PlayStation Experience Tickets on Sale 10/24

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PlayStation Experience Tickets on Sale 10/24

Just over a week ago, we announced the first ever PlayStation Experience — a massive, two-day community event featuring over 400,000 square feet of PlayStation games, panels, contests, signings, giveaways, collectible memorabilia, and much more. On December 6th and 7th, fans and developers will unite in Las Vegas to celebrate what it means to be a part of the PlayStation Nation together. Starting this Friday, October 24th, tickets will be available here.

Over the course of the next six weeks, stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog and for details on panel times, participating publishers, playable games, and PlayStation Experience collectibles!

We look forward to seeing you!

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  • Ryan Clements


  • can you guys please address plants vs zombies garden warfare start-up error to some people on the other blog pages, thanks.

  • gerneric123

    *PS4 Experience

  • SoccerMaverick15


  • TrueRadiantFree

    I’m looking forward to this, I wish it was in California though. Does the trailer mean there will be news about Rime and Street Fighter/ one of Ono’s projects?

  • Stoked! I’ll definitely be there!

  • Meet and greet with Blogcast gang?

  • HebrewHammer

    Already bought plane tickets!

  • bouncingsoul217

    Will press be able to apply for credential?

  • Metallica going on Blizzcon!

  • kingdomkiller3

    I already know im not going to make this but i hope we are able to watch it via Twitch or some live steaming service. Should do what Square Enix did at fan fest.

  • See you December! Also, any information regarding the time these tickets will be available for purchase?

  • Woohoo! I can’t wait for December. This shall be glorious.

  • Will you be streaming the event or otherwise publish videos from the site, for those of us who can’t attend?

  • agw1caveman

    YES, the benefits of choosing Las Vegas to go to college. Beyond!

  • Brink-2-Chaos


  • And not to forget the two AAA exlcusivas TBA.

  • Chrisketchum1

    – Is there anyway I could volunteer for the event as a PA or will there be a “StaffMeUp” page for this event?

  • JackBurton-_-ME

    @2 Sony, obviously doesn’t care *sigh* the lack of communication since the ps4 came out has been terrible, the only way you get a response is if you say something like… “GR8NESS AW8TS”


    @3 Pretty much. That video paid no homage to Vita folks.

  • Do you have to be 18? :( I am an MVP and really want to attend but i’m 14. I also have a youtube channel where i play games like GTA and Uncharted etc.

  • If only it was in new york I would go but I can’t

  • MsImpatient


  • Will DriveClub PS+ edition be there?


  • deadpooldeezy

    My younger brother wants to go with me but he’s 16. Is it just 18+ or as long as your with someone 18+ you can still attend?

  • is that Drake @ 58secs to 1:03…… woot wooot

  • Nice video!! Good job!!

  • Hey. I live in Vegas. I’m totally going to be there. I work down the street and I get off at 10am. Looks like the 6th is going to be a long day. :)

  • YoGetBodiedScrub

    Can’t wait to see everyone there. I’ll be the drunk guy stumbling through the convention floor….it is Vegas.

  • The tune towards the end is by Suzanne Vega. I shook her hand not too long ago at a concert she had at the Smith Center. Anyway I’m excited, and I hope to obtain a ticket as soon as they’re available!!!

  • robert0489110

    i hope can go to the show and it is only $55 dollars to go

  • Ill be there cant wait! BEYOND!

  • Definitely going!…Ryan your going right?

  • auhsojsivart

    I hope Ono’s appearance in that trailer is not a coincidence. I need Street Fighter on my PS4!

  • Deadpoolian

    I live in Vegas, so I’ll most likely be able to go! I’ve never been to a convention before, so this would be really exciting.

    Going to wait and see what sort of events are planned on which days, then choose which day I want to go on. Or if I want to go to both!

  • It’s a shame Canada gets no love with this kind of thing.

    Oh well. Maybe next year. At least some good PlayStation games are coming out soon so that makes me a little less sour.

  • Anyone from Utah going? We could carpool!

  • Gillium-001

    Room is booked! See y’all there.

  • Mariners4Life34

    Im going to be in Vegas for UFC181 so perfect timing.

  • I’m 100% going!! I can’t wait!

  • zekececil14

    I WOULD LOVE TO COME!! But I don’t have the money…

    If Sony would graciously pay for my and a +1 ticket, fly us out there, and give us a hotel room… I would be the most enthusiastic person there. :)

  • Please add Netflix to the PS TV!!!!

    And yes, I still own a PS TV. Many of us don’t know if that will be the case if Netflix and remote play isn’t fixed.

  • Will they have Driveclub on display?

    Then at least we could get to play it since it doesn’t ever seem to be coming to PSN Plus.

  • honkayjeezus

    Is this where I pick up my Driveclub PS Plus Edition I paid for?

  • What if a foreigner wants to attend? Will a Foreign Driver’s License or Visitor’s VISA work? He’s 29 yrs old.

  • deadwrong313

    You guys at sony need to stop beating around the bush and give us a release date for 2.0 i think its fair rite around the corner is lame.

  • blue_flare9001

    Better be some Vita love there.

  • Woo hoo another event to far away. i hope they do something like this in pittsburgh or Cleveland.

  • I’m still undecided, but am leaning towards going. Hope there will be some MVP presence. We would love to help! I am checking hotel and flights :)

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