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Aug 25

Aug 25

NBA 2K15: Watch the Yakkem Trailer

Ronnie Singh's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Manager, 2K Games

Hey NBA 2K fans. Last year we released the NBA 2K14 “OMG” trailer which showcased our stunning next-gen visuals for the first time. Today we’re excited to share our brand new NBA 2K15 Yakkem Trailer, where the authenticity of the basketball world is put on full display. Our incredible team has put the full attention to detail in every aspect of the game.

Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant on the cover, NBA 2K15 hits the court with unprecedented life-like graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. With over 5,000 new animations, NBA 2K15 will provide the most authentic and real gameplay a basketball simulation title has ever delivered. Adding to the authenticity is the addition of Ernie Johnson and 4x NBA World Champion Shaquille O’neal who are featured in this trailer. This year is about our fans and we hope you enjoy this journey with us.

Now, sit back, relax and watch a little taste of what we have in store come October 7th in the form of our latest trailer, OMG II, set to “Suck My Kiss” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Also make sure to check out #2KUncensored where we brought together Ernie Johnson, NBA 2K15 cover athlete Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Anthony Davis to discuss all things basketball and NBA 2K15!

You can pre-order NBA 2K15 today. Thanks fans, and stay tuned for more!

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DaPinz said:

August 25th, 11:21 am

Ronnie 2k this is crazy… You guys struck gold again.. Every year you guys take this series to a new level.. Unbelievable… Next year you guys should do the tournament again like in 2k9 where u let 10 gamers compete to be in 2k as a bonus team. I have always wanted to be in a videogame…

valourbaby said:

August 25th, 11:28 am

@RonnieSingh When can we pre order digitally through psn store?

    Ronnie Singh's Avatar

    Ronnie Singh said:

    August 25th, 12:01 pm

    Yes it will be available shortly, if it isn’t already.

Suhn-Sol-Jashin said:

August 25th, 11:35 am

Can you perform the falling star dunk in this game?

The Meteor Jam

    Ronnie Singh's Avatar

    Ronnie Singh said:

    August 25th, 12:02 pm

    Lots of new dunk animations were added as you see in this trailer.


August 25th, 12:01 pm

To the best Senior Community Manager I know… Ronnie2K swishing through like always.. #Yakkem

nefoooda said:

August 25th, 12:30 pm

Please fix the raptors jersey! But it looks good!

MfM3th said:

August 25th, 12:32 pm

Sup Ronnie, thanks for that awesome trailer! I have one question: do you know if the shoe creator/editor has been fixed this year? In PS4 last year base and team colors of the shoes didn’t change between home and away games. Thank you!

    Ronnie Singh's Avatar

    Ronnie Singh said:

    August 25th, 2:02 pm

    Colorways are handled differently this year.

teebone21 said:

August 25th, 12:34 pm

Did hardens hop step back jumper make it into the game this year???

    Ronnie Singh's Avatar

    Ronnie Singh said:

    August 25th, 2:02 pm

    We added a lot more signature combos.

gexillion said:

August 25th, 1:06 pm

Am I the only one who thinks that this game (as it looks in the trailer) looks really bad?

jkd0818 said:

August 25th, 1:08 pm

So Melo doesn’t have his beard in this game?

Ax_Man17 said:

August 25th, 1:30 pm

Lol the Inside the NBA looks cool but it would of been real fun with charles n kenny but it is what it is

Kchow23 said:

August 25th, 2:03 pm

I usually skip 2K every other year since the improvement isn’t that big from year to year but having EJ and Shaq is pretty neat although Shaq looks too slim… Will players make hand gestures during halftime interviews or post games interviews? Also would be neat if the coaches or other players chimed in more during interviews also (referring to MyPlayer).

Kchow23 said:

August 25th, 2:09 pm

Have you guys fixed the audio issue where it would cut out every now and then for 2K15? If the text when other players spoke during MyPlayer has been replaced with actual VO then its an instant purchase its like having the best part of Mass Effect in NBA 2K :)

dkarlowicz10 said:

August 25th, 2:15 pm

I am excited about the PS4 version. 2K: Please release a stand alone PS Vita version. Remote Play just does not work when you are on the road. I think that you would be surprised as to how many people would buy it. Vita needs games like NBA 2K15.

unlovedhomie said:

August 25th, 2:22 pm

shaq looks off but still im hyped to see the old school presentation return at last , and with MYleague mode (no vc) i am a happy fan again! so forget the paper receipt can we tweet a pic of our online preorders ronnie2k ?

Kchow23 said:

August 25th, 2:24 pm

Oh yeah and the Raptors court looks terrible when you use the 2K cam… the 3D effect on the side doesnt work at all just curious if thats something that could be improved.

DanlyKirbster said:

August 25th, 3:54 pm

WOW that studio show looks awful and needs a lot of work. Shaq and EJ look terrible.


August 25th, 3:55 pm

#RonnieForPresident Always good to see Ronnie on the blog. Ronnie and the 2K team always does a good job with the community and does listen to their fans. Excited NBA2K15.

huttchins said:

August 25th, 4:16 pm

When will NBA 2K15 will be available for pre order digital on the PS4’s PlayStationStore?

huttchins said:

August 25th, 4:21 pm

@RonnieSingh so tomorrow i will get to pre order digital on the PS4’s PlayStationStore Can you give us a update of When it happen and will it have pre Load option?


August 25th, 4:49 pm

@RonnieSingh great trailer, graphics are looking amazing along with player intros and other added elements. my question is will crew mode be available on ps4 like it is on ps3 2k15?

Biz_Markee said:

August 25th, 7:56 pm

How did you guys fix the animations on Paul George to give him one foot? Also will I be able to tear Derrick Rose’s ACL completly off in game and then have him sit on the sidelines in a suit for the remaining 78 games?

honkayjeezus said:

August 26th, 4:34 am

I would rather see actual gameplay, meaning show what the game looks like when playing it. This is just a big cutscene.

jsee_usa said:

August 26th, 3:20 pm

what about the free agency’s bug on my career in 2k14? its fixed on 2k15?

Trony953 said:

August 28th, 7:36 am

Will it have the rest of the TNT crew — Kenny Smith , Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and more commentaries. Heck I’d love an Underdog cameo.

Trony953 said:

August 28th, 7:41 am

By the way, 2k really needs to improve the facial construction menu on My Player.

jgv453483 said:

August 30th, 6:23 pm

Please tell me you fixed curry┬┤s jumper. I know it would be too easy but that jumper sucks

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