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May 02

May 02

PS Store Flash Sale: $5 Games this Weekend

Chieh Chen's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

May Flash Sale

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s already May? That’s the fifth month of 2014, for those of you counting. Monday is also Cinco de Mayo, so to get ready for 5/5 we’re putting some great games on sale for just $4.99 — each on PlayStation Store as part of our Flash Sale, starting right now.

Pick up awesome titles like Guacamelee! (perfect for Cinco de Mayo, right?), BioShock, GTA IV, LA Noire, Mortal Kombat, Read Dead Redemption, and more… for just $4.99 each. Check out the full lineup:

Title Sale Price Original Price
Arcania The Complete Tale $4.99 $29.99
BioShock $4.99 $19.99
BioShock 2 $4.99 $19.99
Darksiders $4.99 $19.99
Datura $4.99 $9.99
Duke Nukem Forever $4.99 $19.99
Fat Princess $4.99 $14.99
GTA IV $4.99 $19.99
Guacamelee! $4.99 $14.99
Guacamelee! PS Vita $4.99 $14.99
Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days $4.99 $19.99
LA Noire $4.99 $29.99
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light $4.99 $14.99
Max Payne 3 $4.99 $19.99
Midnight Club LA Complete Edition $4.99 $19.99
Mini Ninjas $4.99 $19.99
Mortal Kombat $4.99 $19.99
MX vs ATV: Alive $4.99 $19.99
Red Dead Redemption $4.99 $29.99
Red Faction Armageddon $4.99 $19.99
Spec Ops: The Line $4.99 $29.99
The Mark of Kri $4.99 $9.99
The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief $4.99 $29.99

The Flash Sale starts now and ends Monday, May 5th at 12:00 PM Pacific. What games are you going to pick up this weekend?

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mdawk13 said:

May 2nd, 1:45 pm

Red dead and L.A. Noire fer me. Yeehaw

mthodmn101 said:

May 2nd, 1:45 pm

nothing vita :/

Orufonz0 said:

May 2nd, 1:48 pm

Love the fact you are making this almost a weekly thing… Even if its a monthly thing, you guys are the best!!! Keep up the good work!!!! And the good sales!!!

    Chieh Chen's Avatar

    Chieh Chen said:

    May 2nd, 2:29 pm

    Thanks Orufonz0! There’s some great stuff on the horizon… (^_−)☆

MakoSoul said:

May 2nd, 1:49 pm

I was hoping there would be some PS4 games in the mix. Considering Bioshock 2 since I just finished the Infinite Burial at Sea DLC recently.

GnomeWizard said:

May 2nd, 1:50 pm

Might pick up Fat Princess

@2 Guacamelee is on vita, and an excellent game. I’m assuming that you own a vita that you would own it already though :P

CrashSpyro said:

May 2nd, 1:51 pm

When does it end?

DeadKillersRevng said:

May 2nd, 1:51 pm

Good sale, although I’ve been waiting for a discount in Mortal Kombat’s DLC characters for a looong time…

Pai-Zuri365 said:

May 2nd, 1:53 pm

What is this? Western sale to oppose the Golden Week jpn sale?

Assassin_-Altair said:

May 2nd, 1:53 pm

Vita doesnt even get support….why did i even get one:(…..?

dodgedoors said:

May 2nd, 1:54 pm

I’ll be getting the raven, I’ve heard good things. More flash sales please. You guys are killing it.

PainOfSarrow said:

May 2nd, 1:56 pm

i saw this before it was even posted but damn sony you guys are on a row. i luv these flash sales and Spec Ops: The Line for only 5$. been wanting that for a long while now. mortal kombat was worth the full price to me and i have every rockstar game already but still nice. when will you guys slow down on the great sales ? my money is flying. i hope no time soon, keep it up.

SeanStrange said:

May 2nd, 1:57 pm

Played pretty much all the “Good games” in this flash sale. Hopefully next one will be just as good as this one though.

rabidninjamonky said:

May 2nd, 1:59 pm

Nice sale. I will definitely pick up Duke Nukem Forever and will possibly buy Kane and Lynch 2, The Raven and Arcania. I need to check out some more gameplay videos for the last two games.

hjuyhggty6655 said:

May 2nd, 2:00 pm

Awesome sale, keep going sony , hope to see resogun and outlast in near future .

B91212- said:

May 2nd, 2:01 pm

Same great games in there for amazingly low prices ($5 for Red Dead Redemption? literately a steal if you don’t already have it). Not going to complain too much about the lack of Vita titles (already have Guacamelee! on Vita) as the Golden Week Sale had plenty of decent Vita titles on sale.

Keep up with the sales please Sony, good work! Looking forward to PS4 maybe having an item or two involved in these in the near future…..

    Chieh Chen's Avatar

    Chieh Chen said:

    May 2nd, 3:12 pm

    Thanks B91212! Great feedback across the board. We’re listening. As the late great John Marston of Red Dead Redemption said: “It reeks of miracles back here!” (^v^)

Styxinator said:

May 2nd, 2:02 pm

Yeah a ps4 game or two would have been nice. I missed out on the Tomb Raider/Thief Flash sale from about a month ago and wish i grabbed one or the other.

Stringer2355 said:

May 2nd, 2:06 pm

Was expecting a Call of Duty sale with the announcement of the new game, but still good deals.

boomstickbhg said:

May 2nd, 2:08 pm

5/5 is my birthday.

So I’ll just ball up in a narcissistic shell and pretend this sale is all about me.

Angelshadow_7 said:

May 2nd, 2:09 pm

Mortaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Kombaaaaaaaaat!! Get over here!

Dantology65 said:

May 2nd, 2:10 pm

I was just talking about Spec Ops:The line the other day…gonna click “download” after work tonight.

DiddyWaDiddy said:

May 2nd, 2:14 pm

I think his makes about the sixth sale in a row with no PS4 love. Bummer.

steadydecline said:

May 2nd, 2:16 pm

you should be paying us $5 for duke nukem

Vyruzx said:

May 2nd, 2:16 pm

I want some ps4 games. I can’t buy any of these.

Vyruzx said:

May 2nd, 2:17 pm

I want some ps4 games

saab01 said:

May 2nd, 2:18 pm

Mortal kombat for 5 bucks if it wasn’t 10gb I would buy it. Wish I could pick up the disc for 5 the lowest I have seen the disc is 15 bucks awhile back.

NX_Nytrux said:

May 2nd, 2:20 pm

Why not MK Komplete Edition :(

NX_Nytrux said:

May 2nd, 2:21 pm

Lara, come with daddy.

God-Of-Lyf said:

May 2nd, 2:27 pm

Theres a few really good games there even though they are old now and a few stinkers. I’m getting Mini Ninja and the Raven as I need something new to play. I would highly recommend Max Payne 3 It was a real adrenaline rush both times I played through. And RDR is awesome as well. MK is like icing on a cake at 5$

Mononon said:

May 2nd, 2:31 pm

Nothing for me this go around, but keep up the sales. I do get excited to see what’s going to be on offer.

Lego_My_Eggo said:

May 2nd, 2:35 pm

Any chance you guys could get Minerva’s Den in a sale? I always see Bioshock 2 on sale but never Minerva’s Den, which i hear is way better then the main game itself.

Deadpoolian said:

May 2nd, 2:37 pm

Another amazing sale! I’ve heard great things about LA Noire and Red Dead, so looks like it’s time for me to finally check them out!

Viewtiful_Gene said:

May 2nd, 2:37 pm

Holy sheep!
Another weekend with great sales?!

TimboJames said:

May 2nd, 2:39 pm

Nice sale!!! Wouldn’t mind picking up that Duke Nukem, Fat Princess, Mortal Kombat and Red Faction, but alas no job=no money to spend on games right now :’-(

The_1_of_Deth said:

May 2nd, 2:39 pm

great sale!!! definatly gunna pick up gauca… guaca…. thee melee one on vita :P and ill give u 10$ to take duke nukem off the list, game was a great idea and franchise but HORRIBLY executed lol. still great price though. now if we get a next-gen nukem……. ill give u a blank cheque n u can write whatever u want :)

NoGodsOnlyMan said:

May 2nd, 2:40 pm

I have many of these games, great list. May get mortal kombat, $5 is a sweet deal. PSN is going on a roll of sales, competing with steam? lol

PS3 and PS4 for the win

Shadow_Enz said:

May 2nd, 2:41 pm

Why are games with multiplayer that is being destroyed thanks to the Gamespy shutdown being sold anymore? These games will have portions of them that simply do not work anymore, in less than 30 days.

Kane & Lynch 2, Midnight Club, Mortal Kombat — all getting shut down.

fantasyplayer said:

May 2nd, 2:50 pm

I see three more games I would have bought if they had not pulled the ps1 psp give and take back for the vita the other week.
So I will just go to gamrstop and buy another used game this week. I see one on here I want that gamestop has for cheep.

Alyyse said:

May 2nd, 2:52 pm

My PS3 played out yesterday. I’m so depressed :(

NX_Nytrux said:

May 2nd, 2:57 pm

Mortal Kombar DLC on sale, please.

Husteen said:

May 2nd, 3:00 pm

good sales on mortal kombat and the bioshocks if you haven’t played those. unfortunately, i have. i’m only interested in ps4 games. the only exception is child of light, but i don’t want to buy both versions and then spend another $14 on dlc for it. such a shame it’s not cross-buy here.

Guimace said:

May 2nd, 3:00 pm

Wow! :)

purse317 said:

May 2nd, 3:03 pm

Overall this week deserves a 7.5 or an 8 when it comes to sales. One issue however really consider the games that go up for sale some of these titles in particular were very popular and have been played by lots of us. Red Dead L.A. Noire Mortal Kombat or have been on sale many times before and we purchased them already. Red Faction Kane & Lynch Max Payne are good examples.

$10 is all I will spend because of this but if you had more good games on sale I didn’t own I spend more.

Just think I had $70 Monday in my ps wallet for Watch dogs now I only have $20 and have to load up again

Mobius2525 said:

May 2nd, 3:05 pm

wish they had some vita games and couple ps4 games here

quietturtle said:

May 2nd, 3:06 pm

yay lets put games that the online host servers are getting pulled at the end of the month ( i.e Gta 4 , Rdr, Mortal Kombat , Max Payne 3 ) yay lol wwwhhhooo :D

The_Great_Ska said:

May 2nd, 3:06 pm

I’m thinking about getting The Raven, I’ve played the demo and liked it, even though it was very glitchy/jerky, but I read the reviews on episodes 2 and 3 and they weren’t as good as episode 1. Does anyone know if they are really that bad? I know the game is only 5$ but if its really not that great i’d rather no waste the money on it and maybe someday get it on IGC.

The_Great_Ska said:

May 2nd, 3:08 pm

@ 44 – Not everyone cares about playing online, I for one don’t give a damn about it, though i’ll agree there should at least be a disclaimer.

    Chieh Chen's Avatar

    Chieh Chen said:

    May 2nd, 3:21 pm

    Thanks for the feedback The_Great_Ska! We’ll look into this idea. We’ve looked at these sales as a last hurrah homage where applicable, but extra communication to make the situation with a given title is a good policy wherever applicable right?

jab__661 said:

May 2nd, 3:25 pm

Even though I’m not happy with all the indie games we’re getting on PS4 and Vita, you guys are doing a great job with flash sales. Thanks!

pri4vedi said:

May 2nd, 3:27 pm

What’s it gonna be…Spec Ops or Guacamelee?? Maybe both?

Andreh-Feijoh said:

May 2nd, 3:29 pm

One quick question… Guacamelee is a cross-buy title, right? I wanted to buy the complete collection, because of the DLC, but i don’t mind the themes, avatars and soundtrack. Sooooo, if i buy the game in this sale, plus both DLCs, it’s 10 bucks…. and i get on both platforms, is that it? Confirm this, and i buy it right away!

Keep coming these discounts, it was the main reason i became plus! Keep up the good work!

KongWen said:

May 2nd, 3:29 pm

GTA 4 & RDR aren’t losing their online.

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