after playing it on a top-end PC for a number of months, the PS4 version (beta) was shockingly close in terms of performance and IQ to the PC one. So they did a really good job programming the game (lag issues with certain regions that are still unresolved, aside).

MikeyBoy02NY02 said:

April 14th, 9:40 am

This game is extremely addictive!!!!! I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!!

GordTremeshko said:

April 14th, 9:45 am

The only MMO I really enjoyed was Guild Wars and I LOVE THIS GAME. Its really fun, and I appreciate the way it allows my friends and I to party up.

neuropunk said:

April 14th, 9:59 am

@ Ryumoau – Final Fantasy XIV ARR will NEVER be free to play. Get over it. Game is less than $20 for the client now anyway.

Anyhow, I am taking a break from FF14, probably until patch 2.3 or so.

XerveX said:

April 14th, 10:01 am

Do we have a free 30 days trial?

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 10:50 am

    Yup! All new platform registrations (like registering the PS4 version) will grant 30 days of in-game time. Please note that users upgrading from the PS3->PS4 version will not receive 30 days of time, though.

XxNeroskyXx said:

April 14th, 10:20 am

i cant seem to play. my activation code is way too long , i dodnt understand were to put this thing in????

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 10:52 am

    The activation code included with the game is found on the sheet labeled “Registration Code” – it is 12 digits (in a 4-4-4 format) and is a standard PlayStation Network code that you redeem on PlayStation Store.

    Perhaps you’re looking at the Square Enix Members point code? That is unrelated to registering the game to play. :)

phoenixkissme_PA said:

April 14th, 10:23 am

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is already out on PSN free download. When I try to play it, it’s give an error.

Edzo04ps said:

April 14th, 10:27 am

Alright everyone should try their PSN code again because mine finally worked.
@15 you need to buy the game but can download the client for free

XxNeroskyXx said:

April 14th, 10:45 am

i bought the game. i got a long *** activation code i cant put in

tusunami said:

April 14th, 11:12 am

I may have to try this out soon seeming that I missed both beta’s.

XxNeroskyXx said:

April 14th, 11:30 am

i got a 20 characters activation code at the bottom of my receipt

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 11:36 am

    Which retailer did you purchase from?

XxNeroskyXx said:

April 14th, 11:36 am

gamestop lol

XxNeroskyXx said:

April 14th, 11:54 am

i bought this game and apparently it come with 2 months of sub. idk how to add the 2 months

Elvick_ said:

April 14th, 11:56 am

I hope my CE arrives soon. I ordered from SE’s store and there’s no tracking. It shipped awhile ago, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long to get through customs.

Really want my fat chocobo. His face is soooo cute. <3

XxNeroskyXx said:

April 14th, 12:04 pm

anyone with the ps4 or pc version who wants a friend??

drinkyscarecrow said:

April 14th, 1:56 pm

I purchased the game but can’t download it. Why? I did the beta phase a but deleted it since, now it says I can’t download it even though I purchased the full game. Help!!!

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 2:50 pm

    You can find the software to re-download it in your “Library” on the PlayStation 4 home screen!

TheRealWitblitz said:

April 14th, 2:18 pm

Damn. $40 + sub fee? This game is clearly not for me then.

XerveX said:

April 14th, 2:29 pm


Thank you so much, My kid (10 Years old) is playing on his PS3 and I’m (28 Years old) on my PS4. Excited now, I’ll grab a copy once I get back home am still out of town.

d1_dio said:

April 14th, 2:31 pm

Hey, I downloaded for free from the PSN about 3 days ago but it never worked! It always shows this message “Cannot launch FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. Please purchase it from the PlayStation Store or register the promotion code included with your package” even though there is no code on the PSN. Tried deleting and downloading it again, but it didn’t work! What is the problem?

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 2:51 pm

    The client was distributed for free for a limited time for Early Access users to purchase. If you downloaded that, you’ll need to input your code that came bundled with the game in the store!

ZombieMutt14 said:

April 14th, 2:41 pm

MY REGISTRATION CODE ISN’T WORKING!!!! It doesn’t seem long enough, it’s only (4-4-4)…

Matt Hilton's Avatar

Matt Hilton said:

April 14th, 2:52 pm

4-4-4 is the correct number of digits for PlayStation Network codes – you redeem it on PlayStation Store using the “Redeem Codes” option at the bottom of the list!

FuzzRaven said:

April 14th, 2:58 pm

I bought the PS3 retail disk version last year during Black Friday but never used it on the PS3. I don’t own a PS3 now as I sold mine after getting the PS4. I bought the PS3 version knowing that I can upgrade it to the PS4 for free. Now it needs at least one time log in via the PS3 to upgrade to the PS4. Can anyone with a copy and a PS3 log me in with my account on your PS3 so I can use it to upgrade to the PS4 version? I know this is a bit far-fetched but maybe someone nice would actually want to help me out? Thanks!

FuzzRaven said:

April 14th, 3:07 pm

I already registered the code on the PSN Store and the product registration code on Square Enix website. My mog central account / Square ID is linked to the PSN. Everything is set except for logging in once with the PS3.

Recca1 said:

April 14th, 3:31 pm

– Hi!

I dowloaded the FFXIV game today and then went and bought the collector’s edition from the Playstation Store. No codes has been given to me and I paid 60$ for the game. Is there any way for me to redeem my code to play with my PS4? It’s not an upgrade or a transfer from a PS3. Please help me!!

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 6:13 pm

    When buying via PlayStation Store, the code is seamlessly redeemed for you and you do not need to manually enter one. After it finishes downloading, you simply need to log in!

Azusa8756 said:

April 14th, 3:41 pm

I used to play FFXIV on PC a year ago or so. I recently reordered it for my PS4 and played during early access. I entered my registration code from the game disc today will I get 30 days for free as well or do I have to set up a subscription?

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 6:13 pm

    When registering a new platform to an existing account (like PS4 as you mentioned) you will indeed receive 30 days of game time!

Azusa8756 said:

April 14th, 3:43 pm

I should add I am using the same service account as I was on the PC.

logs0331 said:

April 14th, 4:09 pm

So I bought the game through the PSN and it just downloaded automatically. I didnt get any code. Also when I go in and try to register I cant change my Square Enix Account. It just auto fills my psn account name. Anyone know what I should do?

KillerDraago said:

April 14th, 4:18 pm

Hey i need some help guys,
So i bought FF14 today for ps4 and i cannot sign up or sign in to play the game! I played the first beta they put out and now i forgot my password so i cant change my sign in ID or make a new one. Please HELP!

SV_GunSlinger said:

April 14th, 4:38 pm

I’m thinking about buying the physical disc through the store, but it keeps sending me to best buy or walmart or other retailers. Is it safe? Also, how am I going to get the code if I do that? is the retailer sending it to me?

Thanks for your help!

jmcmillan said:

April 14th, 5:49 pm

Why won’t the registration code work? Are the retail codes working? Cause i have been at this for over an hour and getting nowhere… just won’t launch…

CommandingTiger said:

April 14th, 6:05 pm

As far as MMOs go, this is the best looking one there is.

rhusky13 said:

April 14th, 6:27 pm

i just bought this game this afternoon via PS store. still i cant play it because its always says that i dont have a valid service account. i should purchased it on PS store, but i already purchased it! i just bought a game that does not WORK. I already did re-installing it and waited for almost 7 hours, the same issue pops out. if ur looking for registration code, SONY did not give me the code upon purchasing it. and i should have 30 days game time upon buying this game according to SE. anyone has the same issue regarding this matter? how would i fix this? should i get the refund from SONY or from SE?

Ghost_Boy009 said:

April 14th, 6:28 pm

Does it need a separate subscription and ps plus or only ps plus subscription ????

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 7:01 pm

    It’s a separate subscription and PlayStation Plus is not required to play.

d1_dio said:

April 14th, 6:35 pm

I bought PS4 about 3 days ago and when I signed up for PS+ FFIXV was available to download for free, there was no code involved. When I press start it doesn’t even show any field to put a code, just that message. The FFXIV account on twitter addressed this issue today, but at this link there is no way to get in touch with them without a square enix account, which I don’t have.™-Version-Current-Known-Issue-With-The-EU-PlayStation-Store-Download-Version?p=2031781#post2031781

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 6:53 pm

    What you downloaded for free was just the game software itself – it was made available for Early Access users to download. If you wish to play, you’ll either need to purchase it from the PlayStation Store, or buy a physical copy. A physical copy will come with a 12-digit PSN code (4-4-4 style) that you redeem in the PSN store (Redeem Codes).

    So, sorry for the confusion, but what you downloaded was not the “full game” so to speak, and you will need to purchase it to play.

Aka-Writie said:

April 14th, 6:35 pm

Hi Matt,

I purchased a Ps4 standard edition copy this morning and have been trying for 3+ hours to register and play. Ive entered the registration code and registered my copy at square enix, installed all updates etc but im able to link my PSN account with my square enix account. Also when i start the game it only gives me an option to click saying i already possess a square enix account, and when i click that it does not allow me to change the ID which appears in the log in information. I did sign up for the beta but that password does not work anymore. When i click saying I’ve forgot my password it says that neither the Beta account email used or the new account I’ve just created is a registered square enix email account.

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 14th, 7:01 pm

    It isn’t possible to unlink a Sony Entertainment Account from a Square Enix account once they are linked (so you can’t change that auto-filled in account). When you put in your email account to reset the password, keep in mind that sometimes entering in text using the virtual keyboard will auto-capitalize a word after a period. For example, your email might have been registered as “Yourname@email.Com” or “yourname@email.Com” (with the “Y” or “C” capitalized). Try that and see if you can reset your password.

    If not, please contact our Support Center!

rhusky13 said:

April 14th, 7:04 pm

hi Matt Hilton,

i just bought this game this afternoon via PS store. still i cant play it because its always says that i dont have a valid service account. i should purchased it on PS store, but i already purchased it! i just bought a game that does not WORK. I already did re-installing it and waited for almost 7 hours, the same issue pops out. if ur looking for registration code, SONY did not give me the code upon purchasing it. and i should have 30 days game time upon buying this game according to SE. anyone has the same issue regarding this matter? how would i fix this? should i get the refund from SONY or from SE?

i need some explanation with my issue, how to fix it. i already sent emails to mogstation, even one there is no reply yet.

d1_dio said:

April 14th, 7:06 pm

Thanks for clarifying that, Matt. Still, I think it’s strange that they didn’t say that on PSN and advertised it as ready to play, specially because they addressed the issue I’m talking about. Nonetheless, PS+ fee and FFXIV fee are a ripoff.

sudobashnet said:

April 14th, 7:11 pm

I’m having the same issue. My (wrong) username is already entered in and it won’t let me change it. Who’s brilliant idea was that? My rare night of gaming is screwed now.

rhusky13 said:

April 14th, 7:17 pm

i put the right username that i used from beta2, still invalid account service.. they just like produce a game that was broken for ps4

erwickk said:

April 14th, 7:18 pm

I need help! so i put in my early access code today but i cant download it! it’s not in my library either :( i really want to play already

sudobashnet said:

April 14th, 7:39 pm

Seriously, on a launch day and you don’t extend the support hours for chat or phone and emails only get responded to those hours as well? I are you TRYING to lose customers already?

cloneordie said:

April 14th, 9:19 pm

my friend is in the world leviathan, says it isn’t accepting any more members. How do I get int there so I’m with my friend?

    Matt Hilton's Avatar

    Matt Hilton said:

    April 15th, 10:25 am

    The Worlds sometimes close due to server population, but always open back up. We maintain a list that is updated every 4 hours here:

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