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Jun 10

Jun 10

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PS4

Sakura Minamida's Avatar Posted by Senior Product Manager, Square Enix

Update: An earlier headline for this post stated that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to PS Vita, which was incorrect. Type-0 is coming to PS4 in North America and Europe.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

I’d like to start this out by thanking everyone who let us know how badly you wanted this game to come to North America. Ever since the original PlayStation Portable release in Japan, you guys have never given up on it, raising your voices in an effort to see this title come to North America and Europe. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s coming and it’s going to be in HD.

Stay tuned for more details in the future.

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Archacus said:

June 22nd, 1:15 pm

part. 2

Nope 500k won’t happen, first of all it is remake. Secondly they made too many fans of FF angry with recent activity. In Europe SE is now considered at similar lv to EA… that means…. they completly ruined their own good name. And that’s not only the case of Type-0 and Drakengard 3.

Not releasing game on VITA is as good as suicide. I’m not going to buy any game from SE if they won’t make VITA physical release for both NA and EU… and let’s be clear “later premier” is not an option. We asked for PSP or later VITA and we won’t agree on anything else.

And I want to be as clear as I can…. I am die hard final fantasy fan! I’ve been playing FF games since 95′ and I was defending series even when they started making worse games since FF XII – FFXIII, FFXIII-2 (those are good… but can’t be compared to older titles). But they are going to lose me, and many other fans if they will…. continue this silly decision.

Bloodios said:

June 23rd, 6:03 am

Yeah, numbers don’t lie. The amount of the PS4 sold is roughly the same amount as that of the Vita and it only took it 7 months to do so, whereas the Vita took more than two years. If that isn’t an indication of the PS4 being a more popular platform, I don’t know what is. Let’s be honest here, I already have Freedom Wars along with a couple more Vita games pre-ordered (while still waiting for Oreshika) but it can’t be denied that the PS4 simply sells at much quicker pace and also have a lot more big titles with mass appeal released for it. Let’s not forget that here in North America, there so many more PS4 sold in comparison to Vita. But fine, you can all just stay there and be angry about it. I, on the other hand, am going to be relaxingly enjoying the game when it’s released while you all can just sit there fuming about it.

Archacus said:

June 23rd, 9:26 am

Huh… like I said if they cared only about amount of sold consoles they would make it for PS3 (it is not dead yet, Persona5 is coming for PS3). I’m not from NA so I don’t care about comparison of PS4 to VITA in NA.

Thank you that you are letting us be angry about it. And have a nice time playing it on PS4… sorry I’m not that childish to be angry at your silly taunts. And if someone is happy that it is coming to PS4 than good for him…

I and many others will not buy it as long as it won’t appear on VITA the same day with physical release. Sorry I’m not going to let them treat me like a second rate customer ever again. They will ignore us, we will ignore Square enix games… we shall see who will last longer… we the customers without SE games or SE without our money on EU and NA market.


Lupucillo said:

June 23rd, 5:53 pm

It’s all about the money.

Vita has a smaller install base, so Squenix is gonna forgo it completely and concentrate on PS4. What they fail to realise is they can make fans happier and it’ll be better in the long run if they release it on both systems.


drewrarara said:

June 23rd, 6:54 pm





Bloodios said:

June 23rd, 7:40 pm

So you do not live in either North America or Europe, I suppose, because the PS4 outsold the Vita in these territories. In any case, both software and hardware sales of last-gen consoles have been in decline for a while now. Cross-gen titles nowadays generally tend to sell better on the new consoles, so Square releasing the game on the new systems is only natural (from a business standpoint anyway.) Beside, what if they aimed to seriously enhance the visual, tweaking the game to run at 60fps, and getting rid of long loading times in between each tiny section in the game to create a much more seamless experience which is beyond the capability of the PS3, much less the Vita… but whatever, not like you care anyway. Also, I wasn’t taunting you in the previous reply (since I didn’t see any value in doing so.) I was just stating how I feel but if that is how you saw it, fine. I’ll stop caring here, so you just go on ahead with your antics and pretend that I didn’t bother speaking to you in the first place.

Bloodios said:

June 23rd, 7:54 pm

Also just me thinking out loud…
The PS3 has an install base of 80M while the Vita is around 8M. Even if everyone within the VIta install base didn’t buy a PS4 for this game, who’s to say that the other 72M in the PS3 install base won’t? I also mustn’t forget that the sales of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 was in no way negligible, so what if many of them either already owned or planning on buying either an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 in order in play this game?

Archacus said:

June 24th, 12:30 am

Oh… we have an expert here

“cross-gen titles nowadays generally tend to sell better on the new consoles” proof? Any data showing that you are right? FF X landed on PS3/VITA and it did well. Borderlands landed on Vita and it did well. Tales of symphonia landed on PS3 and it did well. So… you were talking about something? How about before acting like an expert, which you are not, bring me some proof that your words are actualy true.

“Beside, what if they aimed to seriously enhance the visual, tweaking the game to run at 60fps” What if… and what if you are wrong and it is another remastered edition like FF X?

(o.O) and now you are talking about PS3? Wha… what is the reason? what is the logic?

Vita sold 8.36 worldwide
PS4 sold 8.16 worldwide

Archacus said:

June 24th, 12:32 am

you know that the same twisted logic might be applied to Vita?

The PS3 has an install base of 80M while the PS4 is around 8M. Even if everyone within the PS4 install base didn’t buy a Vita for this game, who’s to say that the other 72M in the PS3 install base won’t? In both cases it is just reading from tea leaves.

Look lad… that was just stupid decision… if they wanted money they would make game on PS3 because of 80kk customers. If they would go for PS3 us VITA fans would be just pathethic minority, without any chances to bring it to Vita. Probably about half would just resign from doing anything… but they decided to go for most stupid decision.

Really I don’t care if you will play it or not… but if you want for others to treat you like an adult than stop acting like a kid. And that’s what kids do…. if they see someone can’t do something they are boasting “HEY LOOK AT ME LOOSERS, I HAVE”. Have fun from type-0, that’s all I can say to you.

Lestatdelioncort said:

June 24th, 1:34 am


Where in your mindset are you getting that the vita is more popular then the PS4. Before E3 people were clamoring (the majority may i add) for more ps4 games. And if people wanted more vita games they would gladly (the majority 99 percent) have signed that beautiful petition your movement has started. Which they haven’t only less then one percent of vita owners who want type-0 (a vita game) want it on the vita.

Hence if everyone was so uproar about no vita games they’d do anything to get one game such as Type-0 on vita. Which is not happening (talking about the uproar not happening). Not to mention that the petition had to be changed from 170k to 5k to 10k you can’t even manage your own petition. You keep deluding yourself that your movement is so big and grand when it isn’t. Answer me this do you except the fact that your movement is in the minority, that you represent less then 1 percent out of 8 million vita owners?

Archacus said:

June 24th, 2:55 am

You again? Sorry I won’t bother to read your post… I have better things to do than reading blabbering of mindless troll (or are you really SE employee?)

Bloodios said:

June 24th, 2:56 am

You ask what is logic behind bringing up the PS3? Seriously? You were the one who brought the PS3 into the discussion, so I simply replied back to you saying that any game release on both the PS3 and PS4 (aka cross-gen) and similarly on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One are known to have sold more units on the new consoles according from people who have access to NPD. Hence a decision to only release the game on newer consoles isn’t really all that strange. Believe it or don’t, the truth doesn’t change. Why are you even bringing up Final Fantasy X ,Tales of Symphonia, and Borderland, what is the logic behind that? Those are not even released on the PS4 and XBO, so no comparison can be done, so what is the point?

Bloodios said:

June 24th, 2:57 am

>>The PS3 has an install base of 80M while the PS4 is around 8M. Even if everyone within the PS4 install base didn’t buy a Vita for this game, who’s to say that the other 72M in the PS3 install base won’t? In both cases it is just reading from tea leaves.
If the other 72M from the PS3 install were willing to buy a Vita for a game that was never announced for the system, it wouldn’t remain a mere 8M after more than 2 years now, would it? And honestly, if the rest of the PS3 fanbase who has yet to buy a Vita or a PS4, of course they would buy the system where this game is released. People who support the PS4 early in the game wouldn’t be sitting here sulking about the game not coming to the Vita, a decision that was never announced by Square Enix.

>>What if… and what if you are wrong and it is another remastered edition like FF X?
Implying that enhancing the visual and tweaking the performance isn’t a natural part of remastering a game and that FFXHD was not a great enhancement in comparison to its PS2 counterpart? A more powerful system will simply allow you to accomplish more with less efforts. Or did you confuse what I mentioned with a full-blown remake?

Bloodios said:

June 24th, 2:57 am

In any case, I don’t care whether or not you treat me like an adult when you yourself are sulking like a child, throwing a tantrum about not having something you want instead of appreciating the fact the game is actually going to be available in the West. I’m not here to boast about anything, I only think it’s about time some of you need to wake up. Even if you don’t have the mean to afford a PS4, the PSP version already a got translated by fans, so get that and enjoy it instead of sulking about the fact that this isn’t coming to the Vita.

Archacus said:

June 24th, 4:15 am

Lad… read again… if you won’t understand read one more time. Maybe someday you will understand. Most of my answers to your new questions were already posted when I replied to you before.

And if you won’t… well than discussion is over. I wish you good fun playing Type-0 on PS4… I’m saying it without any malice.


Bloodios said:

June 24th, 4:43 am

Indeed. Seeing that you continuously fail to comprehend what I posted, I see no point in continuing this pointless discussion. It was my mistake to even try to engage in a discussion with you.

Lakaru_01 said:

June 25th, 1:03 am

It’s really sad and heartbreaking…
I have hoped to play this on a portable gaming console since I’m always out of the house…
Then the saddest part came— a sudden announcement that instead for vita, it will be released on PS4…
I don’t even have one…

dO i HaVE tO GivE Up oN ThiS oNe….? :(

Lakaru_01 said:

June 25th, 1:12 am

I’m so disappointed.. really…

Or am I just a bit optimistic to hope that there will be a later ps vita release after the ps4 release?

Maybe I should just throw away this little spark of hope I have….

It’s really painful to be disappointed like that. =.=

Lakaru_01 said:

June 25th, 2:43 am

Hahaha. I’m having fun reading all the comments. xD
Anyway, this is only my opinion so…. from what I understood, PS Vita is somewhat almost disregarded during the E3…
This is quite alarming for those gamers who has Vita and expects even just a bit of attention for the said console…
I’ve even read several posts of disappointment from 2 of PS Vita groups@ facebook.

Then there’s this,
I stumbled upon an article regarding Sony’s treatment towards PSVita. Here are some parts from the article…

“Companion devices should not be that expensive. That’s the price that someone buys a dedicated gaming device for, one that has provided a steady, comprehensive stream of content that can be used as a way to market the system itself and not the feature it happens to be compatible with.” and “Sony’s indecision is what is truly hurting the Vita. They want to sell the Vita at the price of a game system, but they aren’t supporting it like a game system should be supported.”
(See more at:

Lakaru_01 said:

June 25th, 2:45 am

The Final Fantasy Type-0 announcement really made Vita owners really depressed because of their first announcement which is “to be released at PS Vita” then suddenly turned to “PS4”. It’s like raising their expectations then suddenly letting them fall painfully flat unto the ground. How cruel can SE be…. come to think of it, there’s this Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV disappointing news too… (I don’t know the details for I’m not that interested buying PS4… Kinda busy these days. So Portable consoles are the best answer for me.)

It was really depressing news for Vita… So I would understand if Vita owners like “us” starts to take action regarding this matter.

Lestatdelioncort said:

June 30th, 10:41 pm


So hows the novitanobuy movement going? Sorry but you’re in the minority.

mohnstah said:

July 1st, 12:22 am

Actually novitanobuy is going pretty good.
Besides why does it matter if we are in the minority or not and why did you waste such an extreme amount of time on this post if you don’t even bother having fftype0 on the vita. Why do you care about the whole topic if we are a chanceless minority? Why did you post more comments than anybody else? Why are you so negative? Why do you annoy everybody? Why don’t you have better things to do?
Sorry but you suck

Lestatdelioncort said:

July 1st, 10:01 am

I haven’t posted here for a while, if you knew how to read you would see that my post before the last one was a long time a go. All I have to say is that if you want more then less then 1 percent of you to sign that petition. You have to bring the vita community together. But that’s not happening, there are more vita owners out their who just want to complain and do nothing about it. The people who want more vita support or games are at there own fault for not supporting the vita themselves.

I myself have tried and trust me I have proof that the problem is vita owners who don’t want to cooperate and come together. Go ahead and keep trying but the community is as guilty for not wanting to support the vita. Im pretty sure a vita version of FF type 0 was down the road anyways, you guys are just impatient.

GloryorSovngarde said:

July 1st, 12:37 pm

@lestatdelioncort – Oh I’m sure a FF type-0 vita version is in the works, just like all of the other marvelous vita games that we were promised at launch, and every game conference that followed.

We bought the brick, their overpriced memory cards, their playstation +, and we’ve received nothing in the way of Vita support. . I know you’re trolling and all, but one would imagine that someone would get sick after spouting the magnitude of bs that you’ve posted.

We should all realize that Sony scammed us with the Vita , and that we should never support them again.

mohnstah said:

July 1st, 1:22 pm

The thing is I bet there is a huge amount of vita owners who don’t even know about this topic. I myself stumbeled across it by pure accident and I have 3 vita channels subscribed on youtube and I check psvitahub every day. I was in the mood to google “fftype0 vita” the same day this announcement happened and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw “final fantasy announced for ps vita 8 or so hours ago”.
Well thats why I think there are still alot of people who don’t know about this and square has to bring the topic back up again to market the game properly and then the whole discussion starts all over again and more and more people will know about it. Square is in a tricky position and I think they will announce the game on vita sooner or later.

Lestatdelioncort said:

July 1st, 2:05 pm

If you really think people don’t know about the petition go ahead make a reddit thread, tweet for more awareness about the petition, exc. I guarantee you that everyone will laugh at you, insult you, and tell you its not going to work. The community doesn’t want to come together, and do anything. I can’t wait to tell you that i told you so.

Lestatdelioncort said:

July 1st, 5:34 pm

Oh and yeah im talking about the vita community: /r/vita subreddit community, vita twitter community, exc/

GloryorSovngarde said:

July 1st, 7:11 pm

@ lestatdelioncort – As a caring human being, I would be honored to start a petition to get your head removed from your arse. I’ll endure the scorn for you

If you get internet in there, feel free to leave comments about how things are going in there. I just hope you can keep your money safe from Sony’s swindling ways. Don’t let them sell you another brick man

mohnstah said:

July 2nd, 10:44 am

Thats not even the point but ok. I dont even use reddit or twitter and I don’t know anybody personal who does. You judge the whole market based on twitter and reddit. Well thats quite stupid.

We definitely raised attention and square is gonna have to make a move here. Their image is damaged enough and it is quite a rude move from a company to ignore fans of its products. I dont know what they are gonna do because I’m not an expert but I think square will listen. Besides who made you the expert? Just remove yourself from this blog please. Thats all I have to say to you and I won’t continue arguing with a troll who isn’t even good at trolling.

smile_taisou said:

July 3rd, 7:46 am

Almost 1500 comments and not even a single apology from SE. Remember about this, when you think about getting their next game.

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