Free to Play Shooter Loadout Hits PS4 Today, Extras for PS Plus Members

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Free to Play Shooter Loadout Hits PS4 Today, Extras for PS Plus Members

It’s here, PlayStation fans! Greg Bauman here from Edge of Reality, and I’ve got good news: the guns are loaded, the sights are balanced, the explosives are primed, and the maps have been stain-proofed, which means Loadout will be ready to download and play today, for FREE, on PlayStation 4!

Loadout on PS4

Starting today, you and your friends can start assembling the guns of your (deeply disturbing) dreams, and begin a healthy debate over whose weapon is better at reducing whom to a bloody paste. Loadout has literally billions of gun combinations, and you can start trying them out on the nearest unsuspecting chump — for FREE. Really, if you’re trying to determine whether a laser-guided tesla missile will kill someone faster than a flaming death beam, the best method is to test for yourself, don’t you think?

Speaking of trying things for yourself, I should remind you again that Loadout is Free-to-Play on PS4! You can download the game and start perfecting the art of self-expression via explosive projectiles just as soon as you can get to the PlayStation Store. What’s more, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll also be able to express your allegiance loud and clear with our gift to you – the SuperFan Bonus Pack! All PS Plus members will get some in-game body paint in the classic PS4-themed blues and whites, sure to impress your friends and only irradiate your organs a little.

Loadout on PS4

Loadout on PS4Loadout on PS4

While I’m on the topic of impressive blue things, today’s PS4 launch also marks the debut of our new Campaign mode! Which, in case I haven’t mentioned it, is also FREE. Just in time to meet all of you PlayStation fans, our game has been invaded by the vicious, deadly, and malodorous Kroad, an alien race that loves guns just as much as we do, but seems to hate everything else about us. Thankfully, you can band together with your friends and fight back using your human ingenuity and gigantic guns. Mostly your gigantic guns. Okay, entirely your gigantic guns.

So, thanks for your patience, everyone, and enjoy Loadout on PS4. We can’t wait to see what really defines PlayStation fans on the inside! Is it blood and guts? We’re guessing it’s blood and guts, but we really do want to see for ourselves. Have fun!

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  • Looks awesome can’t wait for this. I’ll be playing the co-op with my brother and friend. The the humor involved in it too.

    Now Sony fans, how about we get that Resonance of Fate onto PSNOW so we can play it on PS4 and Vita?! :)

  • Xbox1_Sign_Out

    Can’t wait to play as the disgusting fat chick.

  • brandon21697

    Yay I’m so excited for another cheap independent poorly made game

  • Played the heck out of this on PC. Can’t wait to get some time in on the console version. Such a fun game!

  • So it’s like Team Fortress 2, right? Lol.

  • I will try it out with my brother.Hope its fun.

  • Its not showing in store…In fact the store shows the release date as 1/01/15 what gives?

  • Sweet, glad it’s also free to play on the PS4!

  • “Its not showing in store…In fact the store shows the release date as 1/01/15 what gives?”

    The store won’t update for a few more hours. It’s around 2 p.m. Pacific every Tuesday..

  • Will see other games that released today are already in store such as Gulity Gear and Tetris….will see….might just be another driveclub ps plus edtion.


    Been looking forward to playing this, thank you!

  • honkayjeezus

    First good news for PS4 in a while, looks good.

  • theXsilentXchild


  • Its.About.To.Go.DOOOOWN

  • death_nation100

    Is Campaign mode is co op too?

  • Chad_Thundercawk

    I hate waiting for the lagging East Coast time just to download something.

    S’not fair.

  • I’m actually drawn to this despite the fact it’s f2p. f2p has given me bad experience in the past but I’ll definitely download this and give it a try. thanks

  • Still waiting for it to come up in the market :o

  • GoD_Fearz_Me

    Still now out….Bahhh

  • onwhoimsacario

    patiently waiting for this to release

  • mrRavenous56

    Hopefully I don’t get ripped off with this week’s sales…don’t like buying games that don’t work (assassins creed: freedom cry)

  • It’s OUT PEOPLE! Download it!

  • Thirty3Three

    Also, guys. It’s NOT PAY TO WIN.

  • IDazzlerazzle

    Apparently you need real money to buy weapon upgrades 0_o compared to pc lol

  • oh god this game is garbage. I played it a lot. around 20 hours online and about 5 hours in its campaign mode. its not worth your time. please don’t waste your time on it. the problem isn’t that its pay 2 win. its not. you can’t buy weapons (at least on PC. i don’t know about this version) its just a terribly poorly made game.

  • What time does it come out and cant wait

  • And im Austrailian

  • Besbecause its not in my playstation store

  • Does someone knows how can i download it from my pc to my ps4, the thing is am working right now and i want to download it to my ps4 using my computer, does someone know?

  • I soooooooooo loved this game on PC, I’m so glad it’s now on the PS4 so my MDR1 clan can join me for some full on craziness!!!

  • It’s look alsome can’t wait to play look out the zombies

  • Was fun at PAX East, looking forward to seeing how it ended up.

  • anyone know when it comes to EU?

  • warr3n_1997

    Has anyone found it on the store yet? EU?

  • I played this game on Steam,and it was a steaming pile of crap.

    The novelty of the game’s vulgarity get’s really old really fast,and the gameplay sucked.Honestly,I would rather play Blacklight Retribution over this game,and I thought that it wasn’t very good on PS4 either.

  • BioHazzaRd_DF

    So I gather it’s not available yet. And I been searching for hours.

  • w5318467891096

    Game is sort of buggy and not 60 fps but a very fun shooter, man i’ve been playing all the way until 2 in the morning

  • this game looks epic

  • finally you pay more than other games-if you stick on this game and this is how it works.
    remember no game is free

  • renatopc300583


  • GothamGremlin

    As excited as I was to play this game, I have to confess it’s typical f2p fare. Very disappointed.

  • Great game fun for the whole family. Great game to play with your friends the characters are hilarious. The action is nonstop the graphics and animation are fantastic and free to play.What else could you ask for wow Christmas came early. Thank you from your customer ambassador to the PSN PSN I’d: bombbreath Sony make.believe

  • Has there been any form of information regarding a account link? Or is that nor happening here?

  • I deleted this game the second i hit level two. The controls are wonky and they asked me for money to open the prize i won for leveling up.
    no thanks. I’m cool with buying cosmetic upgrades, but if i have to buy the things i already supposedly earned, i’ll pass.

  • Can PS4 players play this game with PC players, like in War Thunder?

  • DethMethK1251

    Well, I bought it and never got it! A little mad here!

  • TheRealWitblitz

    Why not make Spacebux affordable so that we can actually enjoy the game? The hell with it.


    plzzzzzzzzz can someone help me i spent money on 4 loadouts + 8 gunslots i got my 4 loadouts but no 8 slots they still have locks on them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can someone help me i realy like this game i dont have anymore money who do i talk to dis this happen to anyone else


    me to i paid for something i didnt get DethMethK1251 its not cool i dont have money to burn what do i do who has any idea of how i can gett his fixed

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