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Jun 05

Jun 05

Loadout: PS4 Console Exclusive, Free to Play, Billions of Weapon Combos

Mark Nau's Avatar Posted by Creative Director, Edge of Reality

Greetings, PlayStation folks! My name is Mark Nau, and I’m the Creative Director at Edge of Reality. We’re the folks who made Loadout, a game about resolving your differences by blasting, burning, and/or exploding anybody who disagrees with you. I know you PS4 fans are a pretty tight-knit community, but let’s face it – once in a while, you’re going to feel the need to shoot somebody’s legs off, and I’m proud to announce that we’re giving you billions of ways to do that. In case you haven’t already guessed from the blog title or that introduction, we’re bringing Loadout as a console exclusive to PlayStation 4!

Loadout is a game that lets you concoct the weapon of your dreams and/or nightmares from hundreds of component parts, and share their payloads with your friends in fast-paced matches, with violently comedic results. Giant death beam? We’ve got it covered. Bouncy Tesla balls? Sure. Laser-guided cluster-bomb rockets? Hey, we’re not here to judge. Loadout has literally billions of different weapon combinations, and you can wield every last one of them once we launch on PS4. We’re going to be adjusting all the scopes and balancing the barrels so your weapons of choice feel right at home on DualShock 4.

Putting a visually unique game like Loadout on PS4 is a treat for us. The sprawling levels and bombastic characters look as glorious and murderable as ever! When you shoot someone in Loadout, you know it and they know it: limbs and heads sever, gaping holes display the delightfully shiny organs within, and flesh burns to a well-done crisp. The lavish animation and art will be right at home on PS4.

Loadout on PS4

Loadout on PS4Loadout on PS4

All this, and the game is free-to-play. All the shooting, all the running away from the people who are shooting, all the shooting the people before they can shoot you, you get it all – along with all of the mangled corpses, burnt landscapes, and slightly damaged friendships that come with it.

Since we launched on PC earlier this year, we’ve already had 3 million players join the carnage. We can’t wait to have all of you jumping into the arena with them and covering the walls in more vital fluids than we know what to do with. We’ll keep you posted on the launch date, but until then, watch the trailer above to see what you’re in for.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog and our offical site for more!

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June 5th, 9:04 am

Looks like fun!!

YungShep said:

June 5th, 9:06 am


I heard about this a while ago on pc xD. Thanks for bringing it to PS4 :)

chev327flatout said:

June 5th, 9:09 am

It is a great game and I really enjoy it on my laptop… can;t wait for the PS4 version as I will enjoy it on there more.

Grexotic said:

June 5th, 9:09 am

LMMAO Thank you! 3-D Please!

Spider-Jew said:

June 5th, 9:10 am

Oh yes, this is a most excellent announcement. I have had fun playing this on PC and will be looking forward to playing on the PS4.

RE_Player said:

June 5th, 9:10 am

Looks like fun.

insano_jaco said:

June 5th, 9:11 am

WOW! Unexpected! One of the few PC only games that I really cared about!
And please, keep 60fps, don’t care if need to make it 960p, but please make it 60fps!

Bring it fast mate!

akiratech said:

June 5th, 9:11 am

thank you as a fan that PC just crapped out I love it!

Mark Nau's Avatar

Mark Nau said:

June 5th, 9:11 am

I’m the Creative Director at Edge of Reality, and if anyone has any questions about Loadout and our launch for PS4, fire away!

Mark Nau's Avatar

Alexey Menshikov said:

June 5th, 9:12 am

“PS4 Console Exclusive” means no other consoles? Just curious =)

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:16 am

    Yep, that’s what console exclusive means!

demonsgalore said:

June 5th, 9:15 am

Awesome! So much great games!

RecklessOnion_ said:

June 5th, 9:15 am

Hi Mark, great game ( i was in the beta and play on pc).

Amazing that i can play with my console irl buddies now, i just have 1 question.
60fps, something you guy’s are aiming for?

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:19 am

    Thanks, Reckless! I have engineers in the building who will murder me with axes if I make crazy promises, but I can say this. Our top people say they are shooting for 60, and are confident it can be reached. Shipping at 30 and later updating to 60 is a possibility, but not ideal. They will know more once they’ve had a chance to get in and optimize.

Einhander138 said:

June 5th, 9:16 am

We all know what this means.

“Free to play” = Pay to win.

How about instead of gouging consumers, you put all the content on a disc and sell it at a set price?

It’s unbelievable how gullible publishers think consumers are.

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:23 am

    We’ve got millions of satisfied players who have been able to play a great game for no cost at all! For a lot of people, that’s a much better deal than paying up-front for a shipped title. Having a preference for pay-up-front is fine. There’s plenty of games out there like that, too. We’ve done both kinds of games, and we really like the ongoing game support that we can provide our players in the F2P model.

LebGuns said:

June 5th, 9:17 am

Don’t mean to jump the gun here, but I’ve been hoping this game would come to PS4 since it was released on PC! Is there a target resolution/framerate for the PS4 version? Or at least a potential beta/release date?

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:24 am

    We don’t have a target release date yet. Our engineers are still working on the technical details, but are targeting 60 fps and seem unusually confident.

x_-WAR-_xJ0k3R said:

June 5th, 9:22 am

Nice, ever since this came out on steam I wanted it to be on PS4 so i could play with my friends, I’m very very pleased to hear these news!

sabot37 said:

June 5th, 9:22 am

Looks fantastic! Will there be trophies? Please?

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:26 am

    Why wouldn’t we have trophies? What sort of monsters are we?

smoothboarder540 said:

June 5th, 9:29 am

Yet another PC game ported over to the ps4. Lazy.

ArkansasRob said:

June 5th, 9:32 am

Hey guys loved the game on my crappy pc, two qestions 1. Will there be a open and or closed beta? 2. If so where can I sign up? P.S for those of you worrying about the free to play model I can assure you that loudout is one of the fairest games in all the land

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:36 am

    Thanks for the support, ArkansasRob. We don’t know our exact plans for PS4 Beta yet. We did an extensive closed beta on the PC, so we definitely believe in working with our community to help improve the game. We’ll sent a shout-out in social media when we’re looking for PS4 beta players.

smoothboarder540 said:

June 5th, 9:37 am

No disrespect to the devs. I’m sure you guys worked hard on it. Just tell me why I shouldn’t just go download it on my PC instead of dealing with these shenanigans.

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:44 am

    No disrespect taken. I know there’s a lot of games I prefer to play on console, and I have different circles of friends who play on different platforms. One definite advantage for a console exclusive is that we can focus on optimizing specifically for the PS4, so we know exactly what hardware all of our players have and can make that the best experience for them!

Teflon02 said:

June 5th, 9:37 am

I just heard of this, Looked up videos and man this needs to come asap!! can’t wait. Can you use character models that are not giant tank dudes and big girls? I’m not much of a fan of those character types in games, but apart from that, game looks like it will be mad fun with friends

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:40 am

    We’re currently running technical tests on character models that are significantly different from the current ones!

a7medii-bh said:

June 5th, 9:39 am

i love pc games when they move to ps4 my favorite console ever ! gna play it for sure to have maximum fun

thanks guys for being on ps4 ! hopefully releasing soon enough

Emyrus said:

June 5th, 9:43 am

Something delightfully twisted and messed up about that game. Sorta reminds me of a cross between PAIN, and Twisted Metal without vehicles.

Teflon02 said:

June 5th, 9:43 am

Awesome to hear!! Hopefully implemented, either way, I’ll be playing this for sure, kinda gives me that goofy ratchet and clank vibe, but taken into that unrated realm, which I love haha.

FredNation said:

June 5th, 9:45 am

Will my stats from PC transfer to PS4’s Loadout? That would be great news!

Also how about items bought on PC? Can those also be transferred?

Thanks! Very excited!

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

June 5th, 9:46 am

The cartoony expression on the guy’s face in the first image is selling this game for me already.


June 5th, 9:47 am

You had me at FREE! :)
Will this be playable at E3?
When you say “SOON” will I be able to play this before the year ends?

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 9:56 am

    Sorry, we don’t have any definite dates yet! We’re working on getting all the technical and user-interface stuff perfect. We’ll let everyone know when we know more!

PHead4 said:

June 5th, 9:48 am

Loves this game ever since I saw the achievement hunters so a lets play of it. Can’t wait to play on the ps4!

ac1drain_ said:

June 5th, 9:52 am

Very excited to try this out! My PC died just as I received my beta invite. Thanks for bringing it to the PS4!

puamdefoke said:

June 5th, 9:53 am

This game is great bdw,.. Really fun,.. and Thank you people for bringing it to PlayStation,..

HeavyToka said:

June 5th, 9:56 am

This game looks over the top and hilarious! Count me in!

vitalogy11 said:

June 5th, 9:59 am

Sorry if this was answered but will my unlocks and progress from the PC version carry over to this PS4 version?

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 10:10 am

    Sorry, we don’t have any answers on account sharing right now. It’s quite complicated, and we’re not sure what we’re going to wind up with yet.

xClayMeow said:

June 5th, 10:01 am

I was quite disappointed with it when I played the beta on PC, but hearing others saying it’s a great game now, maybe I should go give it another shot now that it’s “complete”.

XxKyubi_kunxX said:

June 5th, 10:06 am


I suggest doing a little research on the game before you make such assumptions. This game actually was made to avoid the Pay-to-win structure of most F2P games. The ONLY thing that you’d need to buy are cosmetic options. You aren’t allowed to buy gun parts except with the in game currency. Therefore, it is in no way a pay-to-win. Strictly play-to-win.

Dientes_chuecos said:

June 5th, 10:08 am

I played this awesome game on PC. I have a question: Does the version of PS4 will be censored?

    Mark Nau's Avatar

    Mark Nau said:

    June 5th, 10:11 am

    We’re in the process of getting an ESRB rating. Not sure yet how that will turn out.

FearMonkey said:

June 5th, 10:13 am

And Insomniac said they changed the art style to be more serious for Fuse because the over-the-top violence didn’t work with a stylized art style.


This looks awesome.

NYPUNK88 said:

June 5th, 10:18 am

It looks fantastic, can’t wait to play it. About screen res/fps.. if you have to lower the res to get achieve a solid 60fps then do it, please! And thank you for bringing this to the PS4. :)

Sulumon said:

June 5th, 10:28 am

What the hell did I just watch?

honkayjeezus said:

June 5th, 10:29 am

Looks pretty cool, and something the PS4 needs.

Elvick_ said:

June 5th, 11:19 am

This looks super awesome.

GeoDarky said:

June 5th, 11:20 am

OMG! This is awesome! The first time i saw my brother playing this on steam i told him i wish this game is on PS4 i loved the art-style and the gameplay and according to my brother it is one of the best F2P game he ever played in term of monetization no pay-to-win and all that BS, so thank you Sony PS and Edge of Reality for bringing this to PS4 ^.^

Symbiotx said:

June 5th, 11:23 am

This looks pretty sweet. Thanks for bringing it to ps4!

saiyanknight87 said:

June 5th, 11:25 am

This is nice but are we getting this, this summer/fall? nothing is announced like at all for July

Kai_Shenlong said:

June 5th, 11:32 am

This is free to play done right. Only cosmetics and boost items are for sale using cash, weapon upgrades are purchased with currency earned in matches. The weapon customization is deep and rewarding, and I’ve sunk far too much time into the PC version already. This game is a lot of fun to play, just due to the sheer variety of weapons. I want this, quickly.

MakoSoul said:

June 5th, 11:44 am

This game looks ridiculous. I will definitely give it a try :)

Brandon_2535 said:

June 5th, 11:46 am

I’ve played this a little bit on PC and I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait for this to be on PS4! Count me in! Thanks for bringing it to the PS4!

Any plans to offer unique launch items for PlayStation players? Maybe like a unique outfit or something?

Any plans to offer bonuses or discounts on premium purchases for PlayStation Plus members?

YOCDUB said:

June 5th, 12:10 pm

Just a heads up, the videos on the PS Blog site do not work when viewing them through the PS4 web browser. You get a “missing plugin” error. You might want to fix that!

silent_kratos said:

June 5th, 12:11 pm

for thoes worried about F2P=pay to win, this is one of the very few games F2P done right, I mean even Jim Sterling thinks so!!

LasTion said:

June 5th, 12:11 pm

It looks like an awesome mixture of Team Fortress and Gotham City Imposters. I can’t wait!

Goodacre0081 said:

June 5th, 12:16 pm

ok I realize you’ve been asked multiple times about a release date but is it still too early to nail down the year yet? 2014 or 2015?


June 5th, 12:54 pm

From the beginning it was kinda fun, later everyone started to use just one type of loadout and later I dropped it. No thank you. Maybe sometime after a year then are going to be more balanced updates and stuff i’ll jump in. Too bad its a Console Exclusive, not many will play a lot on PS4 comparing to PC. But maybe if you’ll implement now a Cross Play between PC and PS4 that is a Win-Win.

p.s: Cheers!

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