Retro City Rampage: DX Hits PS Store Tomorrow, PS4 Retail Soon

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Retro City Rampage: DX Hits PS Store Tomorrow, PS4 Retail Soon
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Tomorrow, the open-world nostalgia trip that is Retro City Rampage: DX hits PS4, PS3 and PS Vita digitally with 3X Cross Buy. With a 20% off PlayStation Plus launch week discount, you’ll get all three for $7.99 ($9.99 without Plus). That’s almost half of the original’s $14.99 launch price and with an added platform.

Even more, this time digital isn’t your only option. ‘DX’ is getting a limited edition PS4 retail disc release too!

Retro City Rampage DX

The retail edition will include the PS4 game, the digital soundtrack and a few more digital freebies for only $25. Limited to 2,000 units, this is the rarest PS4 game ever produced. Seeing as the limited edition Vinyl soundtrack sold out long ago, I strongly recommend pre-ordering. It’s sold exclusively online via the Vblank Fangamer Store. and available for pre-order now.

This special retail version also includes a double sided reversible cover, giving a nod to the video rental store cases of the ’80s. Anyone remember those?!

Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX

It’s set to ship between the end of this month and early next month. You should have no problem getting it in time for the holidays.

Producing physical copies is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and something you’ve all been requesting since before the game was even released. While PC was always a finger’s reach away, to me, nothing would be quite the trophy that a freshly pressed, shrink wrapped console game would be.

Not only has Sony been fantastic in allowing indies to self-publish — since long before it made the news — they don’t limit us to just downloadable games. When they said self-publish, they meant it. Even this one-man-shop was able to self-publish and self-fund a full blown retail version!

For months, I debated as to which platform to print physical copies for, but ultimately Sony made my decision easy once I discovered how they’d streamlined the PS4 process. In the past, you would need to build separate versions of a game for digital and retail and send both into certification. Now with PS4, one single submission can be deployed to both. It cuts down on both the work and time, making something cool like this even more within reach. By selling the retail version exclusively online, it also simplified distribution. All in all, going retail turned out to be even less work than I’d anticipated. It’s truly a great time to be an indie.

Retro City Rampage DX on PS4

In case you missed it, for the full rundown on what’s new in the DX version, check out last week’s blog.

3X Cross Buy! The digital PS4, PS3 and PS Vita versions of DX are all sold together as one for only $7.99 for PlayStation Plus members during the launch week ($9.99 without Plus), starting November 11th, 2014 (November 12th for EU/UK/AU/NZ).

Pre-order the PS4 retail version at the Vblank Fangamer Store.

Owners of the original Retro City Rampage for PS3 and PS Vita can transfer their save games to the new DX version via Cross-Save. The new DX version is a separate purchase, but keep in mind that with DX, you’re getting the PS4 version, a brand new Trophy set and new leaderboards. Owners of the original RCR who transfer their save game to ‘DX’ will also earn a shiny star next to their score on the leaderboards.

Retro City Rampage DX

That’s all for now! Drop your questions in the comments below!

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24 Author Replies

  • The art is pretty cool. Just one more month for Playstation Experience. Traveling from Mexico City to the event with my best friend. Can´t Wait!

  • Tuppery_Numnak

    I’m not seeing it on the pre-order page.

  • T3DV0L70L1N4

    Does the physical copy include codes for the digital version on Vita too? I’d love to have the limited release, but I loved playing the original RCR on my Vita, and that seems like the best place to continue playing it.

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t do Cross Buy on the retail version, only digital, so the retail version is PS4 only.

  • Tuppery_Numnak

    I’m with T3DV0L70L1N4 on this. Just snagged a physical, hoping it comes with Vita version, too.

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t do Cross Buy on the retail version, only digital, so the retail version is PS4 only. However, PC and Mac digital versions are included as well as a digital soundtrack to make up for it ;) So still technically getting 3 versions.

  • marcelinoap77

    I’d like to see the differences between this version and the previous one.

    Looks incredible the same.

  • This is like, the third indie game I’m going to have to buy AGAIN (The other two being Guacamelee and A.R.E.S). Sorry if I seem frustrated, but it just makes me feel that A. I shouldn’t have bought on Sony consoles (for a reason I probably shouldn’t talk about on the Sony blog.) and B. I shouldn’t have bought on the first day it came out. The original RCR was one of my favorite indie games that I played in 2012. But I don’t want to buy it again.

    Can’t wait for your next game,

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Sorry, I pushed hard to try and get a deep discount specifically for original owners but they were unable to set it up. Keep in mind, though, the PS3/Vita versions received several updates, were free in PS+, and have had a lot of discounts. The Xbox/Wii versions never had updates, Wii was never discounted, Xbox has almost never been, and neither were Cross Buy, so PlayStation still got a lot of perks already.

  • Brian Provinciano
    Brian Provinciano
    Brian Provinciano

    Fangamer’s working on fixing the shopping cart on that link, but in the meantime, you can order it from their other site:

  • ZiggyPoopdust

    I had some issues with the original, but after seeing all these changes, I will totally give the DX version a shot. I seriously love the concept of this game, and I’m really looking forward to trying this version!
    Also, 3x cross buy??? AWESOME!

  • Fatty_Fatness

    Thanks for that update-link!
    (Wish I’d seen it a few minutes earlier, as I had to jump onto another computer and order through FireFox instead of Chrome… I think it might be a browser issue.)

    So yeah… physical copies pre-ordered? CHECK!! :D

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Thanks for the dedication and support! Looks like they’ve finally fixed the original page. Should be good.

  • Just ordered 3 copies Brian!!! One for me and one for each of my sisters :) We grew up with the Sega Master System – that disc brought back all the feels :)


  • denpanosekai

    Is there a printed manual included with the “retail” disc?

  • Not sure about this because the ps plus deal is a must buy but he vintage limited edition is a nice selling point as well decisions decisions.

  • DJBennett1985

    Looks like I’m one of the lucky 2000. Thanks Brian

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Thanks! :) They’re selling really quickly! Glad you were able to grab one!

  • This is so RADDDDD! just pay-paled my ps4 physical copy, and since i will never open it, i am gonna buy the three way digital tomorrow. thanks man, hang loose dude!

  • Grabbed the physical edition. Loved the original game, even if I still have to get past Deathcam VHS :p.

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      You’ll be happy to know that Death Cam’s a bit shorter now, plus isn’t required for a trophy anymore :)

  • even though*

  • Loved the original. To bad I cant have PS4 Physical Copy :( Would love to have such a rarity in my collection.

  • demuresnow76434

    Ordered it for the possible rarity and probably will be tempted to open it but hope i don’t. Will still drop 7 bucks for the cross buy so i can actually play it

  • i wonder how many are left, if any at all. Btw Brian, will they come individually signed, if not how do i go about getting it autographed. I apologize if im asking for too much

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      They’re selling out very quickly. I wish I could sign them, but they’re being shipped from Fangamer, which is 1,230 miles away from me, hehe.

  • I still can’t beleive that I actually got to buy the physical copy before selling out :O are you sure that it didnt sell out, I paid for them I hope thats real xD

    I love the disc art its so amazing, the seal of approval, you just rock! cant wait to get my copy

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Yup! I’m sure it hasn’t sold out yet, you’re good! It should pretty soon though. If not today, this week..

  • Just ordered my physical copy! Are they close to being sold out yet??

  • KamikazeBingo

    Ordered my physical copy.

    What a great idea to print these, and I hope more indie devs do it, too.

    I was also happy to hear that Sony made it easy and seamless for you. I wish I could play the game tomorrow once it’s up on PSN, but I’ll wait patiently for the physical copy to ship

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Thanks! Yeah, it was quite a pleasant surprise! I’d prepared for more work to be involved!

  • JesteR1701one

    Great idea, just ordered the retail version too.

  • i enjoyed this game alot, i got stuck where you had to defeat a bunch of enemies in a zelda like dungeon and i stopped playing

    did it get easier? any new stages?

  • This is the best thing, and thanks for reasonable shipping over the Atlantic.


  • TokiKaonashi

    What time will the digital copies be released?? I was planing on buy the old until I checked and it was off PSN. :/

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!567 copies left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    add 2,000 disc to your cart and it’ll tell you how many they have left once you press continue to check out lol…

  • they will let you buy only what they have in inventory….so only 567 copies left as of this time

  • Wow retail version….impressive.

  • DarkStar83x

    Nice retail version

  • Robert_Pulson

    Few questions, Is this free for people who owned the original RCR on the PSN and if not why is the Original now gone from the PSN?

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Unfortunately they weren’t able to set up and upgrade for existing owners, but if you grab it ($7.99 for PS+ this week), you get all three platforms together (which is almost half the original price for just two). The original will still be in your download history to re-download, but was removed from the store to avoid customer confusion with the DX version.

  • itsmeDavide

    Ordered one for me & one for my Brother. Love that Master system cover you posted, definitely gonna print that off!
    & glad Sony made it easy for you to do this, cant wait to receive it :)

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      Awesome, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. It’s sold out in less than a day and a half, so it should be quite a collector’s item!

  • R3NEGADE_DaVe101

    im extremely annoyed now.. when you set a release date as 11//11/14 and post it everywhere and say that its a concrete release date, ppl will take that on board and await the game on that particular date…I was looking forward to playing this after work yesterday when it was supposed to be out because believe it or not, I actually thought it would be released when you said it would….next day and ITS STILL NOT THERE WITH NO EXPLANATION AS TO WHY?? can somebody from sony at least tell me WHEN it will be there please??

    • Brian Provinciano
      Brian Provinciano

      It was released on 11/11/14, as stated for North America, 11/12/14 for Europe. Both are available now. The PS Store updates every Tuesday for North America and Wednesday for Europe. North American updates are usually between 12-3pm Pacific, 3-6pm Eastern.

  • Awwwe. Would have appreciated a physical edition. I guess I’ll get a couple shirts, poster, and those neat key-chains. And buttons.

  • SonicTheNanobot2

    Any chance at a retail ps vita version? Because I’d totally buy that!

  • Sold out. I’m jelly. Oh, well… *Plays the original Retro City Rampage on Vita :)*

  • Anybody willing to sell their physical copy for $100? ?

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