The Last of Us: Free Maps and New Weapons

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The Last of Us: Free Maps and New Weapons

Happy Friday! We’re pushing a patch today (view full notes here) that addresses many of the matchmaking issues taking place in Factions mode for The Last of Us Remastered. You should see improved matchmaking all around. It will be rolling out over the next twenty-four hours globally. Look for the update when you turn on your system today.

With that patch, as promised, we’re giving away two, brand new multiplayer maps for FREE. The first map is the Beach, an excellent map for long-range experts. The second map is Financial Plaza, which is ideal for both sniping and close quarters combat. The maps will be free for both PS4 and PS3 players. Check out these maps in our latest trailer:

The Last of Us: Free Maps and New Weapons

Once we’ve deployed the maps, upon signing into Factions multiplayer, the store will pop up and you’ll be asked to download them for free. Here are the screens you should see.

If you’re super excited and want to see how quickly you can get back to playing Factions, the Maps for PS4 are roughly 291 MB, and the patch is about 137 MB. For PS3, patch 1.09 will be approximately 170 MB and the same maps are about 143 MB.

Also newly available is our Scoped Weapons Bundle which can be purchased on PlayStation Store for $2.99 right now. The four new weapons in the bundle are sold individually for $0.99 if you’re more selective about your guns. All weapons are available for The Last of Us on BOTH PS3 and PS4.

The Last of Us Remastered: Treacherous TerritoriesThe Last of Us Remastered: Treacherous Territories

Enjoy the free maps and get geared up with some new weapons and any of our many other The Last of Us Add-Ons such as the Ultimate Head Item Pack — which includes every head item we’ve made to date! Be sure to give us your feedback about the patch and new Add-Ons.

Thank you for all the information you’ve given us so far. See you online!

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3 Author Replies

  • Yeah,

    and I cannot download them. When I click on “download” button following message appear:

    “This service is currently undergoing maintenance.”

    Anyone else having same problem?

  • Why won’t you guys at Naughty Dog add LAN/System link to the Last of US multiplayer? Uncharted 3 has it.
    This features only takes one day to implement and test once the network code is running.
    Once the servers get shutdown people who spent money on your game would still have the “Option” to play the multiplayer. Please consider.
    Thank you

  • i am having the same issue for the new maps and other purchased content form the us store for this game, i cannot access factions anymore, i have contacted Sony and they directed me to contact naughty dog support

    please assist

  • What noghty dog support ?????

  • PSN_ID: XiaoLan_Huaxixi is cheating on The Last of Us PS3.

  • Can someone help me? I started to play today, but when Ive selected Factions MP, it said that I need to download some free maps, but when I select it to download it says that I cant select this content in the moment, Is that because Im not in the USA?

  • Here are some free maps…


    and some more cosmetic, paid DLC. You know, weapons.

  • Can you guys please make a patch where the game rules shiving someone over opening a lockbox. I cannot name the amount of times I’ve tried to shiv someone at their lockbox but I ended opening it and giving away my position. At least make some sort of sensor that hides the shiv box when an enemy is around

  • Hi guys! I have a problem.When I want to download this content a page appears which says “the content cannot be selected at this time ”
    What is the problem? How can I solve it?

  • I’m getting “This content cannot be selected at this time.” I’ve tried like a hundred times.

    Could you please fix this problem? Over the internet, I know I’m not the only one getting this problem.

    And now I can’t even play Factions MP. :'(

  • I can’t download it ,,, it’s says the funds could not be added to your wallet (E-82000121) please help

  • Holy hell i am sick of region by region content ….. I have u.s psn account and i bought region 2 disc of the last of us. After the latest update it tells me to download the two free maps but upon going to the store it says content is not available because of this stupid region based content i cant play online … My 50$ i invested on this game is gone …. Fix this or gimme my money back sony

  • Where are you guys located at? This problem might be fixed on 24 hours after the launch of the patch. And the first country that will have the patch is the USA, and the worldwide PSN would be in manutencion to add this map pack to the store, so, if you cannot access the item, its because they didnt added already, you need to wait, mate…

  • I think Im going to wait for the next 24 hours. And I’ll confirm here if it’s available. Cheers.

    I’m disappointe right now because I can’t play the Factions MP at all. :(

  • i got the solution for you guys, the error is misleading, it is a game region issue, you will need to access and download the maps from the store where the game is intended to be sold, it should be mentioned on the cover of the game or from the same store that you downloaded it from, it turned that the games are not region locked but the DLC is, where this information should be known for the Sony support agent, sadly they don;t

    hope this will help

  • hey guys,i’ve the same problem like most of you:funds cant be added to your wallet
    pleaaaasssee what is the solution????
    how should i fix this??/

  • You guys should really add a survival mode with the infected for multiplayer that would make this game even more perfect just a suggestion.

  • Hi, i got the update and the message that i must download the 2 new free maps,but once i try to download them i receive “this service is underground maintenance”.I’ve been trying for hours and always the same thing so i’m stuck like that can’t play and can’t dwnload.
    What should i do?Also i tried downloading the maps from the PS store but i don’t find them.

  • i can’t play faction the 2 free maps cannot be downloaded i creat a new account like the same region of the game and i could find it on the psn but when i try to download i can’t (funds could not be added to your wallet (E-82000121) )

  • from my us account every time I try to download this appears ”This content cannot be selected at this time” i cannot play factions any more help plz

  • @LG_Fox_Brazil i Have the same problem. I’m from Israel. Everytime i press faction it tells me that i must download some new FREE maps. When I press download It’s trying to connect to PlayStation Store and then an error appears that says “This content cannot be selected at this time” and I just can’t play fiction… can anybody help me ? or can naughty dog fix the problem ? if anybody figures out a way to fix it, please notify me.

  • INFECTED SURVIVAL MODE PLEASE that would complete this game for me

  • if anybody is having the same problem as me, do what i say for help. If you’re from america, go here
    and get help from a PS support by chat.
    If you’re not from America, go to your region site and contact them for support. Good luck everybody.

  • Well, Capcom and Activision have nothing on Naughty Dog… when you complain about more DLC coming out in the weeks after a year old game they…

    1. Give out maps

    2. Find new DLC to charge for, like guns

  • Hey! So im REALLY exited to try the new maps out! but, for some reason when i try to download the maps, it either says the funds cannot be added to your wallet or the feature is nit available at the moment(or something like that)! :(! its currently 9:00 am in south africa where i am.. can you please tell me how many hours are left untill the maps can be downloaded??? please help!! I really apreciate it!

  • I have a problem. I bought a region 2 TLOU Remastered on my ps4. Factions was working first but due to this update which requires u to download the maps. i cant access factions because i have a region 1 account. PLEASE HELP!

  • Ok as anyone checked the code on the back of the case as eu and us are different uk is eu.playstaion. com as us is com and the game should be the same region as your psn account to access the dlc new maps weapons etc

  • Hey guys i need help whenever the update released i never get the free maps or played online

    It says on screen:
    – this content cannot be selected at this time

    And i dont know when i can select it please help me with it

    Note:that i have a us account and the game is from uk

  • Guys solution of” this content connot be selected this time” error is creating an account with the same region of the disk
    for example u have a region 2 tlou you must have a region 2 account or you can change the disk

    but other problem is that fund error!!!if u even fix the first problem still the second one’s gonna bother u again

  • Guys solution of” this content connot be selected this time” error is creating an account with the same region of the disk
    for example u have a region 2 tlou you must have a region 2 account or you can change the disk

    but you wont be able to download the maps again

  • Whenever I click on factions it says “to connect to Factions toy must download some FREE map content” so I click OK then it wants me to download “Treacherous Territories Map Pack” but when I click download it says “This service is currently undergoing maintenance” ANY HELP GUYS?! :(

  • still getting same thing ….the FUND COULD NOT BE ADDED TO YOUR WALLET…. wth !!!!!….when i go to playstation store and wanna find that treachorus free map i cant find it !!!….maybe thats the reason….figured out that many things that are on US store arent on UK store….????….this stupid bugs are killin me …

  • cAN SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT PLEASE? Its my second day when i try to play the last of us but when i start to download the new map pack*(what is needed to play) it always tells – this service is currently undergoin maintenance! And this way 2 days already. please tell me how or where to get the new stuff without the problem im having? Thnx!

  • Ah and im using Finnish account if that helps?

  • I’m having the exact same problem (This service is currently undergoing maintenance). I’m like really devestated right now because I can’t play Factions at all because of these 2 worthless maps and because no one from Naughty Dog seems to have interacted to this serious problem we’re having. Did they ban some users from their servers or something?

  • This is worst thing they did.i play daily spelunky and the last of us ,those are my fauvorite but now second day i cant play the last of us cos of this cr’p…=( (sadface)

  • 24 hours later and still the same problem “this service is undergoing mainteneace” and i can’t play online come on guys something must be done.

  • Yet the single player stat reset bug still hasn’t been fixed :(

  • @snakeraiden5 there is no such bug .

  • LOUS remastered: I installed new patch and tried to play MP. I was prompted to download new FREE maps, and was redirected to PS store. After downloading map pack (overview states it is 455 MB, but the download was 307 MB) I tried to play MP and again was prompted to download files, although they are already INSTALLED. WTF?

  • @wolf_shiff bro how did you download the maps??
    where u located??how we cant download them
    i still have that fund error!!really sony??do somethig!!!

  • And it’s weird that they gave these maps for free, don’t ya think guys? They must’ve did something in this patch that prevented some users from downloading these things for “Whatever that reason is”.

  • I am on PS4 and have an UK PSN account.Everytime i try downloading the maps i get ” unable to add funds to your wallet ” error.It has been like this since the past 2 days.This is just ridiculous.I feel like i am wasting money on PSN Plus since i can’t play my favourite game online anyway.

    please fix this

  • @Gamer345 – I have a US account but I’m located outside US. This needs to be fixed ASAP – Naughty dog? Sony? .

  • when i try to download new map content it give me error “This content cannot be selected at this time ” ?? why ?

  • ”This content cannot be selected at this time” this is what i get when i download free maps for the last of us

  • Good guy ND doesn’t know how to disappoint.

  • Anyone figure out how to fix the issue with downloading. One of my good friends cannot get on with us due to this issue… please let me know if someone finds a fix

  • hi guys
    i just figured the way out
    if u have”FUNDS COULDNT BE ADDED TO YOUR WALLETt”use proxy
    if u have”THIS CONTENT CONNOT BE SELECTD THIS TIME”create an account the same with disk region

    i just solved these problems and im now having fun with multyplayer

  • how do i use proxy help

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