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Aug 12

Aug 12

Upcoming PS4 System Update to v2.00 to Add Share Play, YouTube and More to Come

Scott McCarthy's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, SCEA

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Since we first unveiled PlayStation 4 and its deep social capabilities, including the SHARE button, we’ve seen an outpouring of excitement from gamers. The PS Nation has rallied around a culture focused on sharing epic gaming moments through Live From PlayStation, interactive streaming, SHAREfactory, What’s New and Photo Mode in exclusive PS4 games like Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered. Let’s go a step further together. Let’s go from sitting back and watching friends play to actually jumping into games remotely and sharing great experiences together in real time. Today at the PlayStation press conference at Gamescom, we will deliver on yet another promise from the PS4 announcement and introduce Share Play, coming to PlayStation 4 later this fall.

The best way to think about Share Play is like a “virtual couch”. PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game—even when they don’t own a copy of it. With this first-of-its-kind feature, you’ll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room. Let’s say that with games… you’ll be able to invite your friend online to play against the Miami Heat for the championship as the San Antonio Spurs in NBA2K, tackle the challenging Towerfall Ascension Quest Mode together, or aide, heal, and protect you as Igniculus in Child of Light’s local co-op mode.

With Share Play, you can even jump into a game to assist a friend. For example, if there is part of a game that you can’t quite finish, you can invite a friend to take over your controls. Like handing over the controller to a friend on your couch, your screen will be shared as your friend gets through the part of the game that has been giving you trouble—can’t get past that part in The Last of Us: Remastered when you’re hanging upside down? Get a little help.

Share Play will be coming to PS4 as part of the upcoming system software update v2.00, scheduled for release this fall. The update will also add highly requested broadcast and video share features, including both uploading you game play footage and dedicated app support for YouTube, which we mentioned on stage at E3. Finally, What’s New will get enhanced real-time activity through friend-of-friend suggestions, allowing instant access to friends’ and recently played games’ broadcasts, and a real name search function will also be added. More features to come when v2.00 is made available this fall, and we will have more to announce in the coming months..

We always want to hear your feedback and look forward to what you are most excited to experience together first Share Play when the feature comes to PS4 this fall. What will you co-op first with Share Play?

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todd567 said:

August 12th, 10:54 am

what about video and music?

Sonicfan11589 said:

August 12th, 10:54 am

Also External hard drive support.

PanTheMan16 said:

August 12th, 10:55 am

todd567, if you mean MP3 support, that was confirmed for winter.

Malechai78 said:

August 12th, 10:56 am


Gorvi said:

August 12th, 10:56 am

So with Share Play, would this allow me to play a couch co-op game, like Towerfall with a friend online?

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    August 12th, 12:35 pm

    Yes that is the right way to think about it. Titles that have a couch co-op mode have the opportunity to the same way via Share Play.

Herve-S94 said:

August 12th, 10:57 am

This is great news i can’t to try out youtube and new features on my ps4 and so on thanks sony

M3wThr33 said:

August 12th, 10:57 am

“This fall”

So cruel.

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    August 12th, 12:36 pm

    We want to keep you guys up to date! This fall isn’t THAT far is it?!

komentra said:

August 12th, 10:57 am

Rather have some UI improvements & DLNA. Meh.

Groovy341 said:

August 12th, 10:57 am

Sounds good, and I’m excited for the Share Play feature, but still no word on DLNA or MP3 support?

Zookey said:

August 12th, 10:57 am

External HDD Support
MP3/Video File Support
Game Folders
Allow Sub-Accounts to use Share Upload Features if their parent accounts OK it.

Thanks for adding the stuff you’re adding–it’s all awesome, but please consider these 4 too!

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    August 12th, 12:38 pm

    Thanks Zookey – PS agrees those are suggestions to pay close attention to.

todd567 said:

August 12th, 10:58 am

oh ya that too

LokeSTL said:

August 12th, 10:58 am

So what is this going to cost? $3.99 for a 4 hour demo? $9.99 for a 24 hour rental? $49.99 for 90 days worth of service?

rafael_martines said:

August 12th, 10:58 am

External Drive Support is really that difficult Sony?

bball230 said:

August 12th, 11:01 am


Still no DLNA, 1 year after we’ve been giving an extremely high amount of feedback that we want DLNA Features that were availible on our Last Gen PS3 Consoles. (Forgotten this generation for some odd reason…)

Possibly even more disappointing, the Suspend/Resume Feature announce almost 2 years ago ( At the February PS4 Unveiling ).
… Sony Said the PS4 is “Extremely easy to develop for…” Yet it seems that it’s not easy enough to develop the actual system software features that were announced during the consoles unveiling.. what the hell?

Andrefpvs said:

August 12th, 11:02 am

Please, Multiple Account Support on PS Vita and PS TV.

Kchow23 said:

August 12th, 11:04 am

When will sub accounts be able to enjoy the Share features of the PS4? or when will we be able to upgrade to a master account? I hope that is coming with FW 2.0

Beckerjr said:

August 12th, 11:04 am

Sony asks for feedback all the time and then just ignores it with all of this endless share/Twitch/streaming stuff they are so focused on.

Fixing the main UI so it doesn’t just become and endlessly growing line of icons. Suspend/resume and DLNA/multimedia features the 8 year old PS3 can do. I could go on for a long time with things the PS4 desperately needs but Sony seems to only care about social media junk.

When will Sony get off this freaking social fixation they have and work on the fundamentals of the system?

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    August 12th, 12:43 pm

    Guys, we really are hearing you. Doing anything for the PS4 means doing it right. I am glad you have the high-class issue of a long list of icons. That means you have a lot to do on your PS4! Organizing content is certainly on the roadmap. We do have “More to Come” (hint: in the title of the post) and will be talking about more details as we get closer to the launch of 2.0.

Kchow23 said:

August 12th, 11:07 am

I still can’t stream or upload pictures/videos because I have a sub account that I can’t upgrade to a master account… should fix that before adding new features that I probably won’t be able to use as well.

Phenom_1928 said:

August 12th, 11:08 am

and DLNA when ¿?

eki_75 said:

August 12th, 11:11 am

wow do they even look at suggestion

It’s been a year, and from day one many of the top hitters have been complained about on the PS forums, twitter, blogs, and many of us used the suggestion blog. DLNA

I_Wish_U_WuD said:

August 12th, 11:12 am

PS2 games on Vita PS2 games on Vita PS2 games on Vita PS2 games on Vita PS2 games on Vita

daverhodus said:

August 12th, 11:13 am

How about some DLNA and PS Classics support?

INTVGene said:

August 12th, 11:14 am

DLNA please!

Rah_Xephon said:

August 12th, 11:16 am

We need a “follow” button for the Twitch on PS4!

XsillentasasinX said:

August 12th, 11:17 am

Still waiting for the day where I cany change the background on my ps4.*sighs*

mtk93 said:

August 12th, 11:17 am

I think you forgot the 10-minute section during your press conference on what’s coming to the Vita.

DX2800 said:

August 12th, 11:17 am

Please add External HDD Support and MP3/Video File Support

steadydecline said:

August 12th, 11:17 am


SCoopat said:

August 12th, 11:18 am

local. media. support.


drd7of14 said:

August 12th, 11:19 am

@4 Gorvi

…tackle the challenging Towerfall Ascension Quest Mode together…”

It specifically says this in the article above. Did reading become to challenging towards the end?

Kaboshi66 said:

August 12th, 11:21 am

I’m a Youtuber.

So I’d like the ability to record/stream at least the party voice chat so it doesn’t seem like I am talking to a ghost when I upload my videos.

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    August 12th, 12:46 pm

    We’ll have more details about the app itself closer to launch. More to come!

TJF588 said:

August 12th, 11:22 am

Ah, imagine fighting games taking advantage! Skullgirls immediately comes to mind, but how ’bout rejuvenating PSASBR?

Oh, remember when JRPGs had two-controller support, back even in the times before PlayStation? Let’s bring it back!

DanSD said:

August 12th, 11:22 am

So.. all games will, essentially, provide online-multiplayer; even if they don’t.

Tuuk1234 said:

August 12th, 11:22 am

Please give us DLNA support.

Daepilin said:

August 12th, 11:24 am

Still no MP3 support? You must be kidding?!?!?

KazeEternal said:

August 12th, 11:24 am

DLNA? PS1 and PS2 emulator for both Disc and Download? Bluray Remote Compatibility? Folder Structure for Games (I have a 1.5 TB drive and a lot of games, what is the hold up)?

Thank you for the share feature btw, it has come in handy on FF14 with monitoring Free Company Raids for completion and organization to creating videos of Trials to analyze where my team has gone wrong on Coil runs and sharing them.

DWilson8504 said:

August 12th, 11:24 am

Please add MP3 support in this update. Those of us who play WWE games need custom music for wrestler entrances. When creating a wrestler, it just isn’t the same without their signature music. Without native MP3 support, the games will probably not have this feature unless it can be added by devs like you guys added it for Share Factory, but native support would be better.

undeadwolfy said:

August 12th, 11:26 am

DLNA, MP3/FLAC support and other media capabilities?… No?… :(

KwietStorm said:

August 12th, 11:26 am

It’s great that we’re now getting these features you detailed last year, or at least in the Fall, but we also need other features, somewhat significant to our system overall experience..

-Folders/library customization on the homescreen
-Local media playback
-External HDD support
-Friend notifications
-Online privacy options
-Custom subgroups/organization on friends list
-Wallpaper support

These should be taken seriously, and some would say they are already long overdue.

gundamcero said:

August 12th, 11:26 am

Please give me the option to delete items from my download Library on the PS4. I have demos and betas that are cluttering it up that I will never touch again. Please look into this. Thanks.

hockeykid2319 said:

August 12th, 11:26 am

Friend online/offline notifications!?

hockeykid2319 said:

August 12th, 11:27 am


dizeeStL said:

August 12th, 11:27 am

no DLNA, no mp3 support, no way to organize all the games I have, no PSN name change

get your crap together sony

Azuske said:

August 12th, 11:27 am

You guys are ridiculous! You guys are complaining about media features when this is a game console. This is what the console is made for… GAMING! Gaming features are going to continue to be put first before these media features. This console is 4TheGamers not for the home media center.

drd7of14 said:

August 12th, 11:28 am

I know everyone seems to be complaining about DLNA/Media support and blah blah blah. Those features would be nice, yes, but compared to what they just announced, I don’t care if we ever get that. They just said that any game that has splitscreen/couch coop at all would be playable remotely, essentially allowing remote play like with a VITA directly from the PS4. That’s freakin’ awesome!

I assume it’s only 1 person connected to your unit at the same time, but this feature is something I thought about previously, except with the PS4, connectivity would be even stronger. Assuming the network is good on both ends, this could give games like Towerfall countless more hours, as my main friend I would play with, isn’t around all the time. This game doesn’t natively support online play, so online”couch coop” is a great thing! And if it works well, hopefully more developers will just stick to local play, as the multiplayer aspect is covered to some degree in this fashion. You don’t even need them to own the game!! Like, that is an awesome feature!

    Scott McCarthy's Avatar

    Scott McCarthy said:

    August 12th, 12:51 pm

    You know what – Gold Star for drd7of14! Play more games with your friends. This feature is less about ‘social features’ which we have a lot of, but more about playing great games with the people you want to game with most. PS4 will always be games 1st and this feature does a lot to let gamers play more of the games they love.

honkayjeezus said:

August 12th, 11:28 am

“We always want your feedback…

about Share Play”

MP3 and DLNA is what more people want, Sony. People also want a press release on it, not some reddit thread.

PS Thanks for killing the Vita and moving onto Morpheus

drd7of14 said:

August 12th, 11:29 am

Please stop complaining about the non-gaming features, they are all 2nd, and I’d rather they put them aside for more gaming-centric features such as these. We don’t need/want this to become a media-hub first. That can all come down the line, so stop mentioning the same stuff every time there is mention of a firmware update. This 2.0 update is huge! And I am extremely happy with it personally. Oh no…I can’t share my music/videos over the network. That is great. Awesome feature!. Not essential for my gaming at all. It doesn’t help. It just turns it into a dedicated media hub. Let the games come first people. Please.

Tjoeb123 said:

August 12th, 11:29 am

I hope “this fall” means before I get my white PS4 on September 9…

Also, to the rest of you:
Music, video, and photo support is needed. Only then can we start talking DLNA and wallpapers.

Caseh said:

August 12th, 11:29 am

How about allowing me to pause downloads…HONESTLY IT’S CLOSE TO A YEAR AND I STILL CAN’T PAUSE A F’ING! DOWNLOAD!

Tjoeb123 said:

August 12th, 11:31 am

So you’re one of those people who hate on those who actually want multimedia features? Ones that are LONG OVERDUE? We’ll keep mentioning them until they’re given to us. #DealWithIt

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