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Aug 08

Aug 08

The Last Tinker: City of Colors — Fight the Bleakness 8/19

Jason Sorensen's Avatar Posted by Director of Production Services, LOOT Entertainment

Why on Earth did we ever stop playing platformer games?

At LOOT, we like to buck trends, swim upstream, and wear our sunglasses at night. Which is why this game announcement does not introduce unshaven gravel-voiced anti-heroes, a vague plot involving paramilitary forces, a production budget roughly akin to the GDP of a small European nation, and a color scheme comprised of only blacks, whites, grays and reds.

Instead, we’re introducing you to a whimsical, colorful platformer. Made by Germans.

This, of course, is unprecedented. Picture the phrase, “German platformer game” in your head. You saw something roughly akin to Wolfenstein mashed up with Rammstein, didn’t you: slightly severe time trials, obscure rules, and somebody shouting at you.

Instead, you get Tinkerworld: lots of colors, friendly characters, and – whisper it – fun.

We play lots of games. You play lots of games. So when we played Mimimi ProductionsThe Last Tinker for the first time, we knew we had to bring it to PlayStation consoles first, because THANK GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, IT’S SOMETHING FRESH AND DIFFERENT.

To be fair, PlayStation rocks because they’ve openly embraced indie developers – and that’s not just PR speak, that’s real. This is awesome, because it means that hidden gems like The Last Tinker suddenly get to bask in the console-exclusive glow as part of the PlayStation family. And the game’s hero, Koru, knows how to bask. Look at the sideburns, man. And the scarf.

The Last Tinker on PS4The Last Tinker on PS4

The catch, of course, is that because so many fantastic indie games are being showcased, you really do have to have something especially cool in order to stand out. So, in no particular order, here’s why you should check out Tinker:

  • So the trailer you just watched talks about bringing harmony back to the fractured districts of Colortown, right? But there’s this whole other story involving a malevolent force called The Bleakness, and it’s taking over the world, and SPOILERS—
  • There are some really cool puzzles in this game. At one point, you even have to conduct a symphony…
  • The fighting mechanics kick ass; as you gain the power to wield each of the different colors against increasingly tough opponents, you have to learn when to finesse your way forward rather than trying to button-mash to victory.
  • This game has parkour, yo.

The Last Tinker on PS4

Sometimes a game surprises you. Like grabbing a bag of Cool Ranch chips at the store only to get home and find out it’s Spicy Nacho and then finding out you actually really like Spicy Nacho, The Last Tinker starts off as Cool Ranch and turns into Spicy Nacho with Sriracha. Gobs and gobs of Sriracha. Trust us on this. We went deep there for a reason.

Starting on August 19th, discover Tinkerworld on the PS4 for yourself. Have any questions about the game? Shoot us a comment below. See you in Colortown!

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Briarios said:

August 8th, 4:50 pm

Wow, this came out of nowhere for me — definitely interested! Looks like fun!

plaztiksyke said:

August 8th, 5:56 pm

This looks fantastic. Two of the prettiest games I played on original Xbox was Grabbed by the Ghoulies and the Tak series of games. Both were extremely colorful art style, fantastic character animations, and had good texture quality as well. I like the paper mache look of The Last Tinker as well.

I bought Knack on day one, and was frankly a little peeved at some “rookie” design mistakes such as bad placement of fixed cameras, etc. I’m excited to play a 3D platform game that doesn’t feel quite as rushed from a design/mechanic perspective.

does your game support stereoscopic 3D on 3DTVs?

any use of advanced features of the DualShock 4? any co-op play, maybe involving the Move? (My husband and I *loved* playing Puppeteer in co-op!)

PS: If anyone is paying attention, I’d *love* to see the Tak games in HD. The art and animation *still* hold up, even in 480p!

    Jason Sorensen's Avatar

    Jason Sorensen said:

    August 8th, 8:07 pm

    Tinker doesn’t support stereoscopic 3D, I believe. We did build a somewhat cool game feature into the PS4 controller’s lightbar, though — doesn’t affect gameplay at all, but it’s a nice cosmetic touch. (Works great in a dark room!) :D

Conz125 said:

August 9th, 5:52 am

Reminds me of something Media Molecule would make with all the charm and whimsy.
And I LOOOOVE Media Molecule, so consider me excited!

Y2David said:

August 9th, 9:58 am

A City of Colors!! Looks pretty awesome and adventurous, this would be something worth grabbing on the 19th

Vidarcr said:

August 9th, 9:59 am

Count me in, love platformers!

Narcissus1302 said:

August 9th, 1:25 pm

This game looks so awesome! I hope you guys will bring it to the Vita as well. I’d buy it instantly for the Vita.

fsavoie said:

August 9th, 2:37 pm

I would love some stereo 3d. Maybe as an update?

Gol_D_Rogre said:

August 9th, 5:00 pm

PERFECT TIMING! This is the kind of Game PS4 needs.
I found myself re-visiting Skylanders today just for this kid-friendly mood and tone.

    Jason Sorensen's Avatar

    Jason Sorensen said:

    August 10th, 8:08 pm

    I know, right? This just feels like the right kind of PS4 game at the right time. We’re really, really pumped up to see this game released!

SonicLogan said:

August 9th, 6:15 pm

The hero looks like a monkey… Also, is this game coming to other PS systems?

AZDMB said:

August 10th, 10:42 am

Here is a link to the trophy list for us trophy hunters. Can’t wait!

younginflavor18 said:

August 10th, 5:30 pm

This game looks pretty colorful, artistic, and interesting to play on the PS4. I’m looking forward to it. :)

AZDMB said:

August 10th, 7:26 pm

The trophy list has been posted on numerous, reputable sites. I posted a link to one of them as others have asked about the trophies. Apparently that comment was removed? Why??? Seems ridiculous to me.

PrimeroIncognito said:

August 10th, 10:06 pm

Looks very nice.

kdiep said:

August 11th, 12:34 am

I’m not the type to play Indie games (I think reviewers go way too easy on them) but this game looks fantastic. Would’ve been even better if it was on Vita but I’ll definitively keep this on my radar.

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