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Jun 30

Jun 30

Freedom Wars: New Details on PS Vita’s Upcoming Action RPG

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Associate Project Manager, SCEA

It’s my distinct honor to bring you more information regarding one of the biggest PS Vita titles you’ll see this year – Freedom Wars! The futuristic action game launched last week in Japan, so we wanted to bring a few more details to our North American “Prisoners.”

Those who were able to visit the PlayStation booth at E3 might have had a chance to play our multiplayer co-operative demo – thanks to all who stopped by! I saw a lot of expert thorn-wielders soaring across the skies of the Panopticon, sawing Abductors apart and saving civilians to decrease their 1 million year sentence of penal servitude, and I must say, I was very impressed. However, the one recurring question I continue to hear from the community is – “How’s the story?” Well, let’s take a peek:

Freedom Wars promises intense co-op action with a captivating storyline. I’d like to leave you today with a message from our Japan Studio Producer, Junichi Yoshizawa. Yoshizawa-san has been tirelessly promoting Freedom Wars throughout Japan across the past few months, so I asked him to share a few words with the community:

Last week, we were finally able to release Freedom Wars in Japan. To celebrate the successful launch, I wanted to take a moment to write a message to our eager fans in North America.

Freedom Wars is a title I created to realize a dream of mine. My vision was to develop a PS Vita game that took advantage of the handheld system’s unique features, enabling gamers to come together via ad-hoc and Wi-Fi to overcome terrifying enemies. PlayStation has a storied legacy of creating innovative experiences and our collective goal was to create a Vita game that brought gamers together in a socially connected, location-based, co-op experience.

In order to do that, I gathered a number of well-known developers with an impressive pedigree for creating some of Japan’s most beloved titles – developers Shift and Dimps. These two developers both produce high-quality, interesting titles, but in this case I wanted to utilize both of their strengths, so I asked Shift to be in charge of game design, character design and story, while Dimps handled programming, graphics and direction.

Freedom Wars on PS Vita

Freedom Wars on PS VitaFreedom Wars on PS Vita

Click here to see the full gallery

The collaboration between these two developers has been wonderful and the “Freedom Wars” that they have helped create has three distinct strengths:

The first is the outrageous world and story, where prisoners are bound by 1 million years of penal servitude for the sin of “living” and need to fight for their freedom.

The second is a new game where the goal isn’t to just defeat your enemy, but to save people from your defeated enemies and create a multiplayer experience where you can clearly divide up responsibilities among your teammates.

The third is a ranked competition where players can contribute to the areas they actually live in and battle on behalf of their own “city state.”

With the coordination of each of these pillars, we created Freedom Wars – a testament to our collective vision of delivering a frenetic, co-op action game that we believe will please the Western community when it launches later this year.

Take care!

Junichi Yoshizawa

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Shou-Liengod said:

July 7th, 7:57 am

im really excited for this Title, this is something what the Vita seriously needed. i mean i have a good amount of games on my library, but seeing the sells on the Vita isnt doing so well.. but im really glad a Exclusive like this is being hyped for all over the country, even in the japanese market is doing very well because of Freedom Wars. even though thier market on the vita is High Enough. hopefully this title reaches alot of Western Gamers. i for am already promoting it via Facebook or anywhere else i can think to get players interested enough to even want to get it. and soo far all the things you guys shown is really top notch quality gaming. yes sure its a Hunting Game and being compared to recent Hunting games such as Comcept’s “Soul Sacrifice” and Gravity’s “Ragnarok Odyssey “, they are good games, there are some complaints here and there, but this Freedom Wars is what separates this Genre from the Rest. Although may be off-topic, having a serious wait for a Vita’s Monster Hunter, which unfortunately may never come back to Sony, Freedom Wars may be that game that people wanted in a long time. Keep it up guys!

and now we wait, _(◡‿ ◡_ )_ …zzz{Freedom Wars}ZZZ

loveinspace said:

July 7th, 11:36 am

The video looks and sounds amazing, with touches of real old school anime.

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question, but were any of those battles actual gameplay or was it all cut scenes?

edbeam said:

July 7th, 12:35 pm

We only got like 2 replies in the European blog
Shows how much SCEE cares…

artistns7 said:

July 7th, 1:00 pm

Anyone know if we can just turn the audio voices off? I know you can in some games, like Project Xzone (if I recall the title), with music and sound effects still going.

Debesauro said:

July 7th, 1:47 pm

I would like to get a response concerning the physical release in EU, i’m tired of your silence on this matter, it’s the 2014 flagship game for VITA and it’s ridiculous that things like senran kagura gets a physical release and Freedom Wars, valued like a triple AAA production game doesn’t. It really shows poor trust in your 1 party production.

Archacus said:

July 7th, 2:51 pm

Hey hey…. let’s be calm, mkay? It is NA blog so no point in saying it here, mright? If you want to be angry than be angry at SCEE for making silly decision… I’m also from EU and I’m kinda doing everything to gather as much people as we can to sign petition…

So yeah… I know why you are angry… I 100% do… but the thing is Mr. Nick Niccordino is good guy and I’m sure he is doing everything he can to help us even if he is from SCEA (that means he can’t decide for SCEE).

We will bring this game to us one way or another! I won’t give up, and you also shouldn’t give up! But like I said Mr. Nick has nothing to do with it.


dark_angel69 said:

July 7th, 3:25 pm

Hi Nick, is there anything you can do to knock some sense into SCEE? They could really learn a thing or two from you guys. So disappointed they are doing digital only. Because of that I would love to buy the game from the US but need to know if your going to have the online pass in your game otherwise I won’t be able to. Without the online pass, many of us EU gamers will be happy to give our money to you guys rather than the screw-ups so called SCEE.

Yorga01 said:

July 7th, 4:39 pm

This game is very promising and certainly a must buy(day one for me). And another great vita for my collection next to Soul Sacrifice Delta, PS1, PSP, and indie games.

Just a quick question, will we be able to try out a demo, sometime before the game’s release?

Dan-Ryu-198 said:

July 8th, 3:36 am

This has been bothering me since seeing videos on Freedom Wars but there are two characters so far that use their fists as weapons in the campaign, I know there’s only 6 weapon categories but gauntlets don’t fall under these existing categories (I think…), is it possible to use fist/gauntlet weapons in the game or are they only available to those campaign AI?
I mean, I prefer swords over gauntlets but it would be nice for people who like to use raw strength and beat the snot out of their foes!
Hoping to get the game soon, keep up the good work! :3

RoII_chan said:

July 8th, 9:35 am

Im pretty sure this game its gonna be better than that ugly monster hunter game and even better than those wonderful games like Soul sacrifice and Toukiden! Im so excited! =)

wl1213 said:

July 12th, 1:40 am

In the future when english and chinese ver are out, is it possible for this two version to co-op together? Cross region available?^^

noirspider2011 said:

July 14th, 9:01 pm

i cant wait i already preordered it at gamestop i cant wait for the release date you guys are great at giving suspense

Ter-M1nat0r said:

July 18th, 2:16 am

Got any new detail yet?

Conz125 said:

July 19th, 8:43 pm

Hoping this game gets an announcement for an EU/AU retail release, still excited for this anyway!

Patjoew said:

July 21st, 1:08 pm

Oh my god eu blog isn’t alive.. i should just move to NA for some love for the vita and playstation.. Ohwell cannot wait for this game and if it doesn’t come to eu ill just buy it in america

Dan-Ryu-198 said:

July 22nd, 6:47 am

Well now the EU is getting a retail release so now everyone should be happy, but we still need the release date for peace of mind

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