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Apr 15

Apr 15

Conception II Out Today on PS Vita

John Hardin's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, ATLUS

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is out today for PS Vita, and you know what that means? It’s time to start classmating! Conception II is a dungeon crawler/social-sim hybrid where you’re put into the role of “God’s Gift” — a teenager bestowed with unprecedented amounts of power from the Star God. As a disciple, you’re tasked with saving the world of Aterra by pairing up with one of the game’s seven heroines and clearing out infestations of monsters.

Of course, to do that, you’ll need your army of Star Children — magical beings that fight for you in battle. You make these Star Children through a magical ritual with the heroines, and you can bring up to nine Star Children with you into battle. There’s 30 classes of Star Children to choose from, and the stats of the heroine, the heroine’s mood (You gotta be nice to them!), and other rare items affect what classes are available to you, so spend your time wisely.

Oh — and be sure to turn on your ad-hoc networks; you can actually classmate with another player’s heroines or even the other players themselves in a process called “classmanting” (Yeah, that’s a thing).

Conception II on PS VitaConception II on PS Vita

And even if you’re planning to get the game, you should start with the demo first. Your progress transfers over to the full version of the game, and you’ll receive a starting gift of some strong in-game items.

Conception II is around 40-60 hours to complete the main story and side quests (depending on how grind-heavy you get), so make sure you charge your Vita often!

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Bubblefire said:

April 15th, 6:11 pm

This game looks really fun!

rabidninjamonky said:

April 15th, 7:16 pm

@45 Nope, The first one was on PSP and was never released here. Try googling something next time instead of just making stuff up.
I’m not too sure about this game, I tried the demo and the tutorials were way too frequent and confusing as well. I will probably buy it when the price drops though. I really want to support you guys so maybe we can get some of those SMT or Etrian Odyssey 3DS games.

Elvick_ said:

April 15th, 8:22 pm

Missed the delivery today, but I can’t play it now anyway. Deep in FFX and want to finish it.

branant221 said:

April 15th, 9:23 pm

I had no plans to get this game…….until I played the demo. Now I am just waiting on my 32 GB memory card to come in from Amazon. Than I will buy the game. Can’t wait.

dago2888 said:

April 15th, 10:16 pm

Why is it that Atlus games donĀ“t have Dual audio ?
Y hate that,seriously….

Monterossa said:

April 16th, 12:53 am

where’s the first game?

Legendenbrecher said:

April 16th, 9:12 am

Atlus USA is now the only company who don’t bring their games with a dual voice option.

Nippon Ichi Software, SEGA, AksysGames, Idea Factory, Xseed, BandaiNamco all of theses companys can do this, so please think about it John Hardin!
Why can’t you do it, please give us finally an explanation!
If there is something that we fans can do please tell us!

Elvick_ said:

April 16th, 12:20 pm

@56: In Japan, but you don’t need it.

jenyjhon said:

April 17th, 10:42 pm

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PrinceofXIII said:

April 20th, 12:28 pm

So no dual audio once again?

WTF, You guys should really reconsider this and instead of dodging the issue and playing ignorant on it.

It’s a shame you guys are handling Atlus Japan games. Atlus JPN has the best of the best seiyuu’s in their games and it’s a shame they’re being hold back by a bunch incompetent fools who refuse to bring them an option. Even if it’s a DLC they still won’t take it.

And oh your Dubs are okay at best. Most of the context of the situation get’s lost or get’s completely replace by American style conversation which completely ruins the dialogue.

And why replacing the names of the monsters?

Shame really, Atlus JPN games get’s ruined by so called “Atlus US” company. That’s why i’m learning Japanese right now, no need to deal with this crap.

Legendenbrecher said:

April 21st, 7:35 am

It’s useless Prince I have tried it many times, you won’t get an answer from them.
Those guys from Atlus USA are extremly stubborn, they don’t care for the wishes of their fans. It is really a shame how they ruined all of these awesome games, first Catherine then Conception II and next Persona Q. :-(

Atlus USA please make a better localisation work and give us finally a dual voice option or stop publishing these games immediately!!!

sic2291 said:

April 23rd, 8:28 am

I’ll be buying this next month, any idea what the total cost of the DLC will be? I see a few on the store already.

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