Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Online Co-op with Intercept Expansion

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Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Online Co-op with Intercept Expansion

Killzone Shadow Fall

Today we’re pleased to announce Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, an expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall. Slated for a June release, this pack adds a brand new, four-player online co-op mode to the game.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Operating behind enemy lines, your team is on a mission to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters.

To succeed, you’ll need to keep Helghast interlopers at bay long enough to establish a Hacking Uplink and transmit the data. Thankfully, the members of your team have all been trained in unique Combat Roles — from close-quarters Assault and mid-to-long range Marksman roles to supportive Medic and Tactician roles.

To successfully fend off the enemy and transmit the intel back to HQ, teamwork is absolutely essential. Your Team Score indicates how close you are to establishing a Hacking Uplink; increase it by defending your Uplinks from Helghast capture attempts, or by “banking” the Personal Score you’ve accumulated from kills, ability uses, and recaptures. You can even earn bonuses such as artillery strikes and jetpacks!

Always be on your guard, though: if you lose an Uplink to the enemy or have to respawn after critical injury, your Team Score will incur a penalty. If all members of your team are dead and your Team Score is too low to allow respawning, the mission is a failure.

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Just like the members of Intelligence Squad Alpha, the AI-controlled Helghast enemies in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept have their own sets of goals and Combat Roles. They will switch up tactics and angles of attack when they capture an Uplink, so you’ll need to adapt your defense strategy accordingly. On top of that, the enemy can call on special Helghast champions with unique abilities, based on key characters from the Shadow Fall single-player campaign. Expect to go up against some very familiar faces…

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept comes with four arena maps inspired by locations from the single-player campaign, and it launches this June. It will be available for free for Season Pass holders. A standalone version of the co-op experience will also be available later this year.

Killzone Shadow Fall

We’ll have more in-depth information on Combat Roles, maps, and tactics for the co-op mode in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to!

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  • I so hyped!!

  • Play in. Payday2!!!’!!!

  • Me tooooo

  • Really glad to see the Medic models found in the single player campaign getting some use in the multiplayer. They look great, as does this expansion!

  • KinkyWiZard420

    awesome! can’t wait! Anyone complaining about paying for DLC its part of the season pass and if your against season passes then you are pretty much SOL

  • IcedDice777

    Bought the season pass once i saw pics of jetpacks being tested for KZ shadofall Mp. Exo suits next please.

  • kh_fan_forever

    Awesome :D
    Cannot wait to pick this up :D

  • TomatoDragon

    Really going to enjoy this. I stink at any online competitive shooter… but co-op is always fun far me.

  • Rockafella007

    @4 Killzone sf does not have story coop this is mulitplayer coop.. Which is a different thing its dlc, they are giving you free maps already just take the coop dlc and enjoy.

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