Watch the PlayStation E3 Press Conference in Movie Theaters Nationwide

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Watch the PlayStation E3 Press Conference in Movie Theaters Nationwide
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Why watch the PlayStation E3 Press Conference on a puny browser window when you can see it on the silver screen? On June 9th, we’re inviting PlayStation fans in the US and Canada to experience the E3 press conference in a new way — live, on a massive screen in more than 40 movie theaters.

Join us and host Geoff Keighley for the PlayStation E3 Experience, featuring an HD simulcast of the PlayStation E3 Press Conference. Attendees will also see 30 minutes of extra content, including exclusive extended game footage and interviews with the world’s biggest game developers. And hey, if you show up, we might even cough up a few surprise gifts.

Best of all, it’s free. Space is limited, so make sure to register for the event soon here:

If you don’t live near one of the fine cinemas listed below, never fear: You’ll be able to watch all the gaiety from your computer or smart phone right here on PlayStation.Blog (or and

Read on for more details, including a full list of theaters where the event will take place.

PlayStation E3 Experience – The TL;DR Version

  • When: Monday June 9th at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT (show starts at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT)
  • Where: 40-50 theaters across US and Canada
  • What: Watching the PlayStation Press Conference LIVE in HD from the comfort of a movie theater with other PlayStation fans. Event features 30 minutes of exclusive content, including extended game footage and developer interviews. Plus surprise giveaways!
  • RSVP: Free to attend, but space is limited. RSVP here:


AK Anchorage Cinemark Anchorage 16 with XD
AL Birmingham Regal Trussville 16
AZ Phoenix AMC Ahwatukee 24
BC Vancouver Cineplex Cineplex Odeon International Village (Tinseltown)
CA Los Angeles AMC Century City 15 with IMAX
CA San Diego AMC Mission Valley 20 with IMAX
CA San Francisco Cinemark Century 9 San Francisco Centre with XD
CO Denver Regal Pavilions 15
DC Washington AMC Mazza Gallerie 7
FL Miami AMC Sunset Place 24 with IMAX
FL Orlando Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 with IMAX
FL Jacksonville Regal The Avenues Stadium 20
GA Atlanta Regal Hollywood 24 @ North I-85
ID Boise Regal Boise Stadium 22 with IMAX
IL Chicago Regal City North 14 with RPX
IN Indianapolis Regal Galaxy 14
KY Louisville Cinemark Tinseltown Louisville
LA Baton Rouge Regal Citiplace 11
MA Boston Regal Fenway 13 with RPX
MN Minneapolis Regal Brooklyn Center 20
MO Fenton Regal Gravois Bluffs Stadium 12
MO Kansas City Regal Kansas City 18 Cinemas
NC Charlotte Regal Stonecrest 22 @ Piper Glen with IMAX
NE Omaha AMC Oakview 24 with IMAX
NM Albuquerque Regal Cottonwood 16
NV Las Vegas Regal Village Square 18
NY New York Regal Union Square Stadium 14
NY Buffalo Regal Transit Center Stadium 19 with IMAX
OH Columbus Regal Georgesville Stadium 16
OK Oklahoma City Cinemark Tinseltown USA
ON Toronto Cineplex Yonge & Dundas
OR Portland Regal Lloyd Center 10 with IMAX
PA Philadelphia Regal Riverview Plaza
PA Pittsburgh Cinemark Pittsburgh North 11
PQ Montreal Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Montreal + IMAX
SC Columbia Regal Columbiana Grande Stadium 14
TN Nashville Regal Opry Mills 21 with IMAX
TX Houston Regal Houston Marq*E Stadium 22 plus IMAX
TX San Antonio Regal Cielo Vista 18
TX Dallas Regal Galaxy Theatre
UT Salt Lake City Cinemark Salt Lake City 16
VA Virginia Beach AMC Lynnhaven 18 with IMAX
WA Seattle AMC Pacific Place 11

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8 Author Replies

  • Awesome. I’m Planning to go and represent the Playstation MVPs!

  • Are you serious?! I hope sony has some big plans :D

    Columbus Ohio Here:)

  • That theater is 5 minutes from where I live. I will be there.

  • Feel free to arrive late. This will be a Sony presser :)

  • morris_family

    I’ll be the only MVP (as far as I know) attend the event in Seattle.

  • nailgunmassacre

    Man I wish there were a theater in Tampa. I’m half tempted to head to Orlando…

  • If this was in New Orleans I would totally go…
    But it’s in Baton Rouge so…
    Sorry Sony!
    Kinda glad, would have been a tough decision between this and Smash Bros Best Buy event..

  • Come on, Sony Chile!!!

    You CAN do it too!!!

  • I’m planning to go see it in Seattle.

  • For those mentioning the 2 different days. I can only take off so many days from work for E3!

  • Only 3 for Canada? What a slap in the face.

  • Yeah, but can I give it a 1 star rating on IMDB?

  • Exist2Inspire02

    Sucks that the only Canadian cities are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Was really hoping for a showing in Winnipeg.

    All things considered, this is still pretty cool!

  • Vinland_Krauser

    I don’t think The Last Guardian alone will live up to the hype worthy of full theater rooms.
    You guys must have something pretty big under your sleeves, E3 can’t come soon enough.

  • Sounds awesome, Too bad I live on the wrong side of the ocean!

  • Very neat, i wish my country had something similar


    No Calgary? Come on!

  • Not a single theater in Michigan. Sony, I am disappoint

  • Registered for me and the wife to the Santa Monica one! Gonna have to bee line it after work from Irvine to make it, but so excited!! Such a cool thing to do :D

  • Sweetness. :)

    This is a great opportunity for fans. Thanks Sony!

  • I RSVP’d for myself and a friend! Cant tricking wait!!!

  • damn no halifax ns, ah well i’ll still be watching

  • UnrealSackboy

    Woooo! me and my gf attending in DC! gonna be awesome! :D Gonna get me some popcorn and watch the awesomeness unfold!

  • CrusaderForever

    Awesome idea! Just registered and I am looking forward to all the Sony E3 goodness! Hopefully they have WiFi so I can VRP Bound by Flame from the theater while I wait!! If not Killzone Mercenary SP will keep me entertained.

  • Damn Younge and dundas is just a little far for me sadly, might change my mind, but oh well, will the PS4 get to stream it live? If so, I’m good :)

  • Ok then you gatta start on time sony!

  • MVP representing in Chicago – see you there!

  • Sony, you guys better bring it. I want to see some killer ps4 exclusives.

  • Awesome! BTW I’m over 17 but my brother isn’t, would he be able to come too?

  • I would LOVE to go to the one in Boston, but depending on how long it takes to actually start & when it actually ends I might not be able to commute back out of Boston via the local T. Since I’d rather not get a hotel room for the night, it looks like I unfortunately won’t be able to go.

  • “You’ll be able to watch all the gaiety from your computer or smart phone right here on PlayStation.Blog”

    Good use of “gaiety” Sid :D

  • how bout let us view the conference thru the ps4/ps3?

  • dancerboy411

    Anyone planning on going to San Diego? Let’s meet up! -Rick

  • Awesome idea Sony, I like it and if I didn’t have to work that night I would be there in a heartbeat. I hope that this goes well and you do it again next year!

  • Awesome, there’s one in Kentucky fairly close by :D
    Thank you for making it late, as I have work early in the day (Monday) but I got Tuesday off so I can make this. Sounds fun.

  • LightOfValkyrie

    Representing the MVPs in Buffalo/Williamsville, NY. Looking forward to this.

  • Very cool! Too bad I have a final that day… Ill be attending E3 on Thursday though!

  • awesome idea! though,i think i’m going to stay home and watch it either on my laptop or my new 40 inch tevee.
    gotta get ready with the doritos and soda as well XD

  • I’d be willing to pay money to be there, but I’m in Hawaii so I can’t even make a trip. Sad.

  • Toronto and Montreal, but not Ottawa. Go figure. Oh well.

  • Of course South Dakota wouldn’t have one ;) hehe
    I’ll be streaming it online instead :D

  • Signed up and looking forward to the fun. Last PlayStation event in a theater I went to was Uncharted 2 and that was a blast.

  • Fantastic! I RSVP’ed for Orlando. Hope to see some great fans!

  • No love for Michigan come on now. Every time we get forgotten I gotta move to moans or LA to see any real action in these promotions.

  • the-machine-24

    Absolutely gorgeous! A really great idea. Nice job, Sony. Credit where credit is due.

  • How come no Canadian movie theaters? Is the free gift the playstation platinum headset???

  • @30

    Where do you live?

    Sony’s previous conferences have been about 1.5 hours. Tack on another half hour for the extras and it looks like it’ll be 2 hours, you’ll you’ll be out by 11 (10:30 if you skip the extras). The T runs until 1am, so you should be fine, unless you’re worried about a specific commuter rail schedule.

  • I registered both myself & my lady in NYC! Extremely excited, I will have my Vita in hand as well! I am also curious as to what the Playstation Collectible will be along with the surprise gift!? Long Live Playstation!!!!

  • WHY NOT PUERTO RICO???? We also love the Playstation!!!!!! My 2 kids would love to go. I am sad, we are always out of everything.

  • toothdecaykills

    @46 There are a few Canadian theatres. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to be exact.

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