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Jun 10

Jun 10

Bloodborne Coming Exclusively to PS4 in 2015, New Details

Masaaki Yamagiwa's Avatar Posted by Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio

Hello, PlayStation fans. This is Masaaki Yamagiwa from Japan Studio.

I am here to talk about a new Action RPG, Bloodborne, which will launch early 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console. Bloodborne is a new collaboration for us, being developed by FromSoftware and produced by SCE Japan Studio. This game will transport players to a dark and terror-filled gothic world, a world full of deranged beings and nightmarish creatures.

Bloodborne takes place in an ancient, forgotten city called Yharnam, known for an old medical remedy. Over the years, many hopeless and afflicted people have made long pilgrimages to Yharnam in search of help. As the main character, you are one of these travelers. However, you find that Yharnam is also cursed with a horrible endemic illness. You must navigate the perilous streets of this city, fighting off nightmarish creatures, malformed beasts and deranged mobs stricken with this horrific illness. Face your fears as you discover the secrets and mysteries of this dark and horrific world where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner.

In Bloodborne, the combat is based on intense life-threatening battles. One of the ways we are bringing that sense of danger to life is by keeping the deep strategic elements from Demon’s Souls, while also transitioning from the passive and block-and-attack style of Demon’s Souls to a quicker, more offensive and active combat style with close-range weapons and guns.


From the beautiful and melancholic architecture to the debris lining the street, Bloodborne will deliver an extremely rich and detailed world, all thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4 system. In addition, the PS4 system has allowed us to have an expanded draw distance, so we can show more of the world at any one time. New lighting effects allow us to add more atmosphere and tension to the game, making the horrifyingly detailed beasts and giant boss enemies you’ll be facing even more frightening.

I hope to be able to share more about our online features later this year, but I can say that we are developing new kinds of online experiences that allow users to share their adventures. We also look forward to giving fans new ways of playing and sharing thanks via the PS4 system’s Share capabilities.


Special message from Director Hidetaka Miyazaki:
“Creating Bloodborne as a completely new game on the new PlayStation 4 hardware has allowed us to really push the envelope in myriad ways. That being said, in more ways than one, it also very much retains our distinct, signature style. As has been at the core of our development philosophy since Demon’s Souls, we make true games for people who love games. Please watch for more to come on Bloodborne, and thank you very much for your support.”

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BlueBl1zzard said:

June 10th, 6:03 pm

I definitely want this game. And I agree with @lisatsunami, I loved Demon’s souls combat, so even if this was called Demon’s Souls 2 and was more of the same, you would still have a purchase from me.

peacewalker628 said:

June 10th, 6:04 pm

Been waiting for a game like this!

Alexander-tron said:

June 10th, 6:55 pm

I’m buying a PS4 for this game

RendangSapi2 said:

June 10th, 7:24 pm

This game and UC4 are a system seller for me. Can’t wait to explore Yharnam and discover deadly traps and monsters!

Raishin_Yaya said:

June 10th, 7:32 pm

Already owned a PS4. Proud owner NOW :)

realtoughguy said:

June 10th, 8:46 pm

Yep, I’ll have to buy a PS4 fairly soon now…

swinster08 said:

June 10th, 9:27 pm

PlayStation 4’s first masterpiece?

xaakk788 said:

June 10th, 10:20 pm

If you ask me I think its going to be great. in my opinion I think for the armor system I dont think there should safe zone They should have it as a craft system just like in AC4 so you can keep the costume which looks wonderful in my view and the suit will have a little thickness here and there the further you put in to this option, and at the very end of the trailer it looks like a 1080p version of the first collosis in shadow of the collosis and to top it off they added the dogs from resident evil which I think ar going to be annoing but I like the challenge. (REMEMBER none for f this is is confirmed, its all of speculation and of my oppinion and if you like my idea spread the word of what I said here)


June 10th, 11:09 pm

Injecting this in my veins!

Dis game deserves our support!

kentuckyfried said:

June 11th, 2:18 am


EventualPyre said:

June 11th, 8:15 am

Honestly I was starting to wonder if I should have purchased my PS4 (long story short Infamous and Killzone really let me down, I loved those franchises and never expected that they would both disappoint me). However, that doubt is gone! It’s soooooooooooooo beautiful! This is an exclusive done right, my obsession with Souls games would have me buying a PS4 to play this game. Holy hopping heck I’m excited for this, I feel like a kid again. Really hope the March 2015 release rumor is true, can’t wait to get my hands on it and I already have it preordered. THANK YOU SONY. I’m really starting to believe that you really are about games and gamers.

DeceitfulWings said:

June 11th, 10:09 am

Now this is an exclusive worth being excited about, and makes me glad I bought a Ps4. I’ve been waiting to find out when we’d have a new masterpiece by From Software and I’m glad we finally got a reveal and details this E3. I’m looking forward to great things from this game.

CommandingTiger said:

June 11th, 10:22 am

This game is amazing.

clelo88 said:

June 11th, 10:45 am

PS4 Exclusive baby. Microsoft can SHOVE IT Blah!

Vicioussama said:

June 11th, 10:58 am

I was waiting for a game that’d sell me on a console, I have found it.

Thank you, From Software, Sony, and Miyazaki :) I can’t wait!!!

tusunami said:

June 11th, 1:28 pm

Its about time to hear about a exclusive new IP coming exclusive for PS4 I hope more new games will be coming for the PS4.

pyronomicon said:

June 11th, 2:17 pm

My new life begins

spleener12 said:

June 11th, 2:20 pm

Jesus, 2015 is going to be packed.

WebCideR__IE said:

June 11th, 2:48 pm

Hi i am a Future PS4 owner this is a System Seller for me. so thank you From Software i am so happy use old school gamers can count on at least one decent game that combines innovation with what already was working fine in old games…

Cheers and keep spreading the love i really enjoy everything you make regarding the Kings Field – Souls series.

Forgetfulhearer said:

June 11th, 4:03 pm

Good stuff

xaakk788 said:

June 11th, 4:27 pm

He needs to be a character in the new PlayStation All Stars coming out

Welmosca said:

June 12th, 1:27 am

JapanStudio is involved which means top-notch quality….please make this more as an action game than RPG.Anyway I’ll keep my eyes on it for sure….gameplay at TGS?….yes.

jerrinehart said:

June 12th, 5:30 am

This is why I own a PS4.

Robert-Ninja said:

June 12th, 9:11 am

I love these games and what you bring to them Mr Miyazaki and as a fan it’s disappointing to know that once again these masterpieces can’t be available to more people and continue to be inherently restricted by business deals that in the end will never benefit the consumer or the lifetime online support of the game its self. I understand you were playing it safe with Demon’s Souls by only releasing in the East and on one system – but the community proved that there was a demand for these types of games in the west and off of Sony hardware(which FromSoftware very smartly responded to). Either the funding and support from Sony with he condition that it be exclusive was too big to ignore this time around or once again you or the publishers have not had the confidence in your creation that it will sell and that there really is a demand for these games outside of the Playstation demo-graph.

I look forward to and wish you luck with new IPs in the future but will be regretfully missing Bloodborne.

Squished said:

June 14th, 10:21 am

This game looks amazing! I want to see some gameplay but this is up there on my watchlist.

baldyhead said:

July 7th, 1:57 am

We would like confirmation if this is the Spiritual Successor to Demon Souls.?

baldyhead said:

July 7th, 2:03 am

We would like confirmation if this is the Spiritual Successor to Demon Souls..?

baldyhead said:

July 7th, 2:03 am

We would like some confirmation if this is the Spiritual Successor to Demon Souls…?

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