Apr 16

Apr 16

PS4 Update 1.70 Coming Soon, Introducing SHAREfactory

Scott McCarthy's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, SCEA

Update: PS4 system software update 1.70 is confirmed to land in North America on April 30th.

As we mentioned last month during GDC, we’ll be releasing a major system software update for PS4 that will add some exciting new features that many of you have been asking for. Today, I’m pleased to announce a few of those features from PS4 system software update (v1.70) will be available soon, including features that were incorporated as a result of your great feedback. This will be a significant update, and today we’re excited to bring you a sneak peek of just a few things you can look forward to.

Introducing: SHAREfactory

The 1.70 update will enable SHAREfactory, our new rich video editor app for PS4 that makes it easy for you to customize your gameplay videos:

With SHAREfactory, you can now easily combine your captured video clips for editing, personalize them with special effects using filters, transitions, and themes, as well as share them with your friends and social networks. SHAREfactory also allows you to personalize your videos by adding text, stickers, and a set of included audio tracks, as well as video commentary with picture-in-picture capability with PlayStation Camera. It also allows you to import your original music to add to the custom soundtrack for your video.

Share With the World

Once you’re done with your masterpiece, you can easily share your SHAREfactory videos to Facebook, or export them to an external USB storage device to upload them elsewhere, another new feature coming as part of the 1.70 system software update. Other PS4 SHARE enhancements include the ability to change the recording time of your gameplay to shorter increments, the ability to change who you share your clips with on the SHARE screen, and the removal of default saves for screenshots and video clips. In addition to these SHARE enhancements, the 1.70 update will allow you switch off HDCP, enabling you to capture video directly from your HDMI output so you can record and share longer clips of your gameplay sessions — a feature I know many of you have been waiting for. We are excited to see what the PlayStation Nation does with these new social features, and cannot wait to get them into your hands!

Play as Soon as the Game is Released

Providing you with immediate access to your games is a priority designed into PS4, and something we will always strive to make better. We’ve had a great response from PS4 fans about the Play as You Download feature, the snappy load times when launching and playing games, and the general speed and responsiveness of the UI. The 1.70 update adds features to build on this idea and make it faster to play the games you pre-order with an auto pre-download capability, which allows you to pre-download your select pre-ordered game up to several days prior to release. If you have the auto-download feature enabled, it will automatically pre-download your pre-ordered game so you can play as soon as the game is unlocked on release day.

As I mentioned earlier, some of these features were a direct result of the great feedback we’ve been getting from you, our dedicated gamer community. We enjoy listening to your comments, and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts with us. And this is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more coming in PS4 system software update v1.70 and beyond. The PS4 experience will constantly evolve, and new innovative ideas can come from anywhere to ensure the platform continues to deliver the best in gaming and entertainment every time you turn it on.

We’ll have more information to share about new upcoming features for this major system software update as the release approaches, so stay tuned!

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Khronikos said:

April 16th, 10:06 pm


MakoSOLIDER said:

April 16th, 10:07 pm

Oh how could I forget the problems with friends and party. I want to be able to select many friends to invite at once. I also think that people on Vita who are ‘away’ as yellow should still be shown in the ‘Online’ section but just at the botton with the yellow circle.

ShadownetOne said:

April 16th, 10:10 pm

I’m severely disappointed it’s taking you guys forever to release updates while your competitors are releasing updates asap heck even letting gamers beta test them. You guys should take notes your doing a horrible job on updates. All that was on ps3 should have already been released on ps3. Also you guys should add in a future update the option to enable anisotropic filtering 16X for every ps4 game developers seem to be brain dead and not realize how much it effects and benefits image qualityin games ps4’s gpu is capable of it and it barely even effects fps.

Kchow23 said:

April 16th, 10:10 pm

Great to see all the additions to the Share features of the PS4. Any update as to when sub-accounts will be able enjoy these features by upgrading to a master account or dropping the master account requirement?

ShadownetOne said:

April 16th, 10:12 pm

My mistake meant all that was released on ps3 updates should have already been released on ps4 updates

Elvick_ said:

April 16th, 10:13 pm

@102: You realize that the “competitors” you speak of, didn’t even have all the features of their previous console either. So they’re so great, but Sony sucks, when the did the same thing? And PS4 launched with more of it’s features than the “competitor” did.

Warrenchig said:

April 16th, 10:14 pm

Love you guys! Great features in the 1.70 update. There is one thing i dream about. We can download our game on the ps vita through ps3. Can you add this function in the next update for the PS4?)

Sangetsu-II said:

April 16th, 10:14 pm

If you could organize your games via folder or some sorting system like the library app, I and the PS4 would be grateful.

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    April 16th, 10:27 pm

    Lots of comments about personalizing data and UI look. We’re listening.

Kchow23 said:

April 16th, 10:14 pm

I would love to see themes evolved for PS4.. would be great to have special music when navigating the UI and even a special sound effect when turning on the PS4 instead of the regular beep.

Rockstarmd said:

April 16th, 10:17 pm

Any hopes of Singstar coming to Ps4 ?

Kchow23 said:

April 16th, 10:18 pm

Switching between different PSN accounts needs to be improved since every time you log out the DS4 is automatically turned off.. the way it was set up on PS3 was far better.

Hogwild333 said:

April 16th, 10:18 pm

Are there still plans to bring 3d video recording via the ps4 camera? This was a promised feature that I haven’t heard anything more on. I assume an eye create type of software would enable this to happen. Thanks for all the software updates and your hard work!

saab01 said:

April 16th, 10:19 pm

Ability to play music Co’s on PS4.

Also I wish standby mode on ps4 was like the ps4 where the console was actually off. It was nice to turn on my ps4 and have games updated on its on. Wish I could say the same for the ps4.

deboeg said:

April 16th, 10:19 pm

Bluray 3D playback would be great to have next.

saab01 said:

April 16th, 10:20 pm

Music Cd’s playable on ps4.

jonnson14 said:

April 16th, 10:21 pm

Hey Scott,

With the HDCP being removed will this allow for hdmi to component so we can use our ps4 on other tvs? 57″ in the living room had its hdmi go out the other day so only the bedroom has a tv that works. Would love an option to use my ps4 on ALL tvs.

Domino_237 said:

April 16th, 10:22 pm

I would love a way to organize games into folders or in the library. Right now I have about 11 games that show up on the main bar and are so unorganized by mixing them in with web/video/music/playroom icons.

I would suggest showing the last three titles you’ve played then have the rest in your library.

Aside from that, looking forward to what other updates 1.70 has! #fortheplayers

shnake14 said:

April 16th, 10:23 pm

@78 I thought I was the only one who has the issue of the screenshots not loading properly and lagging the PS4 for a few seconds.

Anyway this update is really gonna beef up the PS4, keep up the good work.

Seeing as people are making suggestions I’d like to add one. A guy above suggested having sound coming from the DS4’s speaker when you get a message/notification and I like that idea but I’d like to go a step further and have the ability to change the colour of the light strip (on the PS4 not the DS4) depending on what’s happening. So maybe green when you have an unread message or purple when you’ve got a party invite. I owned an Xperia phone that had the same light strip thing at the bottom and it had an app that allowed you to do what I’ve described and I really liked it, it would add another level of customisation if you let us pick what colour stands for what.

Letting us control the colour of the DS4’s light bar would also be cool, I have the red controller and the red light suits it better than the blue.

Kchow23 said:

April 16th, 10:23 pm

Also I thought that multiple accounts playing on the same PS4 were supposed to be able to both unlock trophies but I have tried with a few games and it does not work.


April 16th, 10:23 pm

Hey Scot I just want to let you guys know that I appreciate what you guys are doing over at Sony and its amazing that you actually interact with the fans. That being said as I type this from my PS vita I am wondering if the vita will ever get its own stand alone live from playstation app? It would be kinda cool to be able to watch live streams from the PS4 on the Vita without having to remote connect to the console.

DoTheChomp said:

April 16th, 10:24 pm

Nice update ! Loving the export to USB. I’m also hoping the custom music thing means we’ll be able to use our own music. If not, I hope an update will be out in time for NHL and other sports games that make use of custom soundtracks.

I’m also looking forward to the UI improvements in a future update. Themes would be cool, but I’d like a way to have the game’s wallpaper and soundtrack play when I hover over them, like the PS3, or a way to cycle through game pages. If I press Down on a game I have all these infos, rating, trophies, etc. and the nice image and music, but I can’t cycle through games that way. I need to go Up, then Right, then Down.

An option to sort the tiles or re-arrange them however we’d like would also be nice. And choose the way we display our trophies (by progress, by recently earned, etc.)

Lots of things I’m hoping make it over the course of the next updates but this one is already a great step in the right direction.

KILLSON13 said:

April 16th, 10:26 pm

I just hope you can get the premium avatars and see when your friends get online soon… This is a great update though!

Kchow23 said:

April 16th, 10:29 pm

Gifting items is also a must have feature for PSN. I have been meaning to gift a few games to some of my friends.

jds07 said:

April 16th, 10:30 pm

What about the suspend mode that was promised since day 1? I’m still waiting for that one.

DaGimp13 said:

April 16th, 10:31 pm

@ Scott McCarthy

I would like to see a complete voice recognition for the PS4. To iterate, let’s use the text chat function as an example. Normally, you have to either type out a message by buttons, or with the newer “tilt” function. However, when I use the PlayStation app from my Android cell as a second screen to type a message, my cell allows me to use the voice recognition feature, basically allowing me to “talk” to the PlayStation, and it types out the message on screen through the cell as it collects the words spoken.

It’d be nice if I could speak to the PS4 via a camera mic or headset mic and it recognizes a majority of speech like a cell does, but without the cell as a middleman.

BlindMango said:

April 16th, 10:32 pm

Hey Scott, regarding name changing. If you guys do it, set a major limit on it, make people think before they change their name and don’t let them constantly do it (it’s the most annoying thing on earth when people just change their name every week). Set strict limits on it (like one a year), charge them for it, or both. Make a name-log feature to keep track of what their name was all the way to their original name by pressing options and going to the log from their profile. Please do not make name-changing half-baked if you guys implement it!

Also, keep adding cool stuff to the trophy system! (Without messing anything up, like NEVER add trophies for watching movies or TV shows, seriously though, neverrrr!!!!) lol, I’m one of the guys that work on PSNProfiles =P

Abadan-Game said:

April 16th, 10:32 pm

oh….very nice….

Kchow23 said:

April 16th, 10:35 pm

I am sure that you guys are aware that users who created PSN accounts when they were under 18 are unable to use any of the Share features and have no way of solving this issue since there is no way to upgrade to a master account.

PYTHON101 said:

April 16th, 10:35 pm

This is great news but in regards to the use of the word “soon” can you expand on that or generally provide a timeline since its been a month almost since soon was last stated. I like the share options and see your goal is to empower users but more voice capabilities, time frame, ability to pause downloads, get notified when friends sign in, easy way to jump to new messages and more media capabilities is what gamers want/need.

I think you guys are doing a great job but the upcoming update announcements are vague and at this point people just want the update

FYI: we need to hear more about the features that were suppose to release with the PS4 like suspend/resume

Fullmetal156 said:

April 16th, 10:36 pm

My wife and i love to play together it will be awesome if we both could get trophies while being logged in to the same system having to replay lego marvel is a pain why cant all 2 player games unlock trophies for their own accounts?

yazter said:

April 16th, 10:42 pm

Hey Scott! I hope you can direct this to the Twitch team (or to whomever is in charge of this).

Tell them that, for those with limited upload speed, it’d be ideal to further customise the broadcast settings (e.g. Max Factor settings, CBR, choice of Twitch server based on location, specific display, framerate..etc etc) so they can be adjusted accoringly with the speed.

Thank you!

Afistnu said:

April 16th, 10:42 pm

Will his update include a way to use a bluetooth or usb microphone to speak into, while having voice chat playback through HDMI or Optical? I ask because I use a home theater receiver that I plug my headphones into. I’m not able to use a usb microphone as the voice chat wants to play back through the usb as well.

This worked flawlessly with the PS3. As I was able to just plug my headphones into my receiver while using the PS EYE, or the Official Bluetooth microphone to speak into while hearing peoples voice chat come through HDMI, into my receiver into my headphones. I hope to see this come to the PS4 sometime soon. Thanks.

NYMoneyz said:

April 16th, 10:44 pm

As an xbox360 convert, I am extremely pleased with my transfer. The Playstation/Sony company has done nothing but make me overwhelmingly pleased with my purchase. I love that you guys take the time to actually listen to the community and adopt your software to our preferences. Xbox was never like that, they modeled it for their convenience. And as a side note, the games for PS Plus have been consistently amazing. I love how you port games from the PC into a PS4 format, and they are all unique games. Keep doing what you are doing, and I will continue to pour my money into your console! :)

AlastorX50 said:

April 16th, 10:44 pm

Can we add the ability to download patches for upcoming games or games currently out?

Like you’re about to purchase a game at the store, on your way home you sign in on the PlayStation app go to the game page and click the patch to have it ready when you get home.

DrThemoWorm said:

April 16th, 10:46 pm

+Scott McCarthy I have no idea how to reply to replies, so I guess I’ll just reply this way :D

To answer your question: I just bought Infamous: Second Son and I’m a few hours into that. I’m also playing Mercenary Kings and I’m close to finishing Tomb Raider.

portudork said:

April 16th, 10:46 pm

PLEASE can you or someone from Sony comment with any update on the 3D Blu-ray support patch? I literally have had my PS4 hooked up to my projector with stacks of acquired 3D movies just waiting for this patch to allow 3D like the PS3 did. Any new or update (even a ballpark time) would be appreciated.

MarinoBrea said:

April 16th, 10:47 pm


MikeKlump said:

April 16th, 10:48 pm

Will this update include being able to dim the light bar?

ShadownetOne said:

April 16th, 10:50 pm

“We’re listening “? No your not people have asked for many things yet none have released been about 5 months nothing we asked for has released. Neogaf or sonygaf as many call it and other forums players have asked for uncompressed share functions screenshots,vids etc. People have asked for anisotropic filtering 16X for every ps4 game since developers seem to be brain dead and not including it. People have asked for DLNA/mp3 support and yet still nothing. So no your not listening.

KillerQuail said:

April 16th, 10:51 pm

I’m really excited for this update, great job guys!!!

If I could ask for a couple features to add for the future

A better in depth bio, on your Profile, I wish I could add more than one short phrase. and languages I speak.

MP3 Support

Some more Media Apps, Youtube (It’s my new TV) and a Twitch app (EVO is coming soon)

USB Controller Support, (FIghtsticks, Racing Wheels)

Thanks a lot guys, the PS4 keeps getting better and better.

garageman69 said:

April 16th, 10:53 pm

Please for the love of god have more than this. Honestly 1% of the people out there care about sharing. Give us flipping music, ps1/2 support..SOMETHING.

Nemisis666 said:

April 16th, 10:56 pm

Please reply as a long fan of sony since ps1 all i want to know is if this will include mp3 playback during games?!

KoPPo87 said:

April 16th, 10:56 pm

PLEASE let me be able to merge my old account with my new one! i had to get a new email and username when i got my PS4 because i just could’t stand my old username, but in doing so i lost thousands of trophies :(

TriGiamp said:

April 16th, 10:59 pm

That’s definitely a rich update. What a shame, i won’t be able to share anything because back in 2007 when I created my account I was not come of age. Any news about promoting sub-account to master account?

hotandserious said:

April 16th, 11:00 pm

Really hoping for Blu-ray 3d support!
We bought Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 in 3D and are waiting for the update to watch it!

Would love to have an official Sony BRD/DVD remote soon too!

dmagik77 said:

April 16th, 11:00 pm

Everyone is reiterating Theme support, and customizing some UI stuff. Folders and other Ps3 things. I want those things. But one thing I would love is game sharing for digital downloads. I want to be able to let a buddy or my brother share a game I’ve downloaded for a limited time. This would be a great add on and a possible way to promote a game to a friend that doesn’t have a demo available.

duff916 said:

April 16th, 11:01 pm

Will there be a FAT32 limit for the export option?

Nemisis666 said:

April 16th, 11:01 pm

Lots of mp3 questions and no answers so secretive today Scott can you at least give us a clue or something about mp3 playback on the system? Such a flawless architect music would add so much more fun during games i think everybody would benefit to beating up baddies in second son to the appropriate beat!

the_man72 said:

April 16th, 11:01 pm

Wow that’s awesome news really loving the Share Factory definitely a plus and also being able to Pre-download your game and then play it on released dam sweet ….looking forward to the rest of the features to come with 1.70 =D


April 16th, 11:02 pm

MP3 ? mp3 playback during games?! please PS4 is the best and no play MP3 ?

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