Driveclub Update

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Driveclub Update
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Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.

Hi everyone. As many of you are already aware, the DRIVECLUB team has made the decision to postpone the release of the PlayStation Plus Edition due to multiplayer connectivity issues following the game’s launch yesterday in North America and today in much of Europe. See here for a full statement on the situation from Evolution Studios.

The team is working around the clock to rectify these problems, and we apologize both for the delay in delivering the PS Plus Edition and for any difficulty that you may have connecting to the game’s multiplayer servers.

For live updates on the situation direct from the studio, visit the team’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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  • I am really dissatisfied with this kind of service. Way am I paying you money for psplus? I buy your “flagship forza killing” racing game because your ps plus version is non-existent and almost bought the season pass thank you sony, i only wasted fifty dollars on this game. Luckily i told my friends not to buy this game and saved their money.

    Now I call your customer “support” and they do nothing for me. On top of all this I am dealing with two controllers the have sticky R2 triggers. Hope to god you will fix those. Now tell me why did I switch to PlayStation from Xbox? Blind hope or false advertising? Im really glad ive been buying your system, games, controllers, headsets, subscriptions. ..why?

  • MysticShadows07

    look evalution stuidos have alot of people complaining on there facebook pages about the server preformence just release the ps plus editon this is what they have BETA’s for who cares if u cant go online atm….single player is fine with me. ether that or i’ll just let my plus status laps here on the 17th…meh doesn’t matter to me

  • Sephiroth_2004

    What happened to testing? I can’t understand how games are getting repeatedly released and within a day game breaking bugs are being encountered especially on games that have already been delayed. As far as I’m concerned a game should never be released with a “day one patch”. That just means the product was unfinished and released anyway. The get it out and fix it later attitude of late just sucks because we all know the patches can never actually fix the core broken elements. Great example here is ghosts and battlefields campaign.

  • Sephiroth_2004

    And mcblazer said it with controller issues. I still have my original ps3 controller yet I’ve been through 4 ps4 controllers. Sticky triggers, peeling rubber on the sticks, a bad sensor, and one that didn’t work out of the package so far. What’s up with that? Use to be able to count on quality from Sony.

  • You guys only had an extra year to figure it out – so why would anyone except a good launch.

  • Also guys, “forza killer”… if you’re going to claim that in your ads – how about you actually deliver something that is more than just a mediocre shallow game with some nice graphics. You look like idiots saying that when Forza Horizon 2 is getting 9s and 10s everywhere and this game is getting 5, 6s and 7s.

  • DizturbedPanther

    Did I say I bought digital NOPE I bought the disk so to me and ur stupid rant about rental and if u cancel I don’t care now most of the games on ps+ I already own I don’t keep the ps+ for the free games OOOOPPPPS better say it right RENTAL of them they r nice when I don’t already have them I knew nothing of a PS+ version of D.C. what I wanted is not to worry about when the ps+ version comes out I want them to worry about getting there servers fixed so unless u work for evalotion studios and have something to say on when it will b up I suggest u run away and play with ur RENTALS
    Have a nice day

  • I am selling my brand new Driveclub on Ebay. Please see personal description and link for more details!

    Personal Description: I bought this game brand new on the release date of October 8, 2014 and only played it for two to three hours. Considering this as my first racing game ever bought, I just wanted to try it out as all my friends were buying it. In my opinion, the game mechanics and graphics are all great, but I realized this game is not for me since I am just not that interested in cars and this type of genre in general.

  • I hate to be that guy but since this is an untested series I was on the fence. The ps+ edition of the game was going to help me decide whether or not i would purchase the full version of Driveclub.
    As of today the ps+ edition has not seen the light of day. I went ahead and bought FH2 for the XB1. Now even when the ps+ version releases i WONT buy it since the money i had set aside went to FH2. To bad this game looked promising but to many games now are released and don’t justify the price tag. This might be an amazing game but now it wont get my money :/

  • @257 + DizturbedPanther

    when i said “digital”, i’d meant to say “retail”….i caught the error after i posted…and there’s no “edit” feature(another oversight, sony?)

    that said, don’t get all butthurt, because someone corrected you, with regards to your use of an incorrect term.

    the fact is, the IGC titles aren’t free, they’re part of the service we pay for every month. fact is, we were promised something, and now we’re being excluded, because sony and evolution(see how that’s spelled?) botched the launch, and skimped on support infrastructure….does that seem right to you? i mean, christ, you poor buggers who bought the game outright, can’t even play it online, which was the entire point of the game…

    there’s something to be said for the “this is a cash grab” idea, as the plus edition has been indefinitely delayed, yet, the full game is still available for purchase on the PS store….you’d think if their servers were as screwed as they’re claiming, they’d wanna try to shut off the flow of new(and soon to be pissed off) users as much as possible.

  • guguMilk1004

    No Logitech g27 wheel support ? C’mon Sony! Won’t buy any racing game until g27 works on ps4…

  • Sony, you need to start talking about refunds to those of us who digitally (and foolishly) bought Driveclub ($49.99).

    Let’s begin the process of returning everyones money shall we.

  • For those of us who purchased the game digitally, Sony certainly can:

    – remotely delete the game from our console
    – delete any saved data in the cloud related to this game and gave saves, etc.
    – credit our PSN accounts with $49.99
    – remove the game from the PlayStation Store
    – have Sid Shuman announce this “Driveclub Refund” program on the next PlayStation Podcast

    This would be the right thing to do to regain the trust of your consumers. Everyone makes mistakes and things just happen sometimes, I understand that. However, you have to now begin offering refunds to those of us wish to return the broken and failed game that we digitally purchased and downloaded.

    It’s the right thing to do.

    The question, of course, is will you do the right thing?

  • In_Statesboro

    I didn’t buy the game, but I am asking for you to do right by the people that did. Is there anyone that now believes Sony thought they were ready to release this game with the PS4? That was a ploy to sell a console that didn’t have any games. I question if the problem is really the servers. I now suspect there is serious coding problems in the game itself. Sony needs to quit acting like the 0bama administration and cut out the lies and deception.

  • NanoNekomata

    This launch has been an absolute disaster thus far.

  • LoveHateTragedy

    I’m a Driveclub owner, and I’m wondering why these server issues weren’t caught during the Beta or even anticipated. Not sure how many copies were printed and shipped out for launch week, but shouldn’t have server capacity been planned for?

    Or did a new problem simply rear their its head when a million of us logged in at once.

  • EveryLilThing

    Everyone thats *****ing about this should reconsider themselves the developers are doing there best and the least you could do is penalize them for making a mistake damn, be patient, **** happens.

  • I’m upset this was a birthday gift of my own choosing, wishing I had chosen something not broken as I was only excited for Drive Club’s online features. Should have just waited because even the paid in full version is screwed for connecting. I’m not touching it until it’s fixed, and wish it didn’t cost me $50-$60

  • My only gripe is that the vast majority of games that are”given away” for psn members are dire. This was what i paid my psn payment for. I ended up buying it. Now i cannot play the “CLUB” part of driveclub. They should be done by trade descriptions for false advertising! Until evolution get the clu part right, they should call in DRIVE. The guy who sang it’s praises from evolution just looks like a muppet now. 12 month delay for what?=====The main selling point about the club part is not available. It is what they are paid to do, anyone else would be sacked if they failed to perform at work.

  • Is Sony or evolution going to comment soon or post another update

  • how about you get the logitech steering wheel support patched in. that might make me buy it, until then I don’t know if I’ll bother downloading it let alone picking it up.

  • I use the driving force gt logitech wheel for gt6 (and all other nfs/ grid/ wrc games i will keep as a library) and i will not buy another wheel as i have seen poor reviews for the driveclub wheel. Come on Sony, redeem yourselves and update with a patch for older wheels. It is the least you could do and you will gather in the lost flock who are losing faith with the ineptitudes involving server issues…..

  • ZoRo_The_Samurai

    Why only the playstation plus demo got postponed?
    I think they could release it and work on an update to fix the servers?
    11 months was enough delay…
    Anyway I’ll pass, winter games are coming!

  • ElektroDragon

    They released a patch today which…. DIDN’T FIX THE SERVERS! Sure it now says you’re online, but you can’t join a club, create a club, or even race. Pathetic. Been playing Horizon 2 instead. Microsoft cleaned your clock here Sony. It’s almost to the point where if you like racing games, you have to buy an Xbox One now.

  • ElektroDragon

    It’s looking to me that Sony didn’t give Evolution 1/10th the budget that Forza Horizon 2 had. :(

  • This is suck! No America and Japan cars… Only European. Not interested to buy it.

  • alexandcandy123

    Fix Driveclub already! I’m getting sick and tired of these server issues!! Is that what we need to except? Server issues for every game!

  • People will always find something to complain about… at least you are getting more stuff for what you are paying with PS+. Just be patience… if you don’t like it don’t pay it any more but don’t come here telling people what to do and tell them they are morons. Sony have shown they make it up to use when things get really screwed.

  • LukeinDeidre

    I PAID for this game, full price on day 1, and have YET to successfully play it. Not only does online not work yet, but even offline single player the game crashes after EVERY SINGLE RACE. A little ridiculous… Very sorry to see a great opportunity fail. This game only succeeds with a community, and this sort of launch will destroy it.

  • PharticusMaximus

    They are not working around the clock, they have 0 updates on facebook, twitter, or their websites all weekend. This company is really poor at what they do. Delayed the game since PS4 launch to do this?

  • In_Statesboro

    This is now on the 3rd page of the blog with no updates. I encourage everyone to ask about Driveclub in the recent blog posts until they relent and at least comment on what’s going on. Their facebook and twitter pages have nothing to say. They knew there were serious coding errors in this POS game before they released it.

  • Another game released in beta stage, how come the “rainy” wheater lacks actual rain? oh yeah, it’s incomplete and will be coming later.

  • First off, The game is solid, like great hook ya in and race for 20 mins, glory over your progress and out kind of game…
    But, the worst part I think is the lack of Communication from Devs. A lot of people are in the dark about their 50 buck purchase that only 1/2 works. In a day in age of quick costumer service solutions, its understandable the masses are mad, loud and vocal.

    As I am annoyed like others, its still a fun game. I also kind of read into what the devs have said and I take that as… “The game is super broken online and we have no clue if or when it will work”

    If true, Please offer a Refund option to those who are not satisfied. But I worry that the “all sales are final” clause will or is causing a complex problem. What would happen to the already downloaded games on peoples devices? I can totally see how this is a difficult problem. Not to mention, the PS+ crowd that is experiencing a great deal of entitlement anger…”you told me i get a game and I didn’t get it, grr I’m mad and what are you going to do/give me now”.

    All i know for sure, is i don’t want to be in the shoes of these devs or the executives pulling the strings at Sony this week. BIG SHOES IN SAN FRAN THIS WEEK! lol

  • Last thing… The Last time I blindly Bought a game was (don’t laugh) was Basement Crawl. Sure, that was only $15, but I’m 0 for 2 when it comes to buying games that end up broken. Drive Club minus the online part is still great and light years from Basement Crawl, but man. Two of them big marketing chunks that came out of the box when the PS4 launched had turned out to be not exactly Greatness Awaits. Thats $65 I gave you guys for broken entertainment. Sure, the other thousands and thousands of dollars invested have been stellar and near perfect. I am a live long happy customer for this. But something about these two games rubs differently for some reason.

    Please fix this little issue and myself and the masses will be right back to throwing money at Sony hand over fist again!

  • @EveryLilThing

    Except that I have already PAID $50 for the game. I PSN Plus, but I actually bought the game digitally.

    And it does not work even remotely as advertised. I should not have to wait to get what I paid for, that is simply not how it works my friend. In any other industry, including this one.

    I want a refund. Period.

  • Okay. So not only are there server issues, but even when I can connect, the club creation process is broken and the game keeps crashing every time I go to create a club. This game is broken. Plain and simple and I want my money back.

  • Just got off phone with PlayStation! getting money back !

  • I bought the $50 version and played for over 10 hrs Friday – Sunday and not once was I able to connect in WA with comcast blast cable internet. Also the entire time this warning keeps popping up in my face at the worst possible times. The warnings lead me to believe there is something wrong with my network instead of saying the servers are down. Fix the game guys! I’m still on the fence about this game as I feel it’s nothing special as the last 3 motor storm games were more impressive on ps3 during actual game play. Anyway I want multiplayer!

  • The problem that I have with Driveclub is if I slam in to a car I get penalize and my speed slow down. It seems like if computer opponents slam against me it doesn’t get penalize. Example If I’m making a turn and get ram by the computer opponents they take off with speed how fair is that.

  • Anyone looking for a club to join? Join “Canuck Racers”! currently have spots open! See you all online! Let’s race!

  • Nunzio_Rigatoni

    If you unlock ANY trophies, then no refund per Sony’s TOS on digital downloads. Why did I ask for a refund? Anyone reading this comment knows exactly why… Does false advertisement ring a bell? So far since the release of Driveclub there’s been no CLUB! I was able to create a club, but sadly it remains INACTIVE with no way to activate it. There’s cars I can’t access in this game because they’re only unlocked by leveling up your club. The challenge section remains inactive too. If you read the game’s description on any psn site, the entire focus of this game is it’s “online” club mode, and all the aspects of racing in a CLUB! That’s false advertising, period. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with Sony, all I was able to get was a refund on the season pass. My suggestion to Sony is to offer a refund to ANYONE that bought this falsely advertised game, before a lawsuit (I would gladly take part in) is implemented. Because regardless of how much I’ve played this game, it’s still incomplete and NOT at all what I paid for.

  • It would seem that those behind Driveclub have upset a lot of people, myself included. I was planning on purchasing this game because it sounded really cool, but now I am certain that I will not after keeping tabs on the progress of the “release” over the past ten days. No way will I support a developer that just can’t seem to get it together. No one is going to trust you guys after this. Sucks. Good luck. Just don’t mention Evolution on your resume. Ouch. Lost another customer.

  • So disappointing. The single mode is quite frankly horrendous. I’d rather play Burnout for the amount of car slamming that the AI does to me. And then penalised for it. Because of course this is a race simulator. Having to keep an eye on the objectives in the bottom right of the screen completely neutralises any fun you may have in a race. Nevermind, it’s the multiplayer and the race clubs that I’m here for. And…well. It’s just a complete disaster. I was really looking forward to this game and to then have this is just such a let down. Even if they get it fixed I’m pretty much done with it now and certainly won’t be supporting this developer in the future.

  • respekanize91

    Someone left my car club and now i cant do anything…it says disbanded, wont let me join another club…worst digital download experience of my refund in site , im sure

  • Thank goodness for the Internet.

    I have been looking forward to this game for…well, since PS4 was released. NFS was shocking and being a huge driving fan really wanted this. Although, after reading reviews from here, there and everywhere I think I’ll hold onto my money and try it when I can get it for £20 second hand!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • gettin hacked off with the server crashing during game when i am doing face offs not happy

  • I left this review of DriveClub on BestBuy’s site…

    Big deal time. Little to show for it

    You can’t modify your car in any way. There are no specs on the cars.

    What you CAN do is, choose what your driver looks like. Male, female, their race, and a few outfits. But why? In a racing game where the cars are the stars, why do I need to care about what the driver behind the wheel looks like? What designer thought putting that in was a good idea?! How about removing that as an option and adding the ability to modify your cars?

    Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad game. It’s no Forza killer nor will it make you forget Gran Turismo. The game is good looking, runs super smooth, and it’s fun to play. But the engine audio could be better, REAL tracks would be awesome, and dropping the driver editor for the ability to modify your car’s performance is the better option. But…it’ll fill my racing void until Project Cars comes sometime next year. Which is probably what they were trying to do…beat Project Cars to the punch. They should have just held back and perfected it.

    ….customizable drivers, sheesh…what a waste.

  • It’s wonderful to know you can’t edit your posts in any way to correct spelling or grammar errors.

  • feeling ripped off PlayStation makes their own rules don’t matter with the fine print will come up with their own s*** if you are a victim of their destiny game and bought it on your ps4 and wish to download it on your Playstation 3 that’s not going to happen seems that you can’t downgradeAGame but you can upgrade it so if you bought it on your Playstation 4 you’re pretty much screwed but it doesn’t say that in the fine print you people are a bunch of scumbags

  • This is lame. I wanted the game to be a day one launch title with the system. now I am tired of delays and lost all interest. disappointing.

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