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Oct 05

Oct 05

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 10/7/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar Posted by Senior Specialist, SIEA Social Media

Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.
The Drop

Three extraordinarily different games headline this week’s new releases, filled to the brim with socially connected racing, survival horror, and world-class basketball (Can you guess which one’s which?) It’s a tremendous week of gaming at PlayStation, and it caters to all sorts of gamers.

First up: DRIVECLUB. Built by the racing aficionados at Evolution Studios, DRIVECLUB hits PS4 exclusively with jaw-dropping visuals and a near-insane attention to detail. Race on tracks around the world with a bevy of meticulously modeled cars, and join up with friends in clubs to race for fame.

Clamoring for something more? Survive the universe’s deadliest killer in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror that pays homage to the iconic low-fi, sci-fi series. Or hit the court in one of gaming’s most realistic basketball simulations with NBA 2K15.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Alien: Isolation
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Jet Car Stunts
NBA 2K15
Pix the Cat
Strider 2
Styx: Master of Shadows

New PlayStation Games This Week

Alien: Isolation
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother’s disappearance.
PS4 — Digital
Divekick is the world’s first‐ever two ­button fighting game! It made a splash with the press and fighting game community for not using a stick, yet still retaining the strategic gameplay & spacing techniques used by pro fighting game players.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
DRIVECLUB is all about you and your friends. It’s about teamwork, it’s about everyone fighting for one another and earning rewards together in a Club — and more importantly, it’s about sharing in the sheer thrill of every race. It permanently connects you, your friends and your Club, always allowing you to share your experiences.
Dust: An Elysian Tail
PS4 — Digital
Immerse yourself in a gorgeous hand-painted world on a search for your true identity. As the mysterious warrior, Dust, your action-packed journey will take you from peaceful glades to snowy mountaintops and beyond. At your disposal is the mythical Blade of Ahrah, capable of turning its wielder it into an unstoppable force of nature.
Jet Car Stunts
PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Feel the thrill of supersonic racing, miles above the ground. Jet Car Stunts series makes its first appearance on PlayStation Network. Drive a Jet Car, a hybrid between a race car and a jet, and race your way through the most devious tracks full of jumps, loops, free falls, and sharp turns.
NBA 2K15
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Take your MyPLAYER on an epic journey from undrafted rookie tryout, to MVP, to NBA Hall of Famer. Park Mode lets you ball against the world’s toughest 2K competitors in cutthroat multiplayer pick-up games. Every jersey and juke is brought to life with unrivaled realism. To top it off, NBA 2K15’s music has been curated by famed producer and musician, Pharrell.
Pix the Cat
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
An intense arcade game designed to boost your heart-rate! Rescue forsaken ducklings from the nested levels of the infamous GRID of INFINITY. Perfect your skills to SPEED and COMBO UP until you reach the explosive FEVER TIME! Defeat friends at home in the ARENA and compete online with the GHOST feature.
PS4 — Digital (Three Way Cross Buy)
Spelunky is a unique platformer with randomized levels that offer a challenging new experience each time you play. Journey deep underground and explore fantastic places filled with all manner of monsters, traps, and treasure. Go solo or bring up to three friends to join you in cooperative play or frantic deathmatch!
Strider 2
PSone Classic — Digital
The reincarnated Hiryu, youngest member of the ninja-like Striders, is tasked with stopping the evil dictator Grandmaster any way he can.
Styx: Master of Shadows
PS4 — Digital
Embrace the shadows, reveal your past. Styx: Master of Shadows is an infiltration game with RPG elements taking place in a dark fantasy universe. Guide the goblin assassin Styx through the vertical and multi-layered Tower of Akenash, home to the World Tree, source of the Amber — a powerful and magical golden sap.

Demos and Betas

DRIVECLUB — PS Plus Demo for PS4
Spelunky — PS4 Trial

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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Ryan Clements said:

October 5th, 12:06 pm


Zaul013 said:

October 5th, 12:10 pm

Second Comment xD… No Minecraft PsVita TT.TT

Ej_3000 said:

October 5th, 12:11 pm

Yesss! been waiting for that driveclub….going to be racing for hours on end.

Hokage_45678 said:

October 5th, 12:11 pm

Drop em till we die!

MrPonuraski said:

October 5th, 12:12 pm



Strider 2 comes with the first part, just like on PS1, right?

JillyDad said:

October 5th, 12:12 pm

Any chance for Minecraft PS Vita?

HeadGReasE said:

October 5th, 12:16 pm

Any chance they’ll ever be a Rogue Galaxy & Dark Cloud HD remakes?

Rykuzu said:

October 5th, 12:19 pm

Is Costume Quest 2 not coming out this week?

Anarckhy said:

October 5th, 12:20 pm

GTA V pre-order please? :)

DoninYair said:

October 5th, 12:28 pm

Isn’t Costume Quest 2 coming this week as well? Oh, and also Beyond!

hawjboi2009 said:

October 5th, 12:31 pm

i am excited to play NBA 2k15 and Alien Isolation tomorrow night.

jonjon0890 said:

October 5th, 12:34 pm

Does our pre-order for Driveclub count towards the spend $100 get $15 promo for those who pre-ordered it in September?

yowzagabowza said:

October 5th, 12:42 pm

Hey! Put some prices on here! Thanks!

Also, im glad the drop has finally acknowledged what we’ve known for about a year: plus edition of driveclub is a DEMO.

RoD_GX said:

October 5th, 12:44 pm

Nothing interesting for the Vita. As usual, what else to expect from this company?
It’s okay, I’m recommending everyone to stay away from PSTV and next year we can expect Steamboy to kick sony’s ass away from the mobile gaming market for good. :-)

rikanbull said:

October 5th, 12:47 pm

Divekick! Happy about that. Will they be separate trophies for that game?

RemiaPhoenix said:

October 5th, 12:47 pm

Still no Minecraft for PS Vita, it’s been 11 days since it was in Sony’s hands. I’m still hoping it comes out this Tuesday though. Also hoping to see games like Suikoden 2 and Dark Cloud on PSN soon…

AsahiSeth said:

October 5th, 12:49 pm

I knew Strider 2 was coming but still it’s good to see, this game was amazing and comes with the original arcade version also. Also I cannot recomend Dust: An Elysian Tale enough. I bought it when it was Xbox exclusive and again on Steam. It’s one of the best games of the last generation. It’s Metroidvania at its finest, it’s long and deep and a load of fun. If you like Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid, Shadow Complex etc you simply cannot miss Dust it’s that good. And unlike those other games it has some genuine challenge near the end.

Sgt_0951 said:

October 5th, 12:50 pm

Of course i preordered NBA 2k15 like I’ve preordered most other 2k NBA games over the years, however, I’ll be very disappointed if I have the same feelings I had playing 2k14. Watered down Association with “buy more VC” feel in MyCAREER. Disappointing to say the least.

maxcoronel2014 said:

October 5th, 12:51 pm

Man, what a week!

Remmy8199 said:

October 5th, 12:52 pm

Unfortunately I already killed my wallet this week…..several times. Between P4GU, Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, and Smash Bros. for my 3DS I think I’m good on games for a while.

Remmy8199 said:

October 5th, 12:53 pm


Sorry for the typo. (You guys really need an edit feature)

saab01 said:

October 5th, 12:54 pm

I hope driveclub is still fun for the plus version. And I hope it doesn’t take more than 7GB on the HDD but I’m sure it will be a much larger file size than that.

SeanStrange said:

October 5th, 1:05 pm

Really excited for Driveclub and Dust: An Elysian Tail this week. Also can’t wait to play some more Spelunky on my PS4 too. I was surprised to see Styx: Master of Shadows releasing so soon after I first saw it. Might decide to pick that up as well upon good reviews. And Ryan.. BEYOND!

PanTheMan16 said:

October 5th, 1:06 pm

First 2-button fighting game? Howzabout Mike Tuson’s Punch-Out!!

Gamerzlimited said:

October 5th, 1:11 pm

Speaking about Minecraft, the retail disc is coming out this week. Wonder why that’s not listed. Too bad the PS Vita version may not release at the same time as that.

BahumatIsBack said:

October 5th, 1:14 pm

Finally some honesty by calling DriveClub PS+ Edition a demo. Just waiting for the fanboys to come on and say “….but it has trophies” like that doesn’t mean it’s still not a demo

In the future, don’t try to BS us. We’re not stupid. Be upfront the next time you want to release a demo. You won’t catch nearly as much flak as you have with this train wreck of a game

PanTheMan16 said:

October 5th, 1:15 pm


@saab01, the full game is 15.7GB, so if it’s a standalone demo, my guess is that it will be under 7GB. But of course you may just be downloading the full game and having most of the content locked.

I was hoping Costume Quest 2 would be releasing on PS4 this week since Steam is getting it, but no biggie. I’ma play DriveClub ’til I dieeeee anyway!

Sonicfan11589 said:

October 5th, 1:20 pm

Can’t wait for NEXT WEEK!
-Evil WIthin
-Sleeping Dogs (first time playing it)
I pre-ordered both off of PSN.

narutofanO6 said:

October 5th, 1:23 pm

Lookng forward to nba 2k15 divekick and gonna try spelunky

PanTheMan16 said:

October 5th, 1:24 pm

@Sonicfan11589 – Sleeping Dogs was in my top 3 last gen. A near masterpiece. It’s gonna blow your mind!

Junguler said:

October 5th, 1:26 pm

nothing for me this week.
sony loves indies but i don’t.

Vishal420 said:

October 5th, 1:29 pm

Can’t wait for Driveclub, I am sure that I am going to spend countless cars playing it.
Cockpit view, here I come :-)

Minecraftler2596 said:

October 5th, 1:32 pm

Oh No Minecraft ps Vita? I Hope it will be Release on this Wensday in Europe :/

ajs_theseeker said:

October 5th, 1:59 pm

I thought they might make South Park: The Stick of Truth as one of there line ups for this month. Given Season 18 just started I was kind of hoping it was going to be one that or Assassins Creed given Assassins Creed: Rouge will be coming out within the next few months. Maybe there waiting for closer date or something.

Skater_Ricky said:

October 5th, 2:00 pm

Missing the following game’s that where announced for October 7th 2014.

• Costume Quest 2 – PS4
• Minecraft – PS4 (Retail Edition)

u32121133 said:

October 5th, 2:02 pm

‘m Really waiting for the new Batman so none of these interest me

u32121133 said:

October 5th, 2:04 pm

Not critical to these games just waiting I mention

djsaiyan said:

October 5th, 2:12 pm


Going to be waiting a loooooooong time, Arkham Knight isn’t out until June.

djsaiyan said:

October 5th, 2:15 pm

Driveclub (Plus Edition), Dust: An Elysian Tail, Pix The Cat, and Spelunky (PS4) for me this week.

Also very interested in Styx, but my backlog is getting a bit on the ridiculous side again so I think I’m going to have to hold off on that for a little while.

XanderSwift said:

October 5th, 2:16 pm


NX_Nytrux said:

October 5th, 2:39 pm

I knew it, Driveclub for PS+ is a DEMO, sweet DEMO.

iXi_LAWM9STER said:

October 5th, 3:03 pm

Lot great games this week.

THEnerd10000 said:

October 5th, 3:18 pm


AWESOMEgamer875 said:

October 5th, 3:18 pm

Will Driveclub PS+ Edition be able to be downloaded at midnight?

thebgj said:

October 5th, 3:19 pm

can someone explain the difference between free drive club PS+ and and the 49.99 dollar upgrade you can get

djsaiyan said:

October 5th, 3:34 pm


The PS+ edition of DriveClub is a feature complete scaled down version of the full game. All modes are present, and you can earn all of the trophies in it, including the Platinum. All it lacks is a bunch of the cars and tracks featured in the full game.

The upgrade version for $49.99 puts those missing cars and tracks back into the game, making it identical to the full price retail version. You get this at a discount of $10 off MSRP, just for being a PS+ member.

So you get a feature complete version of the game, but missing cars and tracks, for nothing. And if you decide you want the full game you get it for $10 cheaper than buying the disc or full digital download.

I’m pretty confused as to why people think this is a bad thing, especially considering it’s not taking the place of one of the standard two Plus games this month, it’s a bonus.

Junguler said:

October 5th, 3:42 pm

@42 the ps+ demo version just has 10 cars and 11 tracks from india region, so expect to get bored of it after a day or two, then they make you spend 50$ just not to be locked out of content anymore. same exact model as free to play games that people spend way more than 60$ and some 30$ season pass.
it’s named free demo but you are going to feel left out if you didn’t buy it you your buddys have access to so much more content than you.

Rezolution77 said:

October 5th, 3:43 pm

Hope some better sales this week.
Might have to pick up Silent Hill, but going to pass on Little King’s Story.

Whats this…….. Strider 2 as PSone classic, have to check that one out.

YorlecmNwahs said:

October 5th, 3:51 pm

How much content is missing or excluded from the PS+ Edition of Driveclub?

YorlecmNwahs said:

October 5th, 3:52 pm

Would I be better off buying the full retail version?

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