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May 29

May 29

PlayStation Plus – 2 Titles Per Month for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Next month, PlayStation Plus will reach its 4th year milestone. PS Plus has evolved a lot as a membership since then. We’ve provided our PS Plus members with numerous exclusive discounts, access to betas, demos and even select games early, and of course,free games to play through our Instant Game Collection. As our members have grown with us from our introduction on PS3, PS Vita and now PS4, together we have built a strong community of gamers around the world.

The excitement around PlayStation 4 has been tremendous, and it has been exciting to see how quickly our dedicated community has rallied around the system, adopting and engaging with its features and spreading the word about what makes PS4 the best console available. PlayStation Plus has been an essential part of PlayStation 4, providing access to next-gen online multiplayer and a steady stream of great games including Resogun, Outlast, Don’t Starve and Mercenary Kings. Since we are always looking to continue evolving PS Plus to be a service that really serves our community, we are excited to provide a more balanced set of games introduced each month with PS Plus. As you’ll see below, starting in June, members will have access to two titles per month for each of our platforms.

Since we’ve seen how excited many of you are to download Instant Game Collection titles as soon as they’re available, we’ve decided to adjust the length of time each title will be available. Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available the first Tuesday of the month, and will be free for the month, until the first Tuesday of the following month, taking the guesswork out of how long the game will be available for free. In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out, so if you’re new to the service and haven’t had a chance to download all of the titles available through PS Plus — or if you’ve been thinking about subscribing but haven’t yet — now is the perfect time to get all the great games available with PS Plus.

Protip: you don’t have to download the game to your hard drive (or memory card) to gain the entitlement — you can also go to the web store, add them to your cart and check out. Once the game says “Purchased” below it when you’re logged in, you’ll be set for the future as long as you’re a PS Plus member.

Members have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, including the Destiny multiplayer beta (for members who have pre-ordered the game), Driveclub PS Plus Edition, Secret Ponchos and more.

Now – Matthew Harper from our Community Team is here to tell you all about June’s lineup! Take it away, Matt:

Plus - Trine 2

Okay, now that you’re all up to speed with PlayStation Plus, let’s go over the games you’ll get this month. Buddy up, because your two PS4 games are best when experienced with a friend (or two). Trine 2: Complete Story is a puzzle platformer set in a gorgeous fantasy world, where you’ll switch between heroes (a thief, warrior and mage) to complete your journey. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate merges the campaigns of Pixlejunk Shooter 1 and 2 and wraps them up in fancier visuals, plus some extra perks like cross-play and cross-save.

On PS3, Plus members get NBA 2K14 — just in time for the NBA finals. The latest in the franchise features a new Path to Greatness starring the reigning NBA champion LeBron James. Sly Cooper and pals are back in Thieves of Time — since it’s a cross-buy title, Plus members will get both the PS3 and Vita versions next month.

Finally, PS Vita owners get Terraria and Mutant Mudds Deluxe. Terraria is a procedurally generated sandbox game where you’ll build crazy structures and fight insane boss monsters, while Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a spin on the traditional 2D platformers of years past – they’ve got the art style and chiptune tracks down, but you can also hop into a third dimension with a nifty jetpack. Jetpacks are cool.

Watch the video below to see June’s lineup in action.

June PlayStation Plus Preview

Trine 2

Trine 2: Complete Story (PS4)
Free for PS Plus members

Trine 2: Complete Story is a beautiful, award-winning sidescrolling game of action, puzzles and platforming. Play as the three Heroes – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief – and join their adventure through dangers untold in a fantastical fairytale world, including physics-based puzzles using fire, water, gravity and magic wicked goblins and their evil plan and a magical environment full of wonder.

Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate

Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4)
Free for PS Plus members

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is a twin-stick shooter with equal elements of action, exploration and puzzle solving. Saving scientists and uncovering the mysteries of an ill-fated research trip requires you to study and manipulate your environment. Blast and dig through rock and ice, unleashing floods of water, lava, gas, magnetic oil and even deadly stomach acid, all powered by an advanced fluid mechanics simulation.

NBA 2k14

NBA 2K14 (PS3)
Free for PS Plus members

NBA 2K13 was a monstrous release for the world’s 1 NBA video game franchise, with more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and ‘Best Of’ mentions. NBA 2K14 will raise the bar yet again, providing the best basketball gaming experience for legions of sports fans and gamers around the world.

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3)
Free for PS Plus members

The pages of the Thievius Raccoonus are disappearing and now Sly and The Gang must get back together to save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever! Travel through time, meeting and playing as Sly’s ancestors as you race to recover the past to save their future.


Terraria (PS Vita)
Free for PS Plus members

DIG, FIGHT, EXPLORE, BUILD! Nothing is impossible in the special edition version of this action-packed sandbox adventure! Over a dozen environments and hundreds of items to craft and enemies to defeat! The world is your canvas – make it your own.

Mutant Mudds

Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PS Vita)
Free for PS Plus members

Love pixels? Fond of platformers? Is there a special place in your heart for the 8-bit and 16-bit era? Want to have fun? Yes!? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a “12-bit” action platformer full of pixels and platforming fun! Our hero, Max, may be just a 2D sprite, but he can leap into the third dimension by jetting between the background and the foreground playfields with his trusty jetpack in this unique dimensionally-woven experience.

If you’ve got feedback on PlayStation Plus make sure you take the poll above as well as leave a comment below. To chat about all things PlayStation, including this update, you can head over to the PlayStation Community Forums. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or you can start your own discussion.

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KnifingGrimace said:

May 29th, 1:02 pm

Ugh, I’m crushed. I was hoping the “leaked” IGC image would be true and we’d be getting FarCry3, RE6, and Batman Blackgate.

Well, this isn’t bad, but… Still hoping for those titles down the line.

JKar275 said:

May 29th, 1:04 pm

Why are Timed Trials of digital versions of full games on the PS4 & PS3 (for PS Plus members) almost non-existent?

The most recent Timed Trial of a full game was for Battlefield 4 on the PS3?

Is it too much to ask that each & every digital version of a PS4 & PS3 game BE REQUIRED to have a Timed Trial for PS Plus members?

givingtheguid said:

May 29th, 1:11 pm

It’s like someone at Sony is watching me and trying to prevent me from getting new free titles.
I buy Remember me, next month it’s free!
I buy Bioshock, Next month it’s free!
I buy Sly Cooper, Guess what? Free!
I could go on. DMC, Lone Survivor, Brothers, it’s like every time I buy a game next month it’s free.

Brandonlee2131 said:

May 29th, 1:12 pm

Where are the retail games. Is my ps4 an overpriced ouya. You guys are really trying to make sure you dont loose a dime giving games away for on average prolly 80 a year for one person but then you make up for giving away indies and by overpricing downloads and not keeping current with the prices at retail stores. Theres no packaging cost no labor or materials cost and still its the same or more than in the store. I can get aliens colonial marines for 5.99 new at gamestop. Its like 39.9 9 ps store. We want next gen ps4 retail games the igc games used to be why i loved sony over microsoft i thought you guys actually wanted to give back to the guys who ultimately write you checks but now its all indie crap. Even the discounts are crap now and there are no discounts for ps4 not even a discount section. Id rather just get point for subscibing to plus and buying games dlc movies ect. And have it where i could use those points towards games i want. Now thats how you do it and cunsumers would love you for it ive spent thousands and now its starting to be not worth ps plus subscription

Brandonlee2131 said:

May 29th, 1:15 pm

Dud on comment 351 i feel ya i have over 200 games on my dwnld list and now when i buy one on sale its free the next mnth

DanteMerfi said:

May 29th, 1:17 pm

Go ahead and cancel your Plus subscription and stop whining about how bad it is. I dare you to find a better value for your buck anywhere else. You’d be back in no time.

Valyrious said:

May 29th, 1:18 pm

351: Avoid buying games, and that doesn’t become an issue. I’m sure it happens to all of us sometimes though. And it’s unavoidable. It’s a cost of business. At least it’s games that you like, if you paid for them. And other people will get to enjoy them. That’s the way I see it.

The_Remonster said:

May 29th, 1:20 pm

Hey! Very excited about the additional of more bonuses per month! I’ve been downloading Vita games since I got PS Plus even though I didn’t have a Vita. Just bought one two days ago and instantly had 10+ games thanks to Playstation Plus!

If I could have one wish, it would be for the US to also get access to Dragon’s Crown for Vita! I already have it for PS3, and I would love to take that baby on the road!

Ikaros19 said:

May 29th, 1:21 pm

horrible month =(

IFr0zetheTurtle said:

May 29th, 1:27 pm

I actually really love the way this is going. I love Trine 2 and this would be a great game to be able to co op with my friend who loved the demo but has never played anything else in it. I also wanted to try out Pixel Junk, so that is good. I loved Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, so that is great for anyone who hasn’t played it yet. Sports games aren’t my thing, but some people like them so I guess that is good. I love the new way you guys are going actually! I usually only play 1 or 2 of the PS3 games a month anyway, so that isn’t bad, but real excited to get more stuff for my PS4. Also I am super happy everything will be coming out all at once, so I won’t have to wait between games. Good job guys, grats on 4 years, and here is to 4 more!

JonJonXD said:

May 29th, 1:31 pm

Wow way to try and keep me inside, Sony!

This is an awesome update!

DrTran64 said:

May 29th, 1:31 pm

hooray! third month in a row, of games i either already own, or have ZERO interest in. best money i ever spent….thanks guys..

Kevvik said:

May 29th, 1:33 pm

While I like the idea of hitting us as the start of the month with all the free games, I can’t help but be concerned about the direction the games are going.

PS4 needs to start giving games that are a little more substantial, especially with requiring PS+ for online use. I’m not looking for AAA titles (not yet, but should see 1 around Christmas that isn’t an abbreviated Drive Club) but while Trine 2 is a step up, PJSU is an app not a game. Likewise in the Vita titles, though Sly 4 cross-buy helps out with the poor choices this month.

Kevvik said:

May 29th, 1:33 pm

My biggest concern is the run of sports games. This feels like a move to start marginalizing PS3 gamers. First PES, now NBA, next month MLB? Then NFL, NCAA, UFC? Does this move into renewing these games every year with the new incarnation and basically screwing non-sports game players on their monthly games? In June next year, we get NBA 2K15? This bodes poorly for Sony and seems like a cheap avoidance tactic. We went through this with the slew of fighting games last year and thought we had moved past this kind of thinking. I would rather see quality PSOne/PS2 Classics get given out (not Dora and Disney junk titles) than continue this run like this.

So, I’m not impressed currently and hope we will sort this out soon.

DrTran64 said:

May 29th, 1:33 pm

@DanteMerfi it’s really not as simple as canceling your plus subscription, as now you MUST have one, if you want to play multiplayer on PS4…

RjK311jR said:

May 29th, 1:37 pm

The audacity and nerve all or most of you have to complain or argue about which game and/or games are coming out, have been out and may be coming out is unbelievable! They don’t have to do anything for any of us!! This started as a way to say sorry to Ps plus owners when they were hacked and they redid there entire security system! They ended up continuing to do it and now people complain and argue/cry!! Be appreciative, say thanks, and try new things… Don’t hate or they will stop it! Its a great gesture and I highly appreciate it Sony! THANK YOU EVERY for every month in the PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE! Have tried things id never would have! Again people be appreciative they don’t have to do this at all! And it seems they have just made it more consistent!! Thanks Sony!!! To all complainers stop whining, get a job and buy some games for a change! Stop relying on others to provide your source of entertainment for FREE! Done and out!

UlloaMMA said:

May 29th, 1:40 pm

Why I do not see the download PES 2014 for all games if MAY appear only me but that does not appear to me is the PES2014?

DanteMerfi said:

May 29th, 1:40 pm

@363 So you’re going to continue paying for it, you just love to complain. Got it.

TooLVolta said:

May 29th, 1:41 pm

Hey Sid, Matthew, John. Any chance you guys can get a sale on all street fighter titles on psn store asap?

TYruler50 said:

May 29th, 1:42 pm

ps plus is NOT free so stop saying it is. Just about all of us paid for it and you can’t cancel your subscription. When I pay for something I have ever right to complain about it and to think i should always accept what i pay for is anti-consumerist.

DragonusFirus said:

May 29th, 1:44 pm

@354: “Go ahead and cancel your Plus subscription and stop whining about how bad it is. I dare you to find a better value for your buck anywhere else. You’d be back in no time.” – and that makes any bull**** thrown at the consumers fair game, eh? cool…

I am not saying the current update is BS; just saying that even if it is BS, thats no reason to complain – according to you. correct?

Kevvik said:

May 29th, 1:45 pm

Just to be on the record, I have been with PS+ since the start and appreciate the free games, all of them, and have defended what, for me, were uninteresting months as long as they switched it up. No one will be happy with all the games all the time but we were getting pretty unimaginative in the selections, the biggest one being the drove of fighting games last year.

But Sony stepped it up and started giving variety again and quality titles (even the indies), which is what I look for. The 2 months in a row with big sports titles as the main game smacks of heading down the rabbit hole again into uninspired selections focused on a small niche group. If we got just a couple of sports games a year, I’m fine with that, there are PS+ owners who love them. I just worry that this is starting a trend of sports games similar to the endless PSP/PSV/PS3 fighting games we already complained through. I’m not looking for a AAA RPG every month even though it is my favorite genre but a couple of games from each genre a year helps give everyone something they like.

I could be wrong about the sports games, I hope I am, but when something looks like the start of a trend, I’ll call it one until they prove otherwise.

deanjdl said:

May 29th, 1:49 pm


catalin said:

May 29th, 1:51 pm

If you look on the IGC right now, there is a lot of variety. I doubt Sony could give out 64 titles a year, and have one person enjoy every single one of them.

LatoJC said:

May 29th, 1:52 pm

The 2 games a month is nice i just wish Zenimax would pull their heads out of their bums i have no PC and after waiting this long for ESO they want to wait 6 more months to play it on PS4 and theres a paygate to play imperials… I’m saddend as a Elder Scrolls Series fan. But more than that they hired a company for Fallout New Vegas and never fixed the bugs…Ihope this isn’t the new trend for game developers.

Ninjackz said:

May 29th, 1:54 pm

EU! gets Dragon’s Crown!!! >_<

Amir_G_M_US said:

May 29th, 1:58 pm

it’s another sad month for Vita
sorry.. I expected a better game than Terreira or the other one… something like Little Big Planet, maybe a Dead Nation for Vita..
it’s been a while since we had a GREAT game for vita for free

DanteMerfi said:

May 29th, 2:02 pm

I love how some people want Sony to save the Vita but then also want Sony to give out all good Vita games for free. Be realistic, guys. We get Terraria, Sly Cooper, Pixeljunk Shooter and Mutant Mudd this month. That’s a pretty good month in my view.

Krazybone said:

May 29th, 2:08 pm

You wont believe it, i just downloaded the Demo two days ago for Terraria, and was thinking of buying it…
thank you guys.

TRINE 2 is amazing, ….
Sony have a secret…. wait for E3… IGC anybody !!!!

can’t wait

In the mean time WatchDogs!!!!

R2tito11 said:

May 29th, 2:16 pm

Really disappointed, i expected a better lineup for this month …. since E3 is coming and all; don’t get me wrong, i love PS+, but June has always been the month where you give us great new games for our Ps+ membership

HallowSeeker said:

May 29th, 2:17 pm

While this new 2 games per system every month is great, the games are still a disappointment. The February line up was the best month on IGC, and there was at least one playable game for the next two months with Tomb Raider and Batman AC, but now it’s nothing but Indie’s Sports and Children’s games. Adding some PS 1 and 2 classics to the mix would really add to the IGC every month if you’re running out of title’s to use.

MrSolidius said:

May 29th, 2:20 pm

Omg this is a horrible month for ps3 .
Nice for Vita and ps4.
Why would you put a NBA game when we had a soccer game this month?
Europe is getting dragon crown and I’m just here gagging on the ps3 selection.

pinolian said:

May 29th, 2:20 pm

you whiners kill me!
You are getting 6 free games for a little over 5 lousy bucks a month and you jerks are complaining about it!!
Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Soul Sacrifice, Borderlands 2, Metro Last Light, Resogun
These games alone make the subscription worth having over the 6 months, and yet you guys keep crying when you dont get a new triple A title every month
Why dont you price those games retail and then see how much you would whine..

RICHBOY441 said:

May 29th, 2:24 pm

They are not free, I’m paying $50 a year for a service to provide me with games. I have every right to complain, whether it’s Call of Shock: infinite, or Uncharted Female edition. I have every right to give negative feed back.

rabidninjamonky said:

May 29th, 2:33 pm

Great month for me. I’m really looking forward to Pixeljunk Ultimate and Terraria. I would have paid $20 for Pixeljunk Ultimate alone. Thanks suckers!

TimeSkipLuffyUS said:

May 29th, 2:34 pm

@381 the US PS+ subscription never promised you to provide the games YOU want! You always have the option to cancel your subscription or go over to MS. You complain about a service that never promised specific games! The agreement was that you get rental games for your subscription. Which ones is up to Sony. If you don’t like this agreement that is known I don’t know why you subscribed for PS+ at first place.

Valyrious said:

May 29th, 2:36 pm

@381 Why complain though if you are indeed a “rich boy”? Surely you’re rich enough to buy all the games on Day 1 for retail price.

Gamerzlimited said:

May 29th, 2:40 pm

Much better month than the last one, but not better than February and before. Was considering getting Terraria on PS Vita eventually, but now I won’t have to.

@RICHBOY441 And you’re a greedy pig just like the rest of them. Luffy is right, 3rd party companies get to decide what games are on PS+. If you paid $50 just to get games, then you must be pretty stupid.

Mighty_Thorthea said:

May 29th, 2:42 pm

I am happy with the games but upset that they are removing the E3 IGC games. That is a downgrade of service.

RICHBOY441 said:

May 29th, 2:49 pm

Let me ask you something, if Third party companies decide what they want to put out, then why is Dragon’s crown out on the European PS+. Stop being a sony drone jesus, imagine you go to a five star restaurant and get a half cooked meal. I have every right to complain to the cook. Now imagine I go to the same restaurant and get a 5 month old re-heated soup, then some idiot sitting next to me yelling “WOW IT’S FREE EVEN THOUGH YOU PAY FOR IT! GOSH YOU’RE SUCH A GREEDY PIG!!”. This is Xbox tier fanboyism.

Astroking112 said:

May 29th, 2:49 pm

I was excited, but I’d be disappointed to find out that the two games every month is coming at the cost of a full collection. One of the best perks about PS+ has been the fact that there’s such a huge list at any given time, with some new stuff every month. Standardizing the amount of free games every month is great, but I really don’t want it to be only a monthly service like a certain competitor now. Please tell me that I’m wrong.

lisatsunami said:

May 29th, 2:50 pm

Yay, finally a game I’m actually going to download from Plus! Trine 2 for PS4. I played Trine 2 on PS3 and it was great. Can only be better now.

I actually now have a PS4 backlog, to add to my ridiculous PS3 and Vita backlogs. Ah, first world problems.

secularsage said:

May 29th, 3:11 pm

I have mixed feelings myself — I’ve enjoyed the current setup and will be sad to see it go. PS+ has helped me to discover games I wouldn’t have otherwise played, and cutting down the number of available games seems like a step backwards rather than forwards.

On the other hand, I’m REALLY liking that two of the six games this June are cross-buy, which means that VIta users essentially get 4 games (one of which, Terraria, has consumed dozens of hours of my life, and that was prior to the great 1.2 update!). PS+ is extremely rewarding for those who own two or three of the systems. I’m looking forward to playing all the PS4 games I’ve already racked up as a member as I wait for the Sony Rewards store to get some systems in stock!

In either event, I hope the discounts for Plus members continue. I really enjoy their frequency and value.

Gamerzlimited said:

May 29th, 3:14 pm

@RICHBOY441 I’m not sure if you noticed but you are directing that to the wrong person, but I’m pretty sure you meant me. To answer your comment, it’s because that’s what NIS America wants. ATLUS has no control over the EU side because they don’t have a branch there. A meal at a 5 star restaurant is completely different and is a terrible example to compare this to. I didn’t buy my PS+ subscription for the games, I got it for the deep discounts and the save data cloud storage. People who uses PS+ for the games are nothing but cheapskates. If you want something, buy it yourself. PS+ is not meant to satisfy just you, it’s for everyone.

FeistFan said:

May 29th, 3:32 pm

WOW…that’s all I can say, is WOW.

Sly Cooper and a good basketball game, in the same month. AWESOME. Haven’t seen a decent sports game in a long time (the soccer game for May might have counted, but since I don’t know beans about soccer it doesn’t count for ME – but basketball is another story).

The new setup for the new year is interesting. Less excitement through the month, but fewer disappointments wondering if THIS week is the week that game you want shows up, or if it will be NEXT week. Parity for the platforms is nice, too (even though I only have a PS3). I think it will be a good decision overall, particularly if the rest of the month you follow through on some of the other promises of Plus – free demos, extra content (themes or avatars), and more of the decent discounts you’ve offered lately.

Looks promising. The proof will come as we see the games list.

GrimlockFan64 said:

May 29th, 3:36 pm

I started to think “But we already got Trine 2…” but then I saw it was the Complete version for PS4, so nevermind! XD

PS3 selection is half-disappointing, seeing as I’m not big on sports games (but its great for those that are and am glad to see some variety of genres on here regardless), and I had already beaten Thieves in Time when I rented it. Still a fun game though, so I can at least go back and get my platinum trophy (platinum’d the other games in the series already, why not go for four? :P)!

ZaelKain said:

May 29th, 3:44 pm

Cool, so its going to be like they do on the EU PS+ only that they will bump it to 2 PS4 games instead of the 1 (they usually been getting 5 games 1 ps4, 2 ps3, 2 vita). I think this system is nice, and will give kinda more time to finish the games during the month since we getting it on the beginning, then again there is always that backlog !

TwinDad said:

May 29th, 3:45 pm


I’m not sure what is left to discuss or highlight at E3 other than July’s content. The IGC is now monthly. You get July’s IGC games on the First Tuesday in July, then all those games are removed on the first Tuesday in August. Lather rise, repeat each month, 2 PS4 games, 2 PS3 games, and 2 Vita games.

MimiPRGameFreak said:

May 29th, 3:55 pm

My only complaint for June is about NBA 2K14. You guys are basically giving us a game that you will be unable to get platinum in a few days once the playoffs ends. What’s the point in giving us NBA 2K14 when in a week or 2 is going to be unplattable? It’s like giving us NBA 2K11, 2K12, & 2K13. All unplattable. Would be great if it was given during the mid season of the NBA, but not at the end of the season & playoffs.

Satavax said:

May 29th, 4:00 pm

It’s surprising to see how ppl whine and whine so easily even when they are already getting way more value back for their $50 PS+ ! Let see how BAD they whine when they pay for the XBOX with gold for online play and ancient games on 360.

Love the free games rebalancing between the 3 platforms so I have more motivation to stay on my PS4 !

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