Silence: The Whispered World 2 Coming Soon to PS4

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Silence: The Whispered World 2 Coming Soon to PS4

Hi! Our names are Uli Wanitschke, Game Director for Silence, and Marco Hüllen, Lead Designer of the game. Together with a team of approximately 20 highly talented developers, we’re making Marco’s concept for Silence: The Whispered World 2 become a reality.

Silence: The Whispered World 2

We’re all huge adventure game fans here at Daedalic Entertainment. We grew up with the likes of Monkey Island, and we all feel that the genre is alive and well. However, we also believe there’s a lot of room for modernization within the genre, while at the same time not abandoning its roots.

What springs to mind first is Silence’s visual style. At Daedalic, we have an incredible art department, drawing beautiful backgrounds, locations etc. We used to show these in 2D games. For Silence, however, we now use 3D technology, by following a method we call “camera projection.” We place 3D objects and 3D characters in 3D environments, but then project 2D art on everything. Marco calls this ‘three-dimensional artwork’ when creating all these magnificent backgrounds.

This procedure allows us to maintain the high detail level of our hand-drawn art, while still being able to use the benefits of 3D game design.

Puzzle design for us is the biggest part of the game that will see a significant makeover to how we usually expect games in this genre to be. We have designed puzzles in a way that makes them part of the story experience. Puzzles are supposed to never keep players in Silence from moving forward within the story. They’re designed in a way to let them be solved intuitively while also being part of the current on-screen experience.

Silence: The Whispered World 2Silence: The Whispered World 2

So, players are supposed to explore the environment around them, listen to dialogue, talk to other characters and observe what’s happening around them — just as they’re used to in adventure games or RPGs. The puzzle solutions are always kept on a logical, comprehensible level, and stay within the current area.

This also means that we won’t be needing an inventory. Players can focus on one puzzle at a time, and one item at a time. Thus, we’re eliminating puzzles for which you have to try a huge number of item combinations to find the answer, for example.

Silence will feature two playable characters — Noah and Renie — as well as an important sidekick named Spot. Noah and Renie will both come with different abilities, which players need to consider in order to solve puzzles.

Noah is a tall, 16-year old boy. So he’ll be much stronger, for example, than his younger sister Renie, who is only six years of age. Renie won’t be able to tell left from right yet, however, she’ll be much more curious and thus fearless than her brother. That can be a good thing in a game!

Silence: The Whispered World 2

Spot will be accompanying both characters. When players switch freely between Noah and Renie, Spot will run over to the chosen character as well. He’ll be able to shift his shape into all kinds of things, and thus can be used just like a Swiss army knife to be the piece that was missing to solve a puzzle. Besides, he can explore his environment on his own, and will mostly come up with a very individual reaction, even depending on the current shape he’s exploring the world in. This way, he’ll shed additional light on things — and cause some cute moments.

Now what’s this all for? Well, the game will take you to a fantasy world — Silence, or sometimes also called The Whispered World — from which Noah and Renie will have to escape. Noah has been to this world once before, but he didn’t know it still existed. He knows that it’s a beautiful place only on first sight. What he doesn’t know yet, though, is that Silence has turned into a more hostile place since he visited it last. It will be Noah’s task to save Renie from this place — and to find out how and why the Whispered World has managed to endure.

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  • Vin_Propane

    Where is the NA discount code?!?!?!?!?!

  • katniss1444

    This game looks beautiful. Looking forward to it!

  • I loved the first one. I hope sadwick makes an appearance

  • Awesome!!!!!! We need more games like this one!!!!! Can’t wait for it!!

  • My god this looks and sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see more :-)

  • whereymyconary

    Pretty!!! Want. What’s the price point? Matters for trophies.

  • whereymyconary

    Ps is it a stand alone title or do I need to know the original to understand what’s going on?

  • jonnyzombieboy

    @1 – This is NOT the place for that. This blog entry is so that this team of ~20 people can share the progress on a game they’ve likely been working on full-time for years. If you’ve got a problem with Sony, call customer support – this is the digital/gaming equivalent of complaining at the cashier for the prices the corporation sets.

    I think Silence: The Whispered World 2 looks awesome and I can’t wait to see more. Congrats to Uli, Marco and the team at Daedalic for realizing their dream. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this distinctive art style/presentation!

  • Where are the codes for the United States? Please…

  • This game looks amazing!

  • This game looks fantastic! I love the art style and the world just really seems to suck me in, just from the screen shots. Can’t wait for more information.

  • dkarlowicz10

    This game looks fantastic. I will be getting it. Any chance of releasing Whispered World 1? It would be kind of neat to release the second one for PS4, and the first one for Vita. Vita could handle the first one, probably not the second one. What do you say? Whispered World 1 for Vita? Anyway, I will be getting this for PS4.

  • @1@9. One more hour to go (9am Pacific. Hopefully with a Flash Sale?).

    Back on topic. This game does look amazing. Can’t wait to see more of it.

  • KidGreengene

    Looks gorgeous, guys. I am really impressed. Consider this on my radar now.

  • Where are the codes for the USA ?

  • Brooklyn008

    Looks amazing!

  • PanTheMan16

    Absolutely gorgeous artwork! I look forward to seeing more of Silence.

  • TheBostonEZ

    This looks great! I have been hoping for more 3d games on the PS4. I played Trine 2 on my 3d projector and it looks amazing. This looks like it will give that a run for the money. Can anyone see when it’s expected to come out?

  • Yes the game looks fantastic but wont be seeing my PS4 til next Holiday I’m afraid, the releases look fantastic PC Calibur. Also, @#1 the codes were released, here is a link to find the code for your country.

  • In the USA the code is on the title page of Playstation Network Store! Thanks Sony!

  • Very interested in this. I love puzzle games and this sounds worthy.

  • Look absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to learn more and see footage of gameplay.

    Will there be a platinum trophy to earn?

  • Look amazing

  • Wow! This is beautiful. I am intrigued!

  • @3 I read somewhere that Noah is Sadwick from the first game. He is now going by his real name.

    Looks great. Can’t wait to play it. Loved the first one.

  • SmokeAdellic

    Sony USA: Maybe if we don’t make a blog post about the 10% discount we will get less disgruntled customers about us taking away the ability of using it on preorders…its working lol

  • thefoxymoron

    US 10% off Code here:

    Why not update/bump this blog post to the front so everyone can find it easily?!

  • This is fantastic. With this, and AER, I’m so happy Daedalic is starting to bring its gorgeous games to the PlayStation.

  • Awesome! This has made my day! Thank you Daedalic! Please bring over your other amazing titles!

  • Gumbydunzeeto

    No disc, no sale.

  • Hi, Uli. I never played the first game and I’m not a PC fan for gaming. Is there a chance you can port your fisrt title to PS4 too, for playing the all adventure?

    I hope you can answer and bring us more point and click adventures to consoles… :)

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