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May 07

May 07

DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition Details (Updated)

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar Posted by Community Development Manager, Evolution Studios

Update 2: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.
UPDATE: Our priority for DRIVECLUB is to enable you to play and enjoy everything it has to offer and PlayStation recognises that the prior plan for DRIVECLUB entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus edition was not appropriate. As a result, we have adjusted the PlayStation Plus terms for DRIVECLUB.

Now, If you intend on downloading DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your PlayStation Plus subscription runs out.

Last week we announced the release date for PS4’s first socially connected racing game – DRIVECLUB.

The response we’ve seen to the trailer is seriously overwhelming, and it’s time for some more news.

Welcome to the first of three DRIVECLUB updates this week. DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition has been a hot topic since its announce, so today’s video (the first of three) should answer most of your questions about the actual content included in this edition compared to the Blu-ray version.

One of the recurring questions we keep seeing is about the scale of the PlayStation Plus Edition. The simple answer is that with an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can download DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, which comes with one location (India), 11 tracks, 10 cars and access to all game modes.

But why did we choose to offer this particular selection of the game to PlayStation Plus subscribers for free?

DRIVECLUB is inherently next gen. It’s about accessibility for all and building a community of gamers who love online play. DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition is designed to be a quick and easy way for gamers all over the world to join the DRIVECLUB community. You can take part in all the game modes, set, send and compete in challenges, and race online against others in the DRIVECLUB community.

We think you’ll have a lot of fun playing DRIVECLUB once it launches on October 7th, digitally via the PlayStation store and on Blu-ray at your local retailer. If you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, but decide you want the full DRIVECLUB experience, you can purchase a one-time upgrade for $49.99. This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.

If you’re not an active PlayStation Plus member, you can still get DRIVECLUB via the PlayStation Store or your local retailer on Blu-ray.

Stay tuned because there’s more content coming tomorrow with the ‘Clubs’ video, explaining why they’re crucial to making DRIVECLUB distinctly different.

Friday’s episode is all about challenges – why we love ‘em, what they give you and importantly, how they’ll make the game infinitely more networked and fun to play in your Club.

Over and out.

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MrBeatdown said:

May 7th, 2:34 pm

I’m seeing some people under the impression that if you download the free PS+ edition, and then upgrade for $50, you still lose access to the entire game if your Plus subscription expires.

You guys need to clarify that.

peephole303 said:

May 7th, 2:35 pm


They have clearified it.. but on the Euro blog, that is exactly what happens

MrBeatdown said:

May 7th, 2:36 pm

Actually, I just read it a little closer. Turns out you DO lose access to everything.

That’s ridiculous. I’m not sure how Sony can even see that as acceptable.

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

May 7th, 2:39 pm

@GStylez1980: Thanks. My point about being able to buy the full game with Plus stems from the fact that many games offered as day 1 IGC (okay, so most if not all in this category are indies) are only available for free to Plus members. So as Plus members, we can: 1) take it free but never buy, 2) wait to buy after it leaves the IGC, or 3) buy using a different (non-Plus) account.

I’m just not sure what the setup will be in this case. This game brings with it other obnoxious precedents:


“It may be missing a few assets such as cars or tracks, that will be found in the full version,” says the team. “However the online multiplayer, the asynchronous challenges and the single player campaign will all be present in the PS Plus version.”

The article is from July 8th, 2013.

People remember reading this type of thing way back when. “A few”, huh? I just think people feel let down yet again by the Driveclub team, if not outright swindled as many here suggest.

I guess I could boil down my whole point to this: You may be entirely correct…but it still sucks. :P

Rootboi_Root said:

May 7th, 2:40 pm

Finally a game set in the country I live in, INDIA! Wonder how authentic it’ll be, there needs to be at least like a stray dog running across the track at some point, or you have to avoid cows and elephants, cuz that’s what I deal with when I drive here!

Fusion13 said:

May 7th, 2:41 pm

This is very lame. You guys were making it seem like it was going to be free. Giving someone an extended demo after having PS Plus and the time it took for you guys to even get it out (a year after launch) is just unacceptable. I really hope you reconsider this. I understand allot of work has been done but I feel lied to. At least just scrap this shameless demo and make the game half off to Plus members. $50 for a game that was supposed to be free is just a slap in the face. I’m really disappointing in this news.

CDubyahS said:

May 7th, 2:42 pm

1 year late
Microsoftian DRM issues

haran_elessar said:

May 7th, 2:43 pm

ok…thanks for the information and the video (I really like the art design). I need some clarification though:

Will the progress accumulated playing the PS Plus Edition carry over to the retail edition?

The informative video leads me to think that my progress in the PS+ Edition won’t carry over to the retail edition. I reached this conclusion because the video is divided into two segments: PS+ Edition (yellow color) and the Full Retail/Digital version (red color). The only instance where you mention that progress will carry over is in the yellow segment of the video (PS+ Edition).

I won’t be buying the PS Plus Edition upgrade since it makes no sense to buy a $50 game which we won’t really own BUT I will definitely download the free edition. If I like the game (which I think I will) and I decide to upgrade, I will be buying the retail edition.

So…will we be able to play the PS+Edition and then upgrade to the full retail/digital edition and carry over our progress?


peephole303 said:

May 7th, 2:43 pm

Evolve has heard our rage.

Chances are we wont get a reply on this until they figure out how to make us happy

PsychoCircus69 said:

May 7th, 2:53 pm

I also disagree entirely with the way the ps+ version of this game is being handled. It really does seem like Sony and the game developers are trying to give us gamers the shaft. I don’t like it and will not spend as much as a dime to support Driveclub and this kind of business model. Free version all the way for me :-)

burly1 said:

May 7th, 3:00 pm

So this was in one of my post earlier is this the free game of the month or by then are we going o be getting multiple game like the ps3?

GStylez1980 said:

May 7th, 3:05 pm

@137 (bluereign) – I understand that such a model for discounts would be a big problem for Plus subscribers moving forward. And if this becomes a trend (ie, offering “plus editions” of full retail games as IGC games, tethering discounted games to Plus), then I’ll grab a torch and pitchfork and march alongside every angry villager on this blog post. But this is not a trend at this point. It’s one game. And if a nominal amount of people buy the $50 version of the game, then the wallets will win out and Sony will cease offering that option.

paulogy said:

May 7th, 3:12 pm

Christ, people. If you don’t like that the upgrade is $50 and tied to PS+ (so it expires when your subscription does) then just buy the Blu-Ray version for $10 more.

By the time your PS+ subscription lapses a year later it will probably be a $19 greatest hits title anyway.

GStylez1980 said:

May 7th, 3:13 pm

@ 150 (ThumbsOfSteel74) -I agree…they need to better explain how this is going to work. I’d just would be floored if you could not just buy Driveclub digitally for $60 if your a Plus subscriber. Even if that’s the case though, no one can stop you from buying a retail copy of the game.

As to the article you referenced, I think you might have read it wrong. He did not say that the PS Plus version would be missing only a few cars and tracks. He said “it may be missing a few ASSETS SUCH AS cars and tracks.” People mistake this for him saying that only a few actual cars or tracks would be missing. He did say that those were the assets that would be missing.

I agree…sucks to think you lost something that is owed you. I just don’t think it was actually ever promised to us in the first place.

Methos1975 said:

May 7th, 3:15 pm

Do we get a jar of lube when we go this route? MS gives us lube when they do things like this to us

getsome4210 said:

May 7th, 3:17 pm

Mp3 for ps4

pablofsi08 said:

May 7th, 3:22 pm

So now Driveclub isn’t free for PS Plus, only part of it? lol at Sony *****ing over what they advertised at E3.

NICKLEBAG_187 said:

May 7th, 3:24 pm

Surprised it’s not a PS5 launch title by now. No wonder Sony is going bankrupt. The people in charge have no clue.

God-Of-Lyf said:

May 7th, 3:42 pm

They had to throw everyone a bone seeing as it was suppose to be free at launch but if they do it this way there’re hoping every plus member gets the freebie, see that it’s bare bones and want to upgrade meaning major pay day for them. I have no problem paying full price for a good game but this is shady practices that I want nothing to do with or this company in the future. Thank you for freeing up some $ for me this Oct. (start of the great fall time games/IP’s) I’m sure I can use the cash on another game that doesn’t come with strings…

snakeeyes211 said:

May 7th, 3:44 pm

I don’t understand what all the fuzz is about. As far as I know this game is intended to be played online, constantly…. Without an internet connection there would be no DriveClub, hence the “Club” part. To play online you need Plus. Maybe the way it’s brought to the people seems a bit harsh, but online only games require Plus anyway, so no need to be disappointed. It’s like saying your virtual copy of Titanfall is no longer valid when you don’t have Live…it’s not quite true, but it is completely useless as a game without the subscription.

OldMovieCowboy said:

May 7th, 3:58 pm

“If you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, but decide you want the full DRIVECLUB experience, you can purchase a one-time upgrade for $49.99. This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.”

What greedy developers why would Sony let them do this. Disgusting really.

Harerazer said:

May 7th, 4:04 pm

This game has turned into more of a nightmare each announcement. This had better turn into a Microsoft spin (“um, never mind, We didn’t really mean what we said”) or else you run the risk of losing all integrity, Sony. It was originally announced as 5 cars/10 tracks but the uproar pushed it to 10 cars/11 tracks, I guess. Still, for something that was supposed to be a launch game that is now to be released a year later, it’s a mess. I could have maybe accepted all of this crap as the launch version (Who wants to release a new system launch game for free?) but then this whole BS upgrade scam is more of a slap in the face to your subscribers. I guess the thinking is “They’ll get so mad at the upgrade they’ll just buy the retail version for full price and we’ll make more”. I will download the free version and I will buy a used version so that you don’t get one red cent extra. this is just shameful.

tusunami said:

May 7th, 4:15 pm

Well since this free with a ps plus members i think try it out at least . but ultimatetly wait for project cars instead.

vstarwow said:

May 7th, 4:15 pm

I personally really do not care how this one goes. I’m just afraid in the future, Sony will give more demo like this to PS+ members instead full games .

Amnalehu said:

May 7th, 4:17 pm

Sounds like PS+ members are getting a $10 discount. If we pre-order the digital version online are there any bonus cars?

vstarwow said:

May 7th, 4:21 pm

@169 No, it’s not. Please re-read ” as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.”

MrJimmy71 said:

May 7th, 4:22 pm

I might support this if the upgrade was cheaper than $50 or I actually own the game outright after the purchase. This game was sold to us as a great incentive (free launch title) to keep our PS+ membership active during the switch from the PS3 to PS4. Since there would be very limited free ($50 per year) content in the early stages of the new console. This is a huge slap in the face and very shady. I hope you take a serious look at this and see that you have made a huge mistake with this offer.

honkayjeezus said:

May 7th, 4:23 pm

The response when you announced it was pushed back after being a PS Plus launch title was overwhelming, too.

The_Tuck said:

May 7th, 4:23 pm

Playstation Minus?

honkayjeezus said:

May 7th, 4:23 pm

This sounds like a demo, Sony.

I_Christopher_l said:

May 7th, 4:29 pm

There is practically no incentive to buy the full PS+ edition over the retail game. This deal is so absurd that I honestly think we are getting incorrect information.

Most people will just play the free PS+ version of the game and if they like it simply go out and buy the retail copy which will undoubtedly be on sale within a few weeks.

honkayjeezus said:

May 7th, 4:31 pm

Didn’t a rep from Sony or the developer say two or three months ago that the PS Plus version wouldn’t be a “barebones” edition of the game” If eleven cars isn’t barebones I cringe at what the retail game has.

xX_SonicXD81_Xx said:

May 7th, 4:42 pm

Is it possible to own a retail version of #DRIVECLUB while also having the PlayStation Plus Edition of #DRIVECLUB?

Sevyne said:

May 7th, 4:45 pm

It was already bad enough that you lied about the Plus Edition only missing a few tracks and cars last year, but this? Oh boy! Not much I can really add to the complaints that haven’t already been said, and why exactly it’s messed up in more ways than one. I’ll save you the trouble of reading another one. Just know that I’m a +1 in that group.

I will ask this though; Are you REAAAAALLY sure that this is the road you want to pave for yourself on the way to E3? Aaaalright then…You can remain blissfully ignorant for now, but just remember that you made your bed here. That’s all I gotta say.

Ethereal said:

May 7th, 5:00 pm

This is more than likely a mistake in wording. No one would ever think that would be a good idea. Just cool your jets people.

defjamliljon84 said:

May 7th, 5:01 pm

I know exactly what I am going to do…. download the game to try out depending on if any good buy the disc when it goes on sale 2 months later

TimeSkipLuffyUS said:

May 7th, 5:07 pm

I really hope you all loose your jobs, DriveClub just get canned and the Playstation brand is bought and guided by people who love their customers and love to play games. Just because the PS4 sells well does not give you the right to treat your customers like s**t and do everything you like to do with them.

blimbou2 said:

May 7th, 5:27 pm

E3 2013 was about LIES!

Regor91 said:

May 7th, 5:34 pm

I will add my voice to the crowd.

I’m sorry, but I just cannot get behind this game if that’s the way the your digital model works. This is the opposite of what makes PS+ so great. If I pay money on top of my subscription, I expect to own what I pay for.

Unrelated side note for anyone at the Playstation Blog: Please fix the aesthetics of your website. This has bugged me for ages, now. You have dark blue text on top of dark grey/black and at the bottom where it says the version of the consoles/handhelds it is practically black text on black background. It’s terrible and unreadable.

Ratchet426 said:

May 7th, 5:38 pm

If true, this is a really, really bad move by Sony/Evolution. Decided I’ll be voting with my wallet and will NOT be picking up this game (either digital or retail).

kowan said:

May 7th, 5:40 pm

I’m sorry but that PSPLUS upgrade option is just really borderline stupid. I don’t think any sane person would consider that an upgrade or even an “evolution” of some sorts. You already have great options with the Psplus free edition and the normal retail edition. Why;d you have to taint your image with this nonsense? $50 for something you won’t own if you fail to pay your subscription for plus? What? That is completely unnecessary.

honkayjeezus said:

May 7th, 5:57 pm

Here is a link to an article from Official Playstation Magazine UK, and the current Game Director.

From the article…

Driveclub‘s design director Paul Rustchynsky has explained more about the free PS Plus version of the racer on PS4, describing it as, “the full game minus a few cars/tracks”. You’ll also be able to collect all the trophies in the free edition and upgrade to the full game at a discount.

They have been lying about this for quite some time.

honkayjeezus said:

May 7th, 5:59 pm

In case mods don’t let my link through…

Google “Official Playstation Magazine Driveclub PS Plus Full Game Minus A Few Cars”.

Again, they have been lying about this for quite a while.

Lefoul-123 said:

May 7th, 5:59 pm

I want a flashsale.

jayrockslife said:

May 7th, 6:09 pm

Like many others have pointed, this is the part that makes ZERO sense.
“If you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, but decide you want the full DRIVECLUB experience, you can purchase a one-time upgrade for $49.99. This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.

So I get the “free” PS+ Edition of the game, which is more or less a demo. Then I decide, “Hey, I like this, let me upgrade to the full game for $50.” A year goes by and my PS+ subscription ends, and now I lose the game I paid $50 for? Meanwhile there are tons of discounted games & DLC that I’ve bought with my PS+ subscription that I still have. Please explain how this works?

Either this was very poor phrasing, or we, the gamers with PS+, are being screwed over. If that’s the case, then I’ll be playing the PS+ edition until the game goes on sale at retail for <$40.

SmokeAdellic said:

May 7th, 6:19 pm

This is shady business practices and corporate greed at its finest…let them know you won’t tolerate this and join me in boycott!

SegaSaturn617 said:

May 7th, 6:21 pm

I’ll be skipping this or waiting for a sale because 50 to 60 dollars for just 50 cars is terrible unless those who buy it digitally or retail will get free car packs every week or something. Man, this is so disappointing too. I’ve been looking forward to this game since the PS4 launch, got delayed, delayed some more, and now that it’s officially coming out and with only 50 cars? Yeah, I’m done with this. Hoping for a Black Friday sale and grab the game for 30 off Best Buy or something. Real expensive demo, not fooling me.

jamesdevil said:

May 7th, 6:25 pm

Really a bad move taking away the PS+ edition if you don’t have an active subscription. Seems shady and just preying on the uninformed. I hope this will be rectified or clarified before release. I was really looking forward to DRIVECLUB but I won’t be buying now out of principle. Don’t squander all the good will you’ve curated to this point, Sony.

Shadow_Enz said:

May 7th, 6:26 pm

Glorified demo + active subscription required for -$10 upgrade?

This is on the level of the original Xbox One announcement/policies.

This needs to change before the game’s release. With utmost seriousness.

Shadow_Enz said:

May 7th, 6:27 pm

Matter of fact, I was going to pick up the retail version of this game, despite having Plus, simply because I was excited for this game.

Now, I’m going to do exactly what I did with Xbox One and avoid the snot out of this, all versions. Also going to forever avoid anything from Evolution Studios.

Good luck with that.

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