PS Store Flash Sale: 30 Games Available for $0.99 Each

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PS Store Flash Sale: 30 Games Available for $0.99 Each
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April Flash Sale

Hi everyone! We’ve had some great sales over the past couple months, but this weekend we’re taking things up a notch. We’re putting 30 games on sale for just $0.99 each on PlayStation Store as part of our Flash Sale starting right now.

Get classic titles like Braid, Everyday Shooter, Gotham City Impostors, Plants vs Zombies, Retro City Rampage, Super Stardust HD, Tokyo Jungle and more for just $0.99 each. Check out the full lineup:

Title Sale Price Original Price
Back to the Future: The Game – Full Series $0.99 $19.99
Blast Factor $0.99 $9.99
Braid $0.99 $14.99
Crash Bandicoot $0.99 $5.99
Crash Bandicoot 2 $0.99 $5.99
Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED $0.99 $5.99
Crash Commando $0.99 $9.99
CTR: Crash Team Racing $0.99 $5.99
echochrome ii $0.99 $9.99
Everyday Shooter (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Everyday Shooter (PSP | PS Vita) $0.99 $7.99
Gex: Enter the Gecko $0.99 $5.99
Gotham City Impostors $0.99 $14.99
Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Season $0.99 $19.99
Plants vs Zombies $0.99 $10.49
Red Faction 2 PS2 Classic $0.99 $9.99
Red Faction PS2 Classic $0.99 $9.99
Red Faction: Battlegrounds $0.99 $9.99
Retro City Rampage (PS Vita) $0.99 $9.99
Retro City Rampage (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Retro/Grade $0.99 $9.99
“Sam & Max” The Devil’s Playhouse $0.99 $19.99
Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! $0.99 $5.99
Spyro: The Dragon $0.99 $5.99
Spyro: Year of the Dragon $0.99 $5.99
Stuntman: Ignition PS2 Classic $0.99 $9.99
Super Stardust HD $0.99 $9.99
Tales of Monkey Island $0.99 $19.99
Tokyo Jungle $0.99 $14.99
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita) $0.99 $9.99
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) $0.99 $14.99
When Vikings Attack (PS Vita) $0.99 $9.99
When Vikings Attack (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
World Gone Sour $0.99 $4.99

That’s right, you read that list right. They are all $0.99. The Flash Sale starts now and ends Monday, April 21 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific, so start snapping up these games right now. What games are you going to pick up? Let us know in the comments below.

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13 Author Replies

  • Crash 3 price is fixed, everybody. Thank you mysterious tech gurus!

  • Website not working for me. Keep getting the “Page Not Found!” error.

  • Can’t seem to get the link to Sam and Max to work and it’s also not appearing on the store, any help?

  • TimeSkipLuffyUS

    I bought almost everything on that list! Thank you so much for this sale! :)

  • MooCowsRevenge

    Any word on whether or not Sony’s gonna get rid of the stupid $5 minimum funding amount thing? What is even the point of that?

  • CatatonicAlex

    RIP Crash Bandicoot.

  • TimeSkipLuffyUS

    @101 use the link on the left side that says Flash Sale

  • Enjoy my 5.00! Tokyo Jungle,Tales of money island,Jurassic park,back to the future & sam and max for 4.97? very awesome!

  • ….STILL NO SALES FOR TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 14. Unreal. Out a year and NOT 1 LOUSY sale on the Course packs….EVER YEAR I buy that game since it debuted on the PS2. I have always paid extra for the course packs that run $39.99…and every year, 4-6 months later, they course packs would be on sale for 50% off. So after all these years I WAIT to buy the $40 course pack until the sale comes out. 4 months go bye and nothing. 6 months. Nada…8 months AND STILL NO SALE…10 MONTHS..NO SALE….Then when you had the EA SALE, I got my hopes up, but then they were once again smashed.


  • I thought I was on Steam for a second.

  • layzeedevil

    This is too epic! I’ve been waiting for a sale like this to happen. My cheapness has finally paid off. I’m definitely picking up at least three or four games right this minute. Hope everyone else is as excited as I am!!!

  • Amazing deal. I’m going to be buying a lot. Kinda regret buying Gotham City Imposters, since it is gonna be offline soon, but whatever. A dollar lost isn’t gonna hurt that much. Thank you Sony for being awesome!

    Even if this is our big Easter sale, it’s pretty f**king awesome! I was going to buy the Spyro trilogy for $8 apiece a couple weeks ago. Man I look brilliant for being patient!!!

  • Crash still not working on Vita smh and you guys will continue to ignore these comments. Also, This sucks because I got crash 1 from PS Plus as well as the Spyro’s. I’d love to buy them even tho I have em free, Can we get a option to do so, this is so unfair smh. And get these games on the VITA already PLEASE!!! These are games I’ve been dying to play on vita from day one, but nope, only Japan and EU get it smh

  • Sales are great but did you see that EU Easter sale those are the deals I want.

    I’ve played many of these classics as a teen or brought them years ago on psn. Some of these games we’ve been given as plus members.

  • MitchellProduct

    Will the Na store get a spring sale like the EU store too?

  • I allready have 25 of them :( lol

  • Sangetsu-II

    Is cross-buy enabled for Retro City Rampage and Viking Attacks, if so I’m definitely buying!

  • GREAT! Another PS3 focused on Sale. Congrats guys!! Do not complain if Vita owners start to suddenly buy 3DS’s… Or simply gave up on paying for the Plus. “clap clap clap”

  • Galeforce99

    ’bout time other services step it up to compete with steam like sales.

  • Lmao, every Vita owner is making their voices heard. Anybody else want to complain?
    Maybe you guys should just enjoy Crash and Spyro on your PS3s. Better than that dinky little handheld screen. ;)

  • Fun fact don’t buy the crash titles or the spyro titles if you’re hoping to play it on the vita in the near future. I’ve been coming on the Blog since the Vita released PSOne on Vita asking for Crash, I have not been replied to on the subject after the first month. They clearly don’t care enough for the customers to put it on the store. I’ve given up, my support for the Vita has weakened because I can’t see why I should be giving heavy support when Sony can’t even get self published titles on PSN lol. What a Joke, Everything is nice and dandy on PS3/PS4 but jokes on us who bought the Vita hoping for support. I can’t even Transfer Valkryia Chronicles 2 to Vita nor can I SEGA Genesis Collection, without a PS3 since the PS Vita launch LMAO, WHAT!? Why… Really, why? I’m curious why I’m being trolled for buying a product.

  • Sorry for my disappointed comment but all these games are not worth to play ! In other meaning they doesn’t worth any cent ! Sony.. Make respectable discounts on good games or deals like for 50$ paid, we get 10$ back
    Also, we need upgrades on ps4 games & system
    I hope you listen to my comment..
    Another one, why you don’t let affording on PSN store, giving us point to get back PSN stuff?

  • Sweet getting viking attacks and urban freestyle. suck that pvz ps3 only =/

  • This is awesome. I bought Back to the Future, Echocrome 2 and Tales of Monkey Island. Thanks!! Also, it was cool to see how many of these I already owned (including 1 or 2 that I forgot I owned!). That’s the Steam model that absolutely rules. Keep it coming please.

  • J-SwaggxQTR6

    Can we please get a Star Wars Battlefront 2 port on PS3 it also was a PS2 classic, i hope.

  • MantinijoUS

    Chieh Chen, where is Plants vs zombies vita? :/

  • Any chance we are going to see PSP games go on sale? It seems they got forgotten

  • Awesome sale!!! The sad thing is that I already have most of these games, there were only 4 of them I didn’t own… Anyone who haven’t played any of Telltale games, buy all of them, they’re awesome!

  • #120 like many others, I dont own a PS3. Now go enjoy your outdated console on a big screen and take them both with you when you want to go out :) oh, sorry. I forgot u’r just another p@#! nerd who complains bout bullying in real life, but do it online… go get a life son

  • I’m a big Telltale fan and I will be getting Jurassic Park!

  • f4ckmemoren11gga

    are none of these games compatible on the PS4? :/

  • Just got Back to the Future, Braid and Tokyo Jungle for 2,97 :-)

  • @129 Oh I see so only gaming can be done when you’re out and about. I’m sorry that I have other things to do when I’m out and have no time to game. That’s why when I come home I can enjoy the console experience. And you call the PS3 outdated? You’re the one whining about some really old games that aren’t Vita supported. I’ll have 99 lives in Crash, while you’ll have zero. Something to consider. :)

  • tomtom56789

    Just gonna say this here so it gets heard.


    Thank you.

    I am going to buy all of them anyway, along with Tokyo Jungle and Retro City Rampage on Vita.

  • Hi Chieh, don’t know if you’re still reading but do me a big favor please. See if you can get LocoRoco Cocoreccho and The Last Guy on sale next time y’all do this. Maybe under a PS3 Year One Sale or something.

  • Shame Crash and Spyro aren’t on the PS Vita.

  • I spent like $17 on 17 games…

    :( I never even get to the PS+ games (recently decided to not resubscribe) but I should have controlled myself…

    Oh well. I used the money I traded in for Killzone Shadowfall to get $40 worth of PSN credit and I don’t regret spending $17 of that $40 on these games because all of these games (although they are alot older) seem to have alot more critical acclaim behind them.

    Picked up all the PSone classics except CTR (Crash 1-3, Spyro1-3, and Gex) along with all the telltale games (sam&max,jurrassic park, Monkey Island, Back to the Future), Stardust HD, Retro/Grade (probably not going to play either of those but Retro/Grade deserves support, Braid, Everyday Shooter Echochrome ii and even picked up Viking attacks.

    Still contemplating if I should pick up CTR… I probably won’t ever get around to playing it and prefer WipEout style arcadey racers… Meh, may as well lay down another $1 since I picked up Viking Attacks (don’t even care for it either).

    At the very least I’ll make sure I throw in a hour for each of these when friends come over or something just like I did with the Pixeljunk sale in 2012 and the last guy when it was like $2.

  • Buy all of the Crashes and Spyroes!

  • HellzofWarz

    Great deals but it sucks that I can’t play Spyro or Crash on my Vita…

  • Wow this is insane

    <3 u Sony. my hand was itching me n i wanted to buy crash bandicoot for a while

  • WhispersWolf

    Spyro 2 link still broken ;~;

  • Bummer, I was hoping for a sale on Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

  • GaminFanatic

    Thank you guys at Sony so much, I picked up 8 of them. Amazing sale, keep it up guys!

  • One thing I hate about these Telltale games is that they leave an icon on your XMB for each episode, so you end up having tons of icons :( They only started consolidating the icons into one from Walking Dead.

    Btw, Jurassic Park is a QTE fest :(

  • That Y’s little birdy comment is great as soon as I see the discount I’m buying the game now what are the odds you can tell the higher ups it would be great to play my Vita games on my ps4 those memory cards cost to much so we need better options for playing Vita games.

  • Thanks guys…I’m doing 4 myself. Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island. and When Vikings Attack. Awesome.

  • Wow… Telltale getting some serious discounts on some great games. Thanks!

  • So far I’ve bought 13 games:

    Gotham City Impostors; “Sam & Max” The Devil’s Playhouse; Jurassic Park™: The Game; Tales of Monkey Island™; Back to the Future™: The Game; TOKYO JUNGLE™; Gex: Enter the Gecko; Spyro the Dragon®; Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!™; Spyro Year of the Dragon™; Crash Bandicoot®; Crash Bandicoot® 2; Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED™

    Still considering a few others, but what a deal for $12.87! I would have happily paid that for the Spyro trilogy alone! Thank you Sony!

  • I had most of these already, but picked up World Gone Sour and going to check out a few other demos and decide.


    Already owned 6 of these but buying another 7. Braid, Crash Commando, Urban Trial Freestyle, Red Faction 1 & 2, Tales of Monkey Island, and World Gone Sour. On the fence about When Vikings Attack. I almost purchased Urban Trials at full price 2 days ago, so happy I waited! Great sale guys! Next time maybe some sales on full games at like $5 each would be rad. Just an idea.

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