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Oct 07

Oct 07

Grand Theft Auto V: Pre-Order Now for Exclusive PS Store Bonus

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Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

Grand Theft Auto V

Starting today, Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 is available for pre-order on PlayStation Store. Pre-order the digital version and get ready to explore Los Santos and Blaine County on November 18th. And since Grand Theft Auto V PS4 on PlayStation Store will take advantage of automatic pre-loading, you’ll be able to download the game before it launches, so that you can play right away.

Last month, our friends over at Rockstar announced that all players that pre-order the game would receive $1,000,000 in-game cash to spend across Grand Theft Auto V ($500K) and Grand Theft Auto Online ($500K). Today, I’m excited to announce that if you pre-order Grand Theft Auto V from PlayStation Store by November 3rd, you’ll receive an additional $300K for Grand Theft Auto Online, so make sure you pre-order early! And remember, you can transfer your existing Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progress from PS3 or Xbox 360 to the PS4 version, too!

And talk about good timing — you’ll get a $15 bonus credit when you spend more than $100 using your SEN Wallet on PS Store through October 28th.

Pre-order Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 here.

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Kharmeister said:

October 7th, 2:19 pm

Already done. Thanks for finally getting this up on the store!

Steema said:

October 7th, 2:19 pm


bgardner said:

October 7th, 2:19 pm

hell yes per-order here i come

bigimpactpooch said:

October 7th, 2:27 pm

60$? I already payed that when i digitaly preordered the ps3 version a year ago. Another 60$ doesn’t justify the small upgrades.

TinyHunt said:

October 7th, 2:28 pm

You don’t have to get it Steema

ScottyT14 said:

October 7th, 2:43 pm

What’s the file size on this? Wouldn’t mind getting digital if it’s not a giant chunk of data.

el_skywalker said:

October 7th, 2:45 pm

So, not even a $10 discount for those who already have the game on PS3 huh?

Well, I preordered it digitally once, ain’t gonna do it again.

Filthy capitalists.

tehkeemo said:

October 7th, 2:47 pm

yep, I waited for this! Preorder for sure + $15 back, well, why not.

ein_nineteenth said:

October 7th, 2:53 pm

Let’s not and say we did.
Just take the money and make an HD San Andreas.

Zz-Supremacy-zZ said:

October 7th, 3:00 pm

I’ll be one pre-ordering on the PS Store, Pre-Loading FTW!

MrBeatdown said:

October 7th, 3:04 pm

I still want to know if the character transfer is a one way thing.

Can I freely go back and forth between the PS3 version and PS4 version with my GTA Online character, like I can in Destiny? Or once I do the transfer, am I unable to use that character again on PS3?

I’d like to know if the PS4 version has a separate trophy list as well. I’d like to get the platinum in the PS3 version before the PS4 version releases, but I don’t want to do that if it leaves no trophies for me to unlock on PS4.

Blackmagic316 said:

October 7th, 3:05 pm

…This better not be the only Exclusive content coming to Playstation.


October 7th, 3:08 pm

@12 Yeah, I’m still curious about this “exclusive content” they talked about at E3…

Broman_YZ said:

October 7th, 3:08 pm

Why $69.99 for Canadians?!?!

PSTV shares the US msrp of $99.99. Seems more like price gouging as opposed to dollar parity… Especially for a year old port with a few touch ups. A PS+ discount would have gone a long way!

Honestly though, I didn’t expect the preorder to be available until the spend $100 get $15 back promo was over. But still that is pretty lame…

Kharmeister said:

October 7th, 3:29 pm


As a fellow Canuck, I feel your pain. But this is nothing new, the price of games here in Canada have jumped by $5-10 since March of this year, so this should come to no surprise. It is because of this that I have been taking advantage of PSN card discounts at Target, racking up Sony Points on my Sony Card (so I can get free cards) of course and strategically purchasing on PSN in order take advantages of promos like these. The savings really add up.

I think that digital games should automatically be $5-10 cheaper than at retail, and I know that eventually the Canadian dollar will once again reach parity with the US dollar and the prices will come down, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Until then, I think I’ve already gotten my PSN discount. $15 back thanks to the promo, and I’m not sure about where you are, Broman, but I don’t pay tax on PSN purchases, so even when I pay the $69.99 for a game I save $9 in tax every time. Not sure how long that will last, but I’m taking advantage while I can.

Broman_YZ said:

October 7th, 3:38 pm

I don’t believe they’ll ever go back to $59.99 prices now that they have a taste. Just my opinion.
The thing that gets me: there’s NO consistency. I still see a bunch of games @$59.99, or PS4 game for $69.99 PS3 same game for $59.99 (not sure if US prices also have a $10 difference between PS3 and 4).

I was also not happy to see the Borderlands pre sequel for $69.99!!

Crotin said:

October 7th, 3:43 pm

I wish there was a discount if you own the PS3 version digitally :(

Biggz124 said:

October 7th, 3:46 pm


this, come on guys, I’d be all over this if I could get a good discount.

I pre-ordered and bought the PS3 version, only now the fact there is a PS4 version.

tusunami said:

October 7th, 4:00 pm

And this will be the best version to get for the PS4 now all I have to do is get a bigger hard drive. But i may just get this on disk since I already have diablo & destiny on my system already.

Baphomet_0 said:

October 7th, 4:34 pm

74 Dollars for the PS4 on the Mexican store…. holy what?!?!?

Baphomet_0 said:

October 7th, 4:36 pm

Sorry, I was so shocked that I didn’t even specify.

74 Dollars for GTA V.. wow, Rockstar… really??

whereymyconary said:

October 7th, 11:22 pm

It doesn’t matter what the file size is, it still takes up the same amount of hd space. Unless your worried about the download time. That could take a while. I’m betting in the 30-40gb range.


October 7th, 11:23 pm


CalamityXI said:

October 8th, 1:04 am

I pre-ordered and got the PS3 version back last year, is there really going to be no upgrade deal? It’s a great game, but it still feels like a kick in the face to have to shell out an additional $60

leonclarko said:

October 8th, 6:44 am

$ 74 US!!! Why so expensive??????????

mtk93 said:

October 8th, 7:18 am

Any truth to the rumor that the game is going to come out early for the PS4 on Nov. 4 as a timed exclusive (Xbox One release date would remain Nov. 18)?

swavage415 said:

October 8th, 8:34 am

So is this digital version not made right and supposed to have a disc be read like the ps3 version or will this version actually be like the disc version. The ps3 version had insane popups in the opening movie which was a real laugher. I would expect this version to be discounted at least 20 bucks for those that bought the horrid ps3 digital version. Really wish I would have just stuck with Nintendo this gen!!!

Remmy8199 said:

October 8th, 9:20 am

Meh. How about a $9.99 upgrade deal for those who already own it on PS3? Sorry, but paying full price for a new coat of paint isn’t worth it imo. I want CONTENT, not just pretty colors.

tgpumpkin said:

October 8th, 9:39 am

As a customer who already bought your limited edition copy, I can’t help but feel a little upset that there isn’t an upgrade option. I think this was a missed opportunity to get repeat sales. Maybe a former PS3 owner will buy it again for full price. I won’t be one of those though.

I would have gladly upgraded though.

J-SwaggxQTR6 said:

October 8th, 9:49 am

Sony we need that cross-buy option, or atleast a PS+ discount this $300,000 shouldnt be a Special Perk if this is going to happen? ill be glad to buy the physical copy.

J-SwaggxQTR6 said:

October 8th, 9:51 am

And this game would run good at 60fps instead of 1080p just saying.

bluto20 said:

October 8th, 10:01 am

Be careful what you preorder digitally from now on. Look what happened to the “PS4 only” Exclusive game DriveClub….

Jason7Toff said:

October 8th, 10:08 am

yo guys :) one question ! is this (GTA V) included grand theft auto online too ?

BuriedSorrow said:

October 8th, 10:43 am

What?! I have to buy it again for $60 just for some grass upgrades and more animals?! Screw that, it wasn’t even that great. I’ll pass.

ZodTheRipper said:

October 8th, 10:54 am

Definately not preordering before I’ve seen some gameplay, it takes more than updated graphics for me to buy it a second time.

bray4ever8 said:

October 8th, 12:07 pm

No thanks, I already paid $60 for it on XB 360 last year. GTA5 sold over 35 million copies you’d think they would reward those of us that made that happen….

Flabeo said:

October 8th, 12:31 pm

GTAV for PS4 is actually $69 dollars in Canada, $10 more than I paid for it last year on PS3?

Guess I’ll wait.

swavage415 said:

October 8th, 12:52 pm

Rockstar can kiss my ass, no way I am ever buying one of there games new again unless BB does a 10 dollar preorder for RDR2. It was funny when rdr released because over half the people that bought it couldn’t play online for months.

Ianhu1 said:

October 8th, 12:59 pm

I can’t open the pre order link. I’m from the UK and the link opens to an error which says that page doesn’t exist

Matrix_Lion said:

October 8th, 1:03 pm

Question, if I pre-order this through psn via computer? Will I still get all of this bonus stuff when I finally hook up my ps four? Thanks in advance.

Soniquev8 said:

October 8th, 1:51 pm

This is kind of sad. I finally convert to the awesomeness that is Playstation 3 so I could play Last of Us. Then I start to see the error of my ways in following Master Chef all those years. I think “What the hell, I’ll pick up GTA V via DD.” And then I get the opportunity to pick up a PS4 a few months later. Sorry, wrong answer.

All the games I purchased on my PS3 are gone. Paid full price and now nothing to show for it. Look, I understand there’s a difference in architecture but don’t feed me that then release games via PS Now and tell me the PS4 can’t play PS3 games. Especially older games I bought like DMC and simpler games like Journey that I imagine could be easily made to run. Then you want me to buy GTA V again? Not even offering me a discount? I don’t even have the physical media to sell back to the store! Not to mention all the screen loading problems I found out the DD version of GTAV on PS3. I’m sorry, but no game is worth over $120.

I never even got to finish it the first time before I decided to upgrade… under the false assumption that my media would inherently run on my super duper PS 4.

What a croc.

Artemischaos said:

October 8th, 2:39 pm

How about letting us pre-order it then? Is in the store but says “pre-order in 41 days” which would be November 19th -.-

DCRjonez said:

October 8th, 7:56 pm

I can’t access the pre-order link. It says the page is not found.

MakaiOokami said:

October 9th, 7:13 am

@scotty /6

It doesn’t matter what the file size. Digital or retail will put the same number of GB on your HDD so unless you’re planning on installing/uninstall it all the time, it doesn’t matter. Assume 20-30GB minimum.

ThePhat76 said:

October 9th, 7:31 am

when you say you can transfer your character and progression. I hope you mean vehicles apartments weapons and money earned in the game already.

Chrishurd301 said:

October 9th, 7:39 am


silentkill152 said:

October 9th, 8:27 am

I preordered it digitally on ps4, i also heard our ps4 exclusive is we get gta v on ps4 two weeks earlier then xbone, November 4th i really hope this is true.

f2012cz said:

October 9th, 7:20 pm

This just seems unfair, those who own the PS3 version should get it for free or 5$ upgrade.

Handsomedevil said:

October 9th, 9:50 pm

I heard that it was 50gb or around, give or take. My hdd’s upgraded though thank God; I have almost 2 tb of free storage, can’t wait to pre order this version though..I don’t like playing my ps3 anymore ahaha

Turnip said:

October 10th, 12:17 am

I already own the PS3 version. Am I expected to pay full price for the exact same game? And still no heists?

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