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Sep 07

Sep 07

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/9/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar Posted by Senior Specialist, SIEA Social Media

The Drop

We’ve been waiting for this one, friends. At last, the Guardians of the Tower are rising to face the darkness spreading across the frontier. It’s time to gear up in Bungie’s latest science-fiction opus as Destiny launches this Tuesday for PS4 and PS3.

In Destiny, players defend the last city on Earth from an encroaching threat, using astounding weaponry and ancient power to dispatch the enemies of humanity. Destiny fuses the thrill of a first-person shooter with the loot-hunt of classic RPGs and the social togetherness of an MMO. Traverse forgotten ruins, forge new friendships, sail the black sky, and build an armory worthy of legend. And PlayStation gamers have exclusive access to guns, gear, ships, and multiplayer maps along the way. So pack a nice lunch — interstellar travel lasts a long time.

For a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Mega Man X5
NHL 15

New PlayStation Games This Week

PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Destiny is a next-generation, first-person shooter featuring an unprecedented combination of cinematic storytelling, cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay, and personal activities that are woven into an expansive, persistent online world. Venture out alone or join up with friends. The choice is yours.
Mega Man X5
PSone Classic — Digital
Mega Man X and Zero have to race against time to stop a Maverick Reploid attack on Earth. Can they put a stop to the Maverick menace? This title is compatible with the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP.
NHL 15
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Built to harness the power of the next generation, NHL 15 brings to life the sights, sounds, and feel of real NHL action like never before. Every player is affected by real-world physics leading to multiplayer collisions and pileups through 12 Player NHL Collision Physics. This is the next generation of Hockey.

Demos and Betas

FIFA 15 — PS3 Demo
NHL 15 — PS3 Trial

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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Ryan Clements's Avatar

Ryan Clements said:

September 7th, 9:03 am


SteeLFaisca said:

September 7th, 9:05 am

Megaman X5!

cheeckoo42 said:

September 7th, 9:06 am

thanks for the small but essential edition of the Drop

ps: I’m sure you meant to say : \o/ DESTINY!!! \o/

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    September 7th, 9:10 am

    Thank you for the edit. \o/

Chokuto said:

September 7th, 9:07 am

Destiny! My body is ready!! XD

RE_Player said:

September 7th, 9:07 am

The world will go crazy for Destiny but here in Canada we’ll be playing NHL 15.

FeddeCampo said:

September 7th, 9:08 am

The moon was never so close Guardians! =D

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    September 7th, 9:11 am

    *gargles with excitement*

Dragonzblaze said:

September 7th, 9:09 am

destiny will b fufilled tomorrow midnight see u online fellow guardians add me on psn dragonzblaze

ahchurro11 said:

September 7th, 9:10 am


In seriousness, i’ll be trying to go for X5 seeing as i like action platformers.

Mr_TuxedoPants said:

September 7th, 9:10 am

Nothing good I see.

Elvick_ said:

September 7th, 9:10 am

Is MMX5 going to be out in Canada?

I didn’t see X4 when it came out (still don’t). So figure it’s a Canada thing.


September 7th, 9:11 am

Already got Destiny preloaded onto my PS4, I will get Megaman X5 as well for my vita.

Seluhir said:

September 7th, 9:11 am

Thank goodness for Megaman X5. I was beginning to worry there would be nothing new worth playing this week.

spleener12 said:

September 7th, 9:11 am

Oh wow, only one game (X5 is a re-release, so it doesn’t count) had the balls to release on the same day as Destiny? Hilarious.

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    September 7th, 9:12 am

    The only legion ready to oppose the Guardians of the last city on Earth? The NHL.

saab01 said:

September 7th, 9:11 am

I hope destiny will get me to actually use my ps4 unlike shadowfall.

DaWolf619 said:

September 7th, 9:12 am

DESTINY!! Already preloaded and now I’m just waiting for it to unlock tomorrow night. Openopenopen

Seluhir said:

September 7th, 9:13 am

Sorry Ryan, but the first person perspective just does nothing for me. Destiny could’ve been interesting, but they made the (in my opinion wrong) decision to not let me play in third person, so it’s just another generic first person shooter to ignore so I’m glad we’ll have MMX5.

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    September 7th, 9:15 am

    To each his own. Enjoy Mega Man!! ^_^

ColonelOCorn said:

September 7th, 9:13 am

And as we learned from Greg Miller (see thread on GAF) don’t sniff the star map.

See you online, Ryan! Beyond!

Butters360 said:

September 7th, 9:13 am

How we do go about getting Mega Man X4 and soon to be Mega Man X5 onto the PS Vita, it’s not showing up in the PS Vita PlayStation Store.

Emils1991 said:

September 7th, 9:13 am

No FIFA 15 demo for PS4?!

Enigmatech said:

September 7th, 9:15 am

The long wait is over, FIFA 15 demo AND it’s on PS3 too?!

L0NG_SHOT_28 said:

September 7th, 9:15 am

So when the servers go live at 6 a.m. CST, do we get to play or do we have to wait for sony to unlock the game?

SloppyStickz said:

September 7th, 9:16 am

Sucks all the digital people have to wait until 12:01 PDT on 9/9 to play destiny. when people with physical disk can play at 12:01 there time…

X-R4Y_24 said:

September 7th, 9:17 am

Can I redeem the digital content for the limited edition of Destiny before I install the game?

lnd73 said:

September 7th, 9:17 am

Next up is Planetside 2 ;)

cbestie10 said:

September 7th, 9:21 am

As someone who lives on the east coast, it would be great if the game unlocked at 12:01 AM EST. All games on PSN should unlock at that time.

moecage said:

September 7th, 9:26 am

As much as i love you guys, i want you to know the way we have to wait til 3PM EST for some games to unlock is not cool, if retail get midnight release,so should we.

SNORLAXex said:

September 7th, 9:27 am

I hope Capcom will get the Legends games up, as well as the rest of the X series.

rafatwar said:

September 7th, 9:29 am

no FIFA 15 PS4 DEMO ?

Biskoito said:

September 7th, 9:33 am

FIFA 15 DEMO only on PS3!? Seriously???

SquirreLeader said:

September 7th, 9:34 am

Please allow the east coast access at 12 am EDT! I have faith in Sony that this is possible.

rafael_martines said:

September 7th, 9:35 am

Weak Week

computerkefka said:

September 7th, 9:38 am

Is Pier Solar HD ever coming out?

KazeEternal said:

September 7th, 9:41 am

2 More Mega Man X games to go :-D

Looking like a pretty strong week.

ZeroAyanami said:

September 7th, 9:43 am

Hey Ryan, I wanted to ask something. For those of us who Pre Ordered the PS3 version of Destiny to upgrade to the PS4 version, how soon would we be able to download the PS4 version of the game? Would we be able to start downloading the PS4 version on Tuesday or on another date? It would be nice if we could also Pre Load the PS4 version of Destiny as well.

L0NG_SHOT_28 said:

September 7th, 9:44 am

The destiny servers open at 12 p.m GMT on Sep 8th. Digital users are getting screwed cause it’ll stay locked until midnight.. CHANGE THE TIMER!

Rezolution77 said:

September 7th, 9:50 am

Thought about preordering it, but was not sure if they supported Cross-Buy, or upgrade cost, if any.

Had some fun with the Beta, but not dying without it.
Although I picked up my first Xbox (after my laser lens malfunctioned), due to Halo.

Glad to see Mega Man added though.

*Nice intro for The Drop BTW*

djsaiyan said:

September 7th, 9:53 am


It’s not a Canada thing. I bought Mega Man X4 last week, and I’m in Toronto.

Copy this into your browser and take the two spaces out.

store .sonyentertainmentnetwork. com/#!/en-ca/games/mega-man-x4-(psone-classic)/cid=UP9000-NPUJ00561_00-0000000000000001

Sonicfan11589 said:

September 7th, 9:58 am

Looking forward to Destiny, multiplayer looks really good.

luisfelipelfc said:

September 7th, 10:02 am

fifa 15 demo only for ps3???
no love for ps4 :(

Superstone said:

September 7th, 10:02 am

I would love to play Hockey on the Vita and not just remote play

dkarlowicz10 said:

September 7th, 10:04 am

There has not been an NHL game on the handheld in over 8 years. We need a standalone NHL game for Vita. Can’t bring Remote play on the road. 8 LONG YEARS. Come on EA, please bring NHL to Vita.

TatsuyaDragon said:

September 7th, 10:05 am

Destiny! :)

dkarlowicz10 said:

September 7th, 10:06 am

Megaman X4 is not showing when you access the PS Store through the Vita, but it shows on the internet. Can you guys fix that? Hopefully Megaman X5 will show on Vita when you access the Store through the Vita.

DeathGazer said:

September 7th, 10:14 am

Destiny? Never heard of it :P

spearrage said:

September 7th, 10:25 am

Any ETA for Playstations Classics coming to PS4? i think months ago i heard someone commenting that they are bringing them to the platform

RED-ROSS12345 said:

September 7th, 10:26 am

I am getting the white ps4 destiny bundle, does anyone want to be friends and play online.

Dixiedevil said:

September 7th, 10:40 am

What’s the point of buying digital if I can’t play it at midnight? I won’t make that mistake again.

Nevi901 said:

September 7th, 10:40 am

Destiny does nothing for me, so I guess it’s just Megaman this week.

JumpMan33 said:

September 7th, 10:44 am

If I pre-ordered Destiny on PSN for PS4, will I get the PS3 version with it free?


September 7th, 10:48 am

If it wasn’t for Destiny, this would be weak. Although, I do like Mega Man X5.

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