Bloodborne Coming 2/6/2015 to PS4, Collector’s Edition Detailed

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Bloodborne Coming 2/6/2015 to PS4, Collector’s Edition Detailed
Bloodborne Coming 2/6/2015 to PS4, Collector’s Edition Detailed

This past E3, PlayStation unveiled Bloodborne, the product of a close collaboration between famed Japanese developer FromSoftware and Sony Computer Entertainment’s own Japan Studio. At gamescom in Cologne, we revealed the first public gameplay with a hands-on demo and 6-minute gameplay video (catch it here if you missed it).

Everyone involved with Bloodborne has been overwhelmed by the public response to the project, but the question we’ve received most of all, actually, is “when?”

Today, we’re happy to announce that fans will be able to experience Bloodborne’s unique blend of gothic horror, terrifying enemy designs, fast-paced offensive combat (complete with brutal transforming weapons), RPG character customization and progression, and unique online features on Friday, February 6th, 2015, exclusively on PS4.


We’re also happy to reveal the Collector’s Edition for Bloodborne, also available on February 6th, 2015, which will include a special Steelbook collector’s case, an exclusive premium art book featuring stunning concept art from the game, as well as the complete soundtrack featuring all of the haunting music from the game’s score. The Collector’s Edition will be available for $79.99 at participating retailers, and will only be available in limited quantities, so pre-order before it’s too late.

Bloodborne Collector's Edition

To help celebrate this announcement, watch the brand new trailer for the game above that showcases all new content, including chilling environments, gruesome enemies, devastating transforming weapons, and even a sneak peek at some of Bloodborne’s online functionality including cooperative and asynchronous play.

Now, for those of you who pre-order the game, either at your favorite participating retailer or through our digital PlayStation Store, we’ve got an exciting pre-order DLC for you. In Bloodborne, hunters have special companions called Messengers that have creeped up out of the nightmare world and facilitate some of the asynchronous online gameplay features. If you pre-order Bloodborne, you will be treated to an exclusive alternate skin for your Messengers.


Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information about Bloodborne in the coming weeks and months.

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  • Nice to know the official release date, can’t wait to play this.


    HYPED! I am a digital customer. Will a collectors edition type thing be available for us digital folks as well? I want the soundtrack..

  • Oh yeeeeahhhh!

  • One of those games I need to buy a PS4 for. Any chance there’s going to be a system bundle!?!

  • I’m looking forward to this game.

  • Cannot wait hell yah! Platinumed Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, need to finish Dark Souls II !

  • Any idea on how many pages the book is?

  • PS4 Where The Greatest Play.

  • This CE shall be mine (づ^_^)づ

  • That trailer’s ending was SICK!

  • Mega-Sackman

    This is fantastic, glad to know that the game has coop mode, amazing!!

  • Awesome, but will you guys have a similar collection for digital purchases or a way to purchase the items separately? Such as I want to buy the game digitally but that with the artwork in this game I also want that artbook

  • Will be buying this copy & a digital :). Keep it in it’s plastic wrap for future collections :D!

  • Please consider a Console Bundle.

  • Will it be available in Canada?

  • I am getting that collectors edition.

  • So close to my birthday, too. Thanks FROM SOFTWARE and Japan Studios this is going to be one amazing 21st Birthday!

  • Please offer a bundle. A fully customized Bloodborne-themed PS4 would be amazing.

  • childofibiza

    When will the preorder go live for collectors edition? Amazon has it listed as unavailable.

  • Wow. This looks like a system seller. It has “This is what games should do on ps4” screaming from it. Wow. Amazing trailer! Nice work! Can’t wait for the hype!!! This looks like a first to live up to it!

  • February 6?!?! THAT’S MY BIRTHDAY! :D

  • stalemate666

    Looks like it will have a decent amount of enemy variety, does this game have online like demon souls is it confirmed or not yet? Also worried about balance after dark souls, though the same teams (plural is key) that did demon souls is doing this so balance should be okay.

  • So awesome, cant wait for this game.

  • This looks reaaaaaaaaal goooood !

  • Which Retailers have the Physical Collector’s Edition?

  • $80 for a pretty shoddy CE – Dark Souls II came with almost all of that just for preordering. Either way, that won’t stop me from buying a PS4 this year in preparation for the standard edition of Bloodborne.

    how come we dont get that Steelbook game case in the Japanese Version?
    T_T time to find a way to pre-order the US one internationally.

  • So far away still

  • Any chance we could get a Limited Edition too in the US? Soundtrack is great but I kind of want more. :)

  • Player_Bruce

    This is going to be a very awesome game, can’t wait !

  • Long way to go yet, but at least now we have a date to be looking forward to!


  • Any alpha-test for NA?

  • This is my most anticipated game!! Cant wait!

  • BlaqMagiq24

    Can’t wait to preorder!

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GrafUlrich88

    WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!

    This game looks better and better every time the release a new trailer. I’m excited for co op and getting the collectors edition.

    M$ has to be like “OK what do we have to compare to Bloodbourne, Deep Down, and The Order: 1886, umm nothing!!!”

    Truly Greatness in Gaming is coming soon to a PS4 near you. I also am excited for what the other 1st and 2nd Party Studios are working on for the PS4 next year and beyond.



  • OnTheBus666

    This game absolutely needs it’s own ps4 bundle. A bleeding or blood red ps4 would be so awesome. Great looking game! Oh and are there any plans for a ps4 armored core?

  • This can’t come soon enough, I need Bloodborne in my life.

  • KenzoYukiso


  • BlueBl1zzard

    Early February? That’s actually sooner than I was expecting. I guess I should go pre-order now…

  • I definitely want this Collector’s edition! I can’t seem to find it anywhere though. Did it sell out THAT FAST in the US? Or am I just too early here?

  • denpanosekai

    I don’t even have a PS4 (yet!) but I’m getting the collector’s edition ASAP

  • No figurine statue? LAME

  • Where can you actually buy it?

  • israelpacheco89

    Game is looking great! This is going to be my first time diving into the Demon Soul’s/Dark Soul’s style of games.

  • This is a must buy for me…………….

  • CommandingTiger

    I’ve waited on the collectors edition for this?
    I should have just pre-ordered the regular version when it came available.
    The only good thing is the soundtrack.

  • I seriously don’t understand why this announcement was made without the retailers where it would be available to pre-order, and apparently, before it is actually available to pre-order.

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