Grand Theft Auto V Release Date, Pre-Order Details for PS4

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Grand Theft Auto V Release Date, Pre-Order Details for PS4

Click here to pre-order Grand Theft Auto V on PS4

We are proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on the PlayStation 4 on November 18, 2014. You can preorder it here.

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 will feature a range of major visual and technical upgrades to make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever. In addition to increased draw distances and higher resolution, players can expect a range of additions and improvements including:

  • New weapons, vehicles and activities
  • Additional wildlife
  • Denser traffic
  • New foliage system
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more


Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 will also feature enhanced radio selections with over 100 additional new songs and new DJ mixes from returning DJs across the game’s 17 radio stations.

All players who pre-order the game will get $1,000,000 in-game bonus cash to spend across Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA$500K each for your Story Mode and for your GTA Online in-game bank accounts).

A host of new, exclusive content also awaits for players returning from the PlayStation 3 include rare versions of classic vehicles to collect from across the Grand Theft Auto series such as the Dukes, the Dodo Seaplane and a faster, more maneuverable Blimp; activities including wildlife photography and new shooting range challenges, new weapons and more.


Enhancements to Grand Theft Auto Online include an increased player count, with online play now for up to 30 players on PS4. All existing gameplay upgrades and Rockstar-created content released since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online will also be available for the PlayStation 4 with much more to come.

Existing players will be able to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to PlayStation 4.

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  • PureFluffiness

    I already pre ordered gta v for ps4 but how do i recieve the 1 million. Code, email, automatically?

  • @98 Yeah, I could if I REALLY wanted to, but it’s pointless to buy the same game twice if they don’t give you some substance with it. Like I said before, a new coat of paint isn’t worth it. Give me something like Episodes From Liberty City or Undead Nightmare from Red Dead Redemption and then I might consider it. Until then, I’m happy with the one I got.

  • Guitar_Playa2217

    Wow!!! I LOVE IT.!!! I hope it doesn’t get delaye like last time on the ps3 & crappy Xbox 360.

  • Gamerzlimited

    Whenever I get a PS4, I’ll gladly buy this again. Having 30 people in one room instead of 10 will cause a lot of havoc in Los Santos.

    @iXi_LAWM9STER Stop sounding like Rockstar pointed a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the game. PS2 HD collections has got this same exact treatment before. You’re an idiot to think it’s not done before. Even though I sound like I’m insulting others, I just really hate people like you.

  • @101 Remmy8199
    I respect that, but I have the right to my own opinion too. Personally, I do think it’s worth it. I would rather play this again than all the crap that’s coming out nowadays.

    Also, I’m curious about your opinion. You mention that you don’t think any game is worth $120. What do you think of software like those from Adobe? Or Sony Vegas? Or to the more extreme, Microsoft’s VS. These pieces of software cost thousands of dollars, and don’t even hold a candle to the amount of work, time, and money required for developing a game like Grand Theft Auto 5.

  • juggalorider

    @101 look at trailer real slow because one part had a zombie so i beat they will add something like rdr undead nightmare just for pc an ps4 an x1

  • juggalorider

    also i don’t remember aliens in the story, did trever get abducted in a stranger mission? i haven’t completed all those an i sold my ps3 an was gonna wait for ps4 version

  • juggalorider

    i just watched it again an realized zombie is fake but ether way day 1 for me an hopefully i can pre download like diablo 3

  • justintherider

    When will we be able to pre-order it from the PlayStation store for PS4?

  • gtawargod21

    So I have a question if you purchased GTA5 already on PS3/XBOX will they have the option to upgrade to PS4/XBOX ONE for a reduced price? If anyone has any information about this please messsage me on PS3 at gtawargod21.

  • Is there an upgrade price from ps3 to ps4???????

  • I know a great way to get a discount!!! Take your copy of GTA5 PS3, put it towards GTA5 for PS4, I did that with The Last of Us, Paid only 20 bucks for the new game :D

  • PrinceofXIII

    Lol glad i waited on this

  • where i used to live, games were a lot more expensive than in the united States, going up to the 100 mark on big resellers, and about 80$ on a site like ebay. When i used a courier service it still was about 70 bucks out from my card to someones pocket, so stop crying about how much money they make you pay while having you ” cuffed and blindfolded, with a 9mm in the back of your skull”. Still people from the poorest countries will pay the money without begging as much as you.

    The way i see it, you have three options in this situation.

    a) Stretch out your wallets and give the great R* the money they want in order to keep yourself entertained.
    b) Wait until everyone has played the game and you can get it for the 10 dollars some people want to pay.
    c)Try and be really stupid and save those two idiot mentors of yours and have everybody in the Goddamn state crawling up your ass.

    Sony, please sell it through so i can leave my xbox away.

  • i dunno which is better, to read the comments on the USA psn comunity or go into the Spaniard one so they can cry about how their economy doesnt let them get a job so they ask games for free…

  • sweet! do the same online problems that plagued this game from launch ALSO carry over ot the ps4? because that would be swell! then i cojuld quit playing it AGAIN for the same reason i traded the ps3 version in, to begin with. this game was the worst online experience i ever had, and rockstar will never gat another dime of my money because of it. i got a great single player game with the intention of having loads of replayability because of how fun gatv was supposed to for the online gamer, which was teased, but never delivered, due to the overabundance of problems. so, before anyone decides to tell me that the online component of the game was free, and i should be grateful to have just experienced it… save it.

  • Happy-Gamings

    Thanks for artwork this looks brand new compare to old gen.Will pre-order from psn.

  • Ok ok ok, if you already have the game for PS3 you can use the Blueray of ps3 in ps4?

  • Kurai_Shin-----

    This is the reason why i don’t care for the ps4 or the crapbox one where’s the real next gen games? enough with the ports already

  • juggalorider

    @119 really? a lot of people like me prefer games being on the ps4 since the ps4 controller is better an there are some really good games that aren’t ports, also i wouldn’t consider gta5 to be just a port, they not only upgrading it but adding things into just the next gen an pc so ya have fun with it on the old gen while i checked out a 100X better version

  • I bought the digital version on psn and was shocked by all the popin that was is the opening movie, it was disgusting. There better be a discount for digital owners other wise I will wait and buy a used copy for 30 bucks or less. My first ps3 died because of the gta4 update and I have been scewed by sony and rockstar too many times. Every sony system I have ever owned has broken except my white ps4 so far. Traded in destiny it was horrid.

  • It’s not that people are wanting a discount it’s that people are pissed the digital ps3 version was a gimped version and they deserve a discount that bought the digital version even if its only makes the game 30- or 40 bucks. And is gta online coming before gta5 to ps4 I am confused.

  • juggalorider

    @122 sucks to be u, i have both disc an digital, i prefer playing the digital version an the only thing that was wrong was the intro an nothing else so ya an my ps3 never broke i sold it to buy a ps4 an now I’m ever happier because of this

  • CREW__OM3G4

    What I really want to know is; Will GTA V be in a bundle with PS4? (Hopefully Glacier White) Because I’m not about to buy one until I know that I won’t have to pay a lot more money for GTA V.

  • Will the extra cash come if I preorder it at “Game”

  • I am not paying for this again and I am not going through PSN which is a total scam, charged us £50 and then a bunch of errors when we started to download it.

    You owe us the game, make us pay £10-15 to change the copy to PS4 you scammers

  • People are kidding themselves if they think that Rockstar will discount this game for previous purchases. Sure I hope it happens for you, but it’s a remaster title, on a brand new system. They will rock full price for at least 6 months to just get the sales and profit. Who wouldn’t. And before you say me, you are kidding yourself, Rockstar isn’t a charity.

  • NO THERE WILL BE NO DISCOUNT. Even if its twice the price you will still buy it so STFU and STOP asking.
    NO THE TROPHIES WILL NOT TRANSFER. Its a new game, if you care enough you will just get it all over again.
    YES YOUR ONLINE SAVE WILL CARRY OVER. Because all the online save data are on the cloud server.

  • If you played on Xbox 360 or PS3 and get it on PS4 your data will transfer through Rockstar Social Club

  • quinnsdaddy11

    Why can’t I digitally pre-order this game yet? I saw I could do this with Battlefield Hardlines, Bloodbourne, and even Drake’s Fortune which are all coming out next year. I am trying to go all digital and want to give you my money.

  • juggalorider

    @130 i agree i only have one game on disc an thats tomb raider, all others I’m downloading only, when will gta5 get preorder on psn? its not fair that others can preorder the disc already

  • Will there be a digital version to preorder for psn?

  • jordan_millican

    I bought this on ps3, and I will absolutely be buying it again on ps4 for the full aussie price of 100 because this game was so good and absolutely worth the 100

  • When Will It Be Available For Pre Order On The PSN Store?

  • juggalorider

    @126 u sound like a big cry baby, i wonder how many of u cry babies played past the intro mission because only one part was glitchy i mean come on that was the only bad part in the whole game, so keep crying like sissy la la’s, rockstar don’t care about cry babies like u an i never had a problem downloading gta5

  • juggalorider

    GTA is the best games series in the world almost as cool as sexy stephanine but she is better than anything in the world in my opinion

  • BadGamerOnline

    I have just purchased my PS4 and started a NEW PSN account. Does anybody know if i will be able to transfer my online character across to my new account once the PS4 version is released? or will i just have to start fresh?
    I thought that there is a possibility that it will work due to Rockstar stating you will be able to keep you character is you change platforms (i.e PS3 to XBOX ONE or 360 to PS4)

  • juggalorider

    @137 do u not buy anything on psn? or care about ur trophies? i do an thats why ill never make a new account, now ill answer ur question, no u can’t because it has to be the same online id, i could be wrong but when i updated bf4 i had to use same account so I’m guessing this is the same if I’m wrong then good for u but i also think u should have just used ur old one

  • Wait wait wait…. so, even if he have GTA V on PS3 we’ll have to pay another $60 to purchase it on PS4? :O

  • Power_oF_FIN

    Where is the PSN pre-prder?!?

  • one question tho i downloaded gta v on my ps3 can i re-download it at my ps4 for like 5 or 6$

  • like assassins creed black flag and fifa 14

  • I’m buying it no matter but when is the PlayStation network pre-order going to be available.

  • I have just a couple questions.

    1. I have traded in my ps3 already and have the ps4 , will I still be able to transfer my content over?

    2. I was wondering if all of my content I have on the ps3 version will transfer over , I have not played GTA5 since I bought my ps4 in march , I have a house full of great cars ,weapons etc. Will all of that transfer over to the ps4 system or just the progress made in GTA5 online?

    Thanks for the help and God Bless

  • Since this launched around the time the PS4 came out, I was one of the hold-outs to wait for the PS4 version. The wait looks definitely worth it. Thanks R*!


    will there be additional trophies?

  • i bought a ps4 its just sitting there next to my ps3 waiting for the new GTA.. so will we need playstation plus to play the new gta online?

  • if u have the gta online for ps3 when u get it on ps4 Your character and all u have will transfer over rockstar has stated that already :)

  • WaryDeathZone

    what about the 360. i saw that you can but is it true?

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