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May 07

May 07

Send PlayStation a Letter

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Director, SIEA Social Media


So here’s something a little bit different: We want you to mail us.

Seriously, we do. We want you to tell us how games have affected your life. If they’ve shocked you, or scared you, or changed you, we want to hear why. We want to hear how your experiences with games have defined you.

Use whatever physical medium makes the most sense for you. Be creative! Write a letter on notebook paper, print off an email, send a drawing, scribble on a photo, create a collage. Use pens, pencil, markers, crayons. Anything goes! Just be sure to tell a great story.

Be sure to include your contact info (email, phone number) and PSN ID, too, so we know how to reach you, and note that anything you mail to us won’t be returned.

Send your letters to:

Greatness Awaits
PlayStation HQ
2207 Bridgepointe Parkway
San Mateo, CA 94404

Add Your Own

Waswas5 said:

May 7th, 1:00 pm

I may l a post

Germo1322 said:

May 7th, 1:04 pm

Just dropped mine in the Outgoing box down the street! (:

x_PlaTtiNuM said:

May 7th, 1:28 pm

just finished my letter. hope you guys read it!

D-Squad3 said:

May 7th, 1:53 pm

How big can it be in terms of actual size?

BlindMango said:

May 7th, 2:03 pm

Doing this =)

fallatah1987 said:

May 7th, 2:05 pm

i think there is a problem in 1.70 software for ps4 i can’t make any update since i download the 1.70 software

pleace help ….

F_u_ckingRamos said:

May 7th, 2:27 pm

Now in days a letter is more meaningful and personal when is hand written. I will do this and will tell a story like no other.

Techni said:

May 7th, 2:32 pm

I want to write about how you keep sitting on your hands

-Hackers added custom soundtracks/screenshots support to every PSP game, as well as them and remoteplay to every PS3 game. Yet you don’t let use them. You even let devs disable them on Vita. WE are playing the games, not devs. Hackers shouldn’t get a better game than paying customers. This is why PSP go failed. You had to hack it to use the games you paid for on it. OUR experience should be more important than devs opinions of our experience. Hackers even use the PS2 and PSP emulators you made for PS3, on any game. Why don’t you let the people who paid for the games use them? You encourage hacking!

-PSP go let you use PS3 controllers, but you never let devs use the right analog stick. Which would have let them make games FORWARDS compatible with Vita. Worse, you don’t let Vita use PS3 controllers… You removed features! Like TV out.

Techni said:

May 7th, 2:33 pm

-Except for VitaTV. But you block it from playing most games (going back to my first point)! It should be up to us if we can play the games we paid for, not you. We paid for it, we paid for the games, why can’t we use both together?

-PS4’s (and Vita’s) menu is so bad, I’d pay to use the XMB on it. I love the XMB. It’s so intuitive, customizable.

You guys taught me, that when I make games I will always let the user decide. To include as many options as possible.

xSLaYxDAxSLaYeRx said:

May 7th, 2:38 pm

I am really glad for this opportunity, I’ve never really known how to contact and let everyone at PlayStation know how grateful I am for what you do. Definitely starting this letter right now

Britta7x5 said:

May 7th, 2:48 pm

This is great!!! Today is my 22nd Birthday and I can’t wait to send you a letter. BEST BIRTHDAY ever! I just finished my letter and will proof read it. Can’t wait to mail you guys. Thank you! :)

shogun00 said:

May 7th, 2:48 pm

News Flash: Sony has teamed up with USPS in hopes to restructure Sony’s mail room.

Next week, Sony will team up with the local phone companies in hopes that people will go after a land line again.

getsome4210 said:

May 7th, 3:02 pm

When are you going to finally put mp3 capability on the ps4?

gillettjoe said:

May 7th, 3:16 pm

I sent a letter. I’m not that creative though, sorry!

genius527 said:

May 7th, 3:26 pm

Don’t know about that, I don’t got no envolope at were I live but, I will still still playing on ps3 barely. My liittle “BRO” sometimes a little bit wanna play 2k14 on ps3, of course i’m creative the problem is haven’t got a ps4 yet and still try’n to be a actual gamer play’n almost “everyday”!!

NREAL said:

May 7th, 3:45 pm

I’ll have to write about my life changing experience. I traveled to another continent/country to meet an excelent guy, gamer and XBOX rival in 2011. A guy that I met on a gaming website in 2008. Can’t wait to go back with my wife. Such a surreal experience.

tusunami said:

May 7th, 4:26 pm

I like this just another way to kinect with the playstation community cool just might try this out.

honkayjeezus said:

May 7th, 4:28 pm

You have been hearing about letters and a number for six months, Sony.

MP3 and DLNA on PS4. Instead of giving feedback from your PR department just get it done, or make an official announcement about it.

Why send you a letter if you don’t listen, except for glowing fanboy feedback?

jihadabu said:

May 7th, 6:15 pm

Hey! I live fairly close to your headquarters. I’ve driven by many times. Anyway, I actually want to send a letter. What are you planning to do with them?

NMeck702 said:

May 7th, 6:31 pm

I’ve got an interesting history with video games. However, I’m almost certain that I don’t have stamps or envelopes in my house. We’ll see.

Lifewhacker said:

May 7th, 7:31 pm

I remember being a little kid in a household that barely had anything. A little kid that was in a new place with no friends at a new school. I got my PS1 in 1996, after my Mom saved for a long while to get it for me along with Crash Bandicoot. Talking about Crash Bandicoot with kids at my elementary school helped me make friends that I’m still close with today.

I loved that Playstation.

shadowstalker012 said:

May 7th, 8:27 pm

I wish that they would reply so we all know if they really read all of them.

shadowstalker012 said:

May 7th, 8:28 pm

but I am still sending a letter in. :)

Jake7000 said:

May 7th, 9:50 pm

Il be doing it! Is there a deadline?


May 8th, 2:16 am

odd. you want a letter than an email. for a company that does technology you sure are different. lol I’ll try and send something out.

JohnKarnes said:

May 8th, 2:27 am

The Amazing Sony Playstation brand, you guys are always outside the box. Always leading never following with the playstation. Just a sneak peek at my letter you will have to read the rest. thanks for another great opportunity .Mr..Shuman.

ccrogers15 said:

May 8th, 3:02 am

Here is your letter:

– Dear Sony: –
– –
– –
– –
– Please stop giving us PSPlus users awful –
– Sports games and indies. Give us GOOD –
– games. –
– –
– Signed, Every plus subscriber –
– –
– –

KnightRid said:

May 8th, 4:08 am

LOL This is funny.

First – NOBODY who has any power what-so-ever will be reading these letters and NOBODY will actually care other than posting some of the letters that kiss Sony’s rear or have some heartfelt story behind them. No change will come from letters.

Second – Sony, you are pushing all this downloadable content yet you want people to write a letter rather than emailing? Hmmm

Third – If Sony would read anything online or in their mailbox they would see what areas needed fixed, redesigned or outright eliminated/added. They have not done ANY of that.

It really sounds great for Sony to ask people to mail them letters asking for their tear jerker stories on how playing a game has saved an entire village from starving…..oh wait. Well maybe they ate the person who could afford to buy the game and system.

Sony, FIX the problems, add the features and people will start believing again (other than the fanbois who think the PS4 has good games out right now LOL). I’ve had every system but not the PS4 yet.

Maybe I will write a letter and include a bill for the postage inside :)

TrexLaBete said:

May 8th, 5:43 am

My english is not bad but my french is way better. So i hope you can read french !!


Runner64 said:

May 8th, 7:08 am

I’d be more than happy to send you guys a letter! I’ve got a ton of great things I could say about y’all!

Moldyreactor007 said:

May 8th, 8:41 am

I hope mine shows up in E3!!! :D OK not really, but I’ll be sending one :D

Malgravia said:

May 8th, 8:56 am

Just finished mine. It will be in the mail by tomorrow morning!

saab01 said:

May 8th, 10:38 am

Games have affected all of our lives it makes you happy at times and sometimes sad. I remember in certain games some endings would make you want to cry. Its a great experience and I love the accomplishment feeling when completing a game. Hopefully in the future Sony will contain to deliver top notch exclusives to the PS4.

kenechukwu said:

May 8th, 1:22 pm

So you want our PSN ID?? Hmm.. why can’t I shake the feeling that I’ll be rewarded for my contribution? ;)

narkura said:

May 8th, 4:57 pm

Just finished writing my letter :) gonna make it look nice and then shoot it off in the morning!

sirdreisme said:

May 9th, 2:34 am

i’m in i have a true life changing sory

Rixa said:

May 9th, 4:04 am

Hi. Youre goin to get snail mail from land of endless summer sun. Hopefully it will come in one week or so. I was trying to be creative, dunno if it worked or not.

ps. DoS is pure gold \o_

Viewtiful_Gene said:

May 9th, 7:06 am

Dear PlayStation:

Please release Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for PS3.

CommandingTiger said:

May 9th, 6:41 pm

Here’s a few things to can do to improve the Share Factory.

-Allow content for an hour long.
Although I’d never make an hour long video, it would allow us to edit more video and allow us to trim them easier.

-Allow unlimited commentary / music clips.
Of course, we’ll be able to edit them. If we could trim out and delete some portion of commentaries and then combine some, all the better.

-Killzone Shadow Fall Theme, Driveclub Theme, Uncharted Theme, The Last of Us Theme, The Order 1886.
Third Party Games are welcome as well.

-No restriction on Themes (allow us to use just any FXs and clips; instead of a pre-select when you start the project).

-The ability to import our own images and post them as FX.

-Have a Time Limit with FXs when needed; rather than just having another clip.

Thanks, it’s great!

deadpooll8234 said:

May 10th, 6:14 pm

i would like to say thank you for all this awsomeness playstation it’s really an honor for you people for all these video games i really really have right now guys so that’s it for tonight so thank now sony studios.

o3Celerity said:

May 10th, 8:38 pm

Hey although I would love to send a letter, I am a little short on resources and funds for things as such.
I just want to write about how much the PS2 Online Era had changed my life.
The moment I got a PS2 as my Christmas present in December of 2003.
My brother had given it to me as a gift along with a copy of Socom II:US NAVY SEALs, this is the game that changed my life forever.
From that moment on it was hands down my favorite game and still to this day my favorite game of all time.
The online interaction with that game has made me so many friends that I still talk to now after 11 years of the game being out.
We still play it today on a third party LAN service.
It has made me a more competitive and accomplished person after all the years of playing it, if you are good at S2 then you are good at any game basically.

o3Celerity said:

May 10th, 8:39 pm

It is what started GB on its feet and most people do not know that it also had more players online daily than all of xbox live combined at the time.
I hope this message is received loud and clear by SONY because this game was the number one voted up blogshare for an HD version put on PSN for ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.
I am praying with the capability of PSNow and GaiKai they can once again bring this masterpiece to Playstation 4 for everyone to enjoy the online phenomenon that is SOCOM II: US NAVY SEALs.
Please do not pass this up, we have been waiting for this forever. Even Shuhei Yoshida said it himself that SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2 were the gold of what made the SOCOM series, the recently outed ones weren’t as successful and took a turn for the worst in the series. So please listen to the fan base and bring back that SOCRACK experience to the PSN network, Myself and many many other fans are begging for this to happen.

o3Celerity said:

May 10th, 8:39 pm

Multiple people have tested the game through an Emulator on the PC and were able to even upscale the graphics to make it look like an HD version already. If it is that easy to emulate and still be able to play on a third party LAN service then it should be easy enough to port to the PSNow service. SONY had even said themselves they are able to emulate new DLC for old Games. I have never played any game for as long as I have played SOCOM 2. Please with the help of PSNow and GaiKai bring this game to the PS4. We have waited so so long.
I have put in more money to the production of HHOUR: World’s Elite than I had payed for my PS4, but I would pay 3000 dollars for a SOCOM 2 HD brought to PS4

RavenBuddy said:

May 11th, 6:16 am

The ps systems are my favorite game console. I’m hoping that someone will make timesplitters 4 for the ps3. Hope it comes true.

EienMugetsu said:

May 13th, 3:44 pm

Put the letter in the mailbox an hour ago :)

ironhigh200 said:

May 15th, 11:56 am

hello i wanted to share my ideas with the company or with people who made infamous second son
i was thinking about a new idea for this game that the next heroes will be two twins and of course the game wont be single player but it will be for two players no single players i mean just two players no single player and new moves and techniques will be added as the two twins will perform new moved together and will help each other to cross broken bridges like infamous second son and the two twins could combine with each other to create a new super powerfull person and this will last for 60 seconds as it is like a skill and it will last longer as the two players could upgrade this skill or any other skills and this super powerfull person
one of the two player could play with this person as the control f this player could switch to player 1 or player 2 i mean player 1 could play with him or player 2 thats all and you could guys find a story for these two twins i hope you like my idea about the next version of infamous and

note read the whole message please dont be lazy

Grahamsprodigy said:

May 15th, 6:49 pm

You are gonna get an avalanche of Shenmue mail.

InternatlGamer1 said:

May 16th, 10:27 am

Personally I hope that Namco will show a trailer on “Tales of Zestiria” at SONY E3 conference.

AnoyoIkari said:

May 16th, 4:52 pm

A little bit late, but I just mailed my letter today. Yeahhhh boi!

Lithium1337 said:

May 17th, 4:07 am

I can’t write in being from Australia, but I definitely have something I want to say.

1. Please, focus more on aiding Japanese developers. The whole reason I loved my original PlayStation PlayStation 2, PSP and Vita were for the great Japanese games, they had a little something that no Western developer could/can deliver. That’s not to say I don’t love my PS3 (yet to get a PS4). While I couldn’t live without my PS1 and PS2 – the PS3 was just a good system, but not much to set it apart from the competition. It’s essentially a “Western” machine developed by a Japanese company.

2. This is more or less an extension for my first statement, but something I’d like to exaggerate. My favourite series of all time, not just in PlayStation history, but since the beginning of time is the Suikoden series by Konami. Unfortunately, like most other die hard fans from that series’ cult following. I never had a chance to play it back in the day, because of poor marketing on Sony and Konami’s part. I know it’s a strange request to send to the good folks over at PlayStation, but we will never see a Suikoden 6 or Suikoden 1-5 collection unless Sony were willing to sponsor it.

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