Happy Holidays from Roll7

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Happy Holidays from Roll7

Happy Holidays, everyone!

We can’t believe it’s almost over! 2014 has been an absolutely mental year for the Roll7 Team. Starting with the launch of OlliOlli on PS Vita back in January, the PlayStation Nation has welcomed us into their hardcore hearts and minds from the word “grind.” As we all grew up on a strict diet of PlayStation, it meant a lot to release our first game on the system.


We are even nominated for the GameSpot PS Vita Game of the Year here ! Do please go vote for us, every one counts!

Looking into 2015, we’ve got TWO jaw-droppingly dirty games getting ready to be unleashed on the PS Faithful. OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood builds on the crack-like addictiveness of the original, with a whole new look, souped up levels, and tricks to keep your fingers busy. Not A Hero is the tale of a rabbit from the future that just HAS to win the election, with violence, weapons, and your help! Both games will be hitting PS4 and PS Vita next year.

Anyway, from the whole team at Roll7, here’s wishing you all a Radical Xmas!

–Roll7 Crew

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  • janusfilmsfan

    Awesome. Olli Olli is personally one of my favorite games of the year. Now, who the heck is shine3p and how is he on top of every leaderboard?!?

  • modern_soul

    OlliOlli was my favorite game of 2014!

  • SeanStrange

    Love you guys. Can’t wait for Not a hero and OlliOlli 2!

  • Y’all seem like a great group! Hopefully you guys might feature the first olliolli as a ps plus title to advertise your new release:)

  • BlueBl1zzard

    Happy Holidays everyone! Olli Olli was also one of my favorite games of the year (hard to believe it’s almost been a full year). Can’t wait for Olli Olli 2!

  • Justin Massongill
    Justin Massongill
    Justin Massongill

    Woo, happy Ollidays! Can’t wait for OO2 and NAH. :D

  • any word on female/trans skaters in OlliOlli 2? Loved the first one on Vita!

  • Thanks for OlliOlli, one of my favorite games of the year. Happy Holidays!

  • BrOkEnWiNGs5

    I can’t wait for both games next year! Two of my most anticipated for sure!

  • death_maker2000


  • yowzagabowza

    @7 they’re pixels. Just pretend they’re gay. Holy cow.

  • Roll7 Crew you guys are awesome thanks for your hard work and looking forward to 2015 games :D

  • Happy Holidays guys,keep up the good work.

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