The Powers of Murasaki Baby on PS Vita

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The Powers of Murasaki Baby on PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation fans! Since our announcement of Murasaki Baby, the team at Ovosonico has been hard at work perfecting the game. Today we wanted to share some details on the gameplay in Chapter 3 with you.

In Murasaki Baby, Baby wakes up in a nightmarish dream world with all sorts of frightening creations straight from a child’s imagination. So far, on her journey to find her Mommy, Baby has made two new friends and used eight background mood powers in the previous two chapters.

For those of you who may not recall, as you and Baby journey through this nightmarish land, you’ll make use of the various backgrounds and their powers to help, guide, and protect her. Using PS Vita’s rear touch screen, you can swipe with your finger to switch between backgrounds.

Below are four new background moods that Baby comes across in this chapter of the game:

Murasaki Baby

The black and white background is called the “Heart of Stone.” Tapping the PlayStation Vita’s rear touch pad will make Baby’s balloon magically become as heavy as stone. Perfect for the occasion when you need something solid to hold on to.

Murasaki Baby

The blue background is called “Frozen Hell” and will freeze just about anything, including Baby’s balloon. While it’s great to freeze bodies of water, be careful not to leave it active for too long or Baby’s balloon will shatter.

Murasaki Baby

When the green background, “The Eye of Scrutiny”, is activated, Baby will shrink. While in this tiny state, Baby’s balloon will lift her high into the air.

Murasaki Baby

Finally, there’s the red background, which is neutral. While there are no great powers to take advantage of here, when the red background is active, Baby becomes calm.

We hope you enjoyed this brief look into Chapter 3. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information on Murasaki Baby!

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  • This game looks amazing and fun.
    Day one purchase for me :o

  • This game looks so weird yet so imaginative. I love it! I can’t wait to play! :)

  • When?

  • Is this getting a retail release or is it only a digital release?

  • Can’t wait for this! These are the type of games the Vita needs – unique experiences that could never be fully realized on any other platform!

    Hope a release date is announced at E3!

  • Can’t wait, this looks great.

  • I’m really excited for this. Seems like you are using the touch pad in weird but imaginative ways.

  • Day 1!

  • Thank you Chris; ary design looks bonafide creepy! What’s the ETA?

  • I need this game NOW!

  • Of course I’m going to buy this, day 1. Love something new and quirky for my Vita. But a game about a baby, even a wierd-looking, alien baby, in distress is perturbing.

  • Please include an option to change the controls from the back touch please.

  • The art style in this is AMAZING!

    Can’t wait to pick this up. =D

  • oh man, i really like the style!

  • I like how you used gifs rather than video.

  • I see nothing but a whole bunch of variety for PS Vita the originality is what really caught my attention. Amazing experiences can happen on the platform when developers tap into there imagination.

  • Hahahaha. I like the first gif. Can’t wait to try this game out.

  • Looks pretty interesting, adding it to-buy list.

  • zhouxingtianxia

    Hi I hope the native big game can login the psvita. I recognition psvita remote play ps4 game and psnow is a good idea. but I more hope the traditional big game can login the psvita. Will you make the native big game for psvita? thanks
    My english level is not good, I am so sorry for these, I hope you can understand

  • AWESOME, now just waiting for htoL#NiQ (Hotaru no Nikki) to get a western release.

  • This game looks really good! Definitely going to pick it up!

  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • Games like this is why I bought a Vita!

  • This is plain awesome, makes the wait much harder.
    Looking forward to it!

  • @ 20 Gamer_X03 – I’ve seen that game in action…its pretty great….I’m awaiting for that release too.

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