Death Tales Exclusive to PS Vita, Playable at PS Experience

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Death Tales Exclusive to PS Vita, Playable at PS Experience
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Hey, Luc Bernard here again. So, to start off, last time you guys saw this game it was called Reaper — we have renamed it to Death Tales.

Death Tales

Now onto the next piece of news: Death Tales is exclusive to PS Vita and PlayStation TV!

Along with it being exclusive, Death Tales will also feature online and local multiplayer. Local multiplayer will only be available on Playstation TV, while the online will be limited to two-player co-op on PS Vita and PS TV.

Death Tales will consist of two modes:

  • Story: the story mode will be an open-world action RPG. You’ll be able to play local co-op in it, too.
  • Tales: the tales mode will feature a hub town where you can get various quests from different characters and go perform them alone or online with strangers or friends. Each level will also be randomly generated so your experience will be different each time you play.

Death TalesDeath Tales

Death Tales will be playable at the Playstation Experience at our booth — you’ll be able to find me there too, if I’m not passed out in a corner. I’ve never been to Vegas, and I heard there is lots of alcohol…

Oh yes, and all of this of course will be free to play. An action RPG with online co-op for free on Vita? Come on, it doesn’t get better than that!

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3 Author Replies

  • Some nice looking art in this. Looks good!

  • Looking forward to it!
    Any release date?
    How the IAP will work?

    • Luc Bernard
      Luc Bernard

      Basically cards allow you to get new weapons spells summons equipment etc….

      you can either play the game and get loads of loop or go into the game store and get cards too

  • Ah, almost forgot, will it be available in the Brazilian PS Store?
    Unfortunately some very good games has never been released here. :(

    • Luc Bernard

      I want to release this title everywhere, so yes it will come there

  • Looks fun! What kind of microtransaction can we expect?

  • sounds really interesting but the whole f2p theme worries me. I prefer buying the game as a premium. f2p can be tricky and has, for the most part, developed a bad rep. still inclined to get this game though

  • Freemium = no download from me. Too bad, as I buy pretty much every RPG that comes to Vita :(

  • PhantomOranges

    it’s a freemium? Then I will have to skip, I can play a game like this on my Iphone. I bought a vita because it was advertised as console quality on the go, not more Iphone games on the go.

  • I was hoping for a physical retail but F2P is digital only done right. Can’t wait to play.

  • I also fear my first trip to Vegas haha. I’ll be keeping an eye on this game!

  • Regardless of all else, thank you for assuring PSTVita support.

  • JamesOliverBulls

    I bought a Vita because I expect to be able to play full games that won’t nickle and dime me to death.

  • looks good. too bad it’s freemium. PASS!

    • Luc Bernard
      Luc Bernard

      free to play is not evil ;) mainly iPhone games do freemium very bad, but look at how awesome Warframe is on PS4

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