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Sep 23

Sep 23

Co-op Platformer Chariot Rolls to PS4 9/30

Philippe Dion's Avatar Posted by Creative Lead and Programmer, Chariot

It’s been a long ride, but the royal chariot is finally ready to roll. Since we first unveiled it at this year’s E3, hundreds of players have had the opportunity to take it out for a spin and give us some feedback.

One question kept coming back: “When is it gonna come out on PS4?”

Well, today we’re happy to announce that PS4 owners will be able to experience Chariot’s unique co-op platforming and spelunking goodness next Tuesday, September 30th.

Chariot on PS4

You’ve never heard of Chariot, you say? That’s alright! We’ll sum it up for you:
Chariot is a co-op platformer game where two players have to work together using physics-based mechanics, like pushing and pulling, to bring His Majesty’s royal coffin to his final resting place. Since the king’s ghost is picky (to say the least) regarding where and how he expects to be buried, this won’t be an easy task. Along the way, the Princess and her Fiancé will have to gather gold and precious gems to decorate the sepulcher.

We love that local multiplayer games are making a comeback, but we wanted to stray from the competitive game model and make one that focused on cooperation. That being said, the game can be enjoyed and finished by playing solo, but steel yourself, because some of the challenges will require an enormous amount of creativity on your part if you decide to go it alone.

Chariot on PS4

We can’t wait for you guys to try Chariot! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them with us in the comments. We’re really eager to chat with you guys!

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JamesBlonde777 said:

September 23rd, 5:08 am

This wasn’t mentioned in the post, but it sounds like this is a local multiplayer only game, correct? This is a deal breaker for me. These indie games really need to step it up to the 21st century. It’s a shame that I can’t play wonderful games like Spelunky and Towerfall with friends online. I hope I’m wrong and this one supports online multiplayer. Please let us know, as this looks like a cool game!

poodude said:

September 23rd, 5:08 am

Oh awesome, I’ll definitely be picking this up. Been looking forward to it for a while – plus I always love having more co-op games for when friends visit!

xarienne said:

September 23rd, 5:18 am

Whoa. I knew that I was looking forward to this game… but from the way that I just clapped my hands in glee when I read the headline for this post (at work no less!), apparently this will be a Day One purchase for me. :-)

Looking forward to playing it!

(Any chance you’ll also be bringing it to the Vita? Pretty please???)

Thanks, xari.

Philippe Dion's Avatar

Martin Brouard said:

September 23rd, 5:57 am

@JamesBlonde777 Hey James. Thanks for the comment. While I understand your interest for online multiplayer I must confirm that Chariot is local multiplayer only. The game relies on physics a lot and online latency would most probably create frustrating situations for players trying to work together over the network. But, most of all, the reason its local only is that a big part of the multiplayer fun in Chariot is the magic that happens between two people sitting next to each other trying to overcome the many challenges of Chariot. You just can’t Hi-Five over the network :-). I hope you still give it a go. I promise you won’t regret it.

Amnalehu said:

September 23rd, 6:12 am

What a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t expecting this game until later this year. Really looking forward to adding it to my library.

alphagoku1 said:

September 23rd, 6:19 am

this is great, i had my eyes on this since the announce earlier this year. its really good to see that not everyone is dragging their legs getting things done. (im looking at you 505 games and spelunky, sorry for the lapse in knowledge lol) ports and re-releases are taking longer than actually making games nowadays. its crazy! lol but thanks so much for getting this awesomeness out to us guys, keep up the great work

    Philippe Dion's Avatar

    Laurent Mercure said:

    September 23rd, 6:23 am

    @alphagoku1 Thanks a lot for the good words. We are so excited to get the game out! We’re glad we didn’t have to make you guys wait too much : )

maviamonte said:

September 23rd, 6:26 am

Hello guys. I bought Minecraft and discovered I need to be PS+ in order to play co-op. Does that mean will be the same with every single game for PS4?

    Philippe Dion's Avatar

    Laurent Mercure said:

    September 23rd, 6:34 am

    We can’t speak for every game on PS4 but I can assure you that you won’t need to be PS+ to play co-op on Chariot!

cimerians said:

September 23rd, 6:47 am

Co-op platformer is all I need to know for an instant buy. Not enough of this in the world. :P

Mr_TuxedoPants said:

September 23rd, 7:26 am

When are we going to be able to change our bought psn avatars on ps4? Also any news on the update that adds themes?

KidGreengene said:

September 23rd, 7:28 am

Never heard of this game before today… and it is now absolutely one I am going to look for on the store 9/30. I love games that I can actually sit with my youngest and just have a blast figuring out the puzzles.

    Philippe Dion's Avatar

    Laurent Mercure said:

    September 23rd, 7:39 am

    @KidGreengene “I love games that I can actually sit with my youngest and just have a blast figuring out the puzzles.” You just summarized the essence of what we wanted to accomplish with Chariot. Thank you sir!

Rezolution77 said:

September 23rd, 7:31 am

Looks like a valued game, for self, or to include friends and family.

( Vita Please )

Blunt_Whisperer said:

September 23rd, 8:04 am

I can’t wait to play this game!! I think the voice acting in this trailer alone is better then some “AAA” titles. Really excited to check this adventure out. 👍

    Philippe Dion's Avatar

    Laurent Mercure said:

    September 23rd, 8:14 am

    @Blunt_Whisperer Thank you for the compliments on the voice acting. It adds to the King’s… charming personality.

VincentVendetta said:

September 23rd, 9:34 am

Man, you guys have come a long way since those flash games I played as a kid on Radio-Canada’s website. Glad to see you come together in such a way. Bonne chance pour le futur, j’ai hâte de voir ce que vous préparez!

KaseiVallis said:

September 23rd, 9:37 am

@maviamonte Minecraft only requires PS+ for Online co-op. If you are playing local, disable the Online check-box and your other players can join.

PanTheMan16 said:

September 23rd, 11:45 am

I don’t really see latency being an issue. Have you played Portal 2? Timing is Very important in co-op, and I had no latency-related problems whatsoever when playing online with friends.
Making a local co-op only game really doesn’t make sense anymore. I would hope that you know that the vast majority of multiplayer gaming is done online. You are only going to reach a small fraction of the audience (and profits) by not including online play. It’s also very inconsiderate to people who don’t have friends who live close by. My nearest friend lives 20-30 minutes away. We aren’t going to make special trips to each other’s houses just to play Chariot. With that much drive time, we typically make it a point to do something that requires getting off the couch.

cubanboy6292 said:

September 23rd, 1:17 pm

This game looks great, glad your supporting local co-op. My girlfriend is at my house on the weekends and always pestering me to play a game with her since I always seem to focus on solo experience games. I felt bad so I re-downloaded Towerfall Ascension last night for her and we had a blast. Checked the blog today and saw this, definitely looks like a must buy! :-)

P.s. My vita is my second controller, it doesn’t work for local multiplayer on Minecraft. Do you happen to know if it works for this title?

oo7PorscheMGS said:

September 23rd, 7:38 pm

VERRRRRRRRY cool. My nephews will love this, but me first. :P Love the artstyle / idea / story looks nice. My nephews always LOVED little big planet but had some problems with the floaty controls… heck, even I do with that game.. so I’m looking forward to a platformer with co-op but with more precise control like this game looks like it has.

    Philippe Dion's Avatar

    Laurent Mercure said:

    September 24th, 7:49 am

    Thank you for your enthusiasm! If you like the Little Big Planet series, I’m sure you’ll love Chariot : )

KingHabagaT_T said:

September 24th, 8:24 am

1 week of not visiting this website and when I came back found 2 games that are definitely autobuys. This game “Chariot” and “Shu”

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