The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/13/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/13/2014
The Drop

A world caught in an eternal struggle of magic, death, and sacrifice is ready to return. Uncover the definitive edition of a fan-favorite action RPG with Soul Sacrifice Delta, an enhanced version of the PS Vita original. With a haunting narrative fueling the ceaseless conflict of sorcerers and monsters, experience a slew of new content from additional levels to heart-splitting spells. Meet an entirely new faction, the Grim, and import original Soul Sacrifice save data into Delta to carry on some unfinished questing.

And for those that missed out on the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PS Vita bundle last week, take note. The award-winning, loot-crazy RPG shooter is out as a standalone game this week both on store shelves and on PlayStation Store. Explore the dangerous wasteland of Pandora on the go, and unleash incredible skills as an iconic Vault Hunter.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/13/2014
Borderlands 2 Vita
Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
Serious Sam 3: BFE
Soul Sacrifice Delta

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS Vita — Digital, Retail (Now Available as Standalone Game)
Pandora has a whole ton of loot, and that pile of sweet guns and blood-stained dollars is now available on Vita as a standalone game. Take the fan-favorite role-playing shooter on the go and level up a Vault Hunter with branching skill trees and jaw-dropping gear.
Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
PS3 — Retail (Available Friday), Digital Version Out Now
The legendary adventure of blocks and Creepers is coming to retail stores this week for PS3. Dive into the endless fun of mining, crafting, and building in a constantly changing world rife with danger. Good luck making it through the night!
Serious Sam 3: BFE
PS3 — Digital
Return to the golden age of first-person shooters with Serious Sam 3: BFE. With no cover to hide behind, devastate enemies with a jaw-dropping arsenal, bone-crunching melee attacks, and potent explosives.
PS Vita — Digital
Embrace brutal spells and live a haunting narrative. The definitive version of the action RPG Soul Sacrifice features new levels, characters, and more in a harrowing quest. Import save data from the original Soul Sacrifice into Delta to carry on the adventure.

Demos and Betas

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE — PS3, PS Vita Demo
XBlaze Code: Embryo — PS3, PS Vita Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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6 Author Replies

  • @GummyCore Really? I find digital to be convenient, on Vita that is. If it’s better for anything else, it’s not. Physical is obviously better on PS3/PS4 since you can share the same system and have multiple accounts. You can’t do any of that on a Vita since it’s a handheld and meant for one person. For a guy who collects physical copies of video games, I find Vita to be worthless as they don’t have any manuals in the cases. You’re just paying for an empty case with a cartridge inside it. And if they install an icon for every physical game you play, wouldn’t it be better for Sony to make an icon exclusively for the cartridge slot like what the DS/3DS has? I find physical Vita games to be a waste of time. Unless companies make something to make up the empty cases like Limited Editions or bother to create color manuals, physical copies are not worth it.

    And if anyone gets what I meant about Librom, that was a joke. I’m talking about the book that supports you throughout Soul Sacrifice. He calls the player a miserable troll if you thought his droplets were tears.

  • @101

    Blatantly pointing out that Physical releases are worthless, really?

    Some people prefer Physical releases because you can share them. Being a handheld doesn’t mean you can’t share games. Finished a game? Swap or Sell it to your friends. Its the most basic thing in consoles since they were invented and this whole no-share thing is more of a flaw to them.

    Also better to pay for some “empty case with a cartridge” than something that doesnt exist. It looks so much better on my shelf.

    I smell a troll.

  • Also phyicals load faster than digitals. Try harder kid.

  • @Don_Pando I’m an old fashioned gamer that loves to open the case of a brand new game I just bought and read the manual while I wait for my game to load. You can’t do that on a Vita as they are in the cartridge. And I don’t want to deal with icons that won’t play unless I have the cartridge with me. I also want to play with games that require me to touch just a single icon instead of one for every game I bought physically. DS and 3DS can do that, why can’t the Vita? At least all icons works digitally as they are installed in your system. It’s convenient and you won’t have to deal with that.

    I’m more careful of what I buy on the Vita and only buy them during sales. That isn’t a problem to me as I don’t sell my games and most of the ones I buy have a lot of replay value to them.

    If you think I’m trolling, care to explain why do I have 42 PSP UMDs but 0 Vita cartridges? Because they have physical manuals and don’t install an icon every time I put a game in the UMD drive. They look more lovely on a shelf compared to a blue cartridge case with nothing inside it.

    Can’t try harder if I don’t own a single one.

  • Too bad Soul Sacrifice Delta is digital only. I’d love to buy it, but nope.avi No thank you. Sony can’t even get a limited retail releases for it’s own games. Bamco does it more than Sony… and Bamco has been neglectful of Vita in the west for a long time.

    Sony is by far the worst publisher on Vita.

  • @67: Um, they changed how movies/shows work a long time ago. We’ve got a download list for them now.

  • @104

    When you insert a game card on the vita, it automatically takes you to the screen where its icon is/highlight it for you. Is it so hard for you to touch one icon on the vita than one icon on the 3ds?

    Also you totally missed the point on what i said. We’re talking about physical vita games, not psp umds. Some people like to collect and display what they bought. You try shelving your digital games which doesnt even have the manual you oh so love about.

  • drinkyscarecrow

    Greatness Awaits! and waits and waits and waits for PS4 games…. and waits.

  • I really don’t understand why these people hates digital on vita. First of, it’s not limited to one vita since you can use 2 vita on same account. If you are in a household with 2 vita, you can enjoy playing the games on both vita with just a single purchase. And also it’s much more convenient you don’t have to hassle yourself in swapping game carts.

    My only issue on SS delta being a digital only is that I already owned the SS digitally, it would be not practical on my part to keep 2 identical games. Even though there are lots of stuff added, but the fact is that it’s only an expansion it does not convinced me to buy it as digital copy. Hope they will release a retail version of SS delta.

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