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Oct 08

Oct 08

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: Introducing the Magic Trailer

Kaori Takasue's Avatar Posted by Social Marketing Manager, Square Enix Japan Studios

Hello all! Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to share a game that’s really special to you with a best friend, and you can’t quite find the right words to communicate what’s so great about it, or why it has that certain charm? I know that I have friends who aren’t familiar with Kingdom Hearts just yet, and I’m always thinking about how I can make them see how magical the franchise is through the trailers we make and to help them get familiar with the deep, multi-game story behind Kingdom Hearts.

The “Introducing the Magic Trailer” is something we’ve put together to help. It perfectly describes how everything that happens in Kingdom Hearts is connected.

Or, if you’ve yet to play a Kingdom Hearts game or have no idea what it’s all about, then this is the perfect trailer for you too! This will help you get up to speed on the story, the characters, and the fun of Kingdom Hearts. Or if you haven’t played a Kingdom Hearts game in a while and need a quick refresher, we hope you enjoy.

No matter where you are with Kingdom Hearts, this trailer will take you on a journey through the stories included in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, and gets you reacquainted with your favorite friends and foes just in time for the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on December 2nd, 2014, exclusively on PS3.

The legacy of Kingdom Hearts continues with three magical journeys in one package in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX:

  • Kingdom Hearts II FINAL MIX
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (HD remastered cinematic)

For more information about Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, please visit www.kingdomhearts.com.

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DarkStar83x said:

October 8th, 6:06 am

Looking good so far. I’ll probably have this on my holiday wishlist.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 7:47 pm

    Hello +DarkStar83x 1st to comment and so positive. Favorite person in our book today! Thank you.

bedatguy said:

October 8th, 6:07 am

Is this coming to the Playstation Store too or just disc? Either way, I’m buying it.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 7:48 pm

    Hi +bedatguy This game is just disc. :) Thank you for your support!

XwingVmanX said:

October 8th, 6:08 am

It is ridiculous how happy anything KH makes me as a 24 yr old man.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 7:50 pm

    Hello +XwingVmanX… can’t agree more. Started this game 12 years ago and still playing… :) 24 is the sweet spot.

DarkStar83x said:

October 8th, 6:13 am

@2, There’s a disc version, yeah.

BritishGolgo13 said:

October 8th, 6:19 am

“It perfectly describes how everything that happens in Kingdom Hearts is connected.”

Not even Nomura knows how his stories are connected.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 7:56 pm

    +BritisGolgo13, the mysteriousness is one of the charm points of the series. Nomura-san is a storyteller who continues to bring light into the Kingdom Hearts world. There’s so much to reveal in the series with its complexity and magic.

Clocktowe015 said:

October 8th, 6:20 am

Can we expect Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: to be Digital?

Clocktowe015 said:

October 8th, 6:21 am

Dear Square Enix, will Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: be available on Playstation Store? or PSN?

madmanwithabox12 said:

October 8th, 6:22 am

Put these games on Vita like your fans have been asking for.

Clocktowe015 said:

October 8th, 6:27 am

I Know you said, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 is exclusive to PS3 and for good reason, but since KH3 is coming to PS4,is their a chance you can port these PS3 games over to PS4 and Vita?

hmw_kamikaze said:

October 8th, 6:38 am

I’m on the fence about getting Kingdom Hearts for the Vita (free game this month for PS+).

I go on the store and see all of the DLC tied into it, and it just turns me off of the whole experience… Same thing for Drive Club… I don’t want half-games.

Trendy_Kid said:

October 8th, 6:49 am

PS4 or bust!

Rezolution77 said:

October 8th, 6:51 am

Love it.
But bought it a couple times already, and not wanting to pay full price……Again.

I paid $20 for Final Fantasy X, even though you decided to exclude CrossBuy, and not going to pay more for this one.
That is, if you bring it to Vita.

You can make those two things happen, you can be certain I will buy.

ossiecastro5 said:

October 8th, 7:12 am

Xehanort is my favorite here and I can’t wait for the new HD collection of the Kingdom Hearts series. This is my most anticipated games of the year and one of the main reasons why I didn’t trade my PS3 for a PS4. Thank you for finally bringing this to the PS3. I deeply look forward to this.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:06 pm

    +ossiecastro5, thank you for your passion! Xehanort… have you seen the two angrams in his name that relate to Kingdom Hearts???

Renan_Acid said:

October 8th, 7:21 am

@8: Ditto! I’d actually prefer to play these titles on the Vita than on the PS3.

Misframed said:

October 8th, 7:26 am

I hope they decide to bring the pair out for PS4. I played the first KH on the PS2 but never finished it. I don’t have a PS3.
If it comes to PS4, it will be mine!


October 8th, 7:37 am

Magic Trailer! Can’t wait x(

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:06 pm

    Hi +REVOLTER… Appreciate the love! :) Less than 2 months away!

ChibiMrBubbles said:

October 8th, 7:39 am

I may actually pre-order this so I can play it on day 1! :O!!!

It’ll look really nice next to FFX HD and KH1.5 HD. Having said that, can you PS4 and Vita fanboys knock it off? The word exclusive means that, PS3 exclusive. Port begging is annoying.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:11 pm

    Hello +ChibiMrBubbles, cool name! Day 1 buy sounds awesome. The game has plenty of content to last you through the month.
    It’s ok, PS4 and Vita requests do come in all the time. :) No one gets upset here from the vocal fans. Thank you for your support!

ThatPersonFrom21 said:

October 8th, 8:46 am

A good time to ask for this during the holidays :)

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:13 pm

    Hey +ThatPersonFrom21! Hope you’re well. Last year we came out earlier… but this year just in time for the holidays! $40 buy for three Kingdom Heart journeys :)

KainDrake said:

October 8th, 9:00 am

@ hmw_kamikaze
What are you talking about? Kingdom Hearts isn’t coming out on Vita and there is no DLC.

Craiji said:

October 8th, 9:23 am

What I wouldn’t give for KH HD 1.5 and 2.5 on the PS4.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:15 pm

    + Craiji hi! It sounds like an awesome idea. It makes us happy to hear that fans would support this game on all systems. :)

Newleet said:

October 8th, 9:49 am

@10 Rainbow Moon?

subsamuel01 said:

October 8th, 9:51 am

Loved 1.5 Remix, really wish this was on the Vita though save me a lot of time so I can play it on the go.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:16 pm

    Hellloooo +subsamuel01, cheerio to loving KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX. :) Play that one and this one… and you just need one more before you continue the road to III! Thank you for being a happy fan.

SVDan93 said:

October 8th, 10:19 am

Trailer looks awesome, but I hate Disney… So sad.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:18 pm

    Hi +SVDan, really? :( Noooo… Hmm, maybe we can entice you with a trailer that will hit you with other characters that are not focused around Disney? No to all Disney? :(

jibjab79 said:

October 8th, 10:34 am

Hopefully a Complete Collection is in the works for the PS4 before KH3 comes out

Mando44646 said:

October 8th, 10:55 am

Last game I’ll be buying on PS3 now that Persona 5 is also on PS4.

I only wish this was also on PS4 and/or Vita. Its a bit annoying to break out a last gen console for just one game

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:19 pm

    +Mando44646, hi! Thank you :) It is a bit troublesome to break out that console but surely you have some favorite PS3 games that you can play while you are at it?! Appreciate your support!

Mando44646 said:

October 8th, 10:56 am


What the hell are you talking about?

Rezolution77 said:

October 8th, 11:21 am

Vita and PS4 Please.

Mind your own business.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:23 pm

    +Rezolution77, Hi! It’s ok :) We do read all the comments and relay what vocal fans are saying. Everyone is free to speak their mind on here as long as it doesn’t offend one another. Thanks for your message.

Rezolution77 said:

October 8th, 11:24 am

We have the right to ask, and I find it hilarious you think we’ll stop.

Rezolution77 said:

October 8th, 11:27 am

But whatever you do, don’t sick that nasty looking avatar after me.

sharkey3322 said:

October 8th, 12:47 pm

yay another title not going to Vita….:/ I guess they actually like having very few games for that system.

dkarlowicz10 said:

October 8th, 2:16 pm

Please consider releasing this and the first Kingdom Hearts HD on Vita. I loved them on my PS2 and would gladly re-buy these for the Vita.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:24 pm

    + dkarlowicz10, hello:) Bringing our nostalgic favorites to the current is a very natural ask!!! Thank you for your support.

Dragonsmana said:

October 8th, 3:32 pm

Can’t wait to pick this up on Day 1! I know its been asked many times, but any chance of some KH avatars on the PS store?

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:27 pm

    Hello! +Dragonsmana, did you get the dynamic theme for KH 1.5 last year? We gladly bring everyone’s ideas up the ladder and then focus on specific areas for each campaign. Thank you for you suggestion!

pretty_senshi said:

October 8th, 4:30 pm

OMG!!! yesssss!!!1

I can’t wait! I just got KH 1.5 and I’m already hooked!

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:29 pm

    +pretty_senshi, Hi there! Yay, glad that you are enjoying KH 1.5. Still love the intro to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Are you going to get all of the trophies? :)

icorwo said:

October 8th, 4:41 pm

Can’t wait. KH is my favorite game series of all-time and I never got the chance to play 2 or Birth By Sleep.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:30 pm

    Hi Hi +icorwo… that moment when you beat Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. I guarantee, you might shed a tear or two. :) Thank you for the love.

tonydamiani said:

October 8th, 5:24 pm

Kingdom Hearts. After years if playing. This is by far my all time favorite franchise! And I’m 24 >.<

I prefer this over any game. KH for Life!

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:33 pm

    +tonydamiani… KH for life :) @3 and @35. 24 is perfect!!!
    You’ll be surprised as I started the series a bit older… I’ve met 16 year old fans that started this franchise at 4. Games that move you will never get old, I promise.

BlaqMagiq24 said:

October 8th, 7:28 pm

I’ll definitely be getting this game, but not Day 1. That is unless you change the preorder incentive to match what 1.5 had. It’s insulting what Limited Edition you’re giving us compared to Japan. Not even an artbook? Come on Square Enix. Step your game up.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 8th, 8:38 pm

    Hi +BlaqMagiq, thanks for being vocal. That KH 1.5 book was pretty awesome. :) We are working to step our game up, trust me! Sometimes we do books, other times we do pins, but we’re constantly spinning our wheels to reach different audiences. Japan has some really cool Collector’s Editions that come with a price, but I believe the preorders that we do are unique to the states and are free. What do you suggest as a Kingdom Hearts pre-order incentive for Kingdom Hearts 3? An artbook?

alphagoku1 said:

October 8th, 8:41 pm

Would it be too much to ask about an update on the progress of KH3? I haven’t been able to get anything other than fan speculation and that video from like last year I think it was. Thanks :)

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 9th, 12:26 pm

    Hi! +alphagoku1 :) Thanks for asking! Any latest developments to drop, you’ll definitely find it here. Please be patient and we promise you we will do our best to deliver.

StevenBezarius said:

October 8th, 9:13 pm

You know a game is just too good, when you have a R9 290X in a triple monitor setup running every game +60FPS, and you are still going to buy a ps3 just to be able to play it!

Like really! you have to love this game! I feel like crying of happines every time I see a trailer :´)

Probably buying a ps4 for when the third one comes out!!!

Keep´em coming!!!! *-*

Just wish they were available for the PS Vita T^T

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 9th, 12:27 pm

    Hi +StevenBezarius, the series really has tons of memorable content mixed in with new items and features! We got a few more trailers throughout our campaign :) We will keep them coming for sure!!

StingrayX said:

October 8th, 9:13 pm

Can’t wait for this game! =D.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 9th, 12:55 pm

    Hello +StinrayX less than 2 months away :)

Asumos666 said:

October 8th, 9:32 pm

Can we get some love to the Dragon Quest series? Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are indeed epic series but DQ was awesome in of itself and remakes are few to none, ps3 and vita maybe the ps4 if you really want to be nice need some of the classics remade for them pleeaaaaasse

Tyrannikos said:

October 8th, 11:16 pm

Still super excited for this. I’ve played every KH game and I can still get extremely excited for this.

I saw another video on the KH Facebook page that showed the case for this game. It had a lot of white for the PS3 logo area, which is normally black. It looked great and, best of all, looked like it will match the 1.5 LE case. Is that going to be the case again here? Can anyone confirm? The game case had a PEGI rating, so I hope this isn’t only a EU thing. I’d love for my 2.5 case to match my 1.5 LE case!

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 9th, 1:06 pm

    Hi +Tyrannikos! Our PS3 logo area in the US is black, sorrry! We do have the same “Limited Edition” bar at the top AND, the height will match to your Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX box. This was a very conscious decision made by Mat Kishimoto, last year’s product manager who now works in London! :) They will line-up on the shelf nicely.

DarthDan97_ said:

October 9th, 2:25 am

Looking forward to this! I got halfway through KH2 on the ps2 and then I got stuck on a boss battle in the middle of the game.. :( But hopefully when I get it i’ll try my luck again! :)

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 9th, 1:08 pm

    Hi +DarthDan97_ don’t get up!!! Is it Alice in Wonderland? :) It’s challenging for sure!!! You can do it!

cman199 said:

October 9th, 7:28 am

Will we ever see KH Dream Drop Distance for Vita, PS3, or PS4 it’s the only game not being released in the collection?

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 9th, 1:10 pm

    Hi +cman1999, good question! Checking in with the team :)

TripleJ400 said:

October 9th, 1:37 pm

Do the data replica bosses in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix all have English VA or still Japanesse VA? Since this is the first time Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix will be available in the west i would think that everything would be English translated including the bosses voice acting from Kingdom Hearts Re Chain Of Memories.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 17th, 10:38 am

    Hi +TripleJ400 English VO are present!! You are correct here. Hope you have a great day :)

jnmcnicholas said:

October 9th, 3:14 pm

By far my favorite series of all time. I am not going to go on about how much of a fan I am but I did name one of my children after one of the characters from KH2. So yea… I will be preordering it and playing it and letting my children play it.. and hopefully it will bring them as much joy as it has to me. I do wish it came with the same kind of items and 1.5 did but that will not stop me. I must say I don’t think it will look as nice on the book shelf as KH 1.5 does but none the less it will be there. I just hope the Roxas enjoys it as much as I do when he gets old enough to start playing.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 13th, 4:19 pm

    Hi +jnmcnicholas :) First off, naming your child “Roxas” is super awesome. Was the name inspired from Roxas being one of your favorite characters?! The Kingdom Hearts series has themes that are timeless. This is why it’s so nice to be able to share with your children. If you do love the book we hope to be bringing more of the artbooks down the line! :)

Tyrannikos said:

October 10th, 12:05 am

@Kaori Takasue
Thanks so much for getting back to me. I am very happy to hear that the game cases will match each other. That white PS3 logo area for Europe does look very nice, but I can easily pass it up. The most important part has been achieved already! Please give Mat Kishimoto my thanks for keeping this simple, but important detail in mind.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 13th, 7:38 pm

    Hi +Tyrannikos! Of course, it’s so nice that we can interact with all of the people who are so supportive! Yes, it’s the fine details that fans bring up and notice that keep a franchise strong and connected. We’ve been jotting down all of the requests so hopefully we get to deliver on some other suggestions and requests!!! Take care! :)

Skybound00 said:

October 10th, 9:10 am

I’m actually really excited for the Re: Coded scenes. I already knew the other games would be awesome but there are actually some epic looking fight scenes in Coded… But it makes me a little upset that we didn’t have any fight scenes like that in the 358/2 Days movie. Imagine how epic the Saix fight, Riku fight, and Xion fight could’ve been! Oh well. But still super hyped for this game! I’ve wanted KH2 final mix for so long!

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 13th, 7:40 pm

    Hi +Skybound00! We were all excited ourselves cause there were scenes we have never seen ourselves! What was your favorite scene in 358/2 Days? There are so many scenarios we can come up with huh? We’re hyped to ship the game… less than 2 months away!

Ro-X-as_XIII said:

October 10th, 9:52 am

I will literally buy a used PS3 just for this game since I only have a PS4

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 13th, 7:42 pm

    +Ro-X-as_XIII, hello! What a cool name you got. Will you really buy a used PS3? Did you already play Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX? That is now part of the “Greatest Hits” collection so you can get it for $20! There are some really good games still on the PS3, so that would be a buy that you hopefully won’t regret. Thanks for supporting us!

PrinceofXIII said:

October 10th, 9:02 pm

While it’s disappointing about the Limited Editions, i really hope you make a PS4 version just in time for Kingdom Hearts III.

Also it’s a shame you guys didn’t put the Japanese audio which would have at least eased up the lack of LE.

    Kaori Takasue's Avatar

    Kaori Takasue said:

    October 13th, 7:48 pm

    +PrinceofXIII, hello. That’s a good point you got. Japanese audio is always a nice addition when bringing games out to the west. Regarding LE, we will continue to brainstorm on LE’s that can be enticing to the masses. Thank you.

Lokidies said:

October 11th, 1:47 pm

I would buy multiple copies if you put a damn remastered kingdom hearts 1 on the vita.

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