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Aug 15

Aug 15

Diablo III on PS4: Sharing Your Adventure

Ryan Clements's Avatar Posted by Senior Specialist, SIEA Social Media

Why face the legions of the Burning Hells alone? In Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition, Blizzard has forged a first-class, couch co-op adventure where friends can face evil and collect huge piles of loot together.

In the second part of our exclusive behind-the-scenes series, Blizzard describes the new multiplayer features included in Ultimate Evil Edition. Send your comrades legendary gifts, take on an apprentice, and face the Nemesis of your friends list in a life-or-death showdown. Only the strongest heroes of Sanctuary stand a chance against Malthael’s forces, and they make a formidable opposition when they stand together.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition launches August 19th on PS4 and PS3. If you already began your quest on PS3, remember that you can bring your hero’s progress into Ultimate Evil Edition. Best of luck, Nephalem.

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Sonicfan11589 said:

August 15th, 8:03 am

Looking forward to this along with other releases on Tuesday. :)

Harerazer said:

August 15th, 8:03 am

This is getting better and better. Beyond!

ZiggyPoopdust said:

August 15th, 8:07 am

Oh my glory, RYAN I CAN’T WAIT!! Thanks buddy!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    August 15th, 10:18 am

    You’re very welcome!

JayeFlow said:

August 15th, 8:15 am


nikrel said:

August 15th, 8:17 am

The features in this are amazing, It really feels like you folks at Blizzard put some thought into this rather than just porting it. I’ve been playing Blizzard games on PC for years.

Thank you.

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    August 15th, 10:18 am

    I’m sure Blizzard feels the love!

DeviantBoi said:

August 15th, 8:21 am

When are we going to be able to pre-load the game?

We need more than just one or two days. These games are just getting bigger and bigger in size.

ArmedOne78 said:

August 15th, 8:30 am

Have Diablo III on PS3 and love it. Wife and I play together. We just can’t justify paying $60 again for it. Wish we could get SOME discount. Make it easier to purchase.

gold_og_roger said:

August 15th, 8:34 am

Kudos to Blizzard for taking the time to do a polished post of this. The social and co-op features really make it stand out.

Revolutionary said:

August 15th, 8:43 am

“We want friends to stay friends while playing Ultimate Evil Edition”
Doesn’t sound very evil to me!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    August 15th, 10:20 am

    You’re the one that’s STOPPING the evil!

CrusaderForever said:

August 15th, 8:46 am

Diablo III Reaper of Souls and CounterSpy on 8/19/14! Mind blown! Going to be an truly magnificent week on my PS4/Vita :)

GummyCore said:

August 15th, 8:48 am

Didn’t get an official answer last couple of times, trying again:

All PS4 games can be Remote Played on Vita, with the Vita taking over as the controller, controlling the player’s character.

Can Diablo 3 be Remote Played with the Vita (or Vita TV) controlling a second char? (Main char still being controlled by DS4. The Vita shows the same screen as the PS4. Basically couch co-op but each player has own controller and own screen. Some games, like Lego ones, can do this.)

CrusaderForever said:

August 15th, 8:49 am

Also, thanks Blizzard for showing such class when DF found that FPS bug. I have even more respect that you took what DF found, researched it, found the problem and created a day one fix. Playstation faithful will never forget it!

D-Squad3 said:

August 15th, 9:29 am

So no upgrade program? No thanks

AwRy108 said:

August 15th, 9:44 am

So friggin’ psyched for this! Loved the vanilla PS3 version; going to adore this version.

Ryumoau said:

August 15th, 9:53 am

i really wish there was a discount for people like me who bought the original diablo 3 digitally on psn. Sort of like how you guys did the $10 upgrade fee for the ps4 launch titles. I’d even be willing to pay a $25 fee.

As it stands, i’ll sadly just have to wait for a sale later this year. I loved Diablo 3 but i already platinumed the ps3 version and don’t want to double dip at full price.

ctorretta said:

August 15th, 10:19 am

So stoked for this. Put 70-80 hours into the PC version at launch, but got burned out before Loot 2.0 kicked in. Now I get another chance to play it ‘as it should be played’, plus couch co-op!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    August 15th, 10:27 am

    Enjoy! I sunk more than 140 hours into my Wizard on the PC version! :-O

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

August 15th, 10:21 am

cant waittt..

add me on PSN: JeRzYzFyNeSt

ElektroDragon said:

August 15th, 10:32 am

PLEASE let me import my PC Reaper of Souls character! Pretty please? Should be easy since characters are stored on the cloud!


August 15th, 11:12 am

Hey Blizzard, all my friends are either still playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction or switched to Torchlight, no joke. Figured I’d say that instead of only asking why Diablo 3 sux.

Robert_Pulson said:

August 15th, 11:26 am

Just went and pre-ordered this off the PSN for my PS4 since DIablo 3 doesn’t perform so great on my toaster of a computer, Can’t wait been looking for something too drown more hours into on my PS4

lisatsunami said:

August 15th, 11:27 am

Hey, Ryan, even though I played the PS3 demo long ago, I’m avoiding any other spoilers. I pre-ordered the digital version so I’m guessing there will be another PSN meltdown when we all start trying to download on Tuesday, lol.

drd7of14 said:

August 15th, 11:33 am

My main gripe with Diablo 3 on the PS3 was playing with my 2 brothers, and essentially having to wait like 15 minutes for each person to organize their inventory, trash, skills and such constantly. I just didn’t see why we couldn’t simultaneously access our inventory. There’s the quick swap, but that wasn’t ideal for complete inventory reassessment.

If this version doesn’t have a better system, cause I’ve seen no video of it myself, for this, just try looking into a future patch for local simultaneous backpack/inventory/stats management, it would save so much time. And we were only 3, if there was a 4th person, it was painful. Kept pulling out my VITA, and got bored with the game. Took me out of the experience too frequently. Hope this is was updated, cause I’d like to continue the game, if not…Sorry, but I’ll wait, or just start playing alone…Which stinks!

GummyCore said:

August 15th, 11:34 am

Am I ever going to get any answer before the game releases and testing it myself?

It seems this Ryan never – and I mean NEVER – answer anything beyond the “beyond!” comments (here or on any blog post). Nothing in his replies (here or on any blog post) bear information of any sort. And he only babysits his blog post for half an hour, replying superficially, then all the days work is done, quota met, no comment beyond the first 20 gets answered.

I am not p*ssed just because my questions are skipped over again, but seeing Ryan’s useless replies over and over again is just beyond toleration. How he still has a job is beyond me. It just makes me appreciate the Freedom Wars guys so much more.

ChasecL0cK said:

August 15th, 12:00 pm

Ill stick with my x4 level 70 Hardcore toons on PC which is vastly superior, thanks.

The whole nemesis thing is stupid. Do people actually die playing this casual button smash port-fest?

bakerattack67 said:

August 15th, 12:41 pm

Im so stoke i took my 2 week payed vacation for this

izanagiGSR said:

August 15th, 12:47 pm

I love the game but why the PS4 version requires so much space of installation.

Shudderdust said:

August 15th, 12:52 pm

@25 I would have taken two weeks for Destiny myself :-)

purse317 said:

August 15th, 1:18 pm

Last gen consoles and every pc gets the game for $40 but next gen console owners have to pay $60 for the game. Doesn’t seem fair to me and no one will address the cost increase. Would’ve gladly paid $40 for the upgrades even $50 but $60 was asking to much of me.

purse317 said:

August 15th, 1:24 pm

@23 yeah the blog never answers serious questions users really have its just a PR push from Sony. Its really sad to because answering user questions is actually better for PR.

Sad to say but the EU blog does a much better job of simly interacting with users not to mention the awesome sales they have.


demonic_sniper91 said:

August 15th, 1:55 pm

Well so much for catching pre order due to no PSN right now, still early though but get it up before Sunday

demonic_sniper91 said:

August 15th, 2:06 pm

This some bs seems like everytime i want to pre order or even put money in my wallet psn is down and then lack of customer support really sony really? I been gaming with yall since 95 and i gotta say i have hated the ps4 the most right now ty 4 the monthly subscription you drain out my wallet and ty for the taco bell worthy employees you all seem to hire who only replies are woot! and beyond man **** beyond this ain’t even ign

bakerattack67 said:

August 15th, 2:14 pm

No psn mine is working fine

demonic_sniper91 said:

August 15th, 2:17 pm

Ty for sharing how your psn is fine now shut it while the other unlucky 13% have to deal with the incompetent customer support

djsaiyan said:

August 15th, 2:21 pm

Gonna be a tough call deciding to play Diablo 3 or Tales of Xillia 2 first.

Still have to finish up Drakengard 3 too. Should probably get on that now lol

demonic_sniper91 said:

August 15th, 2:42 pm

So sony we going for 3 days no psn or what?

Tomoprime said:

August 15th, 2:44 pm

Wow this sounds fantastic. I have one question for the dev team…

Is “Share Play” supported ?

If so count me in! You have raised the bar!

Rukia said:

August 15th, 3:10 pm


tusunami said:

August 15th, 4:01 pm

Now this will be amazing to play I haven’t been this pumped in a long time to play a game. This will be spectacular to enjoy with friends good times indeed


August 15th, 4:32 pm


Tyrannikos said:

August 15th, 4:59 pm

I’m still not clear on whether or not the PS3 version will receive updates.

P1_Game_Freak said:

August 15th, 5:03 pm

The way I understand it, the ps3 will not be getting any of the features mentioned in this video and it will get a day 1 update, updating it 2.0.6, but after that, ps3 will be getting nothing. Blizz sticks with their games for a long time…….I can tell by the lack of patch support for ps3. Don’t even have the common courtesy to give us patch 2.1. Epic fail.

Mega-Sackman said:

August 15th, 5:19 pm

I think this game is amazing, i was waiting for it to launch on PS4 since i played a couple of hours with the regular version on PS3. Blizzard is a company with very talented people and i’d like them to keep supporting consoles. Pre-ordered the game a couple of days ago, can’t wait to play it.

Tinye310 said:

August 15th, 7:43 pm

@40 – it won’t – only ps4 and Xbone

Tyrannikos said:

August 15th, 8:17 pm

That’s pretty disappointing. Luckily, I’m not too big on this kind of game, so I should be able to still enjoy it just fine, unless there is some weird, game-breaking bug that won’t get patched out. Thanks for the replies.

darknight_2012 said:

August 15th, 9:01 pm

No end of Summer Buster Sales????!! Booooooooooo!
I Should go to Microsoft and hand them my wallet completely.
But I believe in you. You have until next update to surprise me.
I feel the need to do some serious impulsive spending.
And I don’t want crack LOL

IcedDice777 said:

August 15th, 9:49 pm

Agree with #23. There’s has to more than typing Beyond! and you’re welcome as a qualification to become a “Social Media specialist” on the PS blog :)

Anyways, double dippin’ again. Blizzard put some effort with 1080p 60fps 4 player co-op… Take that money and bring us Starcraft for the PS4. 4 player split-screen and LAN support too. Thank you

Bolt_Vandrhuge said:

August 16th, 12:47 am

So I noticed that at the end of the video it says “Play on 8/19 Midnight EST”, however it is listed as “8/19 Midnight PST” on the PSN store. Which is the correct time?

Dead-Sync said:

August 16th, 1:24 am

Anybody: Is there an outlined process for the PROPER way to round-trip your character to and from a friend’s house/PS4? Say I want to be able to take my character from home, bring it to a friend’s to continue to level up that character or earn trophies, and then bring that progress back to me when I’m done there? Would be a huge help to know this! Thanks!

lillington said:

August 16th, 8:12 am

Beyond sounds amazing! Where can I find that place?

When will pre-load begin?

supermoc10 said:

August 16th, 12:55 pm

Excited for Diablo but I’m mostly posting because I want you to give you guys some feedback on how to make the PS Store more popular. Here you go:

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