The Delicious Sounds of The Evil Within

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The Delicious Sounds of The Evil Within
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Dripping blood, gooey brains, and terrifying cries of the Haunted. When playing The Evil Within — Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s return to survival horror — you can expect plenty of gruesome sounds that beg to be played with surround speakers or noise-cancelling headphones.

What you wouldn’t expect is how these sounds are engineered. Stomach-turning noises that could make squeamish players lose their lunch are, actually, created by the very foods you might eat during lunch. On a recent trip to Tango Gameworks, the sound team had the Bethesda Underground team (myself included) track down items to create heinous sound effects for the game.

The Delicious Sounds of The Evil Within

With a short grocery list of cantaloupe and raw beef from sound designer Mashahiro Izumi, we decided to have some fun and surprise him with additional items to throw into the mix.: noodles, marshmallows, potato chips, and more.

The results? The experience was nearly as terrifying as the game itself. Well versed in the arena of Foley work, Izumi-san assaulted the foods we provided with the same tenacity as some of the game’s most challenging opponents.

We recommend you watch this video before you head to the cafeteria, and we also recommend you check out The Evil Within, now available for pre-order on both PS4 and PS3, when it launches on Tuesday, October 14th.

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  • N7Spartansw0rd

    Very cool. Can’t wait for this game!

  • LMAO great video!

  • He’s really into his job, This is what i call dedication!
    Still on the fence regarding this game. If it can be beaten in one sitting over a weekend, i’ll just rent it.
    Hoping for some 20hrs and some replay value for my $60+.

    I’ll wait for the reviews.

  • Well that’s one way to do sound….

    I appreciate good sound design. It’s crucial to this genre.
    Nice video, the game is shaping up nicely too.

  • I enjoyed and can’t wait for The Evil Within next month, the game should be delicious! :)

  • That was awesome!

  • Ind3structoman


  • PrinceofXIII

    Already preordered Day 1 :)

    I’m not reading any Previews or any impressions because i know this game will be a masterpiece :)

    In Mikami we trust!

  • Jake_Indiman

    Great…this will explain on why when I play this game next month, why I will be scared to death, AND crave cantaloupe, potato chips and noodles.

  • are the audio assets on PS4 24-bit FLAC? on PS3, are they at least 320kbps Ogg/AAC?

    great foley, music, etc is great so long as the details and nuance come through in the final encode/decode. plenty of games seem to still just ship 128kbps MP3, rendering the hard work by the audio production team as moot :(

  • Mashahiro Izumi superb job. Can’t wait to hear The Evil Within with a headset on. This games looks impressive on every level.

  • Anyone knows if there’s going to be a demo for the PS4? I’m tired of these PS3/X360 ports to PS4…

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