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Sep 04

Sep 04

Destiny: See the Live Action Trailer

DeeJ's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Bungie

Hey, there PlayStation Nation. We’re days away from the launch of Destiny. Before we launch, check out this final glimpse of our brave new world.

A Fireteam heads out on an epic, action-packed road trip across our Solar System to face our enemies, take back what is ours and, in the end, Become Legend.

We’re launching you to visit this brave new world on September 9th, see you there.

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winterdust said:

September 4th, 10:10 am

Amazing! Add me guys! Will be playing the minute it unlocks on psn. ^_^

Tiago_Play3 said:

September 4th, 10:29 am

Epic, please make more! this will be LEGENDARY!

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    September 4th, 10:57 am

    Time for you to make your own live action.

janusfilmsfan said:

September 4th, 10:31 am

Yes… I need more friends for raids though.

EssEyyEmm said:

September 4th, 10:33 am

Me too guys! Can’t wait to play with y’all 😁

Eddo_Marin said:

September 4th, 10:36 am

Dear Lord.

I can’t, this should be out tomorrow so we can play 48 hours straight on the weekend :(

Bungie, please, i bought it 3 months ago.. pleeeeease! hahaha

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    September 4th, 10:57 am

    Only days more to wait. Be brave, now.

DaZetheMaZe said:

September 4th, 10:42 am

Goin Crazy 4 Days Til DESTINY, check sick highlights

See you 9/9 Peace

Mecha-Samurai said:

September 4th, 11:03 am

I seriously got chills DeeJ. Bravo simply bravo!

ArmedOne78 said:

September 4th, 11:08 am

I bought my copy in November 2013. I’m about to blow a fuse here, literally, I can’t wait any longer. Took two vacation days off work to play. Awesome trailer btw. The person that had the idea for it is a genius!!

CrusaderForever said:

September 4th, 11:10 am

Destiny is Legendary!! Just like that live action trailer! Really looking forward to leveling up my Titan. Only 5 days fellow Guardians!

PooPface560 said:

September 4th, 11:12 am

That video and song was sick.. Thanks!

Can’t wait to play.

Eddo_Marin said:

September 4th, 11:13 am

+DeeJ thank you man. I’m hyped, yes, but i also can wait for great things. After the alpha and the beta, i’m nothing but excited for this game.

Oh, and i’m a game journalist & reviewer for a spanish group of websites, so i’ll be sharing my Destiny love with others haha.

Keep on the great work, see ya in the tower!

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    September 4th, 11:38 am

    Muchas Gracias.

Powerlunch said:

September 4th, 11:19 am

we come in peace. nice one bungie
trailer is a beast! point my ready

ivanhot9 said:

September 4th, 11:28 am

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to play it!

D-Squad3 said:

September 4th, 11:38 am

Make a movie

Zionine said:

September 4th, 11:45 am

I…. Am….. Star Lord.

Serious GotG vibe from this video… and I’m fine with that. Hahah. Capitalize on what’s popular.

Cat_Corye said:

September 4th, 12:02 pm

Kombat Assault Team is gearing up for Destiny, everyone is welcome to join the clan.

SCARFACE407 said:

September 4th, 12:04 pm

That looks sick!!! Ready for Tuesday, Anyone that wants to play let me know and add me on psn I will be picking up the game at the midnight release. Please have a headset, mic to communicate. Thanks!

Thwip said:

September 4th, 12:14 pm

Game comes out on Tuesday, and I have to go on a three day business trip starting on Wednesday…grr! I guess I’ll play the *beep* out of it on the weekend.

djsaiyan said:

September 4th, 12:28 pm

Any chance you guys can confirm how many endgame raids there are that have the five friend requirement in order to play?

Most of my friends haven’t got PS4s yet. Those that do, have either jobs, marriages, kids, or some combination of this that prevent them from scheduling time to do runs. Or they’re just not into shooters and aren’t getting Destiny.

This makes getting the required people together pretty much impossible without resorting to strangers, which just isn’t something I feel like doing.

So how much content is there that’s actually gated? This is actually a bit of a big sticking point for me, and will determine whether or not I keep my preorder come Tuesday.

Powerlunch said:

September 4th, 12:44 pm

they wont be strangers for long once they join your raid. i think thats the point they’re trying to convey. next-gen is here. lets play togeher

JMBlakk said:

September 4th, 12:49 pm

This is pure BS why should we have to wait til Tuesday, I can’t wait til Tuesday. I just finished playing TLOU for the first time so I would have enough time to play this game. Now I just have to play the waiting game. (BTW I was just kidding this being pure BS but seriously I can’t wait for this game)

djsaiyan said:

September 4th, 12:58 pm


Thank you for the intensely unhelpful reply. Appreciate it.

gwarlito said:

September 4th, 12:58 pm

That was one of the best game trailers I’ve ever seen (on par if not better than the Gears of War Mad World and Borderlands 2 Wimoweh trailers, some other of my faves). I hope to see this on TV, during tonight’s NFL kickoff would be awesome (Go Pack Go!!).

I can’t wait until Tues, it will be LEGENDARY, especially with my PS4 ghost edition!!

DaZetheMaZe said:

September 4th, 1:05 pm

@djsaiyan Why are you being a jerk? What is the point of your op, why ask about raids when you state you have no friends to play with and dont care to game with strangers? smh

dsaBOSS said:

September 4th, 1:08 pm

Any chance of Destiny PSN avatars coming out with the game’s launch?

radioavon said:

September 4th, 1:43 pm

Since there are only 3 of them I’m assuming they aren’t very far along in the game or they are locked out of the end game content like the rest of us? ;}

djsaiyan said:

September 4th, 1:44 pm


My point was to ask how much content is gated. Plain and simple. I didn’t ask for your comment that I can make friends if I want to. I didn’t ask if I could make friends. I know I can. I asked how much content is gated. Your response wasn’t the slightest bit helpful, and was in fact pretty jerky itself.

DaZetheMaZe said:

September 4th, 1:54 pm

I suggested nothing to you initially, that was another user that was trying to be helpful then met with your unnecessary disrespect.
I’m here all day protecting Guardians everywhere.


FreshRevenge said:

September 4th, 1:57 pm

That was pretty Epic, I wouldn’t be surprise that some TV series spawn from this.Well I am looking forward to taking a break from my Dark Souls 2 game to kicking some alien butt!

yung_dragon said:

September 4th, 1:58 pm

I’m so stoked for this (Yep, I just said Stoked lol) I’m picking up at midnite launch or at 9 a.m. when the stores open lol, whichever come 1st !! Feel free to add me guys, I’ll play with anyone. KillZone 2/3 were my ONLY shooters, so go easy on me lol

TwinDad said:

September 4th, 2:18 pm

I can’t wait! So I can finally not have to see posts and news about Destiny….

Still, I hope people enjoy playing if it’s their thing.

FreshRevenge said:

September 4th, 2:34 pm


I can’t wait So I can not have have to see posts like yours commenting on a game that they have no interested in!

Still I know I will be enjoying it because it’s my thing!

MarinoBrea said:

September 4th, 4:10 pm


Ghostwize said:

September 4th, 4:24 pm

That commercial looked expensive. :P

How much was it to get that Zeppelin song?! Very well done!

Broman_YZ said:

September 4th, 4:31 pm


Are digital pre order codes, purchased through an online retailer like, going to be made available on the 7th so as to take advantage of the nifty pre loading feature? and be able to play 1st thing?!

I had inquired with Amazon and they had directed me to Playstation support, but I figured Bungie would know best.

Thank you

Seiven said:

September 4th, 7:29 pm

Fan-Freakin-Tastic! So pumped for this…have my copy and my expansion pass paid off…cannot wait to “become legend”

beastbarbour said:

September 4th, 7:48 pm

I hope as someone who has paid for ps plus the sony servers are ready for Tuesday because lately this is coming unacceptable.

juju954fl said:

September 4th, 8:42 pm

Cool….. So when does the movie comes out?

PenguinActual said:

September 5th, 4:26 am

If that was a trailer to a movie, I’d so be in line. However, I’m just in line to the game that’s going to be the death of my Wildstar (PC) account.

saab01 said:

September 5th, 9:18 am

I hope my copy arrives Tuesday don’t want to play this game late where others have an advantage over me.

SeanStrange said:

September 5th, 9:42 am

Tuesday is so close yet so freakin’ far away. My hype for Destiny is INFINITE!

UnrealSackboy said:

September 5th, 9:58 am

Destiny TV Show with this level of Quality. Will be completely amazing. So many stories that can happen.

warezIbanez said:

September 5th, 11:47 am

For those who want to get into raids with little fuss, my clan (RebelAllianceClan (dot) com) is planning on doing these on Sunday and Monday nights, 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern.

If this sounds like an ideal time for anyone, feel free to check out the site and the recruitment page.

zekececil14 said:

September 5th, 11:48 am

Now when I watch this… I think, “Destiny would make a kick-ass movie.”

Make it happen, guys. Pleassssse!

gogocons said:

September 5th, 10:19 pm

I am super stoked about this!!

Matrix_Lion said:

September 7th, 2:32 pm

This was the game I was excited for the most. Soon. . .

Matrix_Lion said:

September 7th, 2:33 pm

DeeJ that avatar let me get that.

RED-ROSS12345 said:

September 7th, 3:39 pm

Best Trailer Ever!!

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