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May 05

May 05

The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC Trailer Revealed

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog

It’s a great week to be a fan of The Last of Us — especially if you’re a Season Pass holder!

Throughout the week, PlayStation Store will be updated with our latest drop of DLC content for The Last of Us. Each pack or bundle is available separately, unless you’re a Season Pass holder, in which case all this content is included with your Season Pass. In addition, everyone will be getting a new gun for free — the Full-Auto Rifle, which is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that offers a flexible play style.

For a quick recap, our next drop includes The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, the Professional Survival Skills Bundle, the Situational Survival Skills Bundle, the Survivalist Skills Bundle, and the Grounded Mode Difficulty for the single-player campaign.

Or you could just watch the trailer we put together just for you.

To prepare for the new content release, The Last of Us multiplayer Patch 1.07 will go out tomorrow. We’ll post the full patch notes just before the update goes live.

For a more in-depth look at this multiplayer content release, be sure to catch our Twitch livestream TODAY at 12:00 PM to 1:00PM Pacific. (What time is this in my city?)

Watch live video from NaughtyDog on

See you there!

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Rammstone said:

May 5th, 6:08 am

List of new trophies?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    May 5th, 12:33 pm

    We’ll be talking about trophies a little during our livestream today. (right now!)

Nick930930 said:

May 5th, 6:14 am

Are they seriously trying to charge us for a single player difficulty?


Not to mention they have yet to offer any form of upgrade plan for those of us who want the PS4 version but already own the PS3 version.

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

May 5th, 6:19 am

Just to be clear, ALL of the DLC will be included with the new PS4 version, correct? Or at the very least, all the single-player content? That’s all I really care about anyway.

KongWen said:

May 5th, 7:15 am

Will this and other “new” DLC be included in the PS4’s complete edition, too?

NX_Nytrux said:

May 5th, 7:18 am

Waiting for the complete game to buy it, PS3 or PS4, but complete.

Chipz_and_Cola said:

May 5th, 7:29 am

has the PS4 version been delayed?

every retailer, and even playstation website has the game set to Dec 31, 2014. which is obviously a placeholder, but before it was summer 2014.

i bet it’s delayed but you guys havent told us

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    May 5th, 12:50 pm

    It’s still Summer 2014. Dec is a common placeholder date and if we picked any other date that wasn’t obviously placeholder – people would think that is the actual date or OMG it’s delayed.

Rammel29 said:

May 5th, 7:30 am

Excited to try this out however the Bomb Expert looks like it is going to be OP with your character not able to be stunned.

ItaChu said:

May 5th, 7:43 am

Season Pass gets taken off next week May 13th hurry up and buy it!

Scaramanga1983 said:

May 5th, 7:47 am

Looks like the MP is going to turn into a run and gun fest, which is not good.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    May 5th, 4:01 pm

    We’ll keep an eye on things and make adjustments if it doesn’t turn out balanced like we want or planned for it to be.

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

May 5th, 7:47 am

@8 — The season pass isn’t really such a good deal since it doesn’t transfer to the PS4 version. If you have no intention of getting the PS4 version, then sure it’s a good deal.

But if you already bought the PS3 version and are planning on getting the PS4 version as well, then you might as well not waste the $20 on the season pass, since the DLC will be included with the PS4 version.

Shadow-Man_4 said:

May 5th, 8:12 am

Please tell me all the new skills and purchasable weapons are also going to be included in the PS4 version? Or at least for us season pass holders?


May 5th, 8:28 am

Looking forward to it! I hope more people will be online in DLC maps, I’m kinda dissapointed that in DLC maps are quite few people lately or just I’m playing in not right time =\ But Hell Yeah for new DLC Pack and that Grounded Difficulty! Survivor its easy actually and this is how its should be played, but Grounded should make this game even more AMAZING! Thx N D .

BlindMango said:

May 5th, 8:36 am

I pray to god there are no ridiculous multiplayer DLC trophies like you guys did with Uncharted 2… and Uncharted 3…… you guys have got to stop doing that. lol seriously though, please stop doing that

BlindMango said:

May 5th, 8:42 am

I’m also not a fan of the “lets add an even harder difficulty as DLC and make trophies for that to mess with people’s trophy completion stats” thing devs have been doing. DLC trophies are not supposed to be a living hell

BlindMango said:

May 5th, 8:45 am

// end rant. xD

Haha I love you guys at Naughty Dog and sorry for the spam messages here =/ lol. But the DLC trophies that Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games have rolled out over the past years … yeah trophy hunters absolutely hate them… You guys did good with Left Behind though! =)

AngelMayLaugh said:

May 5th, 9:09 am

Any chance of a no parties mode for DLC? It sucks that I paid for a season pass but can’t play the DLC because I don’t have friends who want to play 24/7.

Wayndawind said:

May 5th, 9:48 am

Will we see a stand alone for these dlc’s? I freaking love the game and story but im not a fan of the multi, also the size of the game gb is huge. So it take up to much space for it to sit on my system and to long to repeat a download. I know they want that extra money, hell im first in line.

DaMist said:

May 5th, 9:49 am

An amateur gift for those like me that can’t get enough of this masterpiece!

Welmosca said:

May 5th, 10:53 am

What about new missions?….and I’m curious…does this new patch fix the issue we’ve been having since launch….yup the bug with parts and crafting…craft 3 items and receive only 30 parts instead of 90 parts…is that being fixed or not?

Looking forward to the new maps and Grounded mode…new weapons and new skills were unnecessary.

Now its hard to believe that you guys will finish the DLCs for TLoU and you won’t add a ->GAS MASK<- to the customization…really hard to believe.

sicam said:

May 5th, 12:30 pm

For everyone asking the PS4 version is supposed to include all the DLC. (Not a Naughty Dog rep or anything lol) Just keep up on my gaming news.

Shadow-Man_4 said:

May 5th, 12:55 pm

Arne, don’t dodge the question please. Judging by the way you answered comment #3, the weapons and skills will NOT be included, right?

D-Squad3 said:

May 5th, 1:57 pm

Can you PLEASE include an option for (NO PARTIES) for ALL the DLC maps?!! PLEASE

End_Revolver said:

May 5th, 3:04 pm

Oh yeah.

CommandingTiger said:

May 5th, 5:22 pm

PS4 version, 1080p 60fps!

DarkOne_PR said:

May 5th, 8:35 pm

Will the ps3 and ps4 online community play together? in other words…. Cross play? that NEEDS to happen. its the only way ill be double deeping and even more when i bought the season pass and i will get nothing for the ps4 version for having it.

CrimsonHead90 said:

May 6th, 3:00 am

Hi Arne

Will these trophies be a part of the PS4 versions base list required for the platinum? It would be nice having to earn the same trophies as the PS3 version for the platinum as opposed to these extra DLC trophies

Will it be similar to say Uncharted 3 GOTY edition the way the trophies were done there? I.e still not required for the platinum but there to earn anyway as extra?

RulitoCR said:

May 6th, 9:11 am

Looks great!

tusunami said:

May 6th, 9:33 am

Well I have only played the multiplayer for the PS3 and stopped and then find out the remastered version is coming out for PS4. So I may just get the PS4 version but what I want to know is what is the discount going to be for the PS4 version?

gacunaus said:

May 6th, 12:07 pm

How about a discount for the ps3 owners who want to get the ps4 copy? Have you figure that one out yet? We really want/need to know even if it is bad news, that’s better than no news at all.

I want to have this DLC but of course will not spend a buck if later you are going to charge us only 10$ for the ps4 copy, on the other hand if we won’t get the discount then i could get the dlc for ps3 -maybe-

RageCITY26 said:

May 7th, 12:26 pm

For some reason last night there were new customization items, but they disappeared this morning. Will they come back? They were awesome.

darthvid69 said:

May 10th, 7:04 am


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