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Oct 10

Oct 10

You’re Invited: PlayStation Experience Event in December

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, Social Media

PSX - PlayStation Experience

Here we go! I’m happy to announce our very first PlayStation Experience, a massive two-day community event dedicated to the people who bring PlayStation to life: you! We’ve been planning this bad boy for some time… and with PlayStation’s 20-year anniversary just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Prepare for two intense days of PlayStation gaming, content, and activities. Attendees will sit in on in-depth panels, meet the industry’s best developers, score hands-on gameplay with tons of upcoming PlayStation games, collect free swag, and get a chance to purchase rare collectibles directly from their favorite game studios. Attendees will also get an exclusive first look at what’s coming next in 2015, which I am told you will not want to miss.

The two-day community event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6th and 7th, 2014. And stay tuned for October 20th, when we release details on how you can be part of this legendary event; the one-day pass will cost $50.00, with the two-day pass going for $90. The venue is huge, too, so we’ll have plenty of room and plenty of games. Bring your friends and family (if they are 18 and over)!

If you can’t make it to PlayStation Experience in person (we’ll miss you!), don’t worry. Per usual, PlayStation.Blog will be offering comprehensive coverage of the event, including breaking news as well as live video through multiple distribution channels. Stay tuned for further details on the event, programming information and much more.

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QuantumMercury said:

October 10th, 9:03 am

Sounds cool, too bad I’m in Canada :(

KidGreengene said:

October 10th, 9:07 am

Sounds very cool. Wish I could attend. $90 would be worth it alone just to get a sit down with 2015 demo’s :)

death_nation100 said:

October 10th, 9:07 am

Lucky me Im in Las Vegas !!!! Too bad Canada XD

BlindMango said:

October 10th, 9:07 am

Dang Sid, this sounds like a “very verrrrry” interesting event! Will you pay for my gas so I can get there though? xD

SegaSaturn617 said:

October 10th, 9:07 am

Celebrate your 20 years by improving your servers!

madmanwithabox12 said:

October 10th, 9:11 am

Will there be plenty of Vita love at this thing? Or will it be just another PS4 party?

AKA_Neku said:

October 10th, 9:18 am

“…collect free swag, and get a chance to purchase rare collectibles directly from their favorite game studios.” Who will be there and how much money must I bring? O___O

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 10th, 10:27 am

    We’ll have more details in the weeks ahead! Should be good though :)

LeoDaLyon said:

October 10th, 9:18 am

What the hell is up with all the constant West Coast events? You do have customers on other parts of the world you know…

Ikusa02 said:

October 10th, 9:18 am

I’m happy for the people that can attend this. I’ll more than likely watch it so long as it’s re-advertised around that time.

Oh, and don’t spend too much money at the casino guys :) Viva Las Vegas!

Ikusa02 said:

October 10th, 9:20 am


But really, I don’t know ;D At least $50.00 for admission! Hehe.

Torgo said:

October 10th, 9:20 am

Hmm, Episode 400 of the PS Nation podcast is happening in December. Maybe a live show is in order…

cmdluke said:

October 10th, 9:20 am

Driving distance from LA. I may consider this.

lxy8339100 said:

October 10th, 9:26 am

Sadly I am in Canada as well T_T

Deadpoolian said:

October 10th, 9:29 am

Finally, living in Vegas pays off for me! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the event. :D
Looking forward to hearing more details!

Roaming_Ryu said:

October 10th, 9:31 am

Sounds like a PlayStation Con. PSCON!!! Wish I could be there (I’m in Toronto, Canada). The E3 Experience was a lot of fun!

ElektroDragon said:

October 10th, 9:39 am

Will DriveClub be fixed by then or should I just go ahead and demand a refund?

gerneric123 said:

October 10th, 9:43 am

As a Vita owner, I’m not sure I’m invited …

Doesn’t matter much anyway, since I’m also from the land that Can.

JumpMan33 said:

October 10th, 9:51 am

Cool, maybe i’ll meet some other people there who want to grind Freedom Wars heavy and start a group.

topes521 said:

October 10th, 9:51 am

If I only had plane fare & some spending cash. I have family there so I already have a place to stay! I’d love to be at this event!!!

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 10th, 10:24 am

    We hope you can make it! <3

ossiecastro5 said:

October 10th, 9:52 am

Online events and promotions would be more accessible to people. But this is still interesting regardless. I reside in the East Coast (NJ) and cannot make it to this.

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 10th, 10:28 am

    You’ll be able to follow the fun here on PS Blog and, though nothing will be being there :)

jimmyfoxhound said:

October 10th, 9:57 am

ctrl+F Vita.. yep! Here come the vita owners lol

oversevethousand said:

October 10th, 9:59 am

After the past year, being a Vita owner and primarily Vita gamer, I’m honestly not expecting anything from this. At best, maybe some new feature to tie into the PS4 somehow, because heaven forbid the console actually gets the support it deserves. Or maybe another Vita exclusive gets ported to PS4! Yeah, that’ll be fun to hear about.

Carl-G said:

October 10th, 9:59 am

Sounds like the BEST THING EVER :P Shame i am not from the US tho(but if i win the Lottery tonight i will go) :D

X_Forts_X said:

October 10th, 10:07 am

ah man ill be there the following weekend.

perrandy said:

October 10th, 10:08 am

please fix your servers because its a pain even to send a message to someone on the ps4.also there are times in which i cannot access the store on the ps4 because the store takes forever to seems that there are a few memory leaks in the other words its not stable as it should and note that i have a 50 mb connection which is ample enough bandwidth…again,please look in to this situation,thanks

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 10th, 11:25 am

    Thanks for the feedback – in this case, try resetting your PS4.

BlueOne17 said:

October 10th, 10:11 am

NOO :((( #Morocco too far !! #Shame

Hogwild333 said:

October 10th, 10:17 am

This sounds awesome! I’ll defintely follow all of the coverage online and I look forward to an East Coast version next year if this one is a smashing success.

jahonius80 said:

October 10th, 10:18 am

#10 @Torgo hell yeah!

TLSBill said:

October 10th, 10:21 am

VEGAS BABY!!! With CMDuke on this one.. Driving distance to Vegas.. Waiting for details, but would go. Bungie shows up and it’s a lock…

Heero727 said:

October 10th, 10:24 am

Bring gundam beck to the west starting with breaker 2 on PS3 Abd the new PS4 game coming out next year!!!!

DarthDoctor007 said:

October 10th, 10:25 am

I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas! Pay the whole trip from Finland and back including flights and hotel at least, and I’m game!

AMIT800 said:

October 10th, 10:30 am

i live 12-15 hours in airplane from this place

BakedPoptart said:

October 10th, 10:48 am

I will be there, i live in vegas! Thank you playstation:)

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 10th, 11:24 am

    Come on down!

jibjab79 said:

October 10th, 11:10 am

What? No PS Plus discount? I kid I kid.
But seriously, the only indie game I want announced is No Man’s Sky… Make it happen Sony.

Butters360 said:

October 10th, 11:12 am

I’m game.

AmericanNinja1 said:

October 10th, 11:17 am

Sid, what’s the status on PS4 firmware update 2.0?

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 10th, 11:24 am

    Nothing to report – but we’ll keep you updated when there is.

MussiBR said:

October 10th, 11:25 am

Well… let’s hope PSN servers can handle the demand…

SteelC4 said:

October 10th, 11:47 am

I have a nephew who will be 17 in January and the only person that would be interesting in coming with me from Montana. Any way he could come with me if I was supervising? Please?

Ej_3000 said:

October 10th, 11:57 am

Definitely going!! :D i live in California so it’s no to far and I literally have the $$$ to go

JacobIsHollywood said:

October 10th, 12:05 pm

Are tickets available beforehand or just at the event, itself?

JanusDS said:

October 10th, 12:10 pm

Sounds awesome, wish I could go. When are we going to get some Playstation events in NC? The southeastern US needs some love!

yowzagabowza said:

October 10th, 12:18 pm

Haha, the blog is the LASTplace for up to date info. And i guarantee the video will not stream properly.

TCor92 said:

October 10th, 12:24 pm

So I’m 22 and wanted to buy tickets for my fourteen year old cousin and I. The event is only for 18 and up though? My cousin won’t be able to attend?

Pabloo1010 said:

October 10th, 12:25 pm

“breaking news as well as live video”


Lou1974 said:

October 10th, 12:25 pm

Since the Video Game Awards are now a complete joke, this must be where Sony will be making the winter announcements. Hopefully there will be a tasty new Uncharted trailer with some gameplay footage.

PaulMichael said:

October 10th, 12:28 pm


duckshoeninja said:

October 10th, 12:35 pm

where can I purchase the passes for the event and is there limited quantity ?

LanceWindu said:

October 10th, 12:44 pm

I live in Vegas, maybe I’ll get to go. Sounds awesome.

jose213jose said:

October 10th, 12:48 pm

Why can’t you just come to IL, Chicago, Its always in Las Vegas, LA, and ect why can’t we get these events here in our state. IL is big state and very famous for alot good things too. :) Come to my home state in IL, Chicago for once, i use to live in Chicago when was kid but am willing to make the trip if it their.

Sabvre said:

October 10th, 1:09 pm

Please fix PS4 Remote play Party chat….

You either need to stream the microphone input from the vita to the PS4 party….

Or Let me simultaneously be in the Vita Party chat… while playing my PS4 remotely!

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