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Dec 06

Dec 06

Introducing Project SkyLight: Limited Edition Faceplates to Personalize Your PS4

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hello PlayStation Nation! We all love to personalize our consoles, and today, we’re kicking off a new initiative that lets you personalize your PS4 − codenamed Project SkyLight. During this early preview of the project, we’re starting out with two limited edition faceplate designs, and we plan to have even more options to choose from when the program fully launches in the future.

Project SkyLight Beta

Starting today, you can choose from one of these Limited Edition Project SkyLight faceplates, each available for $24.99:

  1. The Order: 1886 – featuring a shot of the Knights from the highly anticipated third-person action title
  2. Little Big Planet 3 – featuring Sackboy and his new burlap gang

PS4 Faceplate: The OrderPS4 Faceplate: LBP3

But hurry – we are creating these custom faceplates in very small quantities. You can purchase these initial faceplates now on the online Sony Store.

We hope you’ll enjoy these two custom faceplates. We are planning on launching new faceplate designs in the near future so check back often. We are also planning a few other fun enhancements to this personalization initiative and will have more to share soon.

Be sure to check back for the latest info on Project SkyLight. We’d love to get your feedback on the designs you’d like to see as we work on ways to make your PS4 more personalized to fit your style. Let us know what you think below.

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Introducing Project SkyLight: Limited Edition Faceplates to Personalize Your PS4

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Crashpro3 said:

December 6th, 12:30 pm

I’d love an Uncharted 4 faceplate!

pPpPancakes said:

December 6th, 12:31 pm

I really want the Disgaea 5 faceplate for my black PS4. I don’t expect it to happen though because it’s from a Limited Edition PS4.

megalodonshark said:

December 6th, 12:34 pm

How about a dark knight and batmobile faceplate…

Sir_Alecks said:

December 6th, 12:36 pm

Not as great as the faceplates Japan has..

lbmanuel1 said:

December 6th, 12:36 pm

This looks amazing. Great show. What I really want to know is when and where we can buy the 20th Anniversary PS4’s???

Jerel said:

December 6th, 12:36 pm

I’d buy a matte black faceplate with the 4-color Playstation logo.

Kchow23 said:

December 6th, 12:37 pm

Where can Canadians purchase these and will there be more faceplates for other games?

packy17 said:

December 6th, 12:38 pm

Will these be exclusively from Sony or will you allow third parties to make their own custom faceplates?

WoolyManwich said:

December 6th, 12:38 pm

I like the idea and look forward to seeing new designs in the future however where do you get the name “SkyLight” for faceplates?

yowzagabowza said:

December 6th, 12:40 pm

You can keep them at 25 bucks. Are you kidding me?

Chidori_93 said:

December 6th, 12:40 pm

Persona 5 faceplate or get out.

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 6th, 12:43 pm

Make anything blue and you’ve sold me!

madcrabs said:

December 6th, 12:43 pm

Oddly enough, I saw this last night while I was looking for info on the 20th Anniversary Playstation. Cool Idea.

Corbie said:

December 6th, 12:43 pm

I never thought about that plate being so easily replaced would make for easy customization. I might be lookin forward to future releases

Tehldor said:

December 6th, 12:44 pm

Have to agree, would love an Uncharted 4 faceplate, or The Last of Us. Actually, pretty much anything Naughty Dog would rock. Hell, I would buy a Naughty Dog logo faceplate in a heartbeat!

TeKkAmAnGaMmA said:

December 6th, 12:44 pm

Where is the preorder link for PS4 20th Anniversary Edition ?! Stop wasting our time !!

checknotatall said:

December 6th, 12:44 pm

I just want that PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

LightningFFXIII- said:

December 6th, 12:46 pm

Would love a Final Fantasy XV Faceplate.

IceStorm said:

December 6th, 12:46 pm

Would be better if they artwork covered the front and side as well. The LBP one would look better on the white PS4 if there were no black sides facing the user.

gamer_316 said:

December 6th, 12:46 pm

Metal Gear, Killzone, and/or Miku faceplates!

Sealtested said:

December 6th, 12:46 pm

What about Canada? will we be forced to import these?

jason_redemption said:

December 6th, 12:48 pm

I would love an Batman or Uncharted or inFamous or /Killzone or Playstation-All-Star-Mash-Up

Slackr said:

December 6th, 12:48 pm

Canada? Wtf, why do you use a site that can’t ship here. :-/

KazeEternal said:

December 6th, 12:54 pm

Let Square Know I don’t appreciate getting trolled with an inferior PC version of FF7 for my PS4.

Please just give us PS1 classics Sony.

Tell square to not even bother finishing their junk port and bring us a proper remake of FF7.

komentra said:

December 6th, 12:59 pm

Just wanted to echo what #6 said. I’d so buy that faceplate.

NYPUNK88 said:

December 6th, 12:59 pm

I freaking love how Sony is listening to it’s users.

zekececil14 said:

December 6th, 1:00 pm

I picked up the LittleBigPlanet one. It matches the LittleBigPlanet cover I have for my PS3. :)

gor1llap1mp said:

December 6th, 1:00 pm

Very Cool Indeed! I would love to see some abstract options, something that looks good wether you lay your PS4 flat or upright.

IGoDur said:

December 6th, 1:02 pm

Anything Final Fantasy (hopefully XIV at least) or Kingdom Hearts 3 (for when it releases) will be an insta-buy from me lol.

IGoDur said:

December 6th, 1:03 pm

Actually, an all black or white with a stencil-esqe design would be amazing for future ones..

GhostCell88 said:

December 6th, 1:04 pm

How about those Matte finishes with plain solid colors or a black matte cover with the X,Square,Triangle, and Circle in the proper colors

gor1llap1mp said:

December 6th, 1:04 pm

Some laser etchings would totally rock like a Gran Turismo logo. Real carbon fiber is pretty hot right now too.

BrazilianSniper said:

December 6th, 1:07 pm

I’m still waiting on info on how to order the 20th anniversary edition PS4.

Blast-Cage said:

December 6th, 1:11 pm

Would love to see the Umbrella Corporation logo as a faceplate.

Dragonsmana said:

December 6th, 1:12 pm

These look great, but future plates wont all be as limited right?

Dragonsmana said:

December 6th, 1:13 pm

That being said, I’d buy a Bloodborne plate as soon as possible!

GhostCell88 said:

December 6th, 1:17 pm

Indeed @dragonsmana Indeed

jlws513 said:

December 6th, 1:17 pm

Are theses stickers or actual face plates? If there the latter I want one!

BlindMango said:

December 6th, 1:20 pm

This is fantastic! However, for future faceplate designs, please don’t make that random “tear” next to the PlayStation logo, it looks pretty bad. Either incorporate the logo in a better way or make it a nice, clean 45 degree cut =P

FredNation said:

December 6th, 1:25 pm

Just ordered my Little Big Planet 3 face plate! Hopefully Project SkyLight will be on our controllers (PS4 & PS3), Sony’s PlayStation wireless headsets, & PS Vita!

michaelxy said:

December 6th, 1:35 pm

persona 5 face plate pls

HayaboostaTT said:

December 6th, 1:40 pm

Why would one purchase this simple (small) decoration for $25 when you could get a full vinyl wrap for cheaper and more design options?

Dragonchasers said:

December 6th, 1:42 pm

Yeah I’m kind of with #24. $25 seems a little steep, but I guess if they sell I’m in the minority.

Wsalz042 said:

December 6th, 1:45 pm

Can i just get a plain matte black faceplate? thanks

Elvick_ said:

December 6th, 1:45 pm

Yevon, $25 is a lot for faceplates. Even if they seem to be high quality ones.

And limited to Sony’s store? :/ Ugh… why can’t they be on amazon too?

shonen_82 said:

December 6th, 1:50 pm

Final fantasy 15 for me please!
Also faceplates for street fighter 5.
Metal gear solid 5.
Resident evil.
Dragon ball xenoverse.
Persona 5. :D

MP_is_for_Chumps said:

December 6th, 2:03 pm


soldiercell said:

December 6th, 2:14 pm

This is nice! I’d love to see a all white faceplate 😄

wallpaper42 said:

December 6th, 2:19 pm

That’s awesome. I’d want some that are just different colors or something though, not feeling those two.

Lucent85 said:

December 6th, 2:34 pm

I’ll get one when you do a Bloodborne one.

Also a suggestion: Can the new faceplates just have the logo on top of it or something? The little tear you have going on to reveal the logo right now doesn’t look very good. Makes it look like you started tearing off a sticker and then decided to stop because you were ruining it. lol.

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